tagErotic HorrorRavenous: An Altheon Story

Ravenous: An Altheon Story


His feet pounded the sidewalk in a rhythmic almost frantic staccato. He had been pursuing her fading scent for what seemed like hours and he knew that soon the breakneck pace he had set would slow him, even the undead would eventually falter. He shot past the corner of an alleyway and there her scent hit him like a sledgehammer to the chest. The smell of her pheromones and blood clung to the air around him and it seemed as if individual molecules stuck to his skin. Finally, he neared the end of the alleyway, and there slumped under the soft glow of the street light was the woman he had relentlessly pursued. Her red hair shone like fire in the light and her creamy white skin almost seemed luminescent. Quickly he reached her and gathered her up into muscular arms. She was unresponsive, and much too cold. His intelligent gray eyes immediately sought the hollow in her neck, and he was not surprised to see the twin punctures of a vampire bite already healing into a purplish bruise. His deft fingers found their way to her delicate neck to check her pulse. There was none; not even a hint of one: she had been dead for at least twenty minutes. He gathered her now lifeless body to his chest, threw his head back and howled in utter agony. He had been too late.


Altheon snapped awake feeling hung-over; the word he had just spoken clung to his lips like poison. He cradled his head in his hands and sobbed, it had been almost six months since he had lost her and she still haunted his dreams. Jetta had been the perfect woman. She was exactly his type in every way; flawless body, wonderful personality, type AB blood and perfect psychic energy. Every time he had been with her had been rapture. It had also been torture. He had loved her, yet whenever he was with her the blood lust would become so strong he would have to go hunt afterwards. Those kills had not been particularly pretty; throats ripped open, veins slashed, flesh torn. When he woke in the evening from those kills he almost didn't recognize the savage starring back at him in the mirror, his prey's blood framing his face like a grotesque mask; no vampire ever fed like that. He had been desperately searching for a way for them to be together, but the only solution he could think of was to turn her. It was her death that led him to the dungeon. It was her death that finally made him able to break his vow to never make another vampire.

A small sound behind him brought him out of his revelry. Altheon half turned on his bed and saw the window by his fire escape slowly slide open. The next thing he knew a shapely leg clad in skin tight black leather and mile high stilettos pushed itself into his apartment followed by the rest of Vai's equally shapely body. He ran his gaze over the length of her body taking in the leather pants that fit her like a second skin, her tightly toned bare midriff, the lacy red bustier and her dark semi-erect nipples under it, and finally her long raven dark hair and bright green eyes. He shot her a predatory gaze and then realized he was still in his bed; less than half dressed and looking like road kill.

"Hi!" Her greeting was pleasant and warm. "I was in the area and I thought I'd pop in to see how you were doing after last night's festivities." She arched one of her eyebrows at him and then laughed. "Altheon, are you ok? You look like shit. No offense of course."

"Hello to you too, Vai. I'm alright, I've just risen and it wasn't the most restful of nights if you know what I mean." He shuffled his blankets trying in vain to find something to cover his chest with.

"Well I know Skye and I tired you out, but I thought you'd be recovered by now. I was ready for round two." Her green eyes traced a path from his face down his naked torso to the blanket covering his lower half. "You know you really don't have to be so modest, it's not like I haven't seen it before. Let's see if this doesn't perk you up?"

Altheon's attention was riveted on Vai as she sinuously crossed the room, her hips undulating like a pole dancer. The black leather creaked as she straddled his hips and ran her hands slowly up his chest to his shoulders. He could feel the muscles in her thighs flex as her nimble yet strong fingers found his shoulders and guided him to the bed. The look of lust in her perfect green eyes as she rode him to the mattress held him a captive yet aroused prisoner.

He moaned softly as her supple velvety soft lips brushed his neck and then proceeded to kiss their way down his chest. Her fangs grazed his nipples and he could tell she delighted in the reaction; part pain, part pleasure that it produced. Finally, after what seemed like an hour of torturous agony her lips reached the blanket thrown haphazardly over his lap.

