tagExhibitionist & VoyeurRe-acquianted Ch. 03

Re-acquianted Ch. 03


This is the third installment in a series under this title. This chapter picks up where the second chapter stopped. This story is a work of fiction. While the story has some basis in reality, any similarities to any real person or entity are entirely coincidental and unintended.


Not long after the Firm Dinner, Carol made me bundle up and she took me out on her property to show me a project which she wanted us to do. Carol had bought a number of acres. The field beyond Carol's back yard belonged to her. I suspect that the field had been farmed at some time in the past. When Carol took me back there, it was overgrown with weeds and brush. About 300 yards from Carol's back yard, we came to a large pond. The water seemed pretty clear and fresh, leading me to think that it was probably fed by a spring.

"I'd like to get this in shape so that we can use it for skinny-dipping," Carol explained.

Looking around, I saw why she had that idea. There were no houses or other structures in sight. "Ok," I said, "we can do that."

As soon as it got warm enough to work outside, I went into the pond to pull out the weeds. I was clothed because I didn't know what might be in the pond. As far as I could tell, there was nothing threatening. There were also surprisingly few weeds and I got those out in just a few hours.

We rented a bush hog which I used to cut the weeds back about fifteen yards from the pond on all sides. I also cut a path from the pond to Carol's back yard. We paid a local farmer a small amount to plow and disk the area that I had mowed. Once that was done, I went over the bare earth with a roller to compact it. It wasn't a sandy one, but we now had our own nude beach and a path to get there that could be used barefoot.

Carol had a sign made reading "FULL NUDITY REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES" which we mounted on a pole at the point where the path opened onto the "beach." About an hour after we posted the sign, it started to rain. It rained pretty much every day for the rest of March and most of April. Our newly constructed nude beach became a mud bath.

The rains ended and the ground dried enough to lie on it in mid-May. Stephanie, Yvonne, Mike, and Will joined us for the inaugural skinny-dipping session on our "beach." Our creation actually seemed to work pretty well.

Terry Cole had not been my favorite person in high school and was not my favorite person as an adult. I thought that she was excessively judgmental and condescending. Carol, however, liked Terry and the two women were becoming close friends. Carol told me, more than once, that I was being unfair to Terry. Carol said that, like us all, Terry had her insecurities and the traits which I disliked were her way of trying to cover them up.

For many months after I first became re-acquainted with Terry, I had no idea what she did. Carol finally told me that Terry taught physical education and coached girls volleyball and tennis at a local high school. Not the school we had all attended, but another one close by. That information didn't exactly leave me in awe of Terry's intellect.

It was just before the Memorial Day weekend that Terry's world got blown up. A sophomore boy at her school had gone to her principal and accused Terry of sexual misconduct. Specifically, the boy said that Terry had shown up uninvited at his house one Saturday night when his parents were out of town. The boy was, he said, staying at home that night with a couple of his older male cousins from out-of-town. Before Terry left, he claimed, she had done all three of the guys.

On the day after Memorial Day, Terry was suspended as a teacher and coach without pay. That was not an immediate problem because the school year was effectively over. However, teacher-student sex was a felony in our state so the allegations against Terry were referred to the county sheriff. That was an immediate problem. The weekly county paper published the story with lurid details and it was picked up by the city TV news. No one used Terry's name, but they did name the school and said that the accused teacher coached girls' volleyball and tennis. They might as well have used Terry's name because she was the only person who fit that description.

Although I do not handle criminal matters, Carol sort of nagged me into helping Terry out. Terry had been given the date on which she supposedly had a foursome with the three boys.

"This is such crap," Terry said when I first sat down with her. "The Saturday I was supposedly doing them I was actually in Pittsburgh visiting Sherry. I drove up there Friday night after school and drove back Sunday afternoon."

I told Terry that I would have to verify her story with Sherry and Sherry's partner. I also asked her whether she had any receipts for gas or anything she bought in Pittsburgh. She said she'd look.

