tagGroup SexRayne's Charming Adventure Ch. 01

Rayne's Charming Adventure Ch. 01


Rayne and I really like That Italian Place. Atmosphere, food, service – it's all good. And they have some secluded booths tucked away in a corner.

Rayne met me at the door, and we exchanged hugs and kisses. It's difficult for me to kiss Rayne in public, because I have a strong tendency to get carried away. Just one little peck on her cheek often turns into a little lick on her neck, which turns into a nibble on her earlobe, which can turn into... Well. Damn! It's tough for me, being orally fixated! Let's just say that I can get carried away.

And there's plenty to get carried away about. Rayne is 5'6" tall. In heels, she is just a tad short of my 6' tall. She has generous hips, delicious D-cup breasts, and a waist just right for me to put my arm around her. Rayne's hair is a dark brown. It is almost black, with a hint of red. She often wears it cut to shoulder length – just long enough that I have to brush it aside to nibble her ears.

That day Rayne was wearing a black top with black lacy bits around the neck that almost made the fabric disappear in a wisp of black thread smoke. She was wearing a short skirt in something of a jungle print. Her accessories were black, including a black leather choker with some silvery chains that droped in graceful arcs from studs set every two inches. The choker was neither fine nor expensive. In fact, it looked either punk or like something out of a bondage magazine. I gave it to her, so you can bet I was thinking of the latter. And I had asked her to wear it that afternoon.

After exchanging restrained pleasantries, we enter the restaurant. It was a little after the lunch crowd, so there was no problem with seating. We headed for our favorite booth and slid right in. The U-shaped booth sat four, but Rayne and I moved all the way in, leaving a seat on either side. I passed a menu to Rayne, who was sitting on my right.

Rayne snuggled closer to me. "You said that you have a special afternoon planned. What do you have in mind?"

I reached into my pocket and pulled out a small red velvet bag with a matching cord tied around the neck. "Arrrr", I said in my best pirate voice. "Tis adventure we be seekin'. An a precious load of booty! An pieces o'eight!"

"I bet I know whose booty you want", Rayne replied with a grin.

I gave her a lopsided grin showing a lot of teeth, trying to look like a pirate. "Aye, that be true! An a bounding adventure yer booty be!"

She poked at the bag, which made a metallic clink. "So this is your pirate treasure?"

"More like a treasure map, me proud beauty!" Then I dropped the bad pirate jargon. "Actually, it contains some charms. Just the thing to spice up that choker you're wearing." I peeked into the bag and fished out a small piece of flat metal, cut in the shape of a heart and anodized pink. I held it out for Rayne to look, with the plain side towards her.

She said, "It's cute, but what is it for?"

"Oh, each one has a different engraving on one side. Each one describes a sex act."

Rayne broke into an eager smile. "Is it a lovers' game, like those dice that you roll to spell out LICK NIPPLE?"

"No", I said, "this isn't used to choose things to do. It records things that you have done. Each time you have a new sexual experience, you get to add a charm to your choker."

"Oooohhh! Cute idea!"

I continued to hold up the little heart charm. "For example, you had a fantasy about having sex with two guys. You made it come true with Tam and I." [See "Rayne's Addiction".] So you are now entitled to wear this charm." I flipped over the pink metal heart, to show the words MMF.

Rayne's eyebrows arched in puzzlement. "What the heck does MMF mean?"

"Male, male, female. I thought about writing THREESOME, but that isn't very specific."

Rayne favored me with a half smile. "MMF sounds like something an engineer would write."

"Yeah. Go figure!", I mumbled. "I also considered I FUCKED TWO GUYS, but that doesn't say that they were at the same time. They could have been months apart. And adding AT ONCE made it too long to fit on the charm." I offered the charm to Rayne.

Rayne took the charm and peered closely at it. "OK, I get it. But that bag looks like it has a dozen charms in it."

"More than that! There is one for every new sexual experience I could think of. We are going on an adventure, to expand our sexual horizons – and these charms will record our stops along the way."

"Wow! You must have a lot of travel in mind!" Rayne turned MMF over in her hands, squinting at it. "What else ya got in the sack, Mac?"

"Lots! As I said, I decided to make charms for as many unique sexual experiences as I could think of." I pulled out the charms, lining them up on the table: MMF MFF MFMF SUB OWNED SLAVE DP GIRL I SUCK STRANGERS FACIAL QUEEN SYBIAN RIDER PUSSY EATER CUM SWAPPER PORN STAR BUKKAKE GANGBANG GIRL GANGBANG CREAMPIE ORGY GIRL WHORE

They were all the same, small pink hearts, about an inch across. Each one with a silvery lobster clasp at the top. Each one engraved with different words.

