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Rayne's Addiction


I pulled into the parking lot of That Italian Place and looked for a space to park. It was a bit late for the dinner crowd, so there was plenty of room. I found a place rather near the door, parked, and headed into the restaurant.

I've always liked that restaurant. It has low lights, an intimate atmosphere, and soft music that had never been exposed to Barry Manilow or heavy metal. The food is great, too!

I went through the doors, and glanced around the room. I spotted the couple right away: Rayne: a tall lady with finely shaped features, and black hair shining with reddish highlights. If she were to stand up, you could see her perfect proportions. But there is more to her than looking can tell you: she's a genuinely nice person, and a delight to talk to. Good in bed, too. Or perhaps I should say "great"! Then there's Tam – sandy hair, slight build. Sitting at the table, he seemed to be the same height as Rayne. The couple was seated in a U-shaped booth on the left of the room. I sauntered over.

"Hi, Rayne", I said, "Great to see you!" The girl looked up at me, and broke into a huge smile. "Hello, Danny", she replied, "This is a surprise."

The guy at the table was surprised, too. But more in an annoyed way. He was having a great time with a hot chick, and didn't want any interruptions. The remains of their dinner had been cleared away, and they were sharing a bowl of ice cream. They were in their own little world: boy, girl, ice cream. No room for anybody else.

There was room for four in the U-shaped booth, they were in the middle. I moved to the opening next to the guy, extending a hand– "You must be Tam. Pleased to meet you." By pure reflex, he extended his hand, and we shook.

"Do I know you?" Tam asked.

"No, but I've heard all about you. I'm Rayne's boyfriend."

There was a moment of stunned silence. It was as if nothing had happened, or could happen. The universe was frozen. Then his eyes popped wide open in panic. First he became defiant, "I haven't done anything!" Then he became all apologies, "Hey, man! I'm sorry. Didn't mean to horn in." He tried to get out of the booth. Fight or flight? I was standing at the entrance to the booth. Tam was hemmed in.

I reached down and put a hand on his shoulder. "No problem, friend. Please stay. I'm not here to cause any trouble."

He still looked worried, and his eyes darted right and left. Seeking escape? Hoping for help? He continued trying to get up, while sputtering apologies. I could see that he needed a little convincing.

I straightened up out of my casual slouch, growing four inches taller. I straightened my shoulders, growing three inches wider. My voice dropped an octave, and my words became terse and clipped - a tone of command. "You _are_ staying. I won't hurt you." My voice softened a little. "You should think of me as your best friend." I slid into the booth, trapping Tam between Rayne's voluptuous body and my own. "Haven't I shared with you some of the best pussy you ever had?" Rayne giggled.

"I haven't done anything wrong!", he protested.

I nodded my head. "True. You have been just great. Rayne says you fucked her really well."

Tam blushed, and tried to protest, "No I didn't!"

It got him nowhere. Rayne corrected him, "Yes, you did – three times!"

"Four", I corrected. "Or are you not counting the blow job in the parking lot on Monday?"

"Well, that was just a blow job", replied Rayne.

"Sweetie, the only guy who wouldn't consider a blow job to be a sex act is Bill Clinton."

Rayne nodded. "OK, Four."

Tam had been silent while Rayne and I chatted about his performance. Then he turned bright red and started making apologetic noises again. I cut him off. "Rayne is a big girl. She can pick and choose whom she fucks. She chose you, and I accept that. Can you get it through your head that I'm not looking for a fight?"

"In fact", I continued, "if this really bothered me, I would do something about Rayne's hand under the table, stroking your cock. Good thing they have long tablecloths here!"

Tam tried to sputter denials, but I just shook my head. "Rayne is right-handed, but she is eating that gelato with a spoon in her left hand."

"Busted!" laughed Rayne – and some of the tension dissolved with her laughter.

"Why don't you finish that ice cream", I suggested, "and we can get down to those personal matters that Rayne wants to handle?" Rayne smiled, and Tam just nodded his head up and down.

They made short work of their dessert, Rayne eating left-handed, Tam holding his spoon with his right hand. I knew that Rayne's right hand was still stroking his cock under the table. I suspected that Tam's other hand was at least between her thighs, and perhaps stroking Rayne's pussy through the thin cloth of her panties.

Tam and Rayne headed out of the restaurant, her arm around him, Tam's arms trying not to reciprocate. Did I inhibit him, walking beside him?

