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Reach Out For The Sunrise Ch. 02



Thanks to the usual suspects for lovely comments and for taking the trouble to cast your vote. As ever it's much appreciated, and it's good to be back.

Time to move things along a little, though. The boys are up for a night on the town but mix these guys with alcohol and adrenaline and anything could happen. Hold on for the ride.

To new readers, I will say again, this story is heavy on M/M pairings and the central character is a vampire. If that's not your scene, we'll say goodbye right now. To everyone else, enjoy…


Xavier had taken a shower and was spruced up and almost dressed when Rayne came back to their room. The singer was dripping wet, as if he'd just been thrown in the pool, and barely looked at his mate en route to the en-suite bathroom. The hiss of the shower started up and he heard Rayne humming Nirvana's 'Lithium' slightly off key over the sound of the vigorous spray.

"Guess they're all made up," Xavier murmured under his breath and left the room.

Everyone seemed to be off somewhere, probably getting ready to go hit the town. Xav wandered out onto the patio, peaceful now that it was empty. He crossed to the far wall and stood, hipshot, looking out over a breathtaking view. The sun was just a sliver of rosy gold left on the horizon and shimmering in the waves.

A low whistle came from behind him. "Looking good, hot stuff."

Xavier turned his head, putting a smile on as he did so. Barclay Johnson Francis, one of the most famously well-endowed US gay porn stars of recent years, was tonight resplendent in a shimmering, translucent, cap-sleeved white shirt that was open to the bottom of his breast bone and hugged his muscular black frame very attractively. His pants were similarly fitted to his powerful thighs and calves and he wore black boots with a small heel and tapered toe beneath them. The blond crew-cut he had favoured for the past few years had been recently replenished and gleamed in the twilight and the customary 'Bling' was restricted this evening to a couple of hefty signet rings, a pair of gold curb-chains at his throat and left wrist, and a raft of diamond studs in the shells of his ears.

"Hey…" Xavier took a second to give the older man the once over. "Not too shabby yourself." He grinned approvingly. "Is PJ coming out with us?"

"Hey... try to stop him!" Clay laughed, his voice a good-humoured boom that seemed to echo off the surface of the gently rippling pool. "That old boy loves a good party! And you are a sight for sore eyes, young man. C'mere and give me a hug."

Xavier walked over to slide into Clay's arms but instead of his usual wiggle and playful flirting he just put his head on the bigger man's shoulder for a moment and clung to him like he might blow away if he did not hold on. Clay picked up on Xavier's mood right away and ran a soothing hand over the fitted silk shirt he wore. Uncharacteristically, Xav had gone with black, black and more black tonight. Black shirt, snug black pants - in a buttery Italian leather - and elegant black shoes. The monotone looked striking against his sun streaked blond hair and gold hued skin, but Clay thought now that he might have picked the outfit to match his humour.

He was about to ask if Xavier was alright when young Chavez, PJ's chef and wing-man, came out onto the terrace looking hotter than a five hour nude shoot. The Mexican lad's long black hair was tied in a cascading tail from the crown of his head and he wore tight white jeans and a mesh vest in electric blue that brought out the blue-black sheen of his ponytail. Xavier moved out of the embrace to greet his young friend affectionately. Moments later they were joined by Lord Dominic Warren and Patrick -PJ - McNamara, the handsome Irish American porn director who was not just Clay's employer but one of his best buddies too. PJ had been a serious stud muffin in his day, and though he was in his sixties now and there was more than a handful of silver hairs streaking his long, autumnal mane, the body under his crisp, blue-steel suit was still fairly trim. The twinkle in his blue-grey eyes remained eternally youthful and mischievous. Xavier had warmed to him straight away and he could see how fond the older man was of Rayne, which warmed his heart towards PJ as well.

Lord Warren who, at six foot one, was almost as tall as PJ though not as broad in the shoulder and chest as the former weight-lifter, still looked good beside him. He and PJ were a similar age and after some initial wariness, had clicked pretty quickly, though Dominic still managed to get a little fan-girlish around McNamara when he was not watching himself. It was plain from the look in his eyes when he turned to Paddy that he shamelessly idolised the man responsible for some of his favourite jack-off movies, but on a more serious level, they had bonded due to PJ's HIV status. Lord Warren was on the board of a major AIDs Trust back in the UK and was internationally acclaimed for his funding and hardline support of continued research into the causes of the virus.

This evening Dom was fresh as a daisy in a beautiful peacock blue suit that was tailored to his tall slim figure, and a matching silk shirt, worn open to his sternum, showing off the glorious golden tan that a couple of weeks basking on Aldo's patio had earned him. His silver and gold curls were an immaculate halo around his impish face and he wore a little diamond stud in one ear.

Aldo came out almost last, showing the evidence of Lord Warren's almost professional make-up skills, since Xav had to look pretty hard to see the evidence of what Rayne had done to his handsome face. Their Italian host wore his jet black hair slicked back from his high forehead and looked incredibly sexy in tight black slacks and a skinny-fit black mesh tee-shirt under a pristine white jacket.

