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Part 1


The wind had changed so they were finally getting a break from the stench of the dead. Boyle was thinking that was a good thing but Keene was uneasy about it. Smell was always a good early warning against the fuckers. Lose that and you might turn a corner and end up with some dead assholes teeth in your neck. That'd ruin your whole day.

Danny lit a smoke and peered through the rifle scope. "I'm telling you, Keene I think he's gonna fuck her right out there in the open." He offers Keene a cigarette knowing he doesn't smoke but wanting to make sure things stay friendly. Two guys ten miles from safety and surrounded by dead people that want to eat your face while you're still using it have to keep it friendly or things go bad pretty quick.

Keene takes a peak through his own scope. "You might be right. He's feeling her up."

They'd been sitting on the roof of a Wal-Mart watching the surrounding area for several hours when the couple had shown up. They had come out of a shoe store in a strip mall across the street for no apparent reason other than to make out in the parking lot which was about as stupid as you could get the way Keene had it figured. Boyle, too for that matter. They'd both seen plenty of stupid during The Change but most times you could understand what was happening. This was new. Like they were offering themselves up for dinner and going out with a bang.

The man was looking pretty grungy which could be excused all things considered but there were always ways to clean yourself up even when water was scarce. No fucking excuse as far as Keene was concerned. Not when you're getting some pussy. The girl at least looked like she had been making an effort. Blonde hair that looked like maybe it had been nice before things went to hell and her body was still working for her. Grungy guy was taking full advantage of that body at the moment, too. He had her laid back across the hood of an abandoned Toyota, her shirt up around her neck and one hand on her ass, one on a tit and his mouth on the other tit. Guy wasn't messing around.

Boyle practically had the eyepiece of his scope glued to his head. "Know what I think they're doing, Brian? I think it's a thrill thing. I bet they do this every day. Come out and fuck until Z shows up and see if they make it back inside in time. Seen shit like this before but not with fucking. Usually it's something dumb."

"You don't think this is dumb?"

"Well, not as dumb. This way at least they get laid."

"Get laid just as easy inside. Fuck all that thrill shit."

Boyle took one another drag off his cigarette and stubbed it out, putting the remainder in his breast pocket. "He's turning her over, man."

Keene looked through his scope and sure enough the grungemeister had turned the woman around and had her bent over the hood of the car. The woman was pushing her own pants down while they guy was fumbling with his. Once he got them open his hardon jumped out like a jack-in-the-box.

"Holy shit, you see the size of that thing!"

Keene nodded but didn't say anything. He was watching because it looked to be a good show but he was still worried. Z had a tendency to show up at bad times and this was most certainly a bad time to show up.

Grungy guy had at least 8 solid inches on him and at present he was trying to bury all of it in his girlfriend. Keene could see him working it around, trying to lubricate her. Why he didn't just drop down and get to lickin' was beyond him. Hell, you've gone this far might as well do it right. Probably gonna die soon either way. The asshole wasn't reading Keenes thoughts though so he kept working it and finally got himself in deep.

The girl let out a moan loud enough for them to hear across the street and on the roof and Keene and Boyle both knew that was all it was going to take. A noise that loud brings them in. The man started to pound on her, one hand tangled in her hair and pulling her head back as his hips went back and forth, giving both on the roof a penetration shot worthy of any porno.

Keene wanted to watch but did a quick visual sweep. Fuckers were gonna be here soon. He went back to the happy couple and found grunge picking up the pace. He was slamming into her like a jackhammer now and she was saying something back at him that Keene was pretty sure wasn't Shakespeare. He couldn't read lips but he saw enough to know the words cock, pussy and fuck were involved.

He was beginning to get into the show when Boyle of all people brought him back into the real world. "Dude, gasbag at 7 O'clock. About 200 yards."

Keene swiveled his body while keeping his scope to his eye and started looking. Sure enough there was a blob of decayed flesh that had bloated up in the sun and not yet released its gasses lumbering towards the couple. It was so far gone Keene couldn't tell if it was male or female but didn't really care either. Fucker was mobile and hungry and that's all that mattered. "Put a shot across their bow, let 'em know to get moving."

