tagInterracial LoveRavenous Ch. 02

Ravenous Ch. 02


That Night

Kory skipped out on dinner with the family. She couldn't face him so soon after what happened since she'd never been a great actress. She wasn't sure how to sort out her feelings and so took some time to herself to try and figure it out. Jason would usually be the person she would go to talk to about this sort of thing, but she figured it would be really awkward and sort of embarrassing to talk to your friend about hooking up with his brother.

After spending most of the night staring up at the ceiling as she reflected over everything, Kory came to the conclusion that on one hand, she felt horrible for what had happened because Kai was in a relationship. But on the other darker hand, she relished the fact that she finally had a taste of what she'd been craving for these past couple of years. The thing that worried her the most about her feelings on the situation was that, despite deep feelings of guilt, she really wanted it to happen again.

She stifled this evil desire as best as she could and decided to go on like nothing had ever happened. Obviously nothing else could happen since he was taken and it just wouldn't be right to let it go any further. With this mindset firmly in place, she was finally able to get some sleep.

The Beach

He watched her as she ran around, her smooth dark brown skin glistening from the sun beaming down mercilessly on the sandy beach the family currently occupied. They were playing an intense game of volleyball; the women on one side while the dads held court on the opposite side. The dads could never resist showing how manly they were when presented a challenge and thus now faced four women who were currently kicking their butts.

Kai moaned out softly under his breath as he watched Kory's thick ass jiggle under her tight, light green bathing suit bottoms every time she jumped to meet the ball. The material clung to her firm roundness like a second skin. He knew how that soft, juicy globe looked as he pounded into her from behind. He'd never seen a more beautiful sight.

"Hey, you're going to get caught if you keep staring so hard," his brother Jason warned, nudging him as he sat down in the lounge chair next to him. Jason knew all about Kai's obsession and had, in the past, encouraged Kai to make a move on at least a dozen different occasions, but knew it was no good, since Kai did what Kai wanted whenever he wanted to do it.

"Maybe I want to get caught." Kai replied lazily, not breaking his gaze from Kory's curvy little form. What he meant was that he couldn't care less if anyone knew how he felt about Kory now. He had avoided any sexual contact with Lauren since his time with Kory last afternoon, which was odd for him since he was known to have a very healthy appetite when it came to bedroom activities. Lauren seemed to blame it on jetlag taking its toll and promised him a little morning treat. He made sure to be up and dressed before her this morning.

"C'mon, man. You brought your girlfriend all the way here with you, the least you can do is show a little respect for her. After we're all back home, break up with her then. I don't want any drama on my vacation", Jason complained, taking a sip from the cocktail- of -the -day he'd purchased from the cabana located a ways up the beach. He leisurely checked out the passersby behind his shades, eyeing a leggy local with dyed blonde hair as she walked by with a group of friends. She looked back as they passed and gave him a smirk and a little wink. He smirked back and took another sip of his drink; mentally taking note of the direction she was headed.

"Fuck you, Jason. I know what I'm doing", Kai growled out, disliking the fact that Jason was right. He knew he should make sure Lauren had a good time while they were here since he had invited her after all, but he really didn't want to put any effort into keeping her happy while all he could do was think of being with Kory again. Not just physically either.

The fact that she had responded so enthusiastically to his...advances, if what he did was put into polite terms, told him that she was at least attracted to him also. This gave him hope of building something more with her like he'd always wanted to do, but with Lauren in the way, that wasn't likely to happen anytime soon.

"I'm going to get a drink", he muttered out as he abruptly got up from his lounge chair, heading up the beach to the little cabana. He needed something to take the edge off his agitation. Maybe he should have let Lauren treat him to a little something this morning; he'd been on edge since last afternoon with Kory. Though their afternoon quickie had been hot as hell, it was only a little appetizer as far as he was concerned. He wanted time to explore every inch of her succulent body, finding all the hidden places that made her squeal with laughter and moan with delight.

