tagNonHumanRaven Walks Ch. 05

Raven Walks Ch. 05


Chapter Five: Constantine

Raven sat staring into the bottom of his glass, the amber liquid staring back up at him almost accusingly. He had long given up liquor for blood, but he felt such self loathing for what had taken place with Tracy Lynn he needed something with a little more kick than his usual bottle of water. Something that burned as it poured down his throat, and sat in his stomach in a bubbling mass of acid and regret.

He had behaved in a way that repulsed him. He had punished her for annoying him, and punished her for wanting something he didn't want to give. He'll never forget how pale and how lifeless she looked when he left her. With one swig he killed his drink and held up a finger to Sonja to indicate he wanted yet another.

She was concerned, given he was acting totally against type, but she obeyed. He was a paying customer after all. Besides, she got a sense that he had little patience for disobedience and didn't particularly want to test the depths of his wrath.

Especially when he looked so angry. He practically snarled at anyone who tried to cozy up to him, even beautiful women who clearly wanted to give themselves to him. He needed to feed, she could tell from the pallor of his complexion, but he seemed reluctant to do so.

She didn't know what exactly was wrong, but she knew something had to be. Very, very wrong.

His mood went from bad to worse when Constantine sauntered over to the bar where Raven sat. Sonja watched from the sidelines as the younger vampire smiled at his master. "What a night," he commented as he signaled for his own drink. "How did things work out with your victim?"

It was a term that hit Raven below the belt. He had made such a point to only take from those willing to give, he never looked at his donors as his "victims" - even though he was stealing their life from them in small doses.

"Not well," Raven muttered as he gulped his second drink, then ordered another. His angry gaze leveled on Constantine. "How about you? Abigail, was it?"

Constantine chuckled. He knew for a fact Raven knew damn well what her name had been. "She's a tigress," he baited. "I can't wait to have her again."

"Bullshit. You didn't have her. Her neck was clean when she left here."

Constantine's eyes twinkled with mischief. "Her neck was clean. The rest of her wasn't."

Raven felt bile rise in his throat. Sonja poured her usual amount of bourbon into his glass, and he indicated rather impatiently that she fill it double. She complied, and he downed his drink in a swallow. "A groupie?" he finally managed to ask.

Constantine contemplated his answer for a moment. For maximum effect he should probably be somewhat honest -- if only to feed Raven's lust. Making Raven burn for what he couldn't have seemed proper punishment considering he had condemned him to a life of damnation and yet allowed his beloved Nina to perish while he slept.

"No," he finally said. "She's a journalist who wants to learn about vampirism from the inside." He gave Raven an evil grin. "I'm more than happy to oblige."

Raven glared at him. "Don't turn her."

"Why? Why would I deny her immortality?"

Raven didn't answer, but Constantine read him like a book. He chuckled. "I had no idea you were so hot for virgins, Raven. Or is it you want to turn her yourself?"

Raven grabbed Constantine by the shirt, which surprised the nearby Sonja. "Never," he hissed. "I too deeply regret the first time I made that mistake."

Constantine's smile faded. "As do I," he said in a low voice as he pushed Raven's hand away.

They sat silently as they drank. Raven's mood went more downhill as he realized Constantine had started to seduce Sonja.

His eyes inhaled her petite frame; from her bobbed black hair to her tiny waist. She had an exotic look, with amber eyes that shown like topaz, and a sleek, almost carved face. Her small breasts lifted up her tiny shirt to expose the smooth tone of her stomach, which was adorned with a belly button ring, as well as an ornate tribal tattoo that sprawled across her tail bone.

Raven watched as the younger vampire seared his way into her thoughts with a purposeful gaze, and then witnessed her body physically respond to his mental manipulation. Her nipples hardened underneath her thin t shirt, and goose flesh spread across her skin as a blush rose up her neck.

When she turned to face him, she gasped. Raven watched her fend off an orgasm.

"What are you doing?" he demanded under his breath.

"I'm fucking her," Constantine answered in an unaffected monotone. "Want to join me?"

"No, thanks," he answered. "I don't retread old territory."

Constantine chuckled and Sonja moaned out loud as she leaned against the further end of the bar. "Sloppy seconds, is that what you're saying?"

"Something like that," Raven said as he took another drink.

