tagLesbian SexRavendorf Ch. 05

Ravendorf Ch. 05


Margaret stood on the small balcony beside her bedroom, gazing over the mountains and feeling the cool breeze sweep through the valley, over the water, and into the villa. Her eyes were drawn uncontrollably toward the gypsy's camp and the soft glow of their fires. There was no music floating on the wind and no laughter soaring over the trees. Her sleeping gown clung to her, the lace moving against her now sensitive breasts and nipples. The movement sparked her newly awakened sex. The throbbing between her legs was unending. Lila's dance had stirred those swollen lips and her fingers had finally teased them. The thoughts caused her blood to circle back and forth in her body, following the path that Lila's mouth had taken twice. She had sent Lila away that afternoon, after the man the gypsies called Quinn had interrupted them, but she had regretted it a thousand times. She had started down the path toward the gypsy camp half a dozen times only to remind herself that she should not torment herself with what she could not keep.

"Mistress?" a soft voice asked. Elaine, of childhood laughter and adult servitude, stood behind her employer. Elaine, who moved like a ghost through the house, doing things that Margaret never thought about having to be done, stood a few steps behind Margaret. "Your bed is ready."

Margaret did not answer immediately. She continued to stare at the flickering light of the gypsies' fires. "Elaine, have you ever been with a man?" She paused, but not enough time for the servant to answer. "Don't talk to me as the Mistress of Ravendorf. Talk to me as the friend you used to play with."

Elaine did not answer right away, but Margaret could not bring herself to turn around and face her old friend. "I have," was the woman's final, quiet answer.

"I haven't," Margaret answered. "Did your mother talk to you about . . . what it would be like?"

"Some, but I learned most of what I knew from the girls in town. They told me what it was like for them, so I knew what to expect."

"Was it what you expected?"

Elaine waited again, carefully forming her answer. "More than I expected," she finally decided. "I understand if you are nervous about marrying Master Phillip. I know that he will be gentle with you on your wedding night." She hesitated. When her hand curled over Margaret's shoulder, the Mistress of Ravendorf jumped. "Would you like to ask me some questions?"

Margaret lowered her eyes from the distant fires. She had many questions, most of them raised in the last few days by the exotic gypsy with the dark eyes. Margaret knew she would be unsatisfied with answers from anyone except Lila. "Thank you."

"Will that be all, Miss?" Elaine questioned softly.

Margaret wanted to say no. She didn't want to be left alone with the energy and feelings flowing through her body, but she could think of no legitimate reason to keep Elaine at her side. "Rest well," she muttered, wondering which fire Lila crouched beside.

Elaine retreated quietly, as she always did. Margaret wondered how Elaine managed to move throughout Ravendorf like a spirit. Even that mystery could not hold her attention, though. She moved away from the window and lay down on the bed, letting the breeze waft over her from the mountains. She shifted, trying to find a position that offered her some relief. The lace of the gown brushed and rubbed against her sensitive nipples, making her breasts feel heavier. That slight scratching connected to her belly and the damp spot between her legs.

She rolled to her back, raising her knees and allowing the long gown to fall to her waist. She glided her hand along the inside of her thigh, toward the moist juncture of her thighs. She thought of how Lila's hand had caressed her so softly. She worked her hands up to her thatch of thick curls, unsurprised to find them damp. She combed her fingertips through the forest, thinking of Lila's smooth mound and wondering what it would feel like. Her fingertips danced along the slit between her throbbing lips and she felt her nipples tighten even more. A groan of pleasure escaped her lips, surprising herself. She yanked her hand away and sat up, her face flushed. She had to stop thinking about Lila.

She pushed her gown down and stood up, pacing the floor of the room, her thoughts wondering. Her mind bounced. Her body yearned. There was one thing that would distract her from Lila. She grabbed her robe and pushed out of her bedroom, padding quietly down the hall. She tiptoed passed her father's room and paused outside of Phillip's bedroom. The only thing that would make her forget Lila's touch was some one else's touch. She would offer herself to her husband-to-be, even though their wedding was still days away. He would make love to her and his love would drive the thought of Lila's passion far away.

She lifted her fist to rap her knuckles against the hard wood of the door, but hesitated before she tapped. Phillip would welcome her into his bed. She was certain he would receive her, but it wouldn't make her forget Lila. It might make him lose respect for her. She could live with her yearnings for a few days.