"Fuck", he groaned out loud to himself and ran a hand through his hair in agitation as he neared the cabana. It looked like he'd need something a little on the strong side if he was going to make it through the day without picturing Kory in various enticing positions as she took his cock like a champ.

Rinsing Off

Kory climbed from the ocean, running her hands through her short locks to push out the water gathered throughout the loose curls. She surreptitiously eyed the spot Kai had been sitting, but only took note of Jason lounging and sucking on a bright orange drink while looking down at his phone through his sunglasses. She shook her head and sighed in resignation. Jason was forever messing around on his phone. She wasn't surprised though; he was a bit of a player at their college, but she kept him in check whenever she thought he got out of line.

She looked over to see the parents and Lauren still going hard at the game. She had called it quits due to feeling a bit overheated from the sun and from Kai's hot gaze burning her all afternoon, and decided to take a dip in the ocean to cool off. She still felt a bit grimy and her eyes burned a bit from the salt water, so she headed up the beach toward the cabana and enclosed shower areas.

As she made her way towards the building, a few guys walking by whistled and gave out a few calls when she passed them, but she just smiled politely and continued on her way. She knew she looked good in her favorite sea foam green bikini and had worked hard to keep in shape. A few appreciative shout outs never hurt and just affirmed what she already knew. She smirked a bit to herself as she thought about typical guys, but then stopped suddenly as she saw who was at the bar of the cabana that was located just by the changing rooms. She would recognize that body anywhere.

Kai was facing away from her, his lean muscular back rippled slightly as he placed his hands on the bar, waiting for the server to bring him his order. She felt her heartbeat increase and she licked her suddenly dry lips as the thought, God, why did he have to look so damn delicious? , ran through her mind. His black silky hair flowed down in waves to caress his shoulders and he had a colorful tattoo that covered the left top half of his back; it was some kind of symbol she couldn't make out from this distance. The fact that he now had a tattoo somehow made him even hotter than he was to her before.

She felt her pussy clench as her eyes trailed down the rest of his sinewy somewhat tanned back, admiring what looked to be a firm, muscular ass cupped by a red pair of board shorts, which skimmed over muscular thighs and ended at the top of his knees. She hadn't gotten to explore much of him the first time they were together since it was a bit of a surprise and rushed, but she really wouldn't mind doing some exploring...no stop. She couldn't go there. He's taken, he's taken, he's taken, she repeated to herself as she continued past the bar quickly, keeping her head down as she made her way past preoccupied stalls and went around the corner to search the opposite side for an open changing room.

Kai thanked the bartender as he handed over his money then turned and walked a little ways out from under the overhead of the cabana to survey the beach as he tasted the drink that was coconut rum on the rocks. He grimaced as it went down, but followed it with another swig as he heard a scream followed by laughter. His head swung to the left, his eyes catching on a group of little children before his gaze moved past the playing children and then narrowed, settling on a very familiar chocolate backside encased in a tight, light green bikini disappearing around the corner. He threw back the rest of his drink, set the glass back on the bar and without another thought quickly followed after her.

Kory sighed in relief as she adjusted the temperature of the water in the stall to lukewarm. Even though it was hot outside she could never stand cold showers. She reached back and loosened the string tied at her back that was holding up her bikini top. She moaned softly as her breasts were set free, cupping them and lightly massaging them to relieve the feeling of being bound for so long and to wash away the sand that had gathered underneath. She took off her top completely, reaching over to hang it from a hook next to the door. She accidently missed and it plopped to the floor, halfway hanging out from under the door of the stall before she quickly bent to retrieve it.

Kai walked down the small path to the very end of the shower stalls, figuring she had to be in the last one at the end since there were only three on this side and the other two preoccupants had finished their showers and left when he had waited to see which stall she was in. The area was encased in foliage from trees that lined the path, with a stone stairway leading up the side of a hill for viewing the landscape. The staircase had a down for construction sign across it so the area was pretty much deserted. Kai saw a light green bikini top flop down from under the door of the last stall before it quickly disappeared back under the door. He smirked to himself before devising a plan.