Rayne's eyes swept over the collection. "Gee! What a raw deal! Don't I get credit for past accomplishments, like I SWALLOW or GIRL ON TOP?"

"Nope. Those are too easy. You did already earn MMF, though." I took the MMF charm and dangled it by the tiny clasp on the top. Then I reached over and hooked it on to a chain on Rayne's choker, right in front.

Rayne preened a moment, with her new decoration. Then looked back down to the array of heart charms on the table. "I guess MFF is me, you, and another girl." I nodded. "I thought you weren't into that."

"Actually, I said that having two girls at once is probably the most poplar fantasy for guys the world over, but it doesn't appeal to me that much. Mostly I suspect that it would be boring for the ladies, because the guy can only have his dick in one place at a time. Unless the ladies are bi, only one of them gets entertained at a time."

Rayne thought it over. "The guy could be fucking one girl and eating the other at the same time."

"Right!", I said with the enthusiasm of a guy who _really_ loves eating pussy. "There might be a few positions like that which make it worthwhile. We'll just have to explore it and see."

Rayne continued to scan the charms. "And MFMF means that we swing with another couple." I nodded silently. "SUB for SUBMISSIVE?"


"Cute!", exclaimed Rayne. "I guess I can put that one on now. I _like_ it when you tell me what to do!"

"Well, you have liked what I have told you to do _so_far_. But to earn that one you have to prove that you will do anything that I ask." I toyed with the "PUSSY EATER" charm.

Rayne glanced down at the charm. "Ah. Right. I have no desire for PUSSY EATER, so I guess I don't get SUB yet either."

"Not until you prove that you will do _anything_ that I ask. Nor do you qualify for OWNED. I'm thinking that a SLAVE does what she is told because she has no choice; she might not want to do what is demanded, but she is not allowed to disobey. A SUB chooses to do as she is told; she wants to submit. But when I own you, there will be no decision to make; no thought of acceptance or rejection. You will submit to me in all ways at all times."

Rayne shivered with the thought. She has a strong submissive streak, and likes it when I take control. I like it, too. Some day, we will explore the limits of my domination. It was my turn to shiver. Then I kissed Rayne on the cheek, suppressing the urge to further indulge my oral fixations. We sat for a moment, contemplating SLAVE, SUB, and OWNED.

Rayne was the first to recover. Her eyes swept the assortment and came to rest. "Does Tam qualify me for I SUCK STRANGERS?"

"Nope. Tam is your spare boyfriend. You dated him and seduced him, and fuck him when you get horny and I'm not available. You know him too well to count him as a stranger. To qualify for this one, you have to go up to some guy you have never met before and suck him off – with no fancy getting to know each other. And you have to swallow his cum."

"You'd let me do that?" – Rayne's voice was tinged with a strange mixture of shock, desire, and shame. "You'd _want_ me to do that?"

"It's part of the adventure." I snuggled a bit closer and rested my right hand on Rayne's leg. I remembered how short her dress was. "I believe that you will get a thrill out of doing something 'naughty' like that. I'm not sure how I'll feel watching you do it, but I did get excited by our threesome with Tam, so I guess I'll do just fine!"

"Did you really get excited by our encounter with Tam? Other than the obvious sexual excitement?"

"Oh, yeah. Watching my love get pounded by this guy I just met was an amazing turn-on!"

"Well, if you liked that, how do I qualify as a GANGBANG GIRL?"

"Have sex with at least five different men - at once or in turns. Any kind of sex. If they shoot cum into your cunt and it makes a sloppy drippy mess, you qualify for GANGBANG CREAMPIE."

"Oh, god!", she exclaimed, "Ever since our night with Tam, I've been wondering what it would be like to fuck a bunch of guys at once!" Then she stopped, suddenly embarrassed by her admission.

My right hand was still resting on Rayne's left leg, and I gently stroked her bare skin in little swirls. That's another thing I like about That Italian Place – long table cloths! I stroked her leg some more, and moved my hand between her thighs and up under her short skirt. She spread her legs a little to let me in. I could feel the heat of her pussy. No panties. I stroked her mound and she opened some more. I could feel how wet she was getting. I could tell that she was really turned on. I stroked Rayne's clit a little and she shivered.

"So, you like those two GANGBANG charms?" I stroked her clit a couple more times and then stopped, so she could answer.

Rayne took a moment to catch her breath. "Well, I like GANGBANG as _fantasy_. I'm not sure I'd really want to _do_ anything like that in real life."