She trailed her fingers over the wood, her mind and body whirling. Her knees trembling slightly with desire and need, she returned to her room. She crossed to the balcony again, looking across at the soft glow of the fires of the gypsy camp. She imagined Lila kneeling beside one of those fires. Her dark skin would be warm from the heat radiating from the pit. The flames would cast dancing illuminations on her face. The smoke would snake into her thick, dark hair and the smell would linger as they moved away from the fire into the darkness of a tent.

Margaret started when her bare feet touched the cool grass. She wasn't even aware that she had climbed over the balcony and scampered down the trellis. In her vivid imagination, she had blocked out the real world. Her body longed for Lila so much that it had taken control of her actions. She hesitated, gripping the lattice work in her fingers and staring up at the balcony. She shook her head and tried to pull back up to her room. Her eyes drifted over her shoulder to the dark forest. She could feel Lila's touch on her skin and imagine the woman's voice whispering in her ear. Lila was calling to her.

She disentangled herself from the lattice and sprinted across the courtyard. She didn't even pause in the rose garden to seek her mother's direction. She tore through the soft blanket of the woods, the soles of her feet crunching on the bed of dry leaves. She reached the lake and steered toward the gypsy camp, her feet kicking sand either direction. She was breathless by the time she reached the edge of the gypsy camp. She skidded to a halt and crouched behind a bush, her eyes skimming the camp activity for her heart's desire.

A group of men and town ladies were laughing together on one side of the camp. Her eyes studied every face, making certain that Lila was not among the harlots. Quinn was sitting on a tree stump with a girl on each knee. He had his arms around their waists and was taking turns being kissed by them. Neither woman was Lila. One tent's flaps were folded back, revealing the dancing shadows of a lantern on the face of the older man who led the gypsies. He was Lila's father. Did she still share a tent with her parents? Margaret pinched her lips together, trying to decide what to do.

Even as she was contemplating returning to the manor, a rustle at the side of the camp attracted her attention. Lila emerged from a tent on the outskirts of the camp. Margaret felt her breath catch and restrained herself from making a dash across the open camp. The ladies from town might see her though, and word would drift back to her father and Phillip.

She watched as Lila drifted to one of the fires. The gypsy woman seemed to float. Margaret could feel her heart pounding in her ears in excitement and anticipation. Lila bent near the fire, her dress spread around her, and reached for a pot. The Roma poured herself a cup of coffee. Keeping to the shadows and not allowing her eyes to drift away from Lila, Margaret maneuvered herself around the camp toward the now vacant tent. Quinn called Lila's name and she turned her attention to the big man. Margaret was too far away to hear their words. She reached the empty tent and carefully slipped through the flaps.

Her heart was drumming even harder now. She couldn't catch her breath. She placed her hands on her knees, fighting all her conflicting emotions. She was here. She would not flee. She took a deep breath and managed to stand, looking around the sparse tent. A lantern cast a soft glow over part of the room that shifted as the wind rustled. There was a soft pallet of quilts in the corner and Margaret knew that it would hold Lila's heavy smell. A trunk made a table and chair.

She jumped when the flap opened suddenly. "Listen, baby, I appreciate the offer, but I told Quinn I wasn't interested. You are off the hook. Go on."

Margaret turned toward the voice, confusion on her face. Lila stopped talking, taking two steps to close the distance between them. She grabbed Margaret's hands. "What are you doing here?"

Margaret's mouth moved wordlessly. She didn't know why she was there and she was so overcome with emotion that words would not form anyway. She pushed toward the gypsy, pressing her body to Lila's and lifting to her tiptoes to press her lips to Lila's. Lila only hesitated a second before returning the kiss. Their lips met firmly. Margaret tilted her head and parted her lips, sucking on Lila's lower lip. Lila slipped her tongue between Margaret's open lips, swirling and exploring tenderly. Margaret lifted her arms and wrapped them around Lila's neck. Lila's arms locked around Margaret's waist as they deepened their kiss.

When they finally pulled away, Margaret was still breathless. She laid her head on Lila's shoulder. "I couldn't stay away. I couldn't stop thinking about you."