"Then you're getting soft, old man," Constantine taunted. "You didn't finish the job."

Raven's eyes slid over to where Sonja stood, and watched blood rise just to the surface of her neck. He grabbed Constantine by the arm. "Stop."

Constantine leveled his gaze on Raven, releasing Sonja who sighed in relief as she dropped to her knees. "And why should I do that?"

Raven said nothing as he looked back at Sonja -- whose pleading eyes begged him to save her.

Next thing they all knew they tumbled into one of the back rooms, this one draped in purple satin. Sonja wrapped her arms around Raven and succumbed to his kiss while Constantine stood behind her, grinding his steel hard dick into her firm ass.

As Raven dropped to his knee and alternately kissed and sucked his way down her body, she leaned back to kiss Constantine, his tongue wrestling with hers as he lifted her hips up into his hands. Raven found himself squarely between her spread legs, offered generously by the other man.

As Raven's tongue darted inside of her, Constantine's erection, still hidden underneath his clothes, slowly rocked against her bare ass. Already on the brink of his manipulation from earlier, Sonja didn't take much to end up screaming and bucking against Raven's hungry mouth and expert tongue.

Her legs shook as Constantine lowered her to the floor. He grabbed her by the hair and turned her to face him, which she did -- drunk on both of their auras. She tore away his shirt and planted hot kisses down his chest.

Raven rubbed her back and cupped her ass as he watched her unfasten Constantine's pants. In one motion she sank his entire erection into her mouth. Raven had felt that mouth on him before, so he could absolutely imagine what it would feel like to be the dick inside, teased by her magical tongue. His fangs grew as his cock hardened, needing to feel her around him.

He released himself with one hand while spreading her hips with the other. With one swift thrust he buried himself inside of her hot, waiting pussy with a grunt. Constantine's eyes met Raven's. Like swords sparking as they collided, the power of their lust meeting made both men unsteady on their feet as they pummeled their willing playmate from both ends. Their fangs dug into their cheeks as their faces contorted into snarls. Her screams of ecstasy were lost under the union of forces taking place inside of her and around her.

Constantine's eyes almost glowed as he glanced down at the human neck. He needed to feed. Raven feared that he would turn her with his insatiable hunger and instead grabbed the other man by the hair. "Take it from me," he growled.

Constantine needed no further encouragement, considering it was what he had wanted in the first place. There is no taste like that of a seasoned vampire -- it was the purest high in the world. He sunk his teeth into the strong neck of his master and drank from him. As Raven spent himself inside of Sonja, the taste of his blood exploded into a kaleidoscope of color in Constantine's mouth, causing him to lose control and come harder than he ever had before.

It was more than Sonja could take. Pleasure assaulted her from ever angle until she lost control of her body. She had never believed in female ejaculation before that moment. Her entire body spasmed and as Constantine slipped from her mouth she screamed with the force of her climax. As she dropped to her knees, Constantine's fangs slipped from Raven's neck. Raven stumbled backward, weak and unfulfilled.

Sonja could see he needed to drink, and weakly offered herself to him. "Raven," she called, her hand reaching out to him.

He could see her veins pumping below her skin. He groaned with his desire for the taste of her, but all he could see was the terror in Tracy Lynn's eyes as her life started to drain away. Raven slowly shook his head as he stumbled backward, tucked himself away and fell out of the door into the darkness of the night.

Constantine lifted Sonja up onto the bed. Tenderly he kissed her. "Are you all right?"

She nodded. She was weak from her orgasm, but still had all of her blood intact. "But what about Raven?"

He smiled at her and brushed her hair out of her face. "I'll go make sure he's okay. You rest here for a while."

She nodded and returned his smile, and within a moment she was drifting off to a sated sleep.

Constantine covered her naked body with the satin sheet and left to find Raven.

Raven stumbled through the bar, all the images distorted, all the sounds and scents amplified. Girls would gasp in shock at the length of his fangs, the paleness in his eyes. Constantine followed him as he tumbled out of the door into the night air.

"Raven," he called, but he did not turn around. Constantine trotted to follow. "Raven!"

"Leave me alone," Raven snarled. "Haven't you taken enough from me?"

Constantine caught up with him and grabbed him by the arm. "What about what I'm willing to give to you?"

