tagNovels and NovellasReach Out For The Sunrise Ch. 01

Reach Out For The Sunrise Ch. 01


A Rayne Wylde & Xavier Gavrilov story)
by Sadie Rose Bermingham & Bellora Quinn
© 2008/9

Reach Out For The Sunrise has vampires, and other supernatural goings on. It also features a heck of a lot of M/M sex so if neither of those things float your boat, go read something else and don't complain to me about it.

This story has been a long time germinating. We wrote the seed of it last year after having so much fun together collaborating on Dark Paths. Reach Out... is the sequel to that story arc so it's advisable to read Dark Paths first though we have tried to recap as much as is decently possible without ruining the flow of the story. It also follows on from A Boy Who Came In From The Cold and features many of the characters from that tale, twenty years on, including Aldo who has been a favourite with quite a few readers.

Anyway, we hope that you enjoy this new, sun-drenched, Neapolitan storyline.

All ideas and characters remain the intellectual property of Sadie Rose & Bellora Quinn.

"I Kissed A Girl" is not ours, it is borrowed with thanks from the original writers Katy Perry, Max Martin, Dr. Luke & Cathy Dennis.

Enjoy 



Xavier stretched out lazily, the crisp, white sheets rustling around him as he yawned and opened his eyes. It was the crack of noon, according to the clock on the wall, and he could see another beautiful, sunny day out through the open balcony doors of Aldo di Bocaccio's spacious Neapolitan villa. The sea breeze drifting in kept the room cool and made the gauzy curtains around the French windows billow like restless sails on a galleon. It was good to be here; quiet and serene, finally. During the last couple of weeks Xavier had mainly been relaxing and healing. The vampire-inflicted bruises on his lean body had all faded and he'd spent a lot of time just soaking up the Italian sunshine. Now he was all golden skin and blond curls once more, against the pristine white of the sheets.

Rayne was already up and gone. His vampire lover didn't seem to want a separate room like he had in San Francisco. Maybe it was just that he now knew Xavier wouldn't freak waking up to a cool, apparently lifeless body lying next to him in bed. Rayne had been fairly protective of Xavier since their arrival. Not that he really needed to be here, but there was a subtle undercurrent from him of something almost territorial when they were in the company of others.

For himself, Xavier didn't mind.

After everything that had gone down in San Francisco he sort of needed a break. He was more than happy to have only Rayne in his bed. Or on the floor... in the shower... on the beach... in the stairwell, or... Xavier grinned and slid a searching hand down the front of his body, wishing wholeheartedly that Rayne was still here to help him out.

But Rayne still did whatever (or whoever) he wanted, and that was fine with Xav too. They had a good understanding of each other. Xavier stretched once more and pushed himself up from the bed. He walked out onto the balcony for a few minutes, closing his eyes and letting the sultry breeze blow around his naked body. Then he went back inside and headed toward the bathroom to wash and get dressed.

The days had flown by since their arrival at Capodichino, jet-lagged and exhausted, in the small hours, to be met by a small cavalcade of vehicles. Squeezed into a convoy of 4x4s they were whistled away through the outskirts of Naples as the sun rose slowly over the mountains behind them. Xavier slept with his head on Rayne's shoulder and missed the sight of the slowly smouldering Vesuvius as they passed around the foot of the notorious volcano en route to his friend Aldo's spacious villa on the Neapolitan coast.

He was not to be denied, however. The terraces of Aldo's house had stunning views across the bay and the young American's face was a picture when he'd stepped out onto that balcony for the first time, refreshed by several hours' sleep, to find most of their party already chilling out, mainly nude, by the pool. Rayne had not missed the way his young mate's eyes travelled over their handsome, well-muscled Italian host. Xavier had only seen Aldo briefly through the fog of sleep, wrapped in bulky clothes against the pre-dawn chill.

Aldo Bocaccio was looking pretty hot for a guy in his forties. His trim, toned body was richly tanned, as ever. He had a sunburst tattoo on his upper left bicep and a nautical star on his abdomen, beneath his navel. Thick black hair was trimmed close to the nape of his neck but left longer and looser on top so that it tumbled into his smouldering mahogany eyes. The rest of his body was perfectly smooth. Aldo no longer used his stage name, di Boccato (a pun on the Italian word for Mouthful), although he still appeared in the occasional porn movie, usually at the behest of his old friend the movie director, Patrick McNamara. The teasing nickname still applied, mind you, even at rest Aldo's long brown cock was a mouth-watering eight inches plus. Roused and ready for action it could stretch by at least a quarter of that length.

