A cold night had come again to their castle, then again when one lived in a place consumed by snow it was rare not to have a cold night. Being a demon of ice and spirit the cold should not have bothered Mari at all, though it did, because she craved her mate's touch on nights like these. Purple lips curled into a smile while she played with the youngest member of their rather large family, most of whom lived in the castle with them or just outside of it. Mari rose from her kneeling pose as a male came into the room who just happened to be one of the males who irritated her.

"How goes the eve Ir?"

"Fine. Your king is back, figured you'd want to go see him."

If the cocky smile wasn't any clue Ir figured that soon as she reached her mate, king of their home and family, she'd jump his bones. Which may have been a valid assumption if she was not more in the mood to just be in his arms. Looking down at the little one who was still playing Mari shifted glowing violet eyes to Ir, the look in them all too serious.

"Make sure she gets back to her parents safely, Ir."

"Hey, I only follow the king's orders, not yours."

Shaking her head softly Mari exited the room, heading for the chambers that she shared with her mate while she tried to figure out if Ir would in fact make sure the child faired well. Knowing that Jax wouldn't bring anyone into their family without trust, she kept faith in the fact that Ir would probably do the right thing. Bare feet made little to no noise on the stone in the hallways while she made her way, the black silks she wore making even less sound as there was barely anything to them, basically a black leather bra and panties with a loin cloth that reached her feet tied at both hips. Mari didn't wear such things just to show off for her mate, she also wore them because it was traditional dress for females in her home realm.

Reaching their chambers Mari stilled, her pointed ears listening for any sounds in the chambers or the hall, but nothing came to her senses. A slight blush came to her snow white cheeks while she shifted a lock of her silver hair behind one long pointed ear. Opening the door to their room she stepped inside quietly, closing the door behind her once she had cleared it. Shifting her eyes around she didn't see Jax and confusion warred over the plane of her face before she moved to the bathroom, hearing the slight splashes of water. Entering the room she found Jax up to his neck in hot water, head laid back against the edge of the tub, eyes closed.

Moving over to the raised bath she walked silently up the steps to sit on the marble next to his head, running long fingers through his bright blue hair. Seeing him stir she smiled when his red eyes opened to stare up into hers with a smirk. Playing her claws over the horns that his hair almost hid from view she leaned over him, brushing her lips against his in a soft kiss.

"How went the meeting my love?"

"Just a bunch of their normal complaints and issues."

"Seems you will never escape them."

"Kind of like a gang, once you join you can never really quit. Lucky me they pretty much ignore me until they want something."

"She wasn't there was she?"

"Jealous Mari?"

"Until the day she dies at my feet."

With a laugh Jax wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her into the hot bath while she yelped in surprise, but then that ended in a growl of annoyance.

"These are my favorite silks!"

"I haven't ruined them, yet."

"No, you shredded the last ones so badly they could not be repaired..."

"Then take them off or have them shredded."

Glowering a little a Jax, Mari raised her hand from the water, giving a snap magic flowed around them right before her silks disappeared from her pale skin. Smirking at her Jax pulled her close, wrapping his arms around her waist while she wrapped her arms around his neck. Demonic runes that matched the color of her glowing eyes traveled along the middle of her forehead to stop just above her nose, but more started in the valley between her breasts stopping at her navel, the final set were placed above her sex. Smiling at Jax she ran her fingers over the marking she had made on his back to join the other etchings he had there, etching he had placed into her own back by way of his blood, his name going up her spine.

"Miss me Jax?"


"Liar, you missed me."

Laughing lightly he pulled her even closer, forcing Mari to straddle him in the tub so she could press against him, kissing his lips. Seemingly unable to help herself Mari rocked her hips down against Jax' swelling shaft, her arousal plain in the way that she clung to him, claws digging into the flesh of his shoulders while her mouth bit and licked at his. Smirking against her lips he rose from the bath, water flooding down their bodies flowing between them as he stepped out of the tub and headed into the bedroom. Raking claws over his back as she was pressed down into the bed Mari looked up into his red eyes, smiling at the emotions she saw running through them.

Taking both her wrists in one of his hands Jax pulled her arms up over her head while leaning down to scrape fangs over the side of her neck, being rewarded by her throaty moan. Her body writhed under his, not able to help herself when his fangs sank into the tender flesh of her neck to draw another yet louder moan from her lips. Jax' free hand went to her right breast, teasing it with his claws while he drew back from her neck and licked at the wound he had created in her flesh. Mari struggled against his grip on her wrists, pulling hard as she longed to sink her own claws into his flesh while his teased her own. Pulling up a little he whispered in her ear, hot breath making her shiver under him.

"Yes, struggle more, I like it when you struggle."

Before she knew it, magical chains had wrapped around Mari's wrists and ankles, chaining her tightly to the posts of the bed so she was completely open to Jax. Seeing her glowing eyes go wide, almost pleading, he smiled evilly before moving down her body to bring his mouth to her breasts. Though she had been struggling against the chains Mari stilled when his red eyes locked with hers right before his teeth slipped into the soft flesh of her breast, making her cry out in sweet pleasure pain. Curling her hands into fists Mari yanked against the chains, ignoring the feel of them cutting into her wrists as she just stared into his crimson eyes while Jax ran his tongue around her hard nipple.