Their eyes met again and Raven swayed under the powerful stare. Constantine's head came closer until they were a kiss apart. "Drink from me, my master," Constantine whispered, and offered his neck.

Raven fought his instinct to feed. "No," he whispered, but his fangs responded to his need.

He could smell the blood on Constantine's breath. Musk rose in the night between them. He wanted to punch him but he didn't have the strength to make a fist.

Constantine pulled him close. "Do it, you old fool. Do you want to die?"

Yes, thought Raven. He closed his eyes and that was when he saw her face. Those bright green eyes. That long, red hair. She was a vision that called to him. He heard his name fall from her lips. "No," he whispered. And without further ado he sank his teeth into Constantine's neck, causing the young vampire to cry out.

With a lot more force than he'd ever use on a woman or a sexual playmate, he pulled Constantine's hair and sucked hard from his neck, satisfied with how the larger man sunk beneath him as his own strength was restored.

As he felt his life slowly begin to fade, Constantine shoved Raven away with both hands.

"You greedy son of a bitch! Wasn't once enough?"

The two vampires stared at each other, gasping for breath, rejuvenated and repulsed by their intimacy... their history.

"More than," Raven replied as he wiped droplets of Constantine's blood from his mouth. His strength was restored, as was his resolve. He turned and stalked away, leaving Constantine weaving on his feet.

Back in the dark purple room in the coven, Sonja dozed -- her body still electrified by the incredible vampire sex she'd just had. Just Raven had been powerful enough, but add to that the overwhelming charisma of his younger counterpart and she hadn't even needed them to touch her in order to dissolve into a puddle of pleasure and ecstasy.

But they had, and her body still felt their imprint as if they had never left. Her pussy throbbed, her nipples hardened, and every nerve in her body was alive.

When the slick, cool sheet began to slide down her body, her already heightened senses went into overload. She moaned and instinctively opened her legs, needing to be touched. Needing to be filled.

She gasped as she felt an actual mouth make contact with her sensitive skin. Her eyes opened but she didn't see anyone else in the darkness. All she could feel was a tongue skating up her leg and onto her inner thigh. Soft kisses landed higher and higher where her cunt pulsated with need, wet and aching. She thrust her hips upward. "Yes," she encouraged her phantom lover, and she felt the mouth respond by burying itself into her waiting pussy. The warmth covered her painfully erect clit and latched onto it. Sonja's thighs clamped together, capturing the lover she still couldn't see. But she didn't care who it was. She needed to come so badly it nearly hurt.

The mouth responded with its own need to taste her. A tongue flattened over her clit as it sucked her over the edge. Sonja blasted off yet again, screaming loudly as she bucked against the unrelenting mouth.

Her lover crawled up her body, and that was when Sonja realized her lover was a woman, with full, heavy breasts and soft, soft skin. A breast swung against her stomach and Sonja was quick to capture a hard nipple in her hand, guiding it to her mouth. As she flicked her tongue over the sensitive peak, her lover cried out and gyrated her hips against her.

Sonja ran her hand along her waist and over her hip. Her lover opened her legs to her, and so Sonja threaded two fingers together and slid them easily into this stranger's hot cunt. This caused her playmate to groan and grab her for a passionate kiss. Using her thumb to toy with her clit, Sonja continued to fuck her partner with her fingers as her tongue danced in and around the mouth of this stranger in the dark.

Similarly, her partner followed her lead. She slipped a hand between Sonja's thighs and finger fucked her in response, and both women were lost to their passion as the smell of their sex rose in the air. Sonja reached for another kiss only to find tiny fangs beginning to grow. As she tried to pull away, her lover reached deep inside of her and touched that special place that sent her over the edge into a mind blowing, conscious altering orgasm.

"Oh God," Sonja groaned, knowing that she was lost to this female vampire; her own lust betraying her. When she felt the fangs pierce her neck, her blood spilled willingly into this stranger's mouth. It created a sexual high she didn't know even existed, and she didn't resist as her partner suckled hungrily from her neck.

Her last conscious thought was how it felt to come all around magical fingers, breasts pressed into hers, the smell of a woman's lust overtaking her senses.

She hoped that when she rose, she'd experience it again.

Because Sonja knew the score. This was not the end. It was a beginning.

And she would soon walk where Raven walks.

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