tagCelebrities & Fan FictionRayne's POV Ch. 03

Rayne's POV Ch. 03


At seven o'clock that Saturday morning I woke as I usually do. I have an internal clock that wakes me at seven every morning unless I fall asleep after six in the morning. I may take a nap sometime during the day if I am still tired, but I can almost always be depended upon to be some where by eight in the morning if needed.

The first thing I did upon waking was masturbate. Actually that is how I always wake. After cumming I rolled Ryan onto his back and got the Rod hard. I rode him to another two orgasms before he spewed into me. Ryan never woke. I kissed him and walked out of the bedroom and went pee. While on the toilet I masturbated again, flushing a lot of his cum out of me.

After the peeing and cumming, I showered. I felt better and went to get some food. There were eggs and sausage in the fridge and I cooked them. After eating I sat in the living room and watched the rest of the DVD that Ryan and Kitty had started watching. I only got off once to it.

After the movie was over I put it away and noticed Kitty's clothes. I folded them neatly and placed them by the door for later delivery. I then watched TV for a while. Just before nine I checked in on Ryan, still out cold. I then figured he would be out for another three to four hours. He was one tired boy. Since he was not available I dressed in the bib-overall shorts and went to deliver Kitty's clothes.

I slipped the clothes between my body and the bib before knocking on the door. I did not want either Kitty's mother or brother asking why I was holding Kitty's clothes. Kitty's asshole of a brother, Wally, answered.

"Hi. Is Kitty here?" I asked in a happy tone.

"Yeah. She's still asleep. I'll get her," he said sullenly. I saw him check me out before I even said a word. Do not get me wrong, he looks great for a former high school basketball star, but his attitude sucks. He apparently thought that I was there for him. He disappeared into the bedroom a moment later. Next I heard him yelling, "Kitty Kat, you have a visitor. Get your sorry ass up. Your lesi friend is here." With a small thump Kitty came out of the room dressed in a loose shirt and pair of loose shorts, both red with her high school logo on them. She was shaking her right hand.

"Hi, Rayne," she said with a heartwarming smile. "What's up?"

"I've got something for you," I answered pointing at the bulge in my bib. She looked confused for a second then her face lit up with understanding. "Why were you shaking your hand a second ago?"

"Wally was being an ass, so I knocked him out. He really sucks at self defense. I may have hit him a little harder than normal. I've done it before and he knows I can. He also knows how to defend against it, but he never does," she grinned evilly. "He'll be out for a few hours."

"Cool. I'll have to learn that some day. You left your clothes last night. I've brought them to you. I also wanted to know if you were doing anything today. I've got to be back before noon, but I'm up for anything." I unhooked the left strap and pulled her clothes out. As I handed her the clothes I stepped in and kissed her.

The clothes fell into a pile as we closed the door and buried a hand in each others shorts. It was a race to get the other off with just one finger. She won by rubbing and pressing directly on my clit. I was not too far behind in getting her off.

When we pulled away and I pulled my hand out to clean with my tongue. I saw that her shorts were sullied. The entire crotch from a bout an inch below the waistband to the front of the legs was wet. She licked her finger then we kissed again. I turned her to lean into the shared wall. I pulled back and grinned. She looked at me a little bewildered.

I quickly dropped to my knees and dropped her shorts. My mouth found her sweet pussy and clamped on like a vacuum. My tongue explored as if it were the first time. It soon found the hard nub of her clit. I rolled my tongue and started to use her clit as a tiny cock to my fake pussy. She came in no time. She slid down the wall to sit on her naked ass.

After catching her breath she licked my face clean while her hands undid the other strap then latched onto my tits. She gave me a quick kiss on my mouth then latched onto my right tit as if she were a baby. Her hands continued to undress me by pushing the shorts off my hips.

She let go of my right tit and laid me back to start eating me. She licked from back to front then around my asshole. I was already hot and close. She slipped her thumb into my pussy then into my tight ass. I'd only had a cock up there three times before. Twice with Ryan and the Rod and the first time was with one of my Grandma's friends and my sexual teachers.

The thumb felt great and with one more lick of my clit I exploded. I wanted to cum like Kitty, but I could not figure out how. Kitty licked me a couple more times before I calmed down. She then laid next to me on the right with her right arm on my body.

