tagNonHumanRe-population Ch. 04

Re-population Ch. 04


Ch 4 – The downfall (Quinn)

Over the years, the re-population effort seemed to be going well. The alien's numbers grew quickly in the first couple of generations.

The alien males would impregnate as many of the human females as possible. Since the human females would normally have only about 3-4 children during their lifetime and each alien impregnation would produce a minimum of twins, the majority of the human female's children would have alien DNA. The alien females were finding enough human males to impregnate them on average every 4 years. With each pregnancy, there would be 3-4 offspring. All would have alien DNA. Statistically, each alien birth tended to reduce the rate of human births since there were fewer chances to breed with other humans.

It would take a while but eventually, if everything followed the plan, there would be no more humans to breed with each other and the alien race would have taken over by attrition. The takeover would be so slow and invisible the humans would not even see it coming. All they would see were beings that looked and acted just like them.

Midway into the early twentieth year of the second generation of aliens, they noted that this human species had a considerably longer average life span than they did. This was not too much of a concern since the alien's breeding rate was about 3-4 times that of the humans they were replacing.

The new alien leaders had chosen a remote island to set up a world headquarters to keep track of the growing alien population. From here, they could receive reports and monitor things, without interference from the human species.

The headquarters was initially equipped to electronically monitor all parts of the world. After a few years, there were expansions for 'on-site' monitoring. Since most of the alien leaders were male, it was necessary that they also do their part to fulfill 'the mission'. Large dormitories were built to house human females of breeding age. Once they set foot on the island the human females were destined never to leave it. They would serve out their entire child bearing years on the island. Once they could no longer bear children, they were of no use, and discarded like yesterday's newspaper. New human female breeders were brought to the island to replace the 'worn out' ones.

There was no need to put locks on any of the doors except the monitoring building, where could the humans go. The island was a perfect barrier to escape. Besides, the females were routinely given a substance in their food and drink that made them very compliant. It also made them extremely horny and ready for sex at every opportunity, which is that the alien males wanted. Not only would they be able to do their part in the re-population mission but it would also provide some daily recreation.

When the dormitories were built, additional impregnation research rooms were built. When it was noted that a particular human female was in her fertile time, she would be brought to the 'research' room. There she would be not only thoroughly fucked and impregnated but the whole process was recorded and monitored for later study. The recordings would be studied, to determine the various ways to have sex with these human females and what techniques elicited the best sexual response.

+ + + + + + + + + + +

Michele had been on the island for almost a month. At first she had tried to find ways to escape off the island. She soon found there was no easy ways off the island. The 5' 7" stunning brunette was no bimbo. She had a Masters degree in psychology and she had a steely determination that there was always a way to do something, even if it was not obvious, or physical.

Michele had noted that it appeared that most of her captors were male. They were all exceptionally handsome and muscular. Even though she was in prime physical condition, she knew there was no way she could overpower any of them physically. She would have to try some verbal or sensual persuasion.

Although she knew it was somewhat stereo-typical for a woman to use her obvious sex appeal to get what she wanted, she felt that this might be the best option if she was ever to gain her freedom. She had guess rightly that her captors were pretty self assured that no one could escape the island since for the most part, all the captives were allowed the freedom to roam most of the main compound. There were only a few buildings that were inaccessible. A number of her male captors came and went and seemed pleasant enough to interact with but she could get very little information out of any of them.

To try to loosen them up some, she decided to try showing off some of her 'assets'. She started leaving her bra back in her sleeping quarters, as she took her walks around the compound. This did not go unnoticed by her male captors. After a couple of days, she decided to ditch the panties as well to add a little extra enticement. She had decided she was going to use some of that Masters degree in psychology.

She purposely changed her outward demeanor from when she had first arrived but inwardly she was just as defiant. When she had first arrived, she was brought in struggling against the grip of two of her male captors. She was placed face up on an oddly shaped table and her wrists and ankles were strapped down. What she was strapped to was not so much an examination table as it was something like a torture device. The table was cushioned some but only about as wide as her torso. Her arms were strapped to movable padded bars. Her legs were strapped to individual supports that could be swung out and also bent upwards and at the knees.

The room was more like and operating room than anything else. There were bright lights over head, and a table of instruments to one side. On the other side, was some monitoring equipment, with wires draped over a monitor. Michele also noticed there were a number of video cameras in the room, all pointed at her.

The 4 males in the room were preoccupied with various things. One seemed to be calibrating the monitoring device, another was writing notes, another was adjusting the video feeds from the cameras, and the fourth was arranging the instruments on the table.

The one who had been taking notes, made an entry, closed the clipboard, and set it in a bin on the wall. Turning toward Michele, he got the other's attention by asking "Shall we begin?". To Michele, this took on a more frightening tone. She wasn't sure what these men had planned but her worst fear was that they were going to do some kind of operation on her.

Michele started begging and pleading for them to let her go. The head 'doctor' got so distracted by her ranting that he had one of the others gag her. Even though she was gagged, you could still hear her muffled pleadings.

In a now calm, methodical voice he announced "First, let's get her clothes off."

