tagSci-Fi & FantasyRavin's Mistake

Ravin's Mistake


A/N: The setting is Piazo's Golarion campaign setting, with elements of my own creation. The characters are my character (Ravin) and my ex girlfriend's (Sylenda). This story is part of a larger story of a (mostly) non sexual nature. That will be posted on my personal website.

My hunting blind is positioned on the side of field, right at the tree line outside of town. Usually when I am here, the sun is just coming up, not going down, but as I look out the window, the western sun is shooting blindingly into my eyes. Good thing I was going to close them any way.

My eyes close as I let out a breath I didn't know I had been holding. I reach my hands down and run them through long locks of red hair. Not my red hair, but the hair of Sylenda, the most recent prey to fall into my net of charm. She looks up at me; her green eyes alight with nervous energy. Something about this is wrong, but the way her tongue flicks across my head is oh so right.

Her dainty hand begins to stroke my cock starting at the base. A mist of white flows out of her mouth around my member, making it shutter. We came out here to get away from the crowded city. Not that the city it's self was crowded, but the buildings inside of it were. The blanket of snow on the ground and the sharp bite in the air has driven all but the most rugged of woodsmen to the hearth side. That one woodsman and this girl.


I met her at the Suther Brother's Brewery. She showed up there in the last few months, even though I had seen her around town. Before that she was always a trouble maker who lived at the inn. Every time I asked Julia about her, Julia would say that her parents had paid for her to stay there for a while they were off on an expedition into the ruins that lay in the Shimmer Glens. They had been exploring the ruins for 12 years now.

Sylenda and Molly are usually at the bar. The two of them were friends and I hardly ever saw them separate. When Molly was at work tending bar, Sylenda was there, usually drinking or dealing a game of poker. When Molly was off work, the two of them were usually shopping down in the market district.

When they were at play, the pair were usually seen bringing a man back to Molly's cabin, or they brought home only a bottle of Old Suther's finest. Either way, they had fun.

I found her earlier today sitting at the brewery alone. "I couldn't help but notice that your friend is gone." I say, taking a seat next to her at the bar. Old man Suther turns and looks at me from the back. His eyes a warning against foul play.

"She told me that she was on a date." Sylenda said, looking dejected. "Something her family put her up to."

I softened my eyes and I turned slightly towards her. "You look sad. Can I buy you a drink to ease the pain?" Her eyes looked hesitantly at me, as if trying to see what my angle is. Good thing I didn't have one. I smiled back widely and moved back a little bit, trying to show her that I was not a threat.

"Brandy. From six winters ago." She said, turning and looking back down at the table.

I called out the order to the old man and I slid him a few silver. He pockets the coins and comes back with two glasses and a bottle. Pouring a few fingers into each, he slid the glasses towards us. I reached down to sip at the powerful liquor. I felt a harsh burn as it touched my tongue. Then a sweet after taste, like a late autumn day. She takes the drink and slams it all down.

"Now a stout!" She calls to the brewer. He brings us two mugs and two bottles of brown liquid and sets them in front of us.

She opens the bottle and starts downing it quickly. The old man looks at me and holds up two fingers. I give him two more silver coins. She slams down her bottle and grabs my beer and begins drinking that too.

"Now some wine!" she called to no one in particular. Her voice echoes around the at that point empty bar. The old man came back with a bottle of wine and moved his hand horizontally across the bar. His way of saying "you are cut off." In less words of course.

She grabbed the bottle in one hand and my hand in the other and dragged me out into the street, leaving my brandy behind on the bar. I go with her outside and she turns to me. "Know anywhere where we can get some privacy?" she asked me, her cheeks flushed from the cold.


Sylenda's lips wrapped tightly around my throbbing cock. Her tongue gently coaxing me closer and closer to this blow jobs inevitable conclusion. As her hands caress my member and thigh, I begin to quake. I look down at her and see that her black cloak has fallen aside, showing her riding pants and shirt more clearly. The black leather of her riding pants shows off a nicely curved ass and the green of her shirt parts to show her well formed breasts.