Sherry and her partner Leann both corroborated Terry's story, but a sister isn't exactly an unbiased witness. Terry got back to me a day later. Like me, she wasn't good about keeping receipts. But, she had credit card statements showing that she spent money at gas stations in towns between here and Pittsburgh on that Friday and Sunday. Another credit card statement showed a rather large charge from a restaurant in Pittsburgh the day she was alleged to have been deflowering the three boys here.

I had also learned that Terry's accuser was hardly a perfect child. Through connections, I learned that he had been in juvenile court a couple of times for criminal matters starting in eighth grade. Terry wasn't my favorite person, but I was starting to feel sorry for her. It looked to me like she was being screwed, and not in a pleasurable way.

We knew that the Sheriff's investigator would want to talk with Terry once he felt he had enough information to question her knowledgeably. Terry and I discussed whether she should hire a criminal defense lawyer. On one hand, a good lawyer could save Terry from unwittingly damaging herself, particularly if the investigator wanted to make a case against her. On the other hand, if Terry "lawyered up," it would be taken as an admission of guilt by the investigator, her school, and the public.

We finally decided that Terry would go to the interview by herself. I thought that Terry could make a fairly persuasive case on her own that the accusation against her was bogus. We both felt that creating an appearance of openness, of nothing to hide, would work in her favor.

Terry took another hit from her boyfriend Tom. Whether Tom really believed the accusation against Terry I do not know. But, it was his stated reason for ending their relationship. I hadn't expected Tom to kick Terry when she was down.

It was, as I recall, the second Friday in June. I had just gotten to Carol's house after work and was taking my clothes off.

"Terry called today," Carol said. Carol worked from home when she was not visiting clients. "The deputy on her case called her and wants to talk with her Monday morning. As you can imagine, Terry's pretty stressed. So that she doesn't spend all weekend worrying about it, I invited her over here tomorrow. It's supposed to be nice. I told her that we could lie out by the pond. We may have to waive our nudity required rule."

My attitude towards Terry had softened sufficiently that I made no objection. Besides, it was Carol's house and Carol's pond. It wasn't my place to try to tell her who she could or could not invite.

Terry showed up around 11:00 the next morning. Carol and I were in her kitchen nude preparing some food and gathering drinks to take out to the pond. Terry came in wearing shorts over what looked like a black one-piece swimsuit. There were, understandably, some new worry lines in her face. However, the black suit contrasted nicely with Terry's short blonde hair. Terry actually looked better than I could ever remember her looking.

The three of us carried food, wine, water, sunscreen, and beach towels along the pond path. Terry had left her shorts in the kitchen and was wearing just her swimsuit. Terry had a good figure and the suit outlined it well. Carol and I were, of course, nude.

When we reached our "beach," Terry stopped and read Carol's "nudity required" sign aloud. "You're pretty serious about people not wearing clothes here aren't you?" Terry said.

"Yes, we are," Carol replied.

Terry was looking around. "No one can see you here, can they?" she asked.

Carol chuckled. "No. That's why we can use it for skinny-dipping without having neighbors call the cops."

Terry had set the beach towels she was carrying on the ground. She looked like she was debating something with herself. Finally, she said "What the fuck? Everyone already thinks that I'm the worst slut in the county."

That shocked me. I had never heard the F word from Terry Cole in high school or in the months we had been socializing as adults. Terry's next action shocked me even more. She started to pull the straps of her swimsuit off of her shoulders.

I'm not completely sure why, but I turned my back to Terry and looked away. After a few seconds, Terry said, "Harry, you can look. I've looked at you enough."

I turned back to face Terry. She was standing naked with her black swimsuit balled in her hand. Terry smiled hesitantly and did a quick pirouette. I think that every woman looks better naked than clothed. However, the transformation of Terry was dramatic. She had small, firm breasts; a flat somewhat muscular-looking abdomen; smooth, muscular legs; and, a very cute, tight ass. Tan lines highlighted her breasts, vulva, and ass. I was also a little surprised to see her pubic hair trimmed to a narrow landing strip.

I guess that I looked too long because Terry finally asked, "What do you think?"

"Terry," I said, "you look great naked." I glanced at Carol, who gave me an approving nod.

"Well," Terry said, "I've always enjoyed looking at you naked. I guess that I should have returned the favor sooner."