Vai grasped the blanket and threw it off revealing his boxers and his already semi-hard cock. She delivered a perfectly timed moan and she drew his boxers off and flung them over her shoulder. Agonizingly; ever so slowly she razed her nails along the sensitive insides of his thighs and then lowered her moist warm mouth to his waiting dick. Her tongue teasingly caressed him; circling his tip in tight little circles, flicking the firm ridge, then taking one long slow lick from base to tip and then back again.

Vai locked her penetrating predator's eyes on his as she sucked the head of his cock into her mouth, and delighted in the low moan he produced as she twirled her tongue around it occasionally dipping it into the slit on the end tasting him. She moved her mouth down the length inch by inch, flicking her tongue along the underside of his dick until he filled her mouth. Her eyes sought his and then finally she slid him all the way into the back of her throat. She razed her nails down his chest and thighs, as she began to find her rhythm.

Altheon's eyes wandered over the silhouette of Vai's sensuous curves as her mouth worked its wonders on him. He grabbed her long black hair in his hands and pulled it firmly as his eyes ran down the length of her; the tantalizing peek of her pale skin low on her back, the stark contrast of her red bustier and her black leather pants, the tightness of her ass. He gasped in rapture as she pulled his throbbing cock out of her warm mouth, then ran her tongue down him to lick and suck at his balls, her hands caressing his cock. He moaned her name loudly through his clenched teeth as she finally decided she had had enough of teasing him. She began to move her mouth and hand in tandem over him, eliciting gasps of pleasure from him with each downward thrust. She reached behind him and dug her fingers into his back scratching wherever she could reach, until he couldn't take it any longer. He heard his breathless voice tell her he was going to come, and his hand tightened in her hair drawing her down as he filled her mouth with his warm cum; her mouth sucking down every last drop.

Vai licked her way back up his shaft and planted a kiss on the tip of his cock. "Good evening." She giggled. "You look like you feel better now."

"That was amazing. And yes, I do feel better now. That was a nice way to wake for the evening."

"So are you going to tell me what you were dreaming about now? You looked positively horrible when I came in."

Altheon sighed and closed his eyes, avoiding her gaze for a minute. He wasn't even sure how to answer. She was asking him to tell her the deepest secrets of his soul. He wasn't exactly sure if he could even put it into words. How did you explain something like Jetta to someone? "It was nothing, really."

"Altheon, don't lie. You looked like shit when I came in. I know what pain looks like. We've been friends for a while now, you don't have to tell me but you know I am always here to listen." Vai directed her best compassionate glance at his soft gray eyes, and was almost shocked to see the raw pain that lay there. She had never known he hurt like this.

"I was dreaming about a woman I loved once. She human and she was my type, if you know what I mean." A memory swam to the surface of his thoughts; Jetta's lustrous red hair and the smell of the velvet skin as he kissed her neck, the way she moaned softly as he fought the urge to plunge his fangs into her carotid artery. He shook his head and visibly gathered himself, drawing himself up straight and squaring his shoulders. "Her name was Jetta and she was perfect. Whenever we were out it was all I could do not to sink my fangs into her perfect milky white throat. Her energy was pure. Her scent was almost overwhelming. But she was also beautiful and her personality was amazing. I couldn't think of any way to stop seeing her but every time after I left her I had to go out and kill something. The bloodlust was so strong that those kills were incredibly violent. The only thing I could think of was to turn her. But that was before; I could never bring myself to do it. "

Vai smiled gently and caressed his hand with hers. "What happened to her, Altheon?"

"I was going to talk to her about what I was and see if she wanted to be turned. I had serious doubts about whether or not I could actually turn her; however, I knew I could never be satisfied with my existence without her. I arrived moments too late; her loft was in shambles and smelled of struggle and fear. Another vampire, I assume a rival of mine, found her apartment. Whoever it was took her and killed her. I began tracking her scent just a few minutes after they left. By the time I had found her all that was left was her lifeless body."

"I'm so sorry Altheon, I never had any idea." Vai drew him close and hugged him to her. She nuzzled his neck with her nose breathing in his scent. "You're cold. You need to feed. Want to come hunt with me?"

"Sure. Let me get dressed and I will meet you at Masquerade in about 20 minutes."

"Hurry, baby," was all she said as she slipped back out his window as quietly and swiftly as she came.