My cock quivers and shakes and pulses, as she pulls off of it, letting the cold air get to it. It contracts ever so slightly because of the cold, pushing a bead of precum up to the tip where the red head's sensual tongue laps it up into her mouth. She smiles and sits up, giving me a better look at her body. She takes a swig of wine and then eyes me with need in her eyes.

"So am I going to do all the work here?" She asks, a slight grin escaping her mouth. I lean forward and begin kissing gently at her neck. My kisses work their way up to her lips where we meet face to face for the first time. Her kisses are electric and her breath is sweet underneath all the alcohol in it.


I led her through the forest. All the leaves were deep reds, changing in shade to the dark browns which heralded the coming of winter.

"So I didn't catch your name. What is it again?" she said, walking next to me in the forest. Her height about half a foot short of my six feet. "Ravin," I told her. "You are Sylenda Galyis correct?"

"Ravin." She paused as if contemplating the name. "I like it. It sounds powerful." Her voice grew a little bit sensual when she said 'powerful'. "Almost," a pause as she ran her tongue around her lips, evoking my member. "Dominating." She looks up at me, need in her eyes as we walk down the trail. I would had to of been an idiot to miss the lust in that.

The afternoon sun shines off of her beautiful red hair. Her skin is pale and beautiful, free of imperfections save a spray of freckles across her face, and her voice smooth as honey. The curves of her body appealing but only seen in glimpses because of her long cloak. I couldn't wait to take off that cloak and get a better look at what lay underneath


My hands find the highest button on her shirt as our lips meet for a second time and I work at undoing it. Once the first is done, I continue working my way down until her breasts are laid bare. Perky mounds of soft, supple flesh. A little more than a handful apiece and topped with rosy circles of sensitive flesh.

My hands find their way down to an exposed breast and I gently squeeze at it. Her body shutters as my grip releases. My fingers then begin to explore every curve as my tongue explores every crevasse in her mouth. Slowly, my fingers find their way to Sylenda's nipple. Running my finger around it I find that her arousal is peaking.

Our lips part and I begin planting kisses on her neck again, working my way down to her chest, finally to her breasts. My other hand works its way up the curve of her waist and onto her other breast. I begin to suckle her hard, erect nipple and she lets out a moan of pure pleasure.

My left hand begins to work at her breast more feverishly as my anticipation grows. Her moans grow louder. Her sighs higher and more breathy. One of her hands caresses my body and the other works its way down to her belt. The hand slides inside her pants and finds her spot. She tenses for a second and then all the tension releases. She slowly traces a line to my chin with her finger tips. Everywhere she touches pleasure is evoked. Two fingers touch my chin and lift me off of her perky nipple. "I am thirsty. Care to give me a drink?"


I was planning on taking her to the river, but the snow began. At first we pressed on as small wet flakes hit us. The sky was quickly turning to grey as a storm from the north rolling in off the mountains. The mountains caused storms to blow in quickly. So quick, you hardly have but thirty minutes warning. We were not going to make it to the river. But my hunting blind was just off the beaten path.

"So Sylenda, do you do this often?" I asked, still being led by the hand.

"Usually I go tag team with my friend Molly, but it looks like I have all the pleasure to myself this time." She said, stopping and reaching her hand to inspect the goods. I grinned as she found that I am ready for action. She smiled and turned to start leading me again.

"So how much further to the river?" she asked me. "It is looking like we won't make it to the river. That storm coming off the Skull Mountains is looking like it is going to be a bad one. But we can ride it out in my hunting blind if you want." "Is it close?" "Just on the other side of this stand of trees." I said as we continued walking down the path.


I sit back against the wall of my blind and stroke my still hard cock as she, only using one hand because the other is still occupied, crawls over to where I am sitting. Her mouth opens and sinks down on my cock. I feel it hit the back of her mouth and she keeps it there. She sucks and I feel my self begin to quiver a bit as her tongue runs its course up and down the underside of my shaft.