"Kitty, have you ever tried shaving your pussy?" I asked as I teased the hair down there.

"No. I've never really thought about sex before meeting you," she answered and tweaked a nipple.

"Well as a gift to you I'm taking you to a spa and we are going to make you feel even sexier. Go get dressed in something clean and let's get out of here." She looked at me with confusion at first then smiled and kissed me. She stood up, stripped the shirt off and gathered all her clothes on the floor up. Making sure everything was picked up she left for the bedroom. About a minute later she was back in a white sleeveless body tight dress. This dress shows off underwear as if that is all you are wearing. There were no lines from underwear which made me smile. While she was in the other room I had pulled my shorts back on.

"Good idea," I said as she got close. "You are going to be nude there so it's easier if you don't go there with a lot on." She slipped on a pair of white one inch heals and we headed out.

We hopped into my mustang. In the car I undid the straps again and pulled the shorts off. Kitty followed suit. It was great seeing people do double takes trying to figure whether they saw two naked women in the car that stood out or not.

It took about twenty minutes to get to Sierra Sands. I bought this spa about a year ago. One of the finance guys told me that I should try to invest in a few things, so I decided that he could put more money into the stock market and I took money and purchased businesses in the city. I will let you know when and if we ever go to one of my businesses.

I pulled into the parking garage for the employees and a couple of the more reclusive persons that frequent the spa that was two floors under the spa.

I left my shorts in the car as I walked to the elevator in my sandals. Kitty had started to put her dress on as she got out of the car, when she saw me she took the dress back off and threw it back into the car before closing the door and running after me. I reached the elevator before she caught me.

During the drive over I called and got an appointment. Also during the call I told them where I was going to show up at and have the elevator down there. Everything was as it should be. Kitty and I entered the elevator and took it up to street level. It opened on a corridor near the front, but still hidden from the general public.

Kitty, in her heals, and I, in my sandals, exited and turned toward the front. Before stepping into the open we ran into Amber. Amber is a young athletic woman. She was wearing a white smock closed up and hanging to her knees, a pair of white sandals, and her blonde hair in a pony tail.

"Hi, Amber. Everything set?" I asked. Amber looked at us with awe and a small amount of lust. The uniform was something I had created partly to comfort the customer, but also to make the customer lust after my employees, which created repeat business. It is kind of like a strip club.

"Yes, Miss Crowe, room three is open and we can go there anytime you wish."

"Good. Who will be in attendance?"

"Becky, Fran, and me. Do you want to go past the front to room three or do you wish to go around the back way?"

Just then behind Amber, Kristen Bell and Jennifer Love Hewitt walked up to the reception desk. Kitty almost wrenched my arm out when she saw them.

"Rayne, do you know who they are? Do you think they will give me their autographs?" Her questions were a little louder than she meant to make them. Amber glanced behind to see who Kitty was talking about.

"Yes, Kitty, I know both of them. I met them and every other regular customer of Sierra Sands. Quite a few are celebrities." I made a point of making my answer loud too. The ladies heard me and looked our way. After signing a few forms each they came over.

"Hey, Rayne," said Kristen with a hug. Kristen was in a pair of hip huggers and a light flowing pink blouse with Sketchers street shoes. I could tell she was not wearing a bra. Very few who came to Sierra Sands did. Kitty was starting to fidget and cover herself. She had gotten used to being nude and only when there were more clothed people did she remember her state of undress.

"Ray-Ray," said Jennifer as she too took me into her arms. She too was in a pair of hip huggers and a light green t-shirt that was pulled tight over her chest. The shirt was so tight that I could see her nipples which were starting to come to attention. On her feet was a pair of Nike tennis shoes. As we separated she continued, "It's been too long. Almost six moths since I last saw you. Is it true that you have a boyfriend?"

"Yeah. His name is Ryan Grant. I met him at school," I said with a smile. Kitty was now standing right behind me. "Ladies, this is my friend and Ryan's neighbor Kathryn "Kitty" Glick. Kitty this is Jennifer Love Hewitt – call her Love, everyone does – and this is Kristen Bell."

Kitty stepped out from behind me and shook their hands. She was almost the same color as my hair from head to toe. My hair color is darker than hers. Love and Kris never said anything.

