tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRavishing the Young Princess

Ravishing the Young Princess


Her skin was pale like snow. Her hair was yellow like the sun.

Madeline and her servant ran for their lives. The snow and cold weather made their escape through the woods even more difficult. Their feet were aching, but there was no choice.

The princess's royal convey was ambushed by her father's enemies in the midst of an unexpected snow storm. She watched dozens of royal soldiers get slaughtered as they protected her. With nearly a hundred men fighting on her behalf to their inevitable deaths, the 19 year old princess and her loyal servant Ella made their escape.

Madeline's innocent face was covered in fear and her heart pounded uncontrollably. Her piercing blue eyes showed her pain.

"Wait...wait..." she pleaded.

The princess collapsed onto the snow and she stayed on the ground. The servant, who was the same age as her, came to her aid.

"We need to go. They'll catch us soon."

"There's nowhere to run," Madeline said in defeat. "I can't move my legs."

"Please your highness. We must."

"We'll freeze to death if we go in the forest," the princess said with tears in her eyes.

The loyal servant pulled her from the ground with all of her strength.

"Those soldiers will hurt us. Please. I know this area. My father's farm is nearby and he could help us."

"How far is it?" Madeline asked.

"I don't know," the servant replied. "It's been years since I've been on this land. But we'll make it."

The princess regained her composure and they continued running through the snow, holding each other. They held each other as they made their way through the woods. Neither of them could run much further, but there wasn't a choice. The thick layer of snow on the ground made every movement difficult. They were beyond exhausted.

They wore large beautiful dresses and simple shoes.

Over a mile passed and their lower bodies were aching badly. They were past the point of complete exhaustion. They were fighting for their lives with every ounce of energy they had left. If they were captured, worse things would happen to them.

Ella's eyes lit up when she saw her father's farm for the first time in several years. It was covered in snow, but she could see smoke coming from the chimney which let her know that someone was inside.

The two young women forced themselves to move their feet, and they finally made their way to the farm.

When the door open, a large man opened the door. He was tall and masculine, with a thick beard. Ella gave her father a big hug. They embraced each other passionately and tears of joy were flowing. They spoke in a language that Madeline couldn't understand. Ella explained to her father their situation, and both of them entered his warm home.


The next morning. Madeline's legs were sore to the point where she could barely walk. She sat at the dining table and finished the bowl of hot porridge alongside Ella.

"I must thank you again," the princess said politely to her servant. "Please let your father know that the King is a very generous man. I know he would generously compensate for your father for his kindness and hospitality. Your father will become a very rich man."

Ella spoke to her father in their native language, and the father spoke loudly. He made his point and then left the table so that the two young women could talk privately.

"Sorry," she replied. "My father gets that way sometimes."

"What's that about?" Madeline asked.

Ella looked down at the table. Her usual upbeat attitude became deflated. She took a deep breath and was ready to repeat her father's orders.

"I've been your servant for the past several years, and I look at you as if you were my sister. I deeply care about you."

"I deeply care about you too," she replied with a puzzled expression. "What do you want to tell me?"

The servant took another deep breath. "My father wants you to release me as your servant. He says I've done enough for you and the royal family."

"Our kingdom has recently abolished slavery. The King is very clear about that. If you don't wish to be my servant anymore, then you're free to leave. You're not a prisoner."

Ella shook her head. "You don't understand. My father was in debt to the kingdom years ago. Someone came to this farm looking to collect. He was with his guards. I remember my father pleading with them. When they determined my father didn't have anything, they took me to be your servant because we were the same age."

"I'm so sorry," the princess replied sadly. "I had no idea. Forgive me."

"It's not your fault. But my father is still very angry. He lived alone for the past few years because of the King. And now he hates the King. I could see the anger in his eyes when we talked last night. I've never seen him like this before, and it scares me."

Madeline nodded. "I don't blame him. I'll explain everything to the King. I'll see to it that you and your father are well compensated for everything. You have my word."

"My father would never accept it. All he wants is my freedom."