These days, of course, Aldo was better known in Italy as a racing driver. Along with the silver BMW X5, and an immaculate black Porsche Cayenne, he had a blood red 4.3 litre Ferrari F430 Spider parked on the driveway of his villa. The Spider had Rayne's aristocratic English friend, Lord Dominic Warren, drooling with envy even before they set foot in the house. Dom was passionate about cars and practically had to be dragged away from the gleaming V8. Aldo soothed him with the promise of a spin in the beautiful convertible before they went home.

So it was that Xavier's gaze was only torn away from the gorgeous Italian standing stark naked in front of him when Aldo moved to dive into the pool and left his view across the glistening, sunlit bay unobstructed. Xav's baby blue eyes widened at the sight of the enormous, smoking mountain looming over the bay of Naples and the distant, sprawling city wrapped around its foot.

That view had not grown old no matter how many times Xavier saw it, and he had spent a lot of time out on the patio. The pool terrace was where he found his new friends this morning (or was it afternoon?) stretched out in the sun like huge lazy cats. Conversely, considering his former occupation as an exotic dancer, Xavier was usually the only one wandering around with any kind of clothing on. It wasn't a totally self-conscious thing, he'd never been uncomfortable or shy nude, usually the opposite, in fact.

Rayne was stretched out on a lounger on the sunlit patio, head back, eyes closed, enjoying this rare opportunity to do nothing but let the sunlight kiss every inch of flesh, unimpeded by the encumbrance of clothing. It was a myth that Vampires shrank from the sunlight. Rayne loved to feel warm, as did his imposing Sire, Jabez Everman. The Everman had been born and raised in Ancient Egypt and to him everywhere was cold, even Naples in the height of summer! In spite of which the vampire Ancient had flown back to London, pleading the demands of his many business interests. That was a shame, Xav would have liked the chance to see the Everman in little more than shorts and a towel.

He bent to kiss Rayne's cheek and got a lazy smile in return but the gorgeous little English vampire hardly stirred. Xavier settled on the chaise next to him. He had just gotten up though, and wasn't really interested in napping in the sun right now, pleasant as it was. Looking around for something to do, he spotted Rayne's mp3 player on the little side table and picked it up. Xavier wasn't really that hopeful, Rayne had different taste as far as music went. What he sang and what he listened to weren't necessarily in the same ball-park. Xavier had already listened to a few of his playlists with a raised brow and no comment.

He put the little ear buds in and started scrolling through the last stuff Rayne had been listening to. Some punk, completely un-danceable; some pseudo-punk, a little better as far as the beat went, but still nothing he could move to; some 80's pop, Xavier shook his head. How could his lover be so damned sexy on stage, produce such intensely grinding rhythms and listen to such crap? He chuckled inwardly at the thought. The title of the last track on the list got his attention and he hit play out of curiosity.

Mousse T and The Dandy Warhols' "Horny as a Dandy". It was still pop-trash, but he had to grin at the lyrics. By the time it got to the chorus he was laughing. He looked over and Rayne was watching him through half open eyes, one brow arched slightly. For some reason that struck Xavier as even funnier and he laughed harder.

Rayne wrinkled his nose sleepily and closed his eyes again.

"If you like that you should check out what Lady Warren's plugged in to!" the vampire muttered, nodding across the pool to where the ageing gay lothario was shamelessly checking out all the rippling flesh in Aldo's pool from his own lounger.

Still grinning Xavier set the mp3 player down and went over to Dominic. Sitting down on the edge of his sun-bed he asked him what he was listening to. Dominic handed over the headphones, but Xav thought he sensed a hint of reluctance from the older man. He put them on and tuned in for a minute, his lips starting to twitch, and then he laughed out loud. Dom Warren gave him the look he usually got on his face right before he was about to call Xavier a cheeky impudent pup and reached for the player but Xavier snatched it up and moved swiftly out of reach.

"Xavier, give it back." Dominic said, a warning note in his voice.

Laughing hard enough now that he had drawn everyone's attention, Xav shook his head and went to the little alcove that held the bar and also the sound system. He slid the player into the port and the imperious tones of Katy Perry came through the speakers around the pool.

