tagLesbian SexRaven's Mystery Train

Raven's Mystery Train


Raven climbs into the shower and the warm water cascades over her body. She is in a hurry because she is going to visit friends in Washington State and has decided to travel by train. She has never taken this type of transportation before but it gives her a chance to see things along the way and it has a certain romantic quality to it.

As the washes her body she thinks of her evening with Travis a few nights before and she begins to daydream about the passion of that night and how his body teased hers until she could no longer stand it. She feels her nipples harden and she rolls them between her fingers. For a moment, she is lost in the memory of that evening and she also begins to wonder about the mystery person that was in the room. Who were they? How long had they been there? Raven was almost positive that it was a woman based on the softness of her touch but because she had been tied down and blindfolded, she couldn't be sure. She just knew that whoever it was definitely pushed all of the right buttons.

Raven could feel the familiar tingle between her legs with the memory of the night she was basically helpless, blindfolded and bound. She was exposed to Travis and everything he wanted to do to and with her and she absolutely loved it!

Raven collected her thoughts and realized that she needed to hurry and get to the station. Missing her train wasn't an option. She could think about her evening with Travis the entire trip if she wanted to. He knew she was going and he said they would find a way to chat while she was gone.

Raven dressed in a soft blouse and a shorter than normal skirt. Even though she was travelling, she wanted to look sexy and she enjoyed the attention that her flirty clothes and attitude got her. She wore a thong only because she thought leaving with no panties might be too daring. Plus, if need be, she could remove them.

She reserved a sleeper car on the train so she could retire to her room if she needed to rest or needed to refresh herself. The trip would take almost 3 days and she knew that she would definitely need some time alone.

Raven boarded the train and found a window seat and settled in for the ride. Within minutes of the train leaving, a woman about 5'3" with brown shoulder length hair and beautiful green eyes sat next to Raven. She greeted her with a polite hello and Raven continued to look out the window and watch as the train pulled away from the station.

Raven was lost in the beauty of the countryside but also daydreaming of her evening with Travis as she tried to relive moment after delicious moment in her mind. Her thoughts alone made her panties wet and she was very aware that it was happening. She thought about trying to control her thoughts but there was something very exciting about being this aroused and being just a few feet away from someone that had no idea what her mind was thinking or what her body was experiencing.

After several minutes Raven noticed that her seatmate was reading and she politely asked her what she was reading. The woman smiled and said that it was a book of erotica for women and that she hoped it wasn't a problem. Raven responded 'Absolutely not. A woman needs her fun too." Both women laughed and then Raven introduced herself and the other woman responded "Nice to meet you Raven, I'm Claire." Raven asked where she was headed and Claire told her she was getting of the train in Iowa City to visit some friends. The two ladies continued to make small talk for several minutes enjoying each other's company.

Raven thought that Claire was very attractive and she was trying to imagine what she was thinking as she read the book, knowing what the content was. Raven loved erotica herself and, if it was well written, could really get her motor purring. Raven continued to look out the window and started to drift off in a light sleep.

After she had been dozing in and out leaning against the window for a while, she was stirred by a low level moan that she thought she heard. Raven at first thought she was imagining it and she just kept her eyes closed but she used her ears to listen. One thing Raven noticed from her evening with Travis was that if you are blindfolded and cannot see, your other senses immediately become stronger. Raven focused on the sounds and she could definitely tell a difference in Claire's breathing and thought she could sense movement beyond the normal coming from her new found friend.

Raven opened one eye very slightly to see if she could tell what was going on and she saw Claire, covered with a small blanket, continuing to read her book and she noticed that it appeared that she was touching herself between the legs with her left hand under the blanket. At first Raven was shocked at what she was seeing but it was also very sexy to her to see and Raven realized that she had done the same type of thing on many occasions. Just never on a train!

Raven continued to watch and she felt herself becoming more and more aroused at the boldness of this very beautiful young lady sitting next to her. She wondered what she was reading and what triggered her need to touch her pussy while sitting next to a total stranger. Raven could really tell that Claire was totally lost in her story and her own self pleasure. Raven's pussy grew wetter and wetter as she took in the naughtiness and excitement of the moment. Raven watched as Claire's hand worked faster and faster under the blanket and she noticed that Claire had closed her eyes. She was trying to be quiet but the moans kept escaping her lips. Raven was fascinated by what she was seeing and was doing everything she could to conceal the fact that she was watching this entire thing unfold right next to her, just a few feet away.

Claire's breathing become faster and Raven sensed that Clair was going to cum very soon. She tried to discretely watch Claire's face as she reached the peak of her excitement. She realized how beautiful and sexy this woman was as her orgasm began to push through her body. Claire trembled and let out a soft moan as her orgasm consumed her body. Claire was breathing heavily and rapidly for several seconds as the orgasmic waves began to slowly diminish.