A tender expression crossed Lila's face as she stroked Margaret's hair. "Don't be foolish."

Margaret shook her head. "I'm not being foolish. I've not been able to stop thinking about you since the first time I saw you. I was here before I even realized what I was doing."

"You aren't thinking clearly," Lila insisted.

"No, I'm not," Margaret admitted. "My thoughts are going in a thousand different directions. I almost gave myself to Phillip tonight, hoping that would make me forget you." She saw Lila's jaw tighten and knew the gypsy did not like the thought of her in Phillip's arms. "I couldn't do it. It's more than . . ." she paused, lowering her eyes as her face flushed. "It's more than what you do to me physically. Phillip would take care of that, but he can't take care of what's in my heart."

"You are still going to marry him," Lila muttered.

"I have to. You may think living in the manor house is easy, but it is not. There are things that are expected of me, and marrying Phillip is one of them. It will be a loveless marriage, but he will be kind to me. We will produce heirs for my father and for his. Before I commit myself to him, can't you show me real love?"

"Do you really think you can be content to have a few days of my love and then go on to marry him and find happiness?"

"No. I don't. I don't think I'll ever find happiness. I think it is too late for happiness."

Lila reached up and wiped away the tear escaping from Margaret's eye. She touched her lips to Margaret's again. "I've been hurt before, sweet Maggie. Don't lie to me and don't make promises that you don't plan to keep."

"I will marry Phillip; it's expected of me."

"So you keep saying." Lila pressed her mouth to Margaret's, tracing the girl's lips with her tongue. She touched her tongue along the roof of her mouth, tasting the sweetness. Margaret pressed into Lila. She kissed and nibbled her way down Margaret's neck. Margaret lifted her head and closed her eyes, keeping a soft moan from escaping. Lila's mouth danced along the bodice of her gown, tracing over the soft globes with her tongue and lips. "I'll give you one more chance to stop," Lila whispered, her breath warm on Margaret's now damp flesh.

"No. Please don't stop again. Finish. Show me all that there is to know."

Lila returned to kissing Margaret's breast along the bodice, moving her face into the warm valley. "You want an education, Maggie? You want me to teach you what you have not learned in your books and your finishing classes?"

"Please," Margaret begged, her voice breathless as Lila's teeth nipped at the nipple pressing against the material of the lace gown.

Lila put her hands on Margaret's hips and sank into the soft blankets, pulling the young girl with her. She rolled Margaret to her back, their lips meeting in a firm, fierce kiss. Lila coaxed Margaret's tongue into her mouth, showing the inexperienced girl how to tease and explore. Margaret's tongue whirled in Lila's mouth, rubbing the inside of her cheeks, behind her teeth, and the roof of her mouth. Their tongues scrubbed against one another, the kiss growing more intense as Margaret followed her tutor's direction.

Reluctantly, Lila left Margaret's lips and trailed her own down the slim pale column of the girl's neck. Her deft fingers freed the strings at the bodice of the gown, parting the material as her mouth worked lower. Lila's lips, teeth, and tongue nipped along Margaret's ribcage and stomach, circling her navel. By the time Lila made her way back to Margaret's lips, the lady of Ravendorf was panting and trembling. Her normally pale skin was tinged a soft passion pink.

They shared another long kiss, Margaret's tongue the willing intruder into the hot cave of Lila's mouth. Lila allowed Margaret to take the lead, enjoying the tentative practice of her pupil. Margaret sucked at Lila's lips and tongue, capturing and releasing the dark woman's flesh. Lila sat up on her knees, not taking her eyes from Margaret's face as she slipped her blouse from her shoulders.

Margaret's eyes dropped to Lila's dark breasts and the deep nipples peering into the dim light. Lila put her hands on either side of Margaret's head, lowering herself slowly to brush her nipples back and forth over Margaret's gasping lips. Margaret closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation of the stiff nipple and the puckered flesh gliding over her damp lips. Lila's movement teased Margaret's lips wider until the large breast filled the girl's mouth. Her lips stretched over the flesh. Instinctively, Margaret began to suckle, feeding at the gypsy's offering. Her tongue brushed over Lila's nipple. Lila moaned in support. Her soft sounds of pleasure encouraged Margaret. Her tongue stroked faster against Lila's nipple. Lila began rocking into Margaret's mouth, their bodies rubbing against each other, generating friction between them. Had they been sticks of dry wood, fire would have erupted between them

Clothing melted away until their nude bodies lay entwined on the quilts. Margaret wanted to touch every inch of Lila's smooth body and she did. When she was finished nursing at the generous breasts, she followed her hands down the hard stomach, her lips blazing a trail as her hands caressed the Roma's bottom. Her fingers glided over the dancer's muscular thighs and calves, but her eyes were riveted to the smooth triangle and swollen lips of Lila's sex.