I kissed a girl and I liked it
The taste of her cherry chap stick
I kissed a girl just to try it...

Dominic looked a little pink but Xavier was unrepentant. It was just too damn funny for the aristocrat, who Xavier doubted had even a single drop of heterosexual blood in him, to be listening to this song. Lord Warren scowled at Xavier who grinned back shamelessly.

"Hey, at least this has a beat you can move to!" he said encouragingly, and proceeded to do just that, making his way seductively back over to Dom. His usual, casual shuffle disappeared as he executed a slow glide, the movements fluid as water, the sway in his hips theatrically exaggerated.

His lean, straight body held no hit of feminine curves, but he had such a pretty-boy face. The way he tucked one arm up behind his head, made his steps slide into line, one in front of the other, and he rolled his hips and body coquettishly, purposely mimicking a feminine rolling gate, that gave him a bit of the illusion he wanted.

Soft skin, red lips, so kissable

Hard to resist so touchable

To good to deny it

He batted long silky lashes at Dominic and then dissolved into laughter again.

Lord Warren was trying to look stern but a little smile kept twitching at his lips as he crooked his finger at Xavier, beckoning him closer. Aldo and Chavez had heaved themselves onto the edge of the pool to watch Xav's performance, and the others alerted by the sudden blast of music were now observing with some amusement.

"Come over here, Tinkerbell," Dominic ordered mock-seriously.

Xavier did a graceful little half pirouette, which ended with him dropping over the side of the lounger into Dom's lap. "You rang?"

The older man smirked and towed the boy fully into his lap via the waistband of his shorts then slapped his arse with a ringing crack that prompted a chorus of sympathetic "oooh!"s from the assembled audience.

"You are such a bad boy!" he declared solemnly. "I suppose I can count myself lucky that I wasn't listening to Britney, huh?"

Xavier had flinched in surprise put didn't pull away. The look he gave Dom was somewhere between feigned shock and a slow simmer.

"Well, Britney would be about your speed," he said with a cocky grin.

That got him another hard swat and Xavier arched slightly, trying not to squirm. Xavier rolled his hips, lifting his butt enticingly.

"You can give me a spanking but I'm not calling you daddy!" He laughed.

The warmth of the older man's hand remained where it had landed for a few moments then a slow smile spread across Dominic Warren's still-handsome face. Xavier felt his palm slide slowly up his back and down again, fingers slipping beneath the waistband of his snug swimsuit to stealthily caress the smooth, tingling globes beneath.

"Such a wicked boy!" Dominic reiterated almost affectionately. "It's such a pity I can't stay out here longer."

Xavier shifted around and sat up. "Why? Where are you going?"

Dominic bestowed another fond smile upon him and caressed his cheek tenderly.

"I'm afraid England calls me. It's been wonderful to spend so much time out here with you delicious boys, but I have to fly home tomorrow or the my High Priestess, the saintly Geraldine will give me absolute hell!"

It was a timely reminder that Lord Warren was also a practising witch, the High Priest of a coven of some repute back in England. It was a part of the reason for his being here, having come out to San Francisco to help them deal with a coterie of malicious vampires and travelled on to Italy in their company. This fey, elderly Englishman was more than met the eye. He leaned forward to kiss Xavier on the nose and pushed the boy gently off his lap. At the same time Rayne made a move, rolling smoothly to his feet and sauntering sleepily across the terrace, running his fingers through Xavier's hair as he passed Lord Warren.

Xavier felt the pull, like a tug on an invisible leash, and he got up to follow Rayne, admiring the sleek naked backside in front of him as he did.

"We should go out tonight then," he suggested. "There's gotta be something to do in this burg, right?"

"We're heading into Sorrento, Aldo knows a guy who runs a club there," Rayne said casually, without looking back. He could feel that Xavier had followed him even without turning to check. The boy's heat was like a small inferno all down his naked back. He was hungry to just sink into that delicious fire.

Out on the terrace however, the other guys all exchanged glances; some with a private smile, some with a bemused shake of the head.

"How does he do it?" Dominic chuckled and settled back down on his lounger to complete his all over tan.