No longer needing to hold her down he hand his hands free to roam over her pale flesh, claws tracing the runes between her breasts while he switched the breast he was teasing, raking his fangs over her other nipple. Moaning lightly Mari writhed against the bed, her legs trying to clench together to stop the throbbing that had begun at her core. She knew he could smell her need, and not just by the spark in his red eyes but the hard press of his shaft against her hip. Moaning deep in her throat she rolling her hips, rubbing against the hard press of his shaft, smiling while he took a hissing breath.

"No, you be good."

"I do not want to!"

"Too bad."

Moving down her body Jax raked claws over her flat belly, enjoying the way she arched up into his harsh touch. Closing her eyes Mari shivered softly while he slid between her spread thighs, light kisses being feathered over the flesh of her inner thigh. Red eyes shifted to her glistening slit, his nostrils flaring as he smelled the sweetness of her need misting up to him from her core. Leaning in he gave a soft, barely touching lick to her slit, closing his own eyes while the taste of her flowed over his tongue. Strange how a female could tempt with just a taste, or the mere scent of her reaching a male's senses.

Spreading her lips wide his crimson gaze raked over her wet flesh with a smirk, fingers going to lightly caress her clit while he leaned in to explore her entrance with his tongue. Small moans fell from her lips while he explored her, removing his fingers from her clit so she would stay on the edge, right where he wanted her to be. Chains rattled and clinked against the posts of the bed while she struggled to free herself along with relieving the ache at her core that throbbed just for him. Blood started to flow down her right arm from her struggles against the chains, but as a demon she healed quickly and felt little to no pain.

"Jax... Please stop..."

"You want to stop so soon? Alright."

With that he pulled up from her body, going to the side of the bed to sit while he licked away the blood from her arm. Whimpering softly she shook her head, a growl of frustration leaving her while she struggled even harder against the chains, trying to reach him and the erect shaft that seemed almost to be pointing at her.

"No damn it! Don't stop... Make love to me Jax!"

"Not much in the mood to make love after that meeting..."

"Then fuck me!"

Smirking again he came down over her, pressing his lips to hers in a rough kiss that rocked Mari to her toes. Opening her mouth to him she let his tongue come inside and mingle with her own, flicking the tip of her tongue against one of his fangs while arching up to be closer to him. Feeling him pull back to nip at her lower lip she groaned again, not able to do anything at this point but to beg him.

"Please my love, I ache for you... Fuck me."

"Sounds like a command coming from the one that's all tied up."

"Please fuck me... Please please please please!"

Before she could open her mouth to beg again he was between her spread thighs, though he had not yet entered her weeping sex. Looking up into his eyes she felt the head of his shaft rub against her slit, the sensitive head of him connecting with her clit to make delicious friction. Panting heavily she rocked her hips against his, trying to arch up off the bed so she could capture his shaft with her core, unfortunately he gripped her hips and held her still. His smirk growing into a wicked grin, Jax slid slowly into her body, just the head of his shaft at first but then he pressed inside making her feel every inch of his shaft.

Once he was fully seated inside her channel he leaned over her shivering body to rake his fangs over the sensitive flesh of her neck. Soft moans fell from her lips while she tried to rock her hips into him, tried to fuck him with her tight core but his hands on her hips held her fast. Chuckling against her throat he withdrew almost completely from her body before thrusting back inside, using almost his complete strength and forcing her to cry out from the pleasure that wracked her body from the single thrust. Whimpering softly she felt him withdraw completely from her body right before she was flipped onto her stomach, the chains gone from her limbs as they were no longer needed.

Though she kept her legs together she felt him spread her lips from behind right before he was filling her body again, leaning over her with a growl. Shivering softly Mari dug her claws into the sheets of their bed, crying out with delight when he ran his tongue straight up the marking of his name along her spine. Jax' hips went to her hips to hold her still while he ground his hips against her ass, pushing as deep into her channel as he could get. Digging his claws into her hips he thrust into her, and Mari knew he'd been right when he had told her he was not in the mood to make love, instead he was pounding against her like a beast, and she loved the feeling of it.

His chest pressed into her back while his shaft rutted within her core, rotating his hips every other stroke to drive the head of his shaft against the sensitive spot deep inside her body. Moans from Mari mixed with the sounds of Jax' grunting as they shifted together, both working toward the same goal, and that was a climax for their partner. Panting against the bed Mari felt the pleasure coil tight in her belly, making her inner muscles clamp down around his shaft so that he could barely move inside her but she could tell he didn't mind much as her core tried to milk him.

Pressing her into the bed Jax opened his mouth as he thrust harder into Mari, sinking his fangs into her throat and forcefully locking her to him while he felt her cum around his shaft. Growling against her throat he thrust deeply into her clenching channel, letting his seed spill deep within Mari. After long moments of panting against her neck he pulled his fangs from her flesh, laying fully against her while they caught their breath. Rolling to the side Jax dragged her with him, curling against her back while he felt the little after shocks of pleasure that rolled through her body.

"Mayhap you should go to those meetings more often?"

"No thank you Mari."

"Aw, but I like it when you're rough like that."

"You have but to ask."

Kissing her shoulder Jax held Mari tight to him while she folded her arms across the front of her body, still joined together by his shaft. Closing her eyes she drifted off to a peaceful sleep, a few delicious dreams of Jax filling her mind, and on instinct she fed the images to him in his own sleep just to torture him. When they woke up she'd be in trouble... And Gods she couldn't wait.

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