"Maybe you would like having five real live guys pounding you." Rayne made a little sound, halfway between a gasp and a sigh. And it wasn't because I was tickling her clit – I had stopped. "You'll never know until you try", I said.

"But what would you think of me? You'll think I'm a slut!"

"What's wrong with enjoying a lot of sex? I'd love you, just like I do now. You still don't get it, my sweet. Our relationship is us; just the two of us. Anybody else in bed is just a body. A sex toy that puts on clothes and drives away after we're done with it."

"No, they're not! They're people!"

"Yes. They are people. And they have their own loves, hates, and concerns. They have their own lives separate from us. Their only interaction with us is for sex." I waited a moment for that to sink in, and Rayne nodded. "Do you love Tam?", I asked.

"Hell, no!"

"But you fuck him sometimes. And he satisfies you."

Rayne replied in a soft voice, almost a whisper, "Yes."

"Then think of these charms as a room full of Tams, taking turns using you. Slamming your cunt. Fucking your mouth. Creaming on your tits. All at once and taking turns. And when one shoots his load, there's another hard cock to take his place." With my left hand I stroked GANGBANG GIRL. "For this one, your army of Tams uses rubbers, or they cum on your tits or in your mouth." Then I stroked GANGBANG CREAMPIE. "_This_ one is bareback: no condom, skin on skin, and they shoot their jizz straight into your cunt." I paused, listening to her rapid breathing. "You _like_ these charms, don't you?"

"God, the thought does make me hot." There was no mistaking the look of hunger on Rayne's face. "But, I'd only have groups sex if you told me to do it."

"Good girl! You'll earn that SUB, yet." I kissed her on the cheek, and nibbled her neck for just a moment.

Before I could get carried away, she brought me back with a question: "What's the difference between GANGBANG and ORGY?"

"A gangbang is a bunch of guys fucking a woman or two. But an orgy is a bunch of people fucking everybody. Dicks in your mouth and cunt. Guys eating you. Girls eating you. You eating pussy. Lots of players. Lots of action. Lots going on at once."

Rayne had a pensive look on her face. She's a highly sexed lady, and the thought of unrestrained sex in mass quantities appealed to her. But... "I don't much like the idea of sex with other women."

"We'll see. Maybe it takes a while before you earn that one. Or maybe you never try." I paused, thinking. Then I turned to Rayne, lifted my hand from her lap, and licked my fingers. Then I took her chin, turned her to face me, and asked: "Would you do anything for my pleasure?"

"Yes." Rayne answered with certainty.

"Would you suck off another guy if I told you to?"

"Yes." She said it softly.

"Would you swallow a stranger's cum for me?"

"Yes", she repeated. I picked up I SUCK STRANGERS and held it towards her.

"Kiss it." I said. She took the charm from me and kissed it. "Lick it." She licked the little pink heart.

"Would you star in a gangbang if I told you to?"

"Yes." Her word was soft, almost a whisper. I picked up GANGBANG CREAM PIE and held it towards her. Her eyes opened wide, momentarily sweeping the table to verify that the slightly milder GANGBANG GIRL was still on the table.

I went further: "No condoms: jizz spurted straight into your cunt?"

"Yes", she moaned.

"Kiss it", I said. She took the heart charm and kissed it. "Lick it." She licked the little pink heart.

"Would you have sex with another woman if I told you to?"

There was a pause. "Yes." The word was even softer. I picked up I PUSSY EATER and held it towards her.

"Kiss it", I said. She did. "Lick it." She licked the little pink heart.

"Thank you", I said. "I love you, too." Then I kissed her on the nose.

We sat in silence for a moment. Then we both turned back to the table.

Rayne was the first to speak: "What the heck are DP GIRL and BUKKAKE? They look like alphabet soup."

"DP GIRL is for Double Penetration – fucking two guys at once. One in your pussy, one in your ass. I was thinking about trying it on you when we were with Tam, but never got around to it. We were having plenty of fun as it was." We both smiled. "BUKKAKE is a Japanese thing. A bunch of guys take turns jerking off on your face."

"You're kidding!"

"Nope. Sometimes they get 20 or 30 guys, wearing nothing but black bow ties and white jockey shorts. Who can figure the Japanese? I'm not sure how enjoyable that is for any of the parties involved, but it is territory on the map. It belongs as much as GANGBANG CREAMPIE. Oh ... and FACIAL QUEEN just means having one guy intentionally unload on your face. Well, that's a 'facial'. I guess you have to do it more than once for the title of 'queen'. I volunteer to help!"