"If that's what he wants, then he shall have it. I'll see to it that you become a free woman."

Ella smiled, "I never thought I would ever hear those words. Thank you princess."

"You don't have to thank me," Madeline replied, smiling back. "You've done more than enough for me. I'll miss you dearly."

"I'll miss you too. I never wanted to tell you this, but I've always envied you. I've envied your beauty, your wealth, and your life as a princess."

"Then stay with me in the palace. Your father can live there too if he wishes, and we can remain friends."

A look of happiness came over Ella. She felt appreciated, but she knew it was impossible.

"You don't understand my father. It would never happen."

Madeline nodded. "I'm sorry to hear that. Maybe I can convince you to change your mind before we leave. The offer will always be there. I care for you."

"I care for you too princess."

A strong gust of wind came from outside. Snow was falling.

"I can't imagine we'll be traveling anytime soon," Madeline noted.

"My father thinks it will be days before this snow storm passes. We'll be safe here. There are places for us to hide in case the soldiers come looking for us in this area. Once the path is clear, my father and I will take you back to the palace."

The princess reached out to hold her servant's hand.

"Thank you."


Later that day. Ella's father boiled a large cauldron of water in the wash room by burning chopped wood. After it cooled to a warm temperature, the two young women were ready to bathe by pouring the water on themselves using wooden bowls.

The princess & servant headed to the wash room in their large cotton undergarments, and before they entered, the father spoke sternly to Ella in their native language. Afterwards, he closed the door and left them to their privacy.

"What did he say?" Madeline asked.

Ella looked down before mustering her courage. "My father made it clear that I am not to serve you anymore. He forbids me to undress you. He forbids me to wash and dry your body."

"Very well. I can do those things on my own. Shall we get started now? I'm freezing and the warm water looks tempting."

"There's something else," the servant added. "My father thinks it's only right that you have to wash me. He says that I have spent years being your slave in the palace. Now you're a guest in our home, so you have to serve me."

Madeline froze. The princess was a good person, but never in her life had she served anyone else. The King forbade her from ever doing anything kind for the servants. It was beneath the royal family.

"I'll do it. Only because I'm a guest in your home and your family is providing me shelter. I only ask that this remain a secret between us."

"Of course your highness. This is our secret."

"How do you wish to begin?" Madeline asked.

Ella sat down on a short stool and extended her feet.

"Well, I've given countless baths in the royal palace. I'm usually asked to start with the feet. So you can start with mine princess."

Madeline used the wooden bowl to scope warm water, and then she reluctantly got down on her knees. She was almost clueless on what to do, despite receiving so many baths of her own. She poured the water on her servant's feet and rubbed them with her hand.

"Am I doing it right?"

"It feels lovely," the servant replied. "The water is nice. You have a soft touch. I've always liked your hands."

The princess responded by rubbing the top of her servant's feet with her hands.

"Is that enough?"

"No, please do it more. It feels good," Ella replied.

Madeline continued with another bowl of warm water and more caresses with her hand. Her eyes were on Ella's feet, and she could hear the servant breathing harder.

"Do you mind if I make an usual request?" Ella asked. "I feel terrible for asking this, but it's something I've become curious about."

"Tell me."

"Would you be okay with putting a part my feet in your mouth? Just the toes. I know it's inappropriate to ask of a princess, but I've done it before to others, and I've always been curious about what it may feel like."

"You've done it to others at the palace?"

"I've been asked to do it a number of times, including for the King and Queen. I've always been surprised that you have never asked for it."

Madeline was taken aback. She was in disbelief that her own parents would ask for such a thing. But she felt obligated to obey her servant just this once.

"Okay, I'll do it."

The princess bent down and took the wet toes inside of her mouth. She felt disgusted with herself, but she wasn't in a position to refuse. Punishment from the King's enemies would have been much worse. She sucked on the feet, and rolled her tongue between each toe. Ella made noises to show her pleasure.

"That feels nice," the servant moaned.

"Shall I continue?"

"That's enough for now. Maybe we can continue that later. But we must finish our bath while the water is still warm."