Kory hung the top on the hook and then stripped from her bottoms, rinsing them of sand before hanging them with the top. She stepped fully under the spray and let it run over her body, wishing she had grabbed a little bar of soap at the dispenser she had passed on her way in, but then remembered she hadn't even grabbed her bag so she didn't have any clothes to change into, let alone money to buy anything. She shrugged to herself and figured she could just take a complete shower once they returned to the house.

She was just about to rinse her hair when she heard what sounded like a little kitten's meow. She stopped the water and listened intently. The little mewl came again and she unlatched the door to her stall to stick her head out to discover where the sound was coming from before a big tan hand shot into the little crack she had made as she opened the door and covered her hand. She let out a shriek and tried to pull the door closed, but a sandaled foot was wedged in the crack and the door was pried open enough so the large figure of a man could enter. She was about to scream again and attack, but then she saw who it was.

"Kai! You sick son of a bitch! What do you think you're doing, forcing your way into places you shouldn't be?" Kory yelled at him, livid. Her heart was racing overtime, causing a slight ache in her chest and she felt the adrenaline still coursing through her body. She shoved him, though he didn't budge an inch. She reached over and turned off the water so it wouldn't hit her in the face as she prepared to ream Kai's ass into next week for being a weirdo.

He smirked as he took in her angry face when she turned back to face him; her eyes were narrowed into slits and her chest heaved slightly up and down as she breathed harder than usual. He began to answer her but the words got caught in his throat as he realized she was completely naked. The smirk slowly slipped from his face as, with the aide from the sun streaming in through the overhead skylight window, his gaze wondered from her angry glare, down her nose to caress her pink small lips, then over the length of her dainty neck and collarbone to a pair of medium sized, perky, dark chocolate tipped breasts. Due to her small waist, they looked even fuller and he unconsciously sucked his bottom lip into his mouth as he imagined sucking those beauties into his mouth over and over again.

His eyes trailed lower, over her firm, but slightly rounded belly to the little triangle of trimmed black hair nestled between her firm, thick legs and he felt his cock twitch as he remembered how tightly she had gripped his length as he plunged into her tight body like his life had depended on it. He groaned lowly in his throat and trailed his eyes back up her body to her face, which had taken on an apprehensive look mixed with a smidge of lust.

Kory watched as Kai's face went from a joking smirk, which was a first for her to witness though she had seen a similar look on Jason, to that look of intense hunger she was used to seeing as he had groaned in a way that had her heartbeat racing for a whole other reason now. She gasped out and backed up slowly, though there wasn't anywhere to go since the stall wasn't very wide. "Umm Kai? Wh-what the hell?" she stammered out as she began to move back to create some distance. Her back hit the wooded side wall and she gulped as Kai followed her, his muscles rippling slightly with every stride as he stalked forward until he was right in front of her, invading her personal space.

Kory's own breath hitched in her throat as her eyes roamed from the slight bulge she could already see forming in his swim trunks, to the happy trail that led from underneath his shorts, and up to his cut abdomen as well as his perfectly defined pecs and toned shoulders. Her eyes then caressed over the strong column of his neck before trailing over his succulent looking plump lips, the bottom slightly fuller than the top, before she made it to his piercing dark brown almond shaped eyes. Those eyes seemed to become even warmer as, without blinking, he stepped even closer, pressing his naked abdomen flush against hers.

Kory let out stuttering breaths and quivered at the full body contact as he lowered his head down to her ear, sensually licked his lips and then in a deep, but soft rumbling voice, "I'm sorry baby. Did I scare you?'' Kory felt her pussy gush as his voice seemed to vibrate throughout her body and she unthinkingly grabbed onto his hips in reaction, inadvertently pulling him even closer to her body, bringing them into full contact.

Kai closed his eyes and breathed in deeply, taking in her scent mixed with the ocean before he nuzzled the side of her neck and then began to slowly trail light, open mouthed kisses from the shell of her ear down to the column of her neck while his hands came up and started to slowly caress her arms. Kory found herself closing her eyes as well and tilting her head to the side to give him better access. She moaned and jerked slightly in surprise when he lightly nipped the base where her neck met her shoulder. "Let me make it up to you", he murmured out, his lips rubbing against her neck, his warm breath caressing over her damp skin.