Xavier brightened at the news that they were going out. He had been fairly content to just hang out, relax, and soak up the peace and quiet along with the sun, but over the last few days he'd been feeling increasingly restless. As they passed under the archway leading to the cool interior of the villa he reached out to let his fingers trace down the smooth curve of Rayne's spine. His hand came to rest in the little hollow at the small of his lover's back as he drew up beside him and leaned in to kiss the nape of his neck.

Rayne turned at once, pulling him into the shadows of a cool, white alcove and lifting his face for a more intimate kiss. Some of the sun's heat lingered in the touch of his fingers and his lips as they pressed softly onto Xavier's mouth, parting in quiet submission to the younger man's wordless enquiry. Rayne was normally so cold. He raised his slender arms and looped them around Xav's neck, leaning his lithe, nude body into the American boy's welcoming embrace.

Since their arrival, rest and regular feeding had restored some of the old mischief to Rayne Wylde's features and he practically shimmered with health this afternoon. Most of the silver acquired during his captivity by the Frisco vamps had faded from his dark hair, although the odd rogue strand remained, stubbornly. There was even a subtle glow to his skin, which surprised Xavier. He had not figured that vampires could tan.

Xav slid his arms around Rayne's waist, his hands wandering over flawlessly smooth skin. Flattening his palms he slid them down over the curve of his boyfriend's silky cheeks, cupping and kneading the firm globes. Rayne responded by pushing him against the back wall of the alcove and thrusting a searching, studded tongue into his mouth. For some reason it reminded Xavier of their brief, interrupted coupling in the chapel at San Francisco International airport on the way out here; how hot and impatient they'd been for each other then. They were still hot and impatient; they'd only just made it inside the doors, out of sight but still within earshot.

Xavier lifted his lips from Rayne's with a small breathless chuckle.

"You want to go get more comfortable, or you want me right here?" He grinned, happy either way.

By way of a response, Rayne let his lips wander down Xavier's neck, into the dip between his collarbones and tenderly kissed the rippling, golden expanse of his sleek, tanned torso. He lipped and licked at Xav's stiffening nipples, catching the firm buds of flesh teasingly between his small, sharp teeth and tugging gently. His hands glided down the younger man's naked back, snaking around his flanks and letting his fingers hook into the waistband of Xavier's brief swimsuit.

Slowly he pulled downward until the flexible fabric met the resistance of his lover's stiffening cock. Rayne's hands fanned out around the boy's firm, sexy little buns. He squeezed hard, feeling Xavier buck against him in response.

"Didn't think he'd slapped you that hard!" he chuckled, enjoying the heat of his mate's briskly-spanked behind in his hands.

"Hard enough to sting for a bit," Xav panted, hooking his thumbs into the waistband of his shorts and tugging them down further. "Wanna kiss it an' make it better?" he asked playfully.

"Why do I get the feeling I've been set up by the pair of you?" Rayne murmured against his breastbone, but from the look on the singer's face he wasn't too heartbroken about that!

Slowly he kissed a meandering route down over Xavier's deliciously sculpted abdominals. His fingers snaked around the prominent tepee in his lover's re-adjusted swimwear, tugging the fine material down so firmly that it hugged every ridge and curve of Xavier's beautiful cock. Rayne went to his knees smoothly and buried his face in the boy's crotch. Then he nuzzled him hungrily.

"You feel so fuckin' hot,! he whispered, his lips touching Xav through the straining lycra. "I just wanna take you in my mouth..." his lips roamed slowly up towards the tip of that throbbing shaft; "...take you in my mouth and eat you all up."

His green eyes were huge and feral as he stared up at Xav like a penitent before the altar. As he had done so many times on stage, with a mic in his hand instead of a young man's erect cock, he slowly stroked the swollen head in a slow circle against his parted lips. His breath blew quick and hot around it, moistening the thin material so that it clung even more suggestively.

Xavier buried his fingers in the cool dark silk of Rayne's hair. He let out a little mewl of pleasure at the soft torment. Eyes grown dark with desire, he resisted the urge to tug his lover closer. He behaved, he was patient, though sometimes he was sure Rayne just wanted to hear him beg. Strong fingers pulled down hard on the flexing material, dragging his cock head with it. Deliberately slow, Rayne kissed his way down that golden trail from his navel to the very root of his manhood. He pressed his face against the younger man's hot skin and closely trimmed pubes, breathing in his delicious scent as he lapped greedily around the base of Xav's cock, which was pulsing and struggling to get upright again, trapped in the net of his own Speedo.

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