"I'll follow you to your place, Tam", I said. "The apartment on Emerald Street, right?" He nodded.

I arrived at Tam's apartment just as he found the right key and unlocked the door. Tam and Rayne went inside, while I closed and locked the door behind me.

Tam and Rayne made their way into the apartment, Tam walking carefully, trying to hide the large bulge in his pants. I noticed that Rayne's lipstick was smudged and the zipper of his pants was halfway down. She had been sucking his cock on the way over, the little minx.

Tam sat down on the sofa. Rayne laid down next to him, on her back, resting her head in Tam's lap. She looked very cozy, rubbing the back of her head against his crotch. Tam looked uncomfortable – torn between the hot chick turning him on, and trying to make small talk with the chick's boyfriend (me). I sat in a chair across from them.

"You're probably wondering what this is all about", I started.

"Yeah, the question did cross my mind. Rayne is so hot, and you say that she's your girl friend. Why am I on the couch and you over there?"

"First, let me repeat that I mean you no harm. I know all about your relationship with Rayne and it is OK with me. In fact, I encourage it." Rayne emphasized my point by taking Tam's hand and resting it on her left breast. Having gotten his hand in an advantageous position, she put her hand to good use unfastening the top three buttons of her blouse – one-handed, slowly. Her other hand was rested in her own lap.

"Rayne and I love each other, and I would like to spend every waking moment with her – be it dining, a walk in the park, or making mad passionate love. But I have a problem. Things are very busy for me right now. Work is a killer, with 12-hour days constituting a little light work at the office – often it is much worse. That means that I am simply unable to devote the time to Rayne that she deserves. Despite my lack of availability, Rayne has normal human needs. She needs companionship, comfort, and sex. At this time, I can't give it to her. But you can. Basically, I am going to let you date my girlfriend so that she can have the comfort that she needs while I am not available."

Meanwhile, Rayne has changed from resting her head in Tam's lap, to nuzzling his crotch, to unzipping his fly and sucking his prick. She started the blow job slowly, licking the fat round tip of Tam's meat; then licking the shaft; from the base up to the tip; to putting the whole thing in her mouth. Even after she had Tam's entire cock in her mouth, she progressed from small in and out motions; to sucking vigorously on him. Tam made some soft moaning noises, punctuated occasionally by Rayne's slurping noises. I walked over and stroked her hair, giving her affection while she gave Tam head.

"This is almost an ideal situation for everybody. You're not the marrying kind, but you're horny as hell. You get the companionship of a beautiful and fascinating woman, and tons of hot sex – with no commitment on your part. Rayne gets her physical needs met, even when I'm not around. When work lets me go, I have Rayne to come home to, and when I can't get away, I know that Rayne is comforted and protected – by somebody who isn't going to try to steal her away. And the sex is safe – Rayne's tubes are tied, so no babies; and all of us are free of drugs and disease."

My left hand continued to stroke Rayne's hair. My right hand wandered down her body, and lifted her skirt a little. I felt the heat of her sex through the panties – they were soaked with her juices. God, she was hot that night! I stroked her pussy through her panties a while longer, then snaked a finger around the sodden cloth and into her twat. Rayne make a little moan of pleasure, as I continued stroking her slit.

"You said 'almost ideal'."

"Yes. Everybody gets what they want and need except me. Oh, there are benefits to me, as I already said. But I still have to work 12+ hour days, if I want to keep my job. But this push won't last forever, and I hope that I can return to normal work hours soon."

I pulled the panties down Rayne's legs and removed them. She moaned again and spread her legs a little. Bent down and kissed her pussy. It was radiating heat and very wet. I could smell her musky desire. I wanted to fuck her right then and there, while she was sucking off Tam, but I exerted some control. My pants stayed on, and my tongue continued to lick the slick valley of her sex.

I figured that I had made my point. Besides, I didn't have much capacity for rational thought left. "Perhaps we should continue this in the bedroom?"

"What do you mean 'we'? Are you some kinda fag?"

"No, I'm not gay, and Rayne assures me that you're also all man. It's just that both of us are going to fuck her tonight!"

"Oooohhhh! Sounds like fun", said my girl.

Rayne got up, and pulled at Tam's hand until he got up. His trousers were all the way open. He held them up with the other hand, and the two headed towards the bedroom, with me casually following.