Rayne slipped onto the patio on his heels, a dark shadow as usual, in tight, boot-cut, black velvet pants and a three-quarter length velvet jacket with a fitted waist and big silver and emerald buttons. It was only up close and under the right lights that Xavier realised the suit was actually darkest green and not black at all. His shirt was bottle green gauze, practically see through and his black chelsea boots were polished to a high shine. Celtic silverwork shimmered on his long pale fingers and at his throat and silver hoops graced his ears.

He paused in the archway to light a cigarette and when he lifted his head to shake his silky black hair back from his face, Xav could see that he too was wearing a little make up; a shimmer of something silvery on his lips and eyelids; a stroke of kohl around those dramatic green eyes. Xavier was hot for the singer most of the time but tonight he could see why Rayne Wylde was still attractive to generations of music fans all around the world. Even in this kind of company, he was almost effortlessly beautiful.

There was no time to talk. Pretty soon the cars were ready and they headed out to Sorrento to give Dom a proper send off.

The club was a definite hot spot, already crowded, but Aldo had booked ahead and they did not have to wait to get in. A tall, handsome Italian youth in a see through vest and snug, white pants showed them to their table in a booth set up above the dancefloor, took their individual drinks orders and came back moments later with a huge pewter tray laden with glasses and bottles.

The music was already thumping and there were people gyrating fiercely on the floor down below. Xavier was already bouncing, itching to go, hardly able to sit still. He managed to wait just long enough to do about four quick shots in a row and then he was ready to hit the floor. He kissed Rayne's cheek but the singer did not seem interested in leaving their little group yet, immersed in a half-bellowed conversation with Aldo and PJ, so Xav slid off on his own.

The floor was crowded, but not jam packed. Still enough room to move. Xavier skirted the edge toward the bar first and did another couple of shots before wading into the mix.

On the raised platform where their table was sited, Chavez was already on his feet and Clay slapped the handsome Mexican lad's arse lightly as he followed him down to the floor. The tall, muscular black cast a questioning look across the table at Rayne before he made his move though. Rayne Wylde waved him away, not needing words. They would not have been heard over the thumping beat of the music anyway. He knew that he ought to just get out there and dance. The energy expended would channel off some of his frustration but he was not in the mood for any of this. It had been wrong to come here, he knew it now. Wrong even to come to Naples at all. He should have just gone straight home and let the guys look after Xavier, who would undoubtedly still have had a good time without him.

The boy looked blissfully happy out there on the floor, his lean body bucking and swaying to the music like it was his lifeblood. He was so good to watch, so full of life that the vampire was uncharacteristically jealous, wishing that he could be so young and so carefree again.

Dom tapped his arm lightly and nodded towards the floor where the younger men were now gyrating energetically, trying to out-do one another.

"C'mon... let's show them we're not past it!" the older man called to him with a cajoling smile.

"In a minute," Rayne yelled back at him to be heard above the din. "You go!"

Lord Warren needed no more encouragement. In spite of the fact that he was dressed in the outfit of a man a good thirty years his junior, it looked great on him. He shed his jacket and towed Paddy down to dance with him, making no secret of the fact that he was absolutely in awe of the huge, former porn star; even draping himself all over the other man to the amusement of their friends. PJ bore it all in good humour, hugging him back and moving with impressive rhythm and grace for a man of his size.

Aldo and Rayne remained at opposite corners of the long table, one pretending to be absorbed in his drink, the other watching the dancefloor. Rayne threw back the vodka shot and moved to his feet at last, and the tall Italian rose with him, determined to confront him.

"Don't spoil this," Aldo warned seriously, bending his head to look into Rayne's emotionless, green eyes.

The singer reached up and put his arms around Aldo's neck, pressing his mouth wordlessly to the other man's lips and kissing him for a long, slow time. He was not even sure why he did it, only that it stopped Aldo talking. Rayne vaguely recalled that the first time they had ever fucked it had been for a similar reason. When Aldo talked he got too close to things that Rayne preferred not to think about.

As their lips parted he playfully asked; "You dancing?"

"You asking?" Aldo teased, a light in his dark eyes that had not been there moments before.

"Move your arse!" the singer told him and his mood lifted as they followed the others down to the floor, which was now getting very crowded.

There was one universal truth of any dance floor, of any club, anywhere in the world. The girls loved the guys that could dance. This was apparent within moments of Xav moving out into the crowd. Instead of the typical guy that just found someone to rub up on, Xavier actually danced, and just as well as anyone that could be found in the hottest new music promos.

There was definitely some heat on the floor. The place was burning up, and Xavier got busy fanning the flames. Moving in his own little sphere of sexually charged rhythm he quickly caught the attention of a knot of girls that had been dancing together. They turned to look, and a few more people noticed him and made space to watch. He kept it up for a few minutes, but he was not here to entertain, he was here to get drunk and have fun.

The few minutes in the spotlight had the desired effect though. When Xav moved out of the little circle of admirers and over to the bar he could not possibly drink all the liquor bought for him.

The music pulsed, the shots kept flowing, and there was no shortage of beautiful girls and boys here. It was perfect, exactly what Xavier needed to forget he was bummed that Rayne clearly did not want him, bummed that Dom was leaving, and had no idea what he was going to do or where he would go when this all ended.

He drank and danced and every once in a while he