One of the men reached behind him, picked up a pair of scissors and made a 'starter' cut in the very bottom of the leg of her slacks. Putting down the scissors, he grabbed the two sides of the cut edges and started ripping the material apart. With each rip, the men were allowed to see more and more of her leg. As more of the material gave way, more of her leg was exposed. The man had now ripped the material apart all the way up to where her crotch was. He did not stop until he had worked his way up to her waistband, where he used the scissors again to cut the remaining reinforced waistband.

Moving to the other side, the procedure was repeated, starting with an initial cut at the bottom of her slacks, then rip, rip, rip until her slacks were ripped all the way to her waist. With a quick snip of the waistband he grabbed the ripped and cut pieces and pulled her slacks out from under her, leaving her in just thin white panties.

Next, the man moved up to the sleeves of her button down top. Starting at the wrist sleeve, he made an initial cut at the beginning of the sleeve, then started ripping the material apart. He didn't stop until he had ripped the material all the way up to the arm and continued until the neckline and had separated the front of the blouse from the back. This was repeated on the other side, cutting a part of the sleeve, then ripping the rest. The only thing now holding her top around her torso were the buttons on the front. The head 'doctor' seemed to be getting a little agitated that the cutting process was taking so long so he reached over, grabbed the front opening of her top and ripped it apart, sending buttons flying everywhere. With a quick yank, the rest of Michele's top was yanked out from under her and thrown in the corner with her ripped up pants. The only things covering Michele's body now were her bra and panties.

Reaching for the scissors again, each strap was cut and the side material was cut. The front of her bra no longer was attached to anything, and the man grabbed it and flung it across the room to where the rest of her clothes lay.

The head 'doctor' reached for his clipboard and started making notes about the size and condition of her upper body. Her abductors had singled her out because it appeared she had good muscle tone and breasts large enough to produce a volume of milk needed for suckling the numerous children she would be bearing. With her blouse and bra off, there was no doubt that her firm 36D breasts would be adequate for the job ahead. There would be tests done to confirm that her nipples would be adequate size as well for her children to suck on to obtain the nourishment they need to thrive.

Her toned abdomen and legs were evident that she would be fit enough to bear numerous children in the years ahead.

Up until this time, her legs had been mostly together, even though they were strapped down onto movable sections of the table. That was about to change. After making various notations on observations about most of Michele's body, the 'doctor' decided it was time to examine the rest of her.

Pulling the leg sections far apart and locking them in place, the 'doctor' stood in between Michele's legs so that he could better examine her close up. Her panty covered pussy was the only remaining part of her body that was still covered, but that wouldn't last long. One of the assistants was about to hand him the scissors to cut them off but the 'doctor' waived him off. Instead, the 'doctor' grabbed the waistband above each leg and ripped the thin material clean through to the leg. Repeating the procedure on the other side left her panties in shreds, which was summarily discarded with the rest of her clothes.

The 'doctor' began trying to probe the outer parts of her pussy but was getting frustrated with all the hair in the way. Michele had never shaved her pussy. She always thought that make her look cheap and easy. The 'doctor' decided that in order for him to examine her completely, the pussy hair must go. Within 5 minutes, she was trimmed, lathered, shaved, and sporting a baby smooth pussy.

The doctor's finger played across the outside of her pussy lips, noting the softness and firmness. Nest, he ran a finger up and down Michele's slit to check the firmness of the outer lips. After a couple of times of this, he noted the tip of his fingers were moist. As much as Michele was trying to fight it, her body couldn't help responding to having her pussy probed. It was the first time anyone had ever seen and touched her down there and the sensations were causing her head to spin.

Parting the outer lips, the 'doctor' found her enlarging clit. With his fingers, he gently massaged it, gauging its responsiveness. Michele was starting to lose it. Her hips were involuntarily starting to rise and fall, trying to meet the fingers that were giving her pleasure. Her muffled screams had turned to soft moans. The gag was removed and her moans were free to fill the room.

Her pussy was becoming slicker by the minute. The 'doctor' went further and plunged his finger into her pussy until it met her hymen. A smile came over his face as he was becoming even more confident that she would make for a good breeder.

During his examination of her pussy, the other assistants were attaching wires to her body. There were wires that would monitor her brain waves, wires that would monitor her heart rate and blood pressure, wires that would monitor her temperature. There was also a set of wires that were attached to her nipples. As soon as they were attached, Michele felt a tiny repeating pulse of electricity. It was not enough to hurt, but it was more than enough to stimulate her nipples into rock hard stiffness and keep them that way for as long as the wires were attached. All this was going on as the 'doctor' probed her pussy.

Suddenly the 'doctor' withdrew his finger from her pussy. In one sense she felt a longing for how good the doctor's finger felt inside her. By the same token it seemed to signal that the whole ordeal might be coming to an end soon. How wrong she was.

She soon felt the headrest drop from under her head so that her head was now hanging off the edge. Opening her eyes, what she saw terrified her. One of the assistants was standing close to her head, completely nude, with his cock just mere inches from her face. She opened her mouth to scream but didn't have a chance because just as swiftly, it was stuffed with his cock. As he held her head, he began to saw back and forth in her mouth, building into a rhythm.