When we got to the bedroom, Rayne forgot about holding up his pants, and wrapped his arms around Rayne and gave her a deep, sloppy kiss. She returned it in a most enthusiastic manner, then asked, "Tam, will you be a dear and get me a drink of water?"

Tam hitched up his trousers and headed into the kitchen. As he did, Rayne threw her arms around me and gave me a big hug. "Honey, I'm not sure I want to go through with this."

I hugged her back. "It's OK. Two guys taking you at once has been a fantasy of yours for years. Enjoy it!"

"But some fantasies should just stay fantasies. Honey, I'm afraid!..."

"Afraid that I'll think you're a slut? If you are, you're my slut, and I love you. Look. You need more physical attention that I can give you right now. This guy is disease-free; you saw his test results. You've already fucked him and sucked him off several times. And you said you want to keep on doing it. I know all about it, and it doesn't bother me. You want to go on fucking both of us, but just not at the same time.

"You have meat on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You have potatoes Tuesday and Thursday. But you're afraid of meat and potatoes at the same meal? Your needs and my work schedule have conspired to put you in an ideal situation to live out a fantasy that you have had for years. I say, do it!"

Rayne smiled, nodded, and kissed me. I think that all she really needed was my clear permission and a little bit of encouragement – to let loose a hunger that she has hidden even from herself.

Tam returned a moment later, and handed a glass of water to Rayne, who took a small sip and put it down on the nightstand. Then she turned to Tam and I, and licked her lips.

Tam was standing closer to Rayne, and she reached out to take his hands. He moved a bit closer, and she placed his hands on her hips. Then she reached up and put her hands around Tam's neck, and pulled him down, until his lips met hers. They kissed for about five minutes, getting more animated and passionate with every passing second, their tongues probing each other's mouths, making soft noises. Tam was breathing faster and faster, and his face was getting a little flushed. His hands roamed over her body, as they continued their embrace. Then Rayne broke away.

Rayne and Tam stood looking at each other, panting slightly. Then Rayne knelt down in front of Tam and started to unzip his pants. She tried to get his penis out, but he was very hard, and the angle was just plain wrong, so Rayne unbuttoned the waistband and pulled his pants all the way down. Tam's shorts went next, and a moment later he stepped out of the pile of clothing, nude from the waist down, his prick long, hard, and ready for action. The end glistened with a big drop of clear pre-cum. Rayne licked that drop, then the rest of his meat again and again. Then she took it all into her mouth. She bobbed up and down, drawing the full length of Tam's meat into her mouth, while Tam moaned. Then she stood up.

"God, you taste so good!" Rayne exclaimed, "I think I felt a little spurt in my mouth while I was sucking on you!"

Rayne set about unbuttoning Tam's shirt. Meanwhile, I came up behind her, reached my arms around her, and stated unbuttoning her top. We finished unbuttoning at the same time, and then I helped Rayne shrug out of her blouse. Then, as she helped remove Tam's shirt I unhooked her bra. In a flash, Tam was completely naked and Tam was topless.

"Why don't you kiss him some more", I suggested to Rayne. And as they smooched I helped Rayne out of her remaining clothing. This let them get even closer, and they were completely wrapped up in each others arms, hands roaming over each others bodies.

It was fun to watch, but I didn't want to miss the fun, so I hurried out of my clothes. By the time I was naked, the two had adjourned to the bed. Rayne was lying on her back, and Tam was next to her, alternating his kisses between her willing lips and the hard nipples on her delightful breasts. I climbed onto the bed, and gently spread Rayne's legs, stroking the insides of her thighs, making occasional soft strokes by her pussy. Each time I came near, she moaned. Then I started licking and nibbling, starting from her knees, working my way up her leg towards her crotch.

I took my time, enjoying my journey, and eventually reached her muff. Well, nominal muff – neatly shaved except for a little strip. I nuzzled her some more, and then pulled her legs open wider so that I could lick around her clit.

As I started lapping at Rayne's clit, I noticed that the sound of her moans was muffled. I glanced up, to see Tam kneeling at her head, stuffing his cock into her mouth. Rayne had started out working the tip or Tam's cock, but had graduated to putting it in her mouth. She was gently moving her head forward and back, consuming at most half of Tam's shaft. She would occasionally pull it all the way out long enough for a few good licks along the length of his meat, and would return to her sucking.