She pulls back a tiny bit and then with her free hand, gently caresses my balls. This causes me to spasm in surprise and I pass the point of no return. Up and down her mouth rocks. Her hand cradles my balls and I feel her play with them. She sucks harder and harder, and after not too much more of that, I begin to cum into her mouth. She swallows every string as it shoots out. Greedily slurping my cock to get every drop. I lean back, content with the world, and let the world go black.


I awake some time later to find her laying on top of me, shivering. "Everything okay Sylenda?"

The girl had put her clothes back on in the time I was out. She nods. "Just cold. Can we go home?"

"Of course." I say, standing up and climbing out of the blind. Then helping her down. I shiver as I look out over the field. It has turned from gold to white as the first snow fall of the season has blanketed the ground. The moon lending it a silvery hue. We begin to walk back, slowly, huddling close together for warmth and security.

We wander back into Inn Galyis. Julia Galyis, the proprietor of the inn, is there. She looks at us as we walk in and then ladles cider from a pot over the fire into two mugs and hands them to us. Gratefully, I take both of them and hand one to Sylenda. She drinks deeply and turns to look at me and then at her adopted mother. Julia leaves us to our drinks as she wanders away to attend to something else.

We sit down at an empty booth in the corner of the empty inn. After a long silence, I say, "I had fun." trying to start conversation.

She nods and then leans against me. "I feel safe with you." Sylenda says as she closes her eyes. We stay there, comfortably silent for a little while longer, listening to the fire crackle and the breathing of the beautiful girl on my chest.

"Take me upstairs" the red head says, looking up at me a smile on her face. I willingly oblige her and very quickly I find myself upstairs standing at her door. She opens it and we stand there, silently and slightly drunkenly swaying back and forth.

I lean forward to give her a kiss good night. It was a good night and I wasn't going to spoil it for this girl by pushing for more. Her finger meets my lips and I look into her eyes.

"Close your eyes." She says, and I comply. I hear her move away from me and into her room. Wood moves on wood. Glass clinks and clanks against other bottles. I feel a smooth cool bottle be pressed into my hands. "Okay, open them." She says.

I do and I find that a bottle of Old Man Suther's brandy is in my hand. This stuff is famous from here to Kaer Maga. "You didn't get to finish yours, so I figure; I will give you some of mine." She says sheepishly, her eyes down, her toes on top of each other. Her nervousness is so hot.

"You only took a glass from me. This bottle is mostly full." I say, eyeing the bottle.

"This is true." She says, "Do you want to come in and give me some of it back?"

"I will have to think about it..." I say, turning to walk away. She grabs my hand and pulls me into a deep kiss. I kiss her back. Pulling me into her room, I close the door behind us. She moves us over to her bed and then flops back onto it, taking me with her.

I feel her body under me. Her breath in my nose. But I can't see her green eyes looking deeply into mine; so I stand up again. I reach into my pocket and find a tinderwig. I reach down and strike the match on my boot and then light a candle on her night stand.

I see that she has taken the time I was off her to remove her shirt. Pointed nipples rise and fall as her hastened breathing continues. "With beauty like yours, I could not help myself. I needed to see you." I say, getting the chance to see her eyes. I step closer and looks down on her. She reaches out and begins to undo my belt buckle without looking at it.

"I am glad to see you." My pants hit the ground. "And you as well." Sylenda says as she takes my rising cock into her mouth again. It rises much faster now.

She pulls off and looks up at me. She leans back, showing more of her body and then says "So are you going to be the only one who gets to have fun tonight?"

I shake my head and then take my shirt off. I kneel at her bed and begin to fumble with her belt a little. "No. I was just about to show you" The belt came off. Her pants slid off with much less fight. I lean in and touch my lips to her pubic mound. "The pleasure that a man can give a woman."

My tongue slides down and I taste the salt of her inner labia. She moans as I breathe hot breath on to her wet sex. Moans and sighs fill the room as my tongue works its way down. It snakes between her outer labia. My hands come up to spread her lips and let me taste more of her delicious pussy.

