tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRavishment at Dusk

Ravishment at Dusk


Author's note: Many may find this story objectionable for all sorts of reasons. It has interracial themes, it's very politically incorrect and it includes some very non-consentual and rough action. If you don't want to read about two black guys forcing a white slut to beg to be fucked and suck them off outside on a sidewalk before the sun even goes down, I suggest you turn back. This story is a release for your dirtiest fantasies.


"Let's fuck this bitch," said Jazz.

"Yeah," agreed Jordan.

The bitch was just some white slut that they had seen walking down Oswald Street in a tight short red skirt and a silvery halter top that put her tits on full display. She stood there, nameless and voiceless with fear in her eyes. She looked from one to the other, realizing quickly that there was no way to fight them off. They were tall and muscular and intimidating.

"Please..." she started to say.

"Shut the fuck up bitch," Jazz said. "When I want you to open your fuckin' mouth, I'll shove my cock in it, got it."

She stood frozen in fear.

"He said, got it, bitch," said Jazz. "You better answer when you're asked a fucking question."

The young woman nodded her blond head silently. For this she got a slap across the face from Jazz. "I want to hear you say, yes sir."

With tears in her green eyes and a red mark across her face, she managed to choke out, "Yes sir."

"Now let's get this straight," said Jordan. "You are our whore. I don't give a fuck what your name is, because you don't have a name. Your name is whore, slut, bitch- whatever the fuck I choose to call you. Whatever the fuck we tell you to do- you better do it if you want to fuckin' live, you got it?"

The blonde's eyes were welled up with tears. "Yes sir," she answered quickly to avoid being hit again.

"Don't even bother trying to scream, we own the police around here and ain't nobody gonna help you. You scream, we'll cut you open. You got that slut?"

"Yes sir," she gulped.

"Now, what's your name?"


Another hard slap across the face. "Bitch! I said what's your fucking name. Your fucking name is Bitch, you got it?"

"Yes sir."

"What's your fucking name?" Jordan asked again.

The blonde looked down at the sidewalk. "My name is Bitch," she sobbed.

"Yeah, that's right," said Jazz holding her chin and tipping her face upward. "Now look at me and tell me. Oh yeah, and call me Sir, bitch."

The girls sobs broke out and she choked on them. Fat salty tears streamed out of her shining eyes and down her soft pink cheeks. Jazz put pressure on her jaw to let her know he was serious.

"My name is Bitch, sir."

The two big dark men laughed. "You got that shit straight. Get down on your knees."

The bitch knelt down, her bare knees dug into the sidewalk. It was barely dusk and she couldn't believe that this street was completely deserted. It was almost as if this had been planned out. There were no pedestrians, no cars, not even a hooker or a drug dealer or a shop keeper. She was utterly alone, and at the mercy of these two men. What would happen if she didn't obey them was- well, it was to dangerous to even contemplate.

Jazz laughed as he unzipped his pants, pulling out a long dark tool. "Open your mouth, slut," he commanded. She had often wondered what it would feel like to give a blowjob to a cock like this, dark long and chocolate. But Jazz gave her no chance to practice her technique, he just slammed the swollen organ into her mouth and began skull fucking her. He grabbed her hair and yanked while his buddy cheered him on.

"Fuck that little white slut's mouth. Cram it in deep. I'm getting hard just watching you slam this whore's mouth." He pulled out his own weapon and started stroking it. "Ok, now slow down, buddy, let's give this slut a chance to show what she's made of. I bet she knows how to give a brother good head."

Jazz slowed down. "All right whore, lick it. And I want to hear you moaning you fucking little slut, and tell me I'm the man."

The bitch began licking the underside of his dark shaft, through her fear and past her salty tears she moaned as if in pleasure. Her voice said things she never expected to say, but she felt- she knew- that her survival depended on it. "Mmm, this cock is so good sir. Let me suck your big hard cock sir, just let me taste it. Your hard cock is making my pussy so hot and wet. You're a fucking God, sir. A fucking God. A worthless slut like me doesn't deserve to suck the cock of a God like you." She licked the head of his cock just as clear ooze ran out so she sucked it up as if it were sweet cream. She realized that her lips where beginning to get moist, and she was oddly enjoying the sensation of sliding her tongue over his hard black cock. Something about being ordered to lick him like this was so freeing, and she began to embrace her inner desires; her inner slut. The next thing she knew, she was lapping at his balls and telling him she was nothing but a worthless cocksucking whore. It was words that he told her to use, but she felt a jolt of recognition as they left her mouth.

Jazz grabbed another fistful of hair and pulled her face up toward his, while she serviced his balls and the underside of his cock. "You're a fucking worthless bitch," he affirmed. "You'll crawl for me on your knees and suck me off till I blow my wad across your dirty little face. And you know you deserve it, to you nasty whore. Cuz you're just a bitch without a name. Sent to this street to serve your masters, and that's me and my buddy here who's about to fuck your worthless little snatch."

She moaned again, partly turned on, partly terrified. Her eyes still watered, though whether it was from effort or fear was hard to discern. She certainly was working hard on that blow job. Jazz let her suck him into her mouth, filled her throat completely and then pushed himself deep in, causing her to choke. Then he gave her a break while he watched her cheeks sink in to suck him off, and then he slid back to far again while squeezing her hair. He liked to see her choke on his tool. He liked to see a helpless bitch with tears in her eyes, choke on a cock shoved too deep into her lungs.