I went back to licking Rayne's clit, using a finger to circle her wet cunt-hole. After a bit of teasing like that, I slid my finger in, and massaged her G spot, while I licked her clit. Her muffled moans were nearly frantic.

I continued to nibble and lick, alternately sucking on Rayne's cunt lips, and licking her clit. Suddenly, I heard her gasp. Her body tensed, and her back arched, pulling her away from Tam's prick. I knew that she was quietly exploding in her first orgasm of the evening. When it was over, she got right back to business, gobbling down Tam's hot sausage.

After a few minutes of this, she took a break from cock sucking just long enough to tell me how much she wanted my dick inside her.

I must admit that I didn't need much encouragement. I was horny as hell, my prick was hard and throbbing, and for the last ten minutes I had been dribbling pre cum. It was time to put some of those fluids where they belonged. I kneeled between Rayne's legs and started using the head of my dick to stroke up and down her slit, from clit to hole. After a dozen or so strokes, I stroked down to her cunt hole and pushed my dick inside. There was a muffled shriek of pleasure as I pushed all the way in.

I thrust a few times, just to make sure everything was lined up right, and then moved toward my favorite position: I pulled her over on her right side, straddled her right leg, and lifted her left leg as high as I could get it. God, I love fucking her this way. She's open so wide, I can get extra deep. With my right hand, I can stroke her back, and my left hand can play with her breasts. But this time, there was an extra treat, because lying on her right side made it very easy for Tam to kneel next to her and feed his cock into Rayne's mouth, without awkward positions for him, or neck twisting for her.

In moments, it became apparent that Rayne was no longer actively sucking Tam's cock. Instead, Tam was doing the work, thrusting into Rayne's mouth. And he was getting it all the way in. Tam wasn't hung like a porn star, but he had a respectable sausage. How the hell was Rayne swallowing it all? I watched in horny amazement as Tam fucked my lover's mouth, forcing his meat in so far that Rayne's lips slammed against Tam's pubic bone.

With both Tam and I in excellent position, we settled down to some good hard fucking. A few moments later we fell into a rhythm, with Tam fucking Rayne's mouth and me fucking her cunt in synchronization.

We kept on pounding her, with Rayne slurping away at Tam's cock. She made the most delightful slurping sounds, and I noticed a thin trickle of clear fluid dribble down the side of her cheek. Was it saliva, drooling for Tam's meat, or was his pre-cum overflowing her gorgeous mouth? I couldn't tear my eyes away from my lover, sucking off another guy. I could tell that she was really enjoying it. It pleased me to give her this now combined pleasure. And inside me, something exclaimed, "God, this is hot!"

To the regular beat of a silent metronome, Tam and I pushed our dicks into Rayne. And in response, she pushed her pussy against me, and pushed her mouth towards Tam, trying to get every inch of every cock inside her. I continued to stroke her breasts with my left hand, loving the soft firmness of her ample titties. And by this time, Tam was intent on cramming every last fraction in, and had his hands around Rayne's head, grabbing her hair, pulling her towards him. She couldn't get away if she wanted to – and she didn't want to.

I wondered if synchronized fucking would ever become an Olympic sport – and if so, would it ever be televised? Probably not. But Tam and I continued our training, pounding away at Rayne's holes, preparing to dump our cream into her.

Then I remembered what Rayne had said when we first discussed this adventure - that she would pull Tam's dick out of her mouth at the last minute, and make him cream on her tits. I had been thinking about this all day. This whole thing was Rayne's fantasy, but she was holding back, and didn't want to live it all the way through. All or nothing, I decided.

"Tam!" I said, "Don't you dare pull out of her mouth when you're about to cum. I want you to cum in Rayne's mouth. I want to see her swallow every drop." In reply, there was a grunt from Tam and a squeak from Rayne. She was caught, and she knew it.

Tam exploded into orgasm. I could see his cock actually pulsing, growing wider and shrinking, like a living breathing thing. I realized that each pulse was a spurt of Tam's semen into my beloved's mouth. With each gush, Rayne swallowed, keeping pace with his creamy emissions.

I kept thrusting my prick into Rayne's hot twat, the sight of their oral performance making my own manhood pulse and swell. Damn, she's a fine cocksucker! It was like having a front-row seat in a porno movie – except the hot sexy starlet was my girlfriend, and I was fucking her at the same time.

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