Altheon swung his legs over the edge of his bed his head still a little fuzzy from his nightmare and Vai's amazing blow job. He smiled enjoying the way his fangs poked into his lips. Hunting with Vai was always fun. Masquerade was one of the local vampire clubs in the city. There vampires mixed with humans, some who suspected and were willing and others that were completely oblivious. A vampire could always find an easy meal there.

He quickly dressed for the evening; black leather pants to match Vai's, a red t-shirt from one of his favorite bands and his leopard print Vans. The t-shirt hugged his broad shoulders and slender frame, showing off the lean muscle underneath. He checked himself in his mirror and thought he looked like a rock star.

Under 20 minutes later he found himself standing at the secluded entrance of Masquerade. Masquerade could best be described as the love child of a night club and a swinger's lounge, with a dash of the supernatural mixed in. The club's owner had envisioned a place where vampires could mingle among humans and no one would be the wiser. The dark, smoky, sexual atmosphere helped to camouflage the predatory nature of many of the clubs patrons. It was one of the few places where you could get a meal and get laid all on the same night.

Altheon leaned against the brick wall next to the entrance waiting for Vai. It had been a while since he had been to Masquerade. As much as he hated being a predator sometimes he still loved the thrill of the chase. The club was usually just too easy. It required no skill to get these mortals to trust you. "Altheon!" He snapped his eyes up and saw Vai swaying her way down the alley to the entrance. She practically glided on her four inch stilettos and he couldn't help but enjoy the hypnotic way her hips swayed with each footfall. Her black leather pants hugged her curves like they were painted on and her breasts jiggled in her sexy bustier. He could still see the glimpse of her nipples under the red lace, giving him a tantalizing peek at her state of arousal.

"You look good enough to eat." She purred as she leaned in to kiss him. Her tongue easily found its way into his eager mouth and she kissed him deeply.

Altheon embraced her and returned Vai's kiss, hungrily devouring her. He sucked her bottom lip into his mouth and drew it along the sharp edge of one of his fangs. Her small intake of breath was enough to tell him he had bled her. The taste of her metallic blood filled his mouth electrifying his taste buds. He pulled her in closer, sliding his hands down the curves of her hips to finally settle on her tight ass and sucked her lip until her wound closed. He broke off the kiss and looked into her green eyes, already feeling the blood lust beginning to bloom. Feeding off of Vai always gave him an energetic rush; he suspected it was a combination of her supernatural blood and her amazing sexual energy. "Ready?" She nodded her approval and he offered her his arm.

They descended the narrow stairs into the cavernous basement that was Masquerade. The inside of the club was lit with a sultry ambiance. The low lighting created shadows where couples snuggled up to neck, as it were. There was a rich mahogany bar running the length of one wall where scantily clad bartenders mixed a variety of extremely alcoholic concoctions. On the bar voluptuous women danced in lingerie and go-go boots. There was a large dance floor complete with all the night club essentials; strobe lights, speakers, thumping bass, television screens, and a number of drunk people rubbing all over each other as if they would never feel human contact ever again. Everyone was dressed scantily. Women wore lingerie tops, booty shorts, skin tight pants or skirts that Altheon was pretty sure barely met the requirements to legally be considered clothing. The men, human and immortal alike, all played the part of confident predators each looking to score their prey for the night; the humans looking for their next sexual conquest and the immortals looking for dinner and possibly a good fucking beforehand.

Altheon and Vai found two open seats at the bar among the press of flesh. One of the specialties of Masquerade was that you could order any drink "bloody" from the vampire bartenders. The owner of Masquerade had made a deal with a corrupt employee at the local blood bank and they provided a steady inflow of various types grade A blood to spice up the drinks for their unusual patrons. Altheon flagged down Krystal, the bartender that usually served him when he came to the club. He ordered bloody martinis for both he and Vai and settled his back against the bar, his arm around Vai's slender waist, and began to narrow the hunt down.

Vai shifted slightly and turned to peer into his gray eyes. She ran her long nails along the side of his cheek to draw his head close and then purred "So, did you want to do all your hunting here or just begin with an appetizer among the easy prey and then move on to tougher game?"