I work my way down, almost to her taint and then I turn my tongue upward and press in on her vagina. It sinks in a small distance and she stiffens and cries out in surprise. I chuckle at her cries and then I move further up her region to her clitoris.

My tongue flicks across her hot button. She moans and cries and begins to pull on the bed sheets. Her breathing grows quick and shallow as her legs wrap around my head, locking me into this pleasurable position for her. I tilt my head down and let a bead of saliva and vaginal juices fall on my awaiting cock. With my free hand I begin to stroke it, preparing it for the fun to come.

Her body quivers as waves of pleasure course up her spine. Her bed moves in time with her shaking and heaving. All of a sudden, her body heaves upward and she grows quiet. Then all at once, she exhales in a moan and her body stops its movement. I stand up and look at her, sweat glistens all over her naked body and my cock shines in the candle light with what I put on it before.

I get on the bed in front of her. She looks down at my cock and then up at my eyes. I look into her eyes and then down to my cock. She closes her eyes and begins to breathe steadily.

"No one else has made me feel like that. No one but Molly." She says, happiness and sexual satisfaction dripping from her voice.

I cock my head to the side and keep looking down at her.

"But that was something else. So that is what Molly uses guys for." She says wistfully as she sits up in bed, reaching over to my bottle of brandy and taking a swig of it.

I chuckle and say "I thought that brandy was mine."

"It was mine first." Sylenda says, taking another drink.

"I will have to charge you for that." I say and look down at her pussy. "And that too."

She grins and leans forward. "How about a kiss?" She says, taking a third drink. She leans forward. Her hot tongue bathed in the liquid fire of the brandy.

"That will cover the brandy. But what about what I did for you tonight?" I say back to her.

"I gave you a blow job. That more than pays for it." She says, setting the bottle down on the night stand. Her eyes are a challenge waiting to happen. She reaches for the bottle again.

"If you take another drink, you will owe me again." I say looking at the bottle.

Sylenda grabs the bottle and begins to drain it into her throat. After a few seconds of up ending the bottle, she lifts it up and lets the last few drops fall into her open mouth. "Good to the last drop. Like something else I won't mention." She says and then sets it next to her.

I lunge at her, shoving her down and keeping her under me. I kiss her deeply, in part to get at as much of the liquid fire that I can before she can swallow it all. I don't have much luck. I move my knees forward between hers. I move myself so that I am lining up on her pussy and then I push into her.

My cock encounters great resistance. She is tight. Beyond tight. I gently push forward. I can't understand why she hasn't had sex yet. A girl who was that good with her tongue should have gotten laid by now. Ah well. Things happen that cause girls to decide not to have sex. Death of a loved one, pregnancy scare. Lots of things. She probably had a pregnancy scare. Definitely.

I push forward and deeper in. her face twisted in ecstasy and pain. Her cheeks flush and drunkenness begins to take the sting out of sex for her. I thrust in and out, keeping from going deeper till she stretched out a bit. Her moans and cries died off after not too long, and the candle begins to burn low.

Her body pulses around my hard member. I keep thrusting in her. Harder and harder. Her body begins to move and pulse. I feel my self sink deeper into her as she loosens up and then I press even further. Her eyes grow wide and her body suddenly loosens. My cock lubricates and I begin to thrust faster and faster. My pulsing begins to grow more and more hastened. More and more her body accepts me. Her legs wrap around me and her nails begin to claw at my back.

Urgent pulses press me to push harder and faster. Sylenda's body arches and then she begins to scream out in either pain or pleasure. My body releases and I fill her vagina with my hot, slick cum. I pull out of her and look down at my cock. It glistens a deep dark red in the fading candle light.

The candle goes out and I collapse on top of her.


I dream that night. Shadows pursue me. Things chase me and try to destroy me. It is terror like I have never experienced. I yell out for help, first from my mother. Then my father. My friends and extended family. Then I cry out for every god I can name, which is very few of them. Finally I call out to Pharasma, goddess of death, birth, and fate.

A young boy with dark red hair reaches out towards me. I see myself reach back towards him, but I awake to a violent knocking before I can tell if my hand is touched or not.

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