"Hi Kitty, how long you known Ray-Ray?" asked Love.

"About a month." It came out barely audible.

"Damn. She's just now helping you get rid of the little bit of hair you have down there?" said Kristen, who was now leaning against the wall in what was to become her Veronica Mars pose.

"Which room are you in?" asked Love.

"I didn't want my man to know that I had manipulated him so easily for the fun he, Kitty and I had yesterday. We're going to be in room three. I need a touch up and Kitty is going to be bald." This brought a smile to everyone's face. "Love, Kris, could you two be dears and give Kitty your autographs?"

Amber walked to the desk, grabbed a clipboard and a blank piece of paper and came back. Attached to the clipboard was a pen. She handed the clipboard to Love. Love happily wrote a small statement and signed the page before handing it to Kristen. Kristen read what Love wrote and laughed before writing something then signing. She then handed it back to Love.

I had not seen nor heard Love open her jeans, but when I looked at her as the clipboard exchanged hands I saw her right hand inside her white panties with a shamrock low on the front and her jeans pushed halfway down her ass. As I watched she brought her hand out of her panties and touched one finger to the paper next to her name then stepped up to Kitty and placed her pussyjuice- covered fingers to Kitty's mouth.

While this was happening I glanced at Kristen. She too had undone and pushed her pants down. She was not wearing panties and I had to smile seeing the small amount of stubble. I wished she would push father down, but she did not. She was still leaning against the wall, but now she was pressing her shoulders and her bare ass into it, the pants barely staying. Her right hand was inside the hidden area moving around.

Looking back to Kitty and Love I found Kitty had accepted Love's fingers into her mouth and Love's other hand was on Kitty's chest. Kitty was in ecstasy and not moving. Love pulled her fingers from Kitty's mouth after playing with both Kitty's tits for close to a minute. I think if Kitty had touched Love they would have needed to be taken to a room right away.

Amber hand taken the clipboard away from Love when I looked at Kristen. She now handed it to the sexually aroused woman against the wall. Kristen pulled her right had out and wiped three fingers on the page and handed it back to Amber. I figured that Kristen could not move with out dropping her pants so I maneuvered Kitty to her.

Kitty went to grab Kristen's wrist to bring the wet fingers to her mouth. Kristen instead tweaked each of Kitty's nipples with the fingers then she touched Kitty's forehead, nose, eyes and chin before allowing Kitty to suck the pussy juice off the fingers. Again Kitty touched nothing that was not offered.

Meanwhile Love had stepped behind me and ran an hand over my tits. The other hand was rubbing my ass. I leaned into her which caused her to run her hand to the front and to rub over the stubble.

"I need to taste you, but the hair is wrong. After the procedure meet us at the back office," I said with lust in my voice. "Like you said it's been too long. When you're done don't dress and head to the office. You both know where it is." She found my clit and pressed on it causing me to moan.

"We will be there in about thirty minutes. Right Amber?" asked Love.

"Yes, Miss H. All you and Miss B. need to do is head back to the desk and tell them to rush it for Rayne. The schedule is set to change as always for Miss Crowe."

"Ok. Let's get this done then," I said with disappointment. I took my weight off of Love and stepped away. Kitty and Kristen had stood suspended in time with Kristen's fingers in Kitty's mouth. I gently pulled them apart and the two celebrities redressed before walking together back to the desk. Kitty was still in shock. "Amber, please get someone to put that into my car nest to the white dress in the passenger seat. But first take us to room three the quickest way, past the front."

"Can do, Miss Crowe." She walked ahead and dropped off the clipboard. She took the sheet off the clipboard and dropped each at different places on the desk and said to the receptionist while pointing at the sheet, "Miss Crowe's car next to white dress in passenger seat." We caught up to her then. The front was empty. Love and Kristen already taken back.

They were gong to share a room. Another idea of mine. Allow friends, if they want to, to share the cost of a session. They can get anything from waxwings to massages. Sometimes it could end up being sex between the friends or the customer and the employees. I do not discourage the employees from playing if they want to I just ask them to not do it with every single customer.