Altheon raised the fluted glass to his lips savoring the slight hint of AB over the dry Martini and then grinned at her. She had read his mind. "I figured the club could be just a warm up. It's been a long time since I have hunted properly. I'd like to feel the adrenaline rush of chasing down my prey, and savor the fear pounding in their pulse as I feed."

"That sounds like a great time." She arched her eyebrow at him and offered him a coy smile, "You always did like foreplay."

The two vampires lounged with effortless grace against the solid mahogany bar and watched the interactions in the sea of humanity before them; their noses full of human musk. The air was thick with the scents of sweat, lust, and pheromones. The feverish dancing helped keep the blood flowing, giving everyone a suitably rosy glow to their enhanced senses. Over the already heady scent in the air Altheon caught a whiff of sweet AB and slowly turned his head to stare at the beauty before him.

An absolutely gorgeous brunette on the dance floor was sloppily grinding on an overweight middle aged man. She had to have been completely blasted as she was beyond out of his league. He watched as the man's sweating hands turned her to face him and slid his knee between her legs and offered her another place to gyrate her body.

Altheon watched her lithe body as she moved. She had on a mesh top with a lacy black bra underneath that helped show off her small perky breasts. He couldn't help but gaze at the way they bounced slightly as she moved to the beat. He followed the line of her body down and focused on her petite waist and the slight flare of her hips. She was small and delicate throughout and her scent was almost overwhelming. He knew it was mainly because she had over indulged in alcohol which had thinned her blood, but he had decided he wanted to taste her. He was about to tell Vai that he had found his appetizer when he noticed she had already slipped off. He wasn't surprised really, Vai was a true predator. She would happily feed several times a night if possible.

He casually pushed himself away from the bar and sauntered toward the tiny brunette, moving with poise and agility. Altheon reached her with ease and just as casually put his arm around her waist and gently lifted her away from the middle aged man she had draped herself over. She took in his striking features and gave him her best smile; the man on the other hand didn't have quite as good of a reaction.

"Hey asshole! What the fuck? Can't you see the lady was dancing with me?"

Altheon barely spared the man a glance before repositioning the lovely little brunette on his own leg. "I'm pretty sure she'd prefer my company to yours." The brunette was so far gone she would've preferred the company of a broom to his, but he didn't care to elaborate.

The man however, knowing that the brunette was sure to put out was not so easily dissuaded. "What the fuck gives you the right to swoop in here and grab someone else's girl? That fucking broad is a sure thing tonight and a hot fucking piece of ass, and I don't even need beer goggles to tell me that." His sweating brow had gone from elated to belligerent and his fists were balled at his sides. Altheon could just tell he was looking for a fight.

"Look mister, I would really prefer to avoid causing any trouble here. But as you can clearly see she's having a good time," he gesticulated to the brunette gyrating on his thigh just as surely as she was simulating a sex act. "And you know she's gonna chew her own arm off tomorrow when she wakes up next to you. So why don't we call it even. You got to have her grind all over you tonight, cop a few feels and rub your aching hard on all over her very perky ass. But I am going to have to take it from here. Go home. Jerk off. And count yourself lucky that she consumed six cosmos and you happened to be nearby." And with that he turned most of his attention back to the brunette. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the man's face contort in an expression that can only be described as rage. He watched as the man cocked his fist back to hit him, and then watched in slow motion as the drunken moron telegraphed his punch at his face. Just as suddenly his vampire senses kicked in. Time returned to normal for all the patrons of the bar aside from him.

To Altheon it seemed as if he had all the time in the world. He moved the sexy but still nameless brunette off his thigh and turned to face his attacker's bulk. He watched as the fist made its way through space and time towards his face. He watched as the middle aged man's face changed from just being angry to wanting to kill him for messing up his chance at getting laid by a hot girl. And in that moment he reached out and seized the man's approaching fist in his hand and squeezed with his vampire strength. And then without mercy he watched the middle aged man crumple to the floor holding his smarting hand. The rest of the people in the club remained oblivious to the drama that had just played out on the dance floor. The man glared up at him with loathing in his eyes. And Altheon smirked down at him. "Are you satisfied now, you fucking piece of shit? This is what happens when you mess with your evolutionary superiors. I told you to fucking walk away. The girl is happy where she is."

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