"What shall I do next?"

Ella raised her arms. "Pull the garment over my head. I want you to clean my body."

The princess did as she was told and lifted the garment, leaving the servant undressed. It was the first time Madeline saw Ella naked. The servant was skinny, with pale skin and tiny breasts. Her nipples were small and dark, in contrast to her fair skin. Her pubic hairs were a dark bush.

Ella continued, "Now I want you to undress as well."

Madeline did as she was told, and pulled her garment over her head to get undressed. The princess was also very petite, but with slightly more curves on her small body. Her breasts and backside were slightly more full compared to the servant, and her nipples were bright pink. The princess had blond colored bush.

"Shall I start by washing your hair?" the princess asked.

"Not yet. Have you ever kissed anyone?" the servant asked with a sense of shyness.

"The King forbids me. Have you?"

Ella nodded. "I have. Have you ever thought about what it would be like to kiss a woman?"

"I don't know," Madeline blushed. "I try not to think about those things. Why do you ask?"

"It feels unusual. I've done it before at the palace."

"You have?" the princess asked curiously.

"The Queen asked me to do it when I would give her baths. I really liked doing it. She has soft lips. That's why I'm curious about doing it with you. You're more beautiful than the Queen. But only if you're interested..."

"You've always been good to me. You've saved my life by bringing me here to your father's farm. I am now indebted to you."

"Is that a yes?" Ella asked with an eyebrow raised.

Madeline put her hands on the servant's face and leaned forward to kiss. Their lips pressed against each others. It was soft at first, but they both kissed harder. Ella had much more experience than the princess, and she took charge by putting her hands on Madeline's face and sticking her tongue in her mouth. It wasn't long before Madeline understood what was expected of her and she began to use her tongue as well. Emotions took control and both women passionately embraced each other with their warm mouths.

The servant ended the kiss and looked at the princess.

"Did you enjoy it?" she asked.

Madeline's eyes were wide. "I've never felt anything like that before."

"I know exactly how you feel. It's addicting. I would always get excited whenever your mother would call me to give her a bath. That's one of the things I'll miss most when I'm no longer your servant."

"You can still be my servant. I'll beg the King to give you a more formal position within the palace if that's what you want."

A look of sadness came over Ella. "That can't happen. My father has already made his intentions clear. I'm going to stay with him on the farm."

"I understand. A father's wishes are most important."

"He asked me to do something else while we bathe together. I can't go through with it."

"What is it?" Madeline asked.

The servant took a deep breath. "I confessed everything to my father, everything that happened to me in the palace. Things you don't know about. After I turned 18, the King and Queen used me for other purposes. The King deflowered me anally. The Queen routinely had me use my mouth on her womanhood."

"Oh..." the princess gasped in shock.

"I'm sorry you have to hear this your highness," she replied. "This made my father more angry than I've ever seen him before. He said we're locked in this room until you do the same for me."

"What do you mean?"

"My father wants you to use your mouth on me. I'm sorry. I don't want you to do it. We can just pretend it happened and I'll tell him that you did it. He won't know."

"I'll do it," the princess reluctantly stated. "A father's wishes must be obeyed. It's only right. He saved my life by hiding me here, and you were taken from him to work in the palace against your will."

"Please your highness, I can't ask you to..."

"It's the only way to make things right," Madeline said defiantly.

The princess was nervous as she got down between her servant's legs. Ella spread her legs to reveal her thick patch of pubic hair and her brown labia.

"I'll guide you," she said. "It can be disgusting at first, but it's easy. You'll get used to it. Eventually you'll come to like it."

Madeline slowly kneeled forward with her tongue out. She was completely inexperienced in the world of sex, but she had a vague idea of what may feel good. She flinched the moment her tongue touched the wet vagina.

"It's okay," the servant said. "Don't be afraid. Imagine it's a peach. That's your favorite fruit isn't it? When I was doing this for the Queen, I imagined her womanhood was my favorite fruit. It made the first experience a lot easier."