A silence stretched between them while Margaret devoured Lila with her eyes. Lila rolled to her elbows, studying her young, inexperienced lover. Margaret's eyes had not wavered from Lila's mound, but she was nervously chewing her lips. "You're all right," Lila whispered, the first actual words that had penetrated the warm tent since Lila had pulled Margaret to the blankets other than soft sighs of encouragement and pleasure.

"I don't know what to do," Margaret confessed.

Lila smiled, a tender expression on her face. She was not mocking Margaret and Margaret did not think that was her lover's intention. She sat up, wrapping her arms around Margaret. "I will show you."

Moving like fluid, they switched positions, Margaret now lying back on the blankets as Lila moved between her legs. She caressed the back of Margaret's knee, who flinched a little and giggled. Lila smiled at Margaret over the small hills of the girl's breasts. She kissed the inside of Margaret's thigh and thrilled at the soft moan that fled Lady Ravendorf's throat. She moved up Margaret's thigh, breathing deeply of her lover's aroused scent. Her fingertips combed through the prickly hairs at Margaret's entrance, teasing along the slick lips as her mouth moved closer to the mound.

Lila reached the apex of Margaret's thighs and kissed the mound firmly. She laid butterfly kisses all around Margaret's sex, avoiding the damp, swollen, eager lips. Soon, Margaret was thrusting up, her soft whimpers pleading for Lila to penetrate her moist recess. Only then did Lila press her mouth to the thick folds. She placed little kisses along them, listening to Margaret's cries of passion. She danced the tip of her tongue along the slit, delving deeper and deeper.

Margaret tasted like no other lover Lila had ever had. It was a sweet flavor and Lila thought that she could become addicted. Margaret's moans of pleasure were growing louder now, but Lila did not care who heard them. She slid deeper, pressing her face fully to Margaret's opening. She lapped against Margaret's insides until she found the girl's hard bud of pleasure. She placed her tongue against that nub and pushed in and out. Margaret gasped, thrusting up forcefully. Lila took the encouragement and began rubbing quicker against Margaret's button, her tongue curling, lifting the hood, and smoothing it down. Margaret writhed on the blankets, pleading with her lover to continue the pleasure.

The gypsy slid her tongue to the lady's deep opening, rolling it into her and sliding it deep before fattening it. She began a steady stroking, twisting her tongue inside her lover as she did. She licked the walls of Margaret's inner depths, searching for the spot that would bring the girl the most pleasure. When they finished, Margaret would no longer be a girl, but be a woman. A sharp yelp from Margaret as Lila's dancing tongue scraped allowed the gypsy to know that she had found Margaret's sweet spot and she concentrated there, rubbing up and down and pressing that spot with the tip of her tongue.

Margaret thrashed on the blankets, her hand pulling Lila's hair as she bucked against her lover's face. She was moaning constantly now, but the sound was muffled to Lila by the thighs wrapped around her head. She jerked and quivered and groaned. She screamed in pleasure, offering herself fully to Lila. Lila stayed deep as Margaret descended from her mountain of pleasure, carrying her lover down gently. She pulled out as Margaret collapsed, stretching up to kiss the trembling belly. Margaret's hands fell from Lila's hair. Lila worked upward, looking into Margaret's sleeping face. The gypsy smiled and tucked her body close to Margaret. She pulled the blankets over their bodies and closed her own eyes.

Sleep didn't come quickly for Lila, though she rested. She was filled with Margaret's smell and nearness. She didn't want to ever let Lady Ravendorf go. Quinn was right. She was in a new dilemma, but for now, she was content with what she could get from Margaret. She could love the girl without falling in love with her. Margaret would not be a repeat of Aidan, but it was too late for Lila to say no to her.

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