Amber led us to room three where we met Becky, a five foot five inch one hundred pound woman with piercing blue eyes and a short bob of brown hair, and Fran, a woman almost as tall as me and at least twenty pounds less with hazel eyes and dirty blonde hair cut close to her head. Part of the reason Fran is so much light is because she is only an A-cup as opposed to my C-cup.

Normally we would get a massage and shower before getting waxed, but since this was going to be a quick procedure we did not. Kitty and I kicked our shoes off next to the door and Amber announced that this was going to be a quick procedure. She and the other two proceeded to doff their clothing. With in a minute there were five naked women in the room. Only one had hair above her pussy and that was going to be disappearing soon enough.

Fran came over and took my hand leading me to the shower stall in the corner. She stepped in alone and turned on the water. She was in there until the temp was right then pulled me in and washed me from head to toe. She paid close attention the areas that were about to be waxed. I was getting my pits done too. After the soap was gone she turned off the water and dried both of us off. We stepped out and Amber stepped in. Fran finished drying me then led me to the bed/table and laid me on my back. I glanced at the stall area as Fran gathered the necessary items. Amber had stepped back out and pulled Kitty in.

That is when Becky put the head phones on my head. It played easy listening music. This was another idea of mine. People are more pliable when we are relaxed. Almost instantly I started to relax almost falling asleep. Fran straddled my waist as Becky pulled my arms over my head and strapped them that way. Fran wasted no time and started waxing my armpits. She started with my left and as she moved to my right I felt Kitty lay down next to me.

She told me later that Amber had gotten her off in the shower by accident and she crumpled to the floor. Her legs did not want to hold her up. It took a few minutes before Kitty could stand again. Meanwhile Amber sat with her, Kitty's head in her lap. That is when their friendship started.

I cracked my eyes and looked at Kitty as Becky slipped another pair of headphones on Kitty's head. Fran finished with my armpit as Amber spread Kitty's legs. Fran's weight disappeared from my body then my legs were spread. I closed my eyes again then. I felt the hot wax and the strips being pulled but gave no reaction. Kitty moved a few times, and our knees bumped each time, until she learned to relax and ignore the slight pain. In short order we were turned over onto our knees. Fran and Amber waxed our asses then wiped away the excess wax. We were then led to the shower again. Becky, Kitty and I stepped in. It was a bit tight but Becky washed us then dried us before sending us out to Fran and Amber.

After the shower we were taken back to the bed, laid down and examined. Fran used a magnifying glass and tweezers on my crotch and ass as Amber did the same to Kitty. Eventually we were done. In record time no less. The whole thing took no longer than twenty minutes. I was happy and sad, happy because Kitty and I could go get ready for the others and sad because Kitty's first time was so quick. I vowed then that Kitty's second time was not going to be a rush job. She deserved to see a full treatment.

Before we left the room the three women dressed in the white thong, white tank top, and white smock. Kitty and I left the room, with out our footwear, (I knew Amber would get them to my car) and walked to the back of the building. On the way we passed five customers; two women who I knew were regulars, but at the time could not remember their names, Neve Campbell and Lacey Chabert were just exiting room six, and Michael Chiklis. I gave each a kiss on the cheek as we walked passed. (I found out that Michael was there to wax his head for the part in The Shield.)

Kitty and I entered the back office five minutes after we left room three. The office is about the size of Ryan's whole apartment. In the far corner from the door was a California King Bed behind a curtain. There are a few shelves with books and pictures on them. There was a large wooden desk near the door with soft leather chairs on both sides. On one corner of the desk sat a monitor and the wires disappeared into the desk. The keyboard and mouse were in a drawer in the middle of the desk.

While Kitty marveled at the size of the room and the items in it I went over and opened the curtain then sat behind the desk. I logged into the network and pulled up the ledger for the current month. I smiled at the numbers and then closed the window. I pulled up security feed to see what was happening in the spa. The lower level had a couple celebrities in either acts of sex or knocked out for the out patient plastic surgeries we preformed there. It was now 10:10.

I closed the window and was about to log off when there was a knock at the door. I got up and answered. Kitty was fondling the fake diamond prop from The Great Muppet Caper I bought. Love and Kristen were there and so were Neve and Lacey. Kristen had her pants undone and was holding them up with her hands, Love barely had her shirt covering chest.

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