tagIncest/TabooRavishing My Mother

Ravishing My Mother


I always wanted to fuck my mother. I have no idea when and how this thought came to me, may be during adolescent or may be because I live with my mother alone. My father walked away when I was 15, but he assured that I and my mother live comfortably.

We live in one of the most conservative cities in Iraq, and as all youths in such cities, we (I, my colleagues and friends) searched for forbidden fruits which were abundant. By the time I was 20, I fucked three of my colleagues (younger than me) and was the dominant, but I did not enjoy gay life. I fucked two whores (three or four times my age) and was a wonderful but limited experience.

Maybe this is why I wanted my mother. She will be mine alone and I will not be afraid of diseases or so on. Dreams remain dreams but when I was 25 and during watching a very romantic film on TV with my mother which was wearing a sexy nightie covered by a thin robe, both were in the same coach. Of course, I never thought of her nightie as a sexy one. I pushed myself near my mother and embraces her and kissed her in the mouth. This act surprised me and I still have no idea why I did it. She was very surprised and angry and pushed hard shouting "Keep away from me animal". She tried to get up abut I hold her strongly and push my mouth into her again. We struggled and I become angry. I slapped her on her right check then on her left. I kept slapping her shouting "I will how you how an animal work". She began to cry but I did not stop. I pulled her to the ground and resume kissing her in her face and neck. I kept saying "I want you, I want you". I one pull, I tore her nightie and I was amazed with her big tits. I began to suck them alternatively, while she was crying softly and moaning. I slapped her again and kissed her for a long time in her mouth pushing my tongue inside her mouth. She tried to resist me, but she was so weak. I stand up and I pull her from her hair and forced her to stand. I took her robe and for the first time, she was naked in front of me.

I tore my shirt and took my trouser off and sit on the coach and took my dick out. Before she escaped, I hold her hair firmly and told her to kiss my chest, then to suck my dick. I pushed her head to my chest then lowered it to my dick. She began to suck my dick. She was very good in sucking, it was amazing, while I kept my other hand squeezing her tits. I kept pushing her head up and down my dick. I kept cursing her until I burst. I forced her to drink my milk. I took her head and kissed her again in her moth tasting my cum. There is no resistance now.

I stand up and carried her to her bed, and she began to struggle again. I throw her in bed and pushed one finger in her cunt. She tried to get up but I forced her again holding her head. This time I slapped her body strongly especially her anus until she begged me to stop. She kept saying she will do anything to me. I slipped one knee, then the other between her legs forcing them apart and I could see from her eyes that she felt the tip of my dick near her silt. Before she said anything, I thrust my body upwards and my dick penetrated her cunt easily. In was amazed when she spread her legs widely welcoming me.

I started to fuck my mother slowly, in and out. I kissed her again, and this time her arms circulate me strongly. She kept kissing me with tears going down from her eyes. I increased my rhythm and began to fuck her ferociously. He mouth opened and closed with sound, I will hear a moan once or twice. She was completely in another world. Suddenly, I could not control myself and I erupted inside her. She opened her eyes and I smiled to her, but she was so exhausted. We rested quietly, then after ages, I stood and switched the TV off, the returned to the bed. I carried my mother to the bathroom. I kept kissing her while the water wash us. She clicked to me so strongly, it seems that she was afraid to lose me. Very few words were said between us.

I dried myself first and when she came, I dried her with big towel and kept kissing her all the time. I felt myself hard again and I told her I am going to fuck her in her ass. She protested, but I forced her to kneel. I applied a lot of lotion on my dick and pushed forward into her hole. After several attempts, I penetrated her ring, she screamed but I pushed slowly while she begged me to stop. I hold her ass in both hands and pushed again and she screamed again and begged me to finish. I become furious and pushed all the length of my dick in her and waited for one minute, then I began to fuck her slowly. She stopped screaming and become moaning and she pushed her ass back to meet my thrusts. I started pumping her ass like there was no tomorrow, in and out, in and out. I took hold of her fair and put my right foot on her check. I was like a rider on a horse and she kept kissing my toes.

I felt myself coming, so I took all my dick out and slammed again in her and she kept saying "more, more". I blew my load deep inside her and I pulled out very slowly. From that day on, she becomes mine. And we lived as a husband and a wife.

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Absolutely Terrible

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