Boyle shook his head. "No, man. We do that we'll have living and dead both all over this motherfucker and we'll be stuck up here forever."

"Well we can't just let them keep going. That thing's moving pretty quick. Quick for a bloated corpse anyway. "

"You know how it is, man."

Keene sighed. "Fuck. Fucking fuck." He went back to watching the couple who were not only oblivious to the danger but had decided that some birth control was in order because the man had pulled out and the woman was on her knees taking in as much of him as she could which was admittedly not that much. Keene was thinking he used to know a girl could probably take it all and how he could use her right about now.

The woman would bob on his cock a few strokes then stop to lick the shaft then go back to bobbing for apples. It was doing the trick because before long the man let his head drop back and closed his eyes. He grabbed his cock and pulled it out of her mouth and started jerking it. She knelt down a bit and looked up and both Boyle and Keene knew what was coming. So to speak.

The man quickened the pace with his hand and just as his first spurt hit her open mouth a zombie came around a minivan parked next to the car and grabbed him.

"Oh, fuck man. You see that!" Boyle said. "Shit, he's still coming."

Keene watched as the zombie bit into the man's neck while the man amazingly never stopped stroking himself. A stream of cum followed him as he was pulled backwards. He screamed but still never stopped masturbating and Keene wondered if he was able to. Maybe shock had him. Hopefully anyway. If you're going to be eaten alive you might was jerk off while it's happening.

The Z had brought the man down on the asphalt and had ripped most of his neck out. The man lay there and let out one final cry before twitching a couple times and going still. His cock was still hard and the zombie found the morsel too good to pass up. It leaned over the man, took it in its mouth and bit it completely off, chewing it a few times before swallowing. Keene couldn't help but think that it took more in one bite than the girl was able to.

Thinking of her brought him around and he scanned the area but couldn't find her. Had she run back inside? "Boyle, where's the girl?"

"Gasbag got her, man. Didn't you see?"

"No. Where?"

"Other side of the car. You can't see much. Good thing I guess."

Keene settled the scope on the car and couldn't see any sign of the girl or the dead but then some movement on the far side and he could make out the back of the bloated zombie, obviously chowing down.

Both men laid their rifles down and sat back in the lawn chairs they had taken from the store below. Boyle got his stub of a cigarette out and lit it. "They did that shit on purpose. Had to. Suicide or some shit."

Keene nodded. "Yeah, that's what I figure. I didn't see her but he went down way too easy. He was wanting it."

"I saw her," Boyle said. "She just let the damn thing get her. No fight at all. Bitch still had cum dripping off her chin. Damndest thing I ever saw. Ok, maybe not the damndest. There was that thing with the horse."

Keene shuddered. He didn't like to think about that thing with the horse. "We should probably call in to have them come get us. I doubt anyone else is breathing around here. Those two would have been found out before now if there were."

Boyle picked up the radio that had been sitting between their chairs and spoke into it, "Home, northwest team requesting pick up ASAP."

The radio sat silent for a few moments and Boyle was about to speak into it again when the reply finally came. "That's a negative, northwest team. Be advised you'll have to find your own way home. Sorry."

Keene jumped up and snatched the radio out of Boyles hand. "What the fuck do you mean 'find out own way home?' "

The voice came back immediately, "Guys, we can't help it. Chopper went down yesterday, Romero is dead, Brooks is in charge and is...indisposed. There's no way and nobody to come get you right now. Brooks gave orders that when teams report in for pickup to tell you exactly what I told you. Find your own way home, we can't help."

"Motherfucker! Ok, we'll figure it out. What happened to Romero?"

"Chopper was doing a recon and went down about a mile off. He showed up at the gate a couple hours later. Most of him did anyway. I gotta go guys. You're not the only ones out there. Get back here somehow. I'm sorry, dudes."

Keene released the talk button and handed the radio back to Boyle. "Keep an eye out for Z. I'm going down below to see about a couple bikes. We're ten miles out. On a bicycle we can do that in no time if we can stay away from the assholes."