Carol explained to Terry the importance of using sunscreen, particularly on her body parts that were being sunned for the first time. While Carol was doing that, I was putting sunscreen on Carol's back, her ass, and the backs of her legs.

When Carol and I had finished putting sunscreen on each other, Carol handed the tube to Terry. Terry said, "Harry, will you do my back?"

I took the tube from Terry. She turned around. I put sunscreen on her surprisingly muscular back. I was looking at her tight white ass the whole time, but stopped my hands safely above her waist.

We spread the towels, poured some wine, and ate sandwiches and pasta salad while sitting on our "beach." Carol and I sat crossed-legged, but Terry sat with her legs straight out and spread. It was like she was making a conscious effort to expose herself.

After lunch, Carol and I stretched out next to each other in the sunshine. Like I had done the first time I went nude with other people outdoors, Terry spent a lot of time walking around. She did several laps around the pond. She walked back up to Carol's house nude.

I guess that Terry finally got a little fatigued, because she plopped down on a towel next to Carol and me. "I love walking around naked," Terry said. "It is so exhilarating! I was always taught that you don't go outside without clothes on and you don't let other people see your pubes. I wish that I hadn't been taught that. Of course, you guys aren't just people. You're friends."

"Real friends go nude together," Carol said with a smile. "I can tell you from experience that there are a whole lot of things which are fun to do in the nude," Carol added.

"Being nude with strangers is a bit intimidating at first, but it can be great fun too," I said.

Terry laughed. "You may have made a convert. I'm certainly loving being nude today."

"We didn't convert you," Carol said. "Your own better judgment converted you. You just needed to be shaken up enough to follow it."

Terry got up again and walked several feet away to where the dirt beach met the weeds (which I had cut very short in an effort to fool people into thinking it was grass). "You could make this place better by putting up a volleyball net," Terry said. "Right about here should be far enough from the water." Terry paused. "Putting down some sand would make it better still," she added.

"She may have an idea there," Carol said. We were always trying to think of ways to improve our "nude beach."

"I don't remember having played volleyball since elementary school," I said.

"I thought that nudists all play volleyball," Terry replied. "Don't worry about that. I am, or was, a volleyball coach. I can teach you."

The three of us spent the whole day nude on our beach. We swam. We talked about everything except Terry's problem. We drank a little wine. I willingly complied with Carol's instruction that we should both keep an eye on Terry to make sure that she wasn't burning her tits or ass. She didn't.

As the sun got close to setting, the three of us walked nude back to Carol's house. Carol invited Terry to stay for dinner and Terry accepted. I surprised myself by realizing that, over the past couple of weeks, my opinion of Terry Cole had turned 180 degrees. Carol had been right. Terry was a pretty good person when she relaxed and let it show.

Terry declined Carol's invitation to stay over. "I have to thank you both for opening me up to something which I had thought was wrong but is really very right," Terry said to us. She laughed, "But, you've ruined me for my complex pool. I don't ever want to swim in a suit again."

Carol invited Terry to come back and lie out the next day. Terry declined that invitation too. "You guys have spent a lot of time on my problem recently. You deserve some you time."

After Terry left, Carol asked me, "Will you concede now that I was right about Terry?"

"I will,' I said. "I just don't understand why we haven't seen the true Terry before."

"I have a theory on that," Carol replied. "Terry was brought up, from what she's told me, being taught that it is very important that the 'right' people consider you a 'good' person. She worked hard on that but now she's seeing a lot of the 'right' people abandon her or turn on her because of a lie. Terry is, I think, also learning how tenuous life can be. Coaching is very important to her and that has been taken away from her through no fault of hers. I think that she is learning that she has to worry less about impressing others and more about pleasing herself because we just don't know when it may all go away."

I put my arms around Carol. "I know one 'right' person whose opinion of me matters very much to me."

Carol put both hands on my bare ass and hugged me to her tightly. "You're ok there," Carol said. "She's crazy and she loves you." We kissed for a long time.

Terry's situation improved just after July 4. The Sheriff's office and the County Prosecutor issued a joint press release saying that they had investigated the allegations of sexual misconduct with students made against the girls' volleyball coach at Cropper HS and had determined that the allegations were false. Carol decided that we needed to have a party on our "beach" to celebrate.