Rayne giggled. "Heck, you're almost done that already, albeit by accident. Remember that titty fuck where you squirted all over my hair?" We both grinned. She continued to examine the pieces. "Hmm. CUM SWAPPER means I go down on you, suck you off, and kiss you with my mouth full?"

"Yes, and variations on that theme. Some call it 'snowballing'."

"It's hard to kiss with a mouth full of liquid, but it does sound like fun to try. And I know you'll like that!"

I grinned. I love kissing Rayne when she has my cum on her lips, and she knows it because I get very enthusiastic in the kissing. "It excites me, Baby. I don't know why. I also like licking my cream off your neck and breasts after a titty fuck. I guess it's all about the cream."

"Oh, yeah! It's all about that cream!"

"You love it, don't you, Baby?" I asked. "You love the cream shooting into your mouth. But even more than that, you love it spurting into your twat. You love a lot of cum, pumped into your cunt, feeling each gush, and afterwards, dribbling down your ass. That's why you fantasized about having two guys at once. That's why our little threesome with Tam excited you so much." I stopped to think for a moment.

I went on. "You need to have guys use you. The more guys, the better. So that's why you like this one." I pushed GANGBANG GIRL towards her. I leaned across to whisper in her ear: "But more than that, you need them to lose control inside you and spurt their cream into you. So the thought that excites you the _most_ is GANGBANG CREAMPIE." I pushed that charm across the table, leaving it squarely in front of Rayne.

Rayne shivered a little with the exciting thought. Then she nodded.

I continued, "Of all of these charms, _this_ one is your favorite, isn't it?" She stared at the GANGBANG CREAMPIE charm, paused in thought, bit her lip, and nodded. "The best place for a hard cock is slamming in and out of your cunt. Bareback: no condom, spurting inside you. And the thought of _several_ guys cuming inside you excites you even more." She nodded again.

"It's a little scary, too." Rayne said in a soft voice.

"Yes, I know. It's far outside of the usual. Outside the comfort zone. But it could happen, you know. If not today, perhaps next week, or next month. But it could happen. I know how much you want it, Baby. Do you _want_ a gangbang, Rayne?"

"I'll do anything you tell me to do."

"No. Do _you_ want it? Not just to please me. Do you want a bunch of guys fucking you while I watch? Do you want strangers cuming inside you? Do you want their cream dribbling down your leg?"


"Does the thought of it excite you? Does it send a shiver of anticipation up your spine?"

"Yes", she said.

"Good! I want this, too. I want to watch a bunch of guys fuck you. I want to see you suck them off and swallow their cum. But most of all, I want to see them gush their sperm into your cunt. The thought of giving you to strangers excites me beyond words! I guess I'm a bit sick. I love you so much that I want to wrap myself tightly around you and keep you all to myself. But I have this strange fascination. I guess I'm a bit of a perv." She gave me a big smile and nodded. Her eyes twinkled.

There was silence for a moment.

I ventured on. "You're a very attractive woman, Rayne. You get all the offers that you could want. You could organize a gang bang on your own. But there's something more than that here. You would be having sex in front of me – the only one who truly loves you. And we're not just talking a little hand action or a blow job. We're talking about bunches of guys sinking their hard pricks deep into your cunt and shooting their sperm deep inside you. Why does it arouse you? Is it the thought of guys _using_ you for their pleasure? Is it the thought of _many_ guys? Or their being _strangers_? Or is it arousing because _I'm_telling_them_ to do it? Or because _I'm_telling_you_ to spread your legs for them? Because _I'm_watching_ you get fucked hard, with guy after guy shooting his cum into you? Perhaps you are excited by the thought of your lover watching, as strangers degrade you, using you for their fuck toy."

I kissed her on the lips, nibbling her lower lip just a little.

"I'm going to turn you into _my_ slut. I'm going to push the limits of your sexual horizons. I'm going to stretch your imagination. And I'm going to stretch your cunt." I fiddled with SLAVE, OWNED, and SUB.

I stopped. We were both breathing heavily – and I was the one doing all the talking. But the very thrill of it excited and aroused us both.

Rayne took a deep breath to calm down, and tried to focus on the charms.

"Well", she said. "Back to the others. I know that SYBIAN RIDER refers to one of those big vibrators you sit on. How about PORN STAR?"

"Just means that I take some pictures while you are sucking and fucking. Could be while doing anything sexual, with anybody – even me. Don't worry about having them posted on the internet. Just taking the pictures is the experience. And before you ask, WHORE just means that you perform some sex act with a stranger and get paid for it. It's not a new profession. It's just a taste of the forbidden."

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