"This sucks man. There's more going on. You heard how he talked about Brooks. Something aint right."

Boyle sighed, "I know."


The town had been small to begin with, less than a square mile for the town proper but the fence made it even smaller. It ran north-south for not quite a half mile and east-west for just over a quarter mile. It wasn't in straight lines but close enough, protecting the town's gas stations, supermarket, bars and everything else trapped in between those. It was mostly homes that were left outside the fence but nobody was using those anymore except for the wildlife.

The builders had allowed one gate facing south, all the easier to watch and protect. The fence itself could be breached easily enough by anyone with a pair of bolt cutters but nobody worried much about anyone that could use tools. They weren't the real threat. The real threat didn't have the sense to do more than run into the fence and stay there dumbfounded until they were spotted and put down. Over a period of about a month this method was used to clear most of the zombies from the surrounding area. Safe, easy and eventually got to be fun for some.

Everyone had a job here and it worked out well enough. It only took a week or so to work out the political structure because Romero had been the one who built the fence and kept everyone safe. He had been seen as hero and so easily got voted into the leadership role. After that things fell into place and 37 people managed to be happy during the apocalypse.

At the moment however there was one very unhappy citizen of this haven. The appointed radioman (appointed because he once had a ham radio as a hobby) had just told two recon teams they couldn't be picked up and he doubted very much they'd make it back alive. The southern team had no chance. Simon knew that beyond a doubt. They had over 20 miles of territory to cover by foot and it was heavily infested and they were only lightly armed. The north east team might have a shot though. He hoped. He would have prayed but even though he had always been a religious man he sort of figured God wasn't listening right now. Apparently God was seriously pissed off at the moment. Simon figured he couldn't blame Him much.

It was his time off, Wright was taking the shift so Simon ambled out of the little one bedroom home they had been using as a radio hut and thought out his day. He had to go see what was up with Brooks, no question about that. Max was having some issues and if he was going to be in charge then he needed to get over them. Everyone was reeling from losing the helicopter and Romero but they had to keep their shit together.

Still, Brooks could wait a few. Simon was thinking some ass might help clear his head and there was woman that had been giving it up to all the guys lately. That was a lot of service but beggars can't be choosers. Not when pussy was getting as scarce as it was.

He pointed himself west and strolled down the middle of the empty street. The cars had all been removed a while ago and it made a huge difference. Made the place creepy as all fuck, too but creepy was kind of a relative term lately.

Alice lived in a little two bedroom she had taken for herself near the fence. Simon was there in less than five minutes and knocked on her door, hoping against hope she wasn't busy. He wasn't sure he wanted in immediately after someone else. He was ok with a whore just not one that was still warm from the last guy.

She answered quickly which he took for a good sign and smiled at him. "Well, Mr. Pegg, I see you finally came to visit me. I was wondering if you would. I guess I should say I was hoping you would."

"Hey, Alice. I was thinking maybe I could visit for a few. You know."

She opened the door wider and stepped aside to let him in. "Just follow that hallway to the bedroom, sweets."

Simon blushed and stopped. "Hey, we don't have to go in there right now. We could sit and talk a bit and..."

She stepped up to him and put a hand on his chest. "Simon, I know why you're here and that's fine. There's no need to pretend. I'm having fun during these last days and I'm not ashamed of it. Join me." She brushed against him as she passed by, grabbed his hand and led him to the bedroom.

When he entered Simon let out a tiny gasp and then hoped she hadn't noticed. He wasn't a prude but this was not what he was expecting. The room was bare except for a king size bed and one wall that she had covered with bookshelves and resting on the shelves were every sexy toy Simon had ever seen or even heard about. He had a feeling these weren't all either. There was a closet door set into the opposite wall and he was sure if he opened it he'd find things he probably didn't want to know about.

Alice let go of his hand, walked to the bed and turned around towards him. "What is it you'd like, honey? Just want a blowjob or do you want to fuck? You can pick out some toys if you'd like."

"Where did you get all this stuff?"

