tagGroup SexRaven's Sleepover Surprise

Raven's Sleepover Surprise


This story starts out in a cozy apartment community in the upper west side of Erie PA. Jackie and her husband were moving into their new apartment, when there was a knock at their door.

"Hi! I am Gretchen from the apartment above you. I want to just welcome you to the apartment community. My boyfriend and I are having a small party this evening. Why dont you and your husband join us as our special guests." The tall sexy red head said flirtingly at Jackie. She winked her eye and gave a quick flick of her tongue to her upper lip in a way that made Jackie's pussy start to pleasingly tingle. "We would be honored to be your special guests." Raven said equally flirtatious toward Gretchen. " Well then it is settled then.. The party starts at 9 tonight and wear something sexy and revealing." Gretchen said invitingly.

Jackie gently closed the door as Gretchen walked away. " Wow the people here are really nice honey." Jackie said giving her husband a hug and placing a soft kiss on his lips.

" I agree baby! I think we will have alot of fun at this party. I mean Gretchen is a knock out and by the looks of things she really digs you, not that I blame you, you are really hot." Sting said kissing raven back.

Time flew quickly as the two of them prepared themselves for an evening they hoped would be wild and exciting. There was another knock at their door and Jackie answered it.

"Hey Gretchen! Whats Up sweetie?" Jackie asked giving the redhead a hug and a quick peck on the lips. " I was told by Nathane to come down and personally escort the two of you upstairs to the festivities." She answered back.

Jackie had on a skin tight spandex dress that barely covered her 38DD breasts and she decided to forgo wearing a bra, because when she got hot she wanted all to see her perk nipples through her dress. She slipped on a pair of sandle pumps, and quickly did her long flowing black hair and her make-up. Sting had on a short sleeved microfiber shirt that showed off his well defined muscular upper body, and put on a pair of leather pants that accented his hardening 9 inch cock perfectly.

"Wow you two look illegal tonight." Sting said, commenting on how hot the two ladies looked standing close to one another rubbing their clothed breasts together. " Why thank you baby!" Jackie commented back and walked over to him and rubbed his cock through the leather crotch of his pants. This made Sting grow instantly rock solid. The next sight almost drove him insane. Jackie walked over to Gretchen and took down her top to expose her naked breast, and lowered her mouth onto one of the hardening nipples and sucked it into her mouth, all the while flicking it with her hot tongue.

" Hey Gretchen honey, why not give my hubby here a taste of things to Cum this evening." Jackie said making sure she accented the word CUM.

with that, the ladies began to kiss each other passionately, right there in the hall way. Their hands were carressing each other madly, trying to carress as much flesh as possible. Jackie got onto her knees and reached up under Gretchen's micro-mini skirt and massaged her pussy through the fabric of her bikini panties. Jackie could feel Gretchen's pussy getting wetter and hotter. She gently grabbed the flimsy waistband of her panties and eased them down and assisted her as she took them completely off. and with her fingers began to massage Gretchens throbbing cunt. Jackie found her clit and eased her skirt up around her waiste and parted her swollen cunt lips and flicked her tongue rapidly over her new friend's clit, then sucked it hard between her lips as if she was going down on her husbands engorged cock.

This sent waves of pleasure over Gretchen's complete body, and it wasnt long before she was in the throngs of her first orgasm of the evening. It started deep within her and errupted like a turrid volcano. It was like nothing she ever experienced before, not even with her beloved Nathane. Gretchen pulled Raven to her feet and kissed her passionately and Jackie shared her friend's tasty juices with her.

"Its My turn to return the favor." Gretchen said in breathy tones trying to regain her composure.

Jackie looked over at her husband who already had his cock out and was stroking it fiercely." Oh my God that looked soo Hot! Please girls show me more. Gretchen please honey finger fuck and lick my wife's juicy cunt and make her scream as she cums all over your face. Better yet, please let me fuck you as you eat my wife's pussy." Sting said trying to holdback from blowing his wad too soon. He wanted this to last a while, never had he been with two of the hottest chics in the world, and by damn he wasnt going to let himself cum quickly. Jackie laid down on the hallway floor, and Gretchen eased her out of her thong panties. Jackie spread her legs wide and Gretchen could smell the sweet aroma of her now sopping wet pussy.

Gretchen got on all fours in front of Jackie and began to finger her pussy allowing it to open up to her, so she can devour it with her talented tongue. Sting positioned himself behind Gretchen and rubbed his Cock up and down her wet lips. Her hot cunt quickly sucked his cock deep into Gretchen, and she began to grind her twat deep onto his cock until it totally disappeared. Gretchen let out a loud moan and then leaned forward and began to lick and suck on Jackie's juicy cunt and flicked her tongue rapidly over her swollen clit.

Gretchen was milking Sting's Cock with her tight pussy muscles and she could feel the base of his cock rubbing her clit.

Jackie and Gretchen climbed the climatic ladder together and all of a sudden the dams in both of their cunts exploded and they came hard and their pussies gushed what looked to be gallons of cum out of them. This was more than Sting could bare and he took his cock out of Gretchen's cunt and ordered the girls to kiss each other as he jacked off onto their faces so both could get equal amounts of his thick sweet cum.

Needless to say the three of them never made it back to the party. They all decided to stay in Jackie and Sting's apartment and continue their little sexcapade.

Please email me if you liked this story. I will write more of them soon.

Ciao all and remember to live for the moment and make love to your beloved as much as possible, because you never know what the future will bring.

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