The princess took the advice and began to lick inside, between the brown labia. She looked up at her servant, who began to moan in pleasure. It worked. Her mouth was making the servant feel good. Madeline licked up and down, tasting the fluids as if it was nectar. She savored every lick and every drop of fluid that went inside of her mouth.

To the surprise of the princess, she found that she enjoyed doing it. She enjoyed licking the vagina, and she enjoyed giving pleasure to her loyal servant of many years. She finally understood the obsession adults had with their sexual feelings. It felt wonderful, and the princess could only imagine what it must feel like if it was done to her.

Ella began to rub the head of the princess. She moaned, and her eyes were closed.

When the servant opened her eyes, she saw her father peeking through the open door. He had a look on his face which she never saw from him before. It was a deviant look. His eyes were filled with lust from watching the naked princess giving oral pleasure to his naked daughter.

Ella was too scared to make a sound, or to let Madeline know they were being watched. All she could do was enjoy the feeling of a female mouth against her womanhood.


Early the next morning. Madeline and her servant slept in the same bed. Madeline's eyes were closed and there was a blissful look on her face. She was smiling.

The servant came out from underneath the blanket and she gave the princess a kiss on the cheek. It was the fourth orgasm she had given Madeline since their first sexual experience together. It was a nice way to wake up the princess.

"You were so good," Madeline smiled.

"It's my honor, your highness."

"Would you like me to return the favor?" the princess asked with a playful look on her face.

Before the servant could answer, the door suddenly opened and her father entered the room frantically. He spoke to his daughter with a sense of urgency.

"Oh my god," Ella said. "The enemy soldiers are coming. We must hide you."

The father grabbed Madeline's arm tightly and forcefully pulled her out of bed. It was painful, but it was for her own protection. He took her to a tiny hiding area in the small attic of the house. She could barely fit inside, but she would be safe.

The father and Ella greeted the soldiers once they had arrived. They spoke in a language Madeline wasn't able to understand, but she knew the situation was dire. The talks sounded cordial at first, but things turned nasty. There was screaming and shouting. Madeline could hear the sound of Ella crying out loud. There were loud thrashing noises. The enemy soldiers were tearing down the house to find her.

When the soldiers were unable to find the princess after a lengthy search, they left. The house became quiet and Madeline stayed hidden.


Madeline lost track of time when she came down from the hiding area. The house was still quiet, so she assumed Ella and her father had been taken. But they weren't. They were sitting by the dining table and the tension in the room was unmistakable.

The father was enraged, but controlled it. Ella had tears in her eyes, and tears streaming down her face.

"What is it?" Madeline asked, knowing the answer wouldn't be good.

"The soldiers are sweeping the area," the servant replied. "They also say that anyone who is found protecting the princess will be executed. They're also giving reward money for your head."

The princess's face suddenly became flush and her stomach sank.

"What does your father plan to do?" she asked nervously.

Ella's eyes began to water. "He wants to throw you out."

"Please...I'm begging him. I'll have the King pay your father whatever he wants."

"My father doesn't want the King's money, or the reward money from the soldiers in this area. All he wants is to live in peace. I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault," the princess replied, trying to maintain composure. "I've been missing for two days now. The royal army should be here soon and they will protect us."

"That's impossible," Ella stated. "My father says the path to the kingdom is still completely covered in heavy snow. There's no way for the King's army to make it here until the snow clears."

Madeline felt an overwhelming sense of defeat.

"I don't have a choice, do I?"

Ella put her hands on her father's arm and pleaded one last time. She begged her father and cried, but he sat there with a stone face.

"I'm so sorry," the servant said with tears in her eyes. Her last attempt at pleading had failed.

"Tell your father I can give him something else besides money," Madeline said with all of her courage. "Your father has been alone on this land for years. I know how men are. I know what they need. I can give your father what men like him want."

Ella's eyes widened. "No, please don't say that. You don't mean it. You can't..."

"Translate my message to your father. That is an order."

The servant hesitantly translated the message to her father, and he turned to look at her, his face expressionless. The father spoke, and the daughter listened, and translated:

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