About mid-day the following Saturday, I was nude on the "beach" setting up a table for food and some lawn chairs when Carol walked down from her house, nude, with a clothed Terry and her sister Sherry. I was more than a bit surprised to see Sherry, who was a year younger than the rest of us.

Carol said to me, "Terry called this morning to say that Sherry had come in from Pittsburgh, so I told Terry to bring her along."

I had seen Sherry once since high school at Thanksgiving Dinner at Terry's and Sherry's parents' house the prior year. I had been clothed then. This day I extended my hand and said, "Sherry, it is good to see you again. We're glad that your sister is out of the woods."

Sherry shook my hand while she ran her eyes up and down my nude body. "It's good to see you again Harry. I haven't seen this much of you since you streaked back in high school. I'm glad to see that you stay in good shape."

Terry interjected, "Carol and Harry are real serious about people not wearing clothes out here. We'd better get undressed before we get in trouble."

Sherry, whom I knew to be lesbian, smiled at me. "Sure,' she said.

Both women stripped naked and stuffed their clothes in a beach bag Terry had brought. Terry had always been, and still was, the more attractive sister. However, Sherry had been known in school for having an absolutely outstanding ass.

Sherry turned her ass, now bare, towards me. Smiling over her shoulder, Sherry asked "Is it what you expected Harry?"

"I think that you've kept your great rear from high school," I replied.

Sherry swished her bare ass a time or two and said, "thank you." I looked at Carol, who was smiling. I hoped that Carol was confident enough about our relationship that I could flirt a bit without upsetting her.

I also noticed that Sherry had an allover tan. As if reading my mind, Terry said, "Sherry regularly sunbathes in the nude with a group of girls in Pittsburgh. I never knew until I told her about going nude here."

Saucily, Sherry added, "Well, we do a bit more than just sunbathe."

Terry said, "Oh, I forgot the net" and ran nude back up the path to Carol's house. A short time later, she was back, carrying two poles with a net wrapped around them. "I brought volleyball net," she explained.

The rest of Carol's guests arrived and stripped off: Stephanie and Mike, Yvonne and Will (who had only met Terry once but jumped at the opportunity to go nude in the country), and Kim Hewlit/Ginnochi and her new boyfriend Peter. Kim's diet appeared to be going well. She had always had big breasts and a slightly wide ass, but she was well on the way back to the look that made her so popular in school.

Everyone else started eating and drinking while Terry had me erect her volleyball net. Once I had it up, Terry said, "Ok, Harry, let me teach you a few basics."

Sherry was standing on the other side of the net holding a ball. Terry went behind me and said, "When Sherry hits the ball over, I want you to hit the ball from underneath with your arms like this." Terry put her arms around me and moved my arms into the standard position for setting the ball. As she did that, her bare breasts pressed into my back. I glanced around and saw Carol standing by the drinks cooler watching us with a smile on her face. I didn't mind rubbing against Terry's tits, but I thought that I should get out of that position quickly to avoid antagonizing Carol. After just a few hits, I was able to persuade Terry that I could play well enough that I wouldn't take the fun out of a game.

After a bit of food and drink, Terry, ever the coach, organized a volleyball game. Carol, Sherry, Yvonne, Mike, and Will took on Terry, Kim, Stephanie, Peter, and me. The game went as well as you could expect with teams that had never played together before.

The lack of teamwork was illustrated by a play in which I was backing up to set a ball for Peter. Kim didn't quite get out of my way with the result that I tripped on her foot. Terry was coming over in case I misplayed the ball. She tripped over my leg and landed face down on top of me. I have nothing against being nude on the ground with an attractive nude woman on top of me, except when the woman isn't Carol.

Terry didn't get off of me right away. Instead, she lay on me for a moment, smiled, and said "This is nice."

Later that evening, after everyone had gone, Carol and I were cuddling on her couch. "I think Terry was trying to hit on you," Carol said as she gently ran her hand up and down my dick.

"Maybe,' I said, "but it isn't going to work."

"Really?" Carol said.

"What you have in your hand only goes in one woman," I said.

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