Kai trailed one hand up her arm and over the side of her shoulder and neck he wasn't kissing until he grasped the short locks of her hair, pulling her head back so she could look him in the eyes once again. Her eyes were hooded and he read mostly lust on her face instead of the unsure look she had worn a little bit earlier. He trailed his eyes lower until they rested on her cute bow shaped lips. True, they weren't the fullest lips he'd ever seen or experienced, but they were hers and for that fact alone they were the sexiest to him. "Your so damn beautiful", he groaned to her as he leaned in slowly, still gripping her hair to hold her in place as he lowered his head, capturing her soft little pillows in a deep kiss.

Kory felt so hot; Kai's sweet words were making her feel some kind of way that she didn't want to think about. She moaned into the kiss as Kai slightly tightened his grip on her hair and her mouth opened under his, allowing his tongue to slip inside. Kory moaned once again, the sound coming from deep inside as he sensuously stroked her tongue with his in the hottest kiss she could ever remember receiving. It felt like he was trying to make love to her mouth. Her hands trailed up his firm back from where they had rested on his hips. Feeling his muscles quiver and bunch as she trailed her hands around to his front to caress over his hard chest and shoulders before finally reaching into his hair, Kory finally grasped with both hands the silky strands she dreamed about sliding over her body in numerous recent fantasies.

She stood on her tip toes to try and press herself even closer into him as the kiss became deeper. He responded by using his free hand to grab a handful of her ass to assist her. He then let go of her hair to bring the other hand down, and used both to hoist her up, pressing her back firmly against the smooth wood wall while she wrapped her legs around his waist. He could feel how wet Kory's pussy was from how tightly she pressed herself against his abdomen. He was already rock hard, but wanted to continue kissing her because he couldn't get over the sweet taste of her mouth.

Kory couldn't seem to get enough of Kai. She couldn't decide if she wanted to keep her hands in his soft, silky hair or if she wanted to keep feeling his hard, but smooth chest and shoulders, so she alternated, trailing her hands through his hair and then caressed her way down to his shoulders, chest and arms. She moaned approvingly into their lip lock, loving the fact that not only was Kai hot as hell, but he also knew how to kiss in a way no man should. She couldn't think about anything except how good Kai tasted; like coconut and something else she couldn't place.

Though she never wanted it to stop, she needed to breathe so, after a while, Kory ripped her mouth away from Kai's and leaned her head back against the wall while she gasped for breath. Kai, feeling no urgent need to breathe, started trailing kisses over her chin and down her neck, slowly making his way over her collarbone while nipping here and there as he went until he finally made it to the tops her soft perky breasts. He lifted her a bit higher against the wall and then, holding her firmly in place, he teasingly circled her puffy areola with the tip of his tongue before he suddenly sucked her nipple into his mouth, his tongue caressing and stroking until it became a hard little bud while his hands kneaded and caressed an ass cheek in each hand all the while.

Kory cooed out softly and arched even more against his body by tightening her thighs around his middle, moving her hips against his torso while holding his head to her sensitive chest. Every time he sucked on her nipple, she felt a responding little tug in her pussy. Kai trailed one of his hands from her ass to stroke it up and over her firm thigh to the front of her body, pushing his hand between their grinding bodies to get to the place that called to him the most. His fingers glided over her soft slick folds and she jerked, letting out a little cry as his thick middle finger found her entrance and pushed home. Her warm silky snatch sucked his digit in deep; clenching and grasping at it with a snug wet hold as he began a thrusting motion, switching his mouth to her other breast as he did so.

Kory rolled her hips into his hand, feeling deep pleasure course through her every time he pushed his invading digit back into her weeping pussy. On the next withdrawal, he added a second thick finger as well as began to caress her clit with his thumb and Kory arched her back against the wall, feeling full. "Ahhhhh" she trilled out and he pulled his head back to look at her; her breast escaping his mouth with a popping sound.

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