Jordan took off his shirt and put it underneath his knees as he crouched behind her. He reached under her with his hand to rub her quivering pussy and was pleasantly surprised to see how wet she was. "I can smell your pussy, slut," he hissed at her. "I can feel your wet juices dripping down my hand. Tell me how much you like sucking that black cock slut."

"Yes sir," the blonde nameless bitch panted. "I love having a hard black dick slide down my throat. I admit it, I'm a filthy whore."

"You bet your ass bitch," said Jordan as he slid his aching cock into her wet juicy box. "This bitch is wet," he told his friend. "I think she's liking this shit." He squeezed her tits while he slammed her from behind.

"Maybe we're being too nice," laughed Jazz. "I'd like to see some fresh tears on this bitches face." Then her grabbed the back of her head and shoved himself in deep, only this time he held it to the back of her throat until she was struggling to get free. "Not so easy bitch, your worthless mouth is mine." Tears steamed from her eyes as she silently begged to be released. Satisfied that he had hurt her enough, he eased out.

Jordan did his job, slamming into her womb so deep and hard that she cried out in pain. Jazz only laughed at her discomfort. "Beg me to do that again," he ordered. She was quaking with fear and she shook her head no. Jazz was livid and he slapped her twice and yanked her hair. "Beg me to choke you on my cock bitch. Beg for it or your gonna get fucked up bad."

"Please Sir! Please!" she begged. But she couldn't bring herself to say it, and he had to slap her again.

"Please what, whore? You don't have a fucking choice here, you say what I tell you. You're my little bitch remember?"

"Please, choke me on your cock," she begged. "Please, gag me with your big black dick."

"Sir, bitch, sir" he said yanking her hair. "Say it all over again."

She choked out the words between heavy sobs, which seemed to make his cock grow even harder and Jordan's too, grow in her pussy. "Please, sir, choke me on your cock sir. Please gag me sir, gag me with your big black dick sir."

"Since you put it so nicely," he snickered and slammed to the back of her throat again. More tears fell down her face as she tried to break free. At last he pulled all the way out of her mouth. "Kiss it," he ordered her. "Kiss it and worship it."

She did as she was told, kissing his cock and telling him how much she worshiped it. She couldn't believe the words coming out of her mouth. Moments ago this weapon of torture was making it impossible for her to breath, making her feel like she would die with it lodged in the back of her throat and now she was kissing it lovingly and talking to it as if it were her king- or her god.

"Tell me how you love that cock in your pussy," he told her as Jordan worked his rough magic in and out of her slippery snatch. "Tell me how much you love that black cock stretching your pink pussy so wide."

"Yes!" she moaned. "Yes, I love being fucked by big black cock. Slam that black cock into my pink pussy. Make me your little white whore." She wondered how much of this she meant, the cock pounding her from behind felt wonderful. Still, here on a deserted street, she found herself kneeling and being forced to be a whore to two huge black men. She was terrified and inexplicably turned on. She couldn't admit to herself that these words were her own. "Fuck my white pussy with your black cock, sir. Fuck me like a little whore."

"I want to fuck your ass raw," Jordan threatened.

"NO!" she cried out. She couldn't imagine the pain of that huge cock searing into her ass, tearing it wide and raw. "NO! Please, God, no!" Her terror returned as Jordan terrorized her with his desires.

"I'm going to split your ass with my big dick, fuck you inside-out you fucking little worthless cunt. I'm going to bust your ass wide open."

"No, No, No!" she begged and pleaded and cried. But Jazz only laughed and forced his cock back into her mouth, albeit not as far as he had before. She was forced to suck him as he gripped her hair and continued to laugh at her.

"I bet your ass is tight and hot. I'd love a good dry fuck, you little whore. You're gonna take my dick up your ass weather you like it or not, ain't that right little bitch? Ain't that right?"

He pulled out, intent on slamming her ass, but instead he was cumming all up her back. Jazz pulled out of her mouth and shot his load across her face and up into her hair. It seemed that they came on her forever, with jets of sticky goo blasting into her hair and face and over her back and down her ass crack forever. A thick stream even made its way down her ass and into her pussy wet of it's own accord.

When they finished coming, and she felt like collapsing, they began scooping up all the splattered cum and shoving it into her mouth, feeding it to her. "Eat my cum you little bitch," they both kept repeating. "Eat our cum like the whore you are."

Alison lay there as the sticky cum seemed to evaporate from her body and the taste of swallowing the thick splooge disappeared. On her soft mattresses, she began to feel the real world return around her. Her wrinkled middle finger wet from dipping into her own pussy was no longer welcome on her sensitive clit. She could hear her own heavy breathing and even feel the dampness on her cheeks where she had managed to work herself up to real tears.

She sat up, alone but still a bit embarrassed. She lived in a very integrated neighborhood, and she had friends of all races. Something told her that the fantasy that she had just indulged in was not in the least bit politically correct. The white girl being fucked- no raped- by two black thugs. The white girl realizing that she liked it, in fact wanted it more than anything in the world. She even knew that it was a myth that black men had bigger cocks, and weren't any more prone to violence, but she couldn't get these thoughts out of her head. She knew that her friends, Jazz and Jordan would never never do any of those things to her, but as she got up to run her shower, she blushed, thinking that she wished sometimes that they would.


Author's note:

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