Raven realized herself how wet she was from just watching this and she was desperately wishing she had her own blanket. She was a little surprised at the boldness of this stranger but realized that no one else could really see them where they were sitting. The train was not full and the nearest people were about 3 seats ahead of them.

Raven tried to pretend for a few more minutes that she was napping and then she slowly opened her eyes and pretended to just be waking up. She looked out the window at the landscape for a few moments trying to figure out what to say. When she turned to look at Claire, she noticed she had a small, mischievous grin on her face. Claire asked Raven if she had a good nap and Raven responded that she did. Claire then said "You seemed a little restless the last few moments." Not knowing what to say, she simply smiled. Raven was wondering if she was subconsciously moving her body around as she was watching. What made Claire notice?

Raven asked Claire how her book was and Claire smiled and said "Very stimulating." Raven seemed almost nervous because she had just watched this stranger during a most intimate and personal moment and she knew that it had turned her on seeing it. After just a few seconds, Claire leaned over closer to Raven and asked her "Did you enjoy watching me?" Raven was taken aback and didn't immediately know what to say. Raven just tried to play it off but Claire pressed her further saying 'I know you were watching me. It's okay. I liked it." Raven was still stunned that she had been discovered and asked Claire how she knew. Claire simply said, "I could tell by your breathing." Claire hadn't even realized that she was breathing heavy watching but it was too late to worry about it now.

Raven told her that she was sorry if she made Claire uncomfortable and Claire responded, "Not at all. It was actually very, very exciting knowing I was being watched." Claire then followed up with, "I bet you liked to be watched also." Raven tried not to sound anxious but responded saying, 'It can definitely be enjoyable." Claire asked Raven if it turned her on to watch and be watched and Raven responded affirmatively.

Claire told Raven that she was reading a story about a woman that had an entire evening planned for her by a man she had flirted with and played with on a few occasions. She explained how he took her to a club and teased her in front of other people and then tied her to a bed and seduced and ravished her for a few hours. Raven was stunned at how close this was to what had just happened a few nights before and wasn't exactly sure what to say. Claire then went on to tell her that in her story a mysterious person also joined in the fun and that the woman in the story did not know who she was but enjoyed her touch and her soft kiss. At this point Raven began to realize that this was either a huge coincidence or somehow this stranger she met on a train knew more than she had let on. Suddenly, Claire leaned over very closely to Raven, just inches from her ear and said, "Claire, you looked amazing a few nights ago and you tasted even better." A chill of utter excitement went through Raven's body and she immediately realized that the stranger on the train was also the stranger in the bedroom a few nights before.

Raven softly responded, "That was you? How? Why are you on this train? How did you know?" Claire kissed Raven softly on the shoulder and just said, "Travis told me." This has been planned ever since you first told him you were taking a train to Washington. We both figured that you would need some attention on such a long trip." Raven didn't know what to say. She was excited yet a little nervous. In a way she thought she was being stalked but then realized it was by a beautiful and sexy woman and it was someone that she had been intimate with although she didn't realize it until just a few seconds ago.

Claire leaned closer to Raven and pulled her blanket over the top of her lap. She leaned her lips against Raven's shoulder and kissed the bare skin lightly. Claire's hand slid down over Raven's breast brushing her now hard nipple lightly. Claire's hand continued down Raven's stomach and across the smooth skin of her thighs. Her hand lingered there, the touch and pressure varying with each moment and each stroke moving closer to Raven's now very wet pussy. Claire brushed the palm of her hand against the fullness of Raven's panties that were now obviously soaked with her own nectar. The touch caused Raven to gasp and a wave of energy shot through her body causing excitement from her head to her toes. She couldn't believe this was really happening but she was so excited and aroused at the moment that she didn't care about anything but what she was feeling at this very moment. It was so daring with people just a few rows away and that added to the excitement.

Claire rubbed Raven through her panties for several moments and Raven knew that she had soaked through them and that Claire was fully aware of just how aroused Raven was. There was no hiding it at this point. Claire slid her fingers under the fabric and felt the full wetness of Raven and she moaned with her approval. One finger founded Raven's swollen clit and began to massage it and caused it to swell even more. Raven was moaning softly now and lost in the moment. The romantic movement of a train and this mystery woman was more than she could stand and it was only a very short amount of time before she could feel that wonderful and familiar feeling of her impending climax. Claire sensed Raven was close and increased the pressure and speed of her touch and leaned close to Raven and told her, "Cum for me Raven. Don't hold back. Cum for me." This encouragement was all she needed and the swell of pleasure danced through Raven's body as each wave of contractions and pleasure seemed to be stronger than the one before.

Claire looked at Raven and smiled and placed a light kiss on Raven's lips and told her, "I have a sleeping room. Care to join me?"

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