Alice smiled, "You know I was in the first group here. I came in with Romero. Once we got settled I spent some time going through all the houses. Turns out that people in small towns make their own entertainment. I wasn't sure why at the time but I started gathering it all up. I think subconsciously I knew it was the beginning of the end and I was going to want to go out having fun. Maybe others just think I'm some cheap slut that doesn't know any better or doesn't care but that's not true. I know exactly what I'm doing and I care very deeply. I just don't see any need to hide things anymore. I like sex and I want to have a lot of it before we all die."

"Hey," Simon stuttered a bit, "I can understand that. Kind of why I'm here I guess."

Alice was wearing a terrycloth robe and she undid the belt and let it slide to the floor. She was an attractive woman with small but firm breasts and just enough of an hourglass figure to turn heads. Simon looked her over and grinned like a schoolboy who just found his fathers Penthouse. "You keep it shaved. I like that."

"I bet I do lots of things you like, Mr. Pegg," she said and moved forward, pushing her body against him. Her hand went down to his member and stroked him, bringing him up to speed and getting an even bigger grin from him. Without word or warning she dropped to her knees in front of him. "My, you certainly are a big boy, aren't you?"

Simon looked down at her, "Oh, I don't know about that..."

"No," she said stopping him. "No false modesty here, sir. You've got a nice big cock and you know it and I like it." With that she took him in her mouth and worked her magic. Her lips closed tightly around his shaft and taking him deeply into her mouth, her nose finally pushed up against his pubic hair.

Simon moaned, "And I like that."

She continued working him, her lips making time up and down his cock stopping only to lick around the head a few times, her eyes always looking up at him. She knew what men liked and had no problem doing it.

"I have to fuck you," he told her and pulled her head away from him. "Now."

She smiled, stood up and fell back onto the bed. "Then come fuck me. Now."

Simon went to and lowered himself down on top of her. He took his cock in his hand and guided it towards her pussy. He was surprised to find her wet and ready. He had thought someone like her wouldn't get excited but he didn't spend much time on that thought. His dick wouldn't let him.

He pushed himself into her as she pulled her legs up along his side and raised her hips, giving him better entry. She sighed at the first push and moaned when he buried himself to the hilt. He stayed buried in her for a moment and then started to move, his hips moving slow at first, getting a rhythm.

Alice allowed the pleasure to build inside of her but began to grow impatient. He was making love and she didn't make love anymore. It was all fucking now. "Fuck me like you want to," she told him and then moaned as he thrust into her, "You won't break me, I promise."

Simon needed no more encouragement as he put his arms under her legs and pushed the up and back, pinning her knees against her shoulders and ramming his cock into her as hard as he could. He pulled most of the way out and rammed again, not fast yet but strong. She began to cry out, "Yes, fuck me!" and "Do it, fuck that pussy!" Simon had the idea she was saying those things for him but didn't care. It worked.

He sped up and began to pound into her like a jackhammer, her ass pointing nearly straight up because of how he had her legs pinned, his cock going deep with every thrust. He felt one of her hand move down around her ass and expected to feel it on his balls but instead began to feel a slight bump inside her pussy knew she was fingering her own asshole. At least two fingers from the feel of it. That turned him on more than he'd be turned on in months and he started to move even faster.

Alice was on the brink, her fingers as deep into her ass as she could get them and taking Simon as hard and as fast as she could. It was coming soon and it felt good. She could tell he was getting close, too. "Don't come in my pussy, do it on my face. Please."

Simon was caught by surprise by her request but didn't miss a beat. He let go of her legs, pulled out of her and moved up the bed, straddling her face. He stroked his cock and put his balls on her face. "Come on, suck 'em."

Alice happily obliged and carefully sucked his balls into her mouth and ran her tongue along them and underneath them, her right hand still down on her ass but now fingering both holes at once.

Simon suddenly lifted up and pulled back, Alice closed her eyes and then felt the first spurt of come hit her cheek and then her nose and lips and that's when she came. An explosion of please ripping through her as Simon continued a massive ejaculation onto her. She bucked under him, her orgasm being more intense than she expected. After a moment it began to subside and she relaxed her body as he lifted himself off of her and lay down.

"I'll get you a towel," he said and started to get up.

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