While her concentration was focused on what was happening at her mouth, she failed to notice that her spread legs were pulled upward and there was now something probing at the entrance to her pussy. The doctor's cock was probing the outside of her pussy, then slowly inching its way into her warm channel. Sensing that Michele was lubricated enough to go further, the 'doctor' lunged forward, driving his cock through her hymen, and plowing into her cervix. This sudden impact caught her attention and took her breath away for a moment.

The 'doctor' could feel she was very tight and stayed motionless for a few minutes, to give her time to get over having hr virginity taken and adjust to the size of his cock. It was a short reprieve, as the 'doctor' soon started driving his cock in and out, in time with the assistant who was raping her mouth.

Michele had started to become accustomed to the cock in her mouth and was getting to the point where she was able to let it slide into her throat to the point the assistant's balls were rubbing against her nose. Another assistant turned up the machine that was stimulating her nipples at about the time the pain in her mouth and pussy had turned to pleasure. Michele had been pretty sexually naïve before but now she was getting a crash course in sexual pleasure.

Michele had to time her breathing to when the assistant would pull out of her throat. That left little time to vocalize her rising sexual feelings. She had only had a mild orgasm before so she knew the signs. She could tell however that what she was feeling now would far surpass that. Not only was her body shaking from the alternating stuffing at both ends but her buildup to her climax was doing things to her as well. He body was literally dripping with sweat, even through the air had felt cool when she was first brought into the room.

Then she felt it. The assistant tensed up and drove his cock fully down her throat. She felt it spasm and instantly a river of cum was flowing down her throat, on the way to her stomach. Barely having time to recover from this, the 'doctor' shoved his cock in hard, his cock head passing her cervix, planting itself firmly in her womb. A half second later, she felt her womb being sprayed with a hot liquid. Her cunt walls clamped down in a reflexive action around the cock inside it and she let out a muffled primal scream of sexual ecstasy. Only the straps holding her on the table kept her from rolling off.

With a plop at each end, cocks were withdrawn from her mouth and pussy. The 'doctor' and the assistant got dressed and the 'doctor' made some additional notes on Michele's chart and left the room. The assistants wiped Michele down, cleaning the last bits of cum from her mouth and pussy. They then dressed her limp body in a non-descript outfit and carried her back to her sleeping quarters. There she slept for 6 hours, only rising to eat the meal that was waiting for her before laying back down and falling asleep.

The next day, her head cleared and she began thinking of how she would escape. She had planned to seduce one of her captors, hoping to convince him to help her off the island. Her sexual experience the first day gave her some ideas on ways to seduce one of the men. With each day, she became bolder with her sexual advances. She didn't realize that her heightened sexual arousal had more to do with her desire to escape. The food and drink had been laced with a chemical that would eventually make her so horny that she would sell her soul just to get fucked.

By the time her menstrual cycle was over and she was approaching her fertile time, Michele was almost ready to fuck anything in sight just to get some relief. At the height of her most fertile moment, she was led back to the 'operating room' to be impregnated. This time the only reason to even think about strapping her down was to keep her from trying to get at those large cocks she needed to satisfy her sexual hunger.

Within 2 months, it was confirmed that she was carrying twins.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + +

To Quinn, this was another successful step on the road to taking over this planet. A few years later, he began to see a trend in the fertility rate among the human females and the alien females. There had been some natural disasters and toxic spills during that time period and it was assumed by the Council that the declining fertility rate for the aliens was a temporary dip and would soon bounce back.

With other things to worry about, not much attention was paid to the fertility rates until much later. At first it was thought that the human females and males that had been selected for breeding had been chosen wrong. These humans must be getting more and more inferior. A new strategy was tried, have alien males and females mate with each other. This is something that had been ruled out until the alien population had reached 1 million, fearing that inbreeding too soon my stifle the alien genetic diversity.

This didn't seem to help the situation. In fact it only made things worse. The Council had been so preoccupied with the fertility rate of the alien race, they had neglected to keep track of the human fertility rate. The aliens had been so pre-occupied with producing as many babies as possible that they had neglected to train some of their people in advanced medicine.

Quinn, sent out word to his people that it would be necessary to study advanced medicine to find the cause for the drop in fertility. By the fourth generation of aliens, the fertility rate had dropped drastically. Even with their superior intelligence, it would be a frantic race to find a cure for the drop in fertility.

It wasn't until well into the fifth generation that the cause was finally found. There had been a flaw in the original genetic engineering on their home world. When the human hosts were impregnated or used for impregnation, a portion of the human DNA remained. At first it had laid dormant. With each successive breeding, the dormant DNA began to dominate. This human DNA was interfering with the alien fertility. By the fifth generation, all the previous generations had either died off or were past their ability to breed. The realization that the entire fifth generation was sterile, or would be by the sixth generation, came as a shock.

There was no way to reverse the damage; no way to correct the error. Quinn, as head of the Council, ordered that the original scout ship from years ago, be found and its radio salvaged so that a signal could be sent to any remaining scout ships in deep space. There was a faint hope that the signal would reach one of their ships still out there but Quinn knew it was a forgone conclusion that the effort would be too late for the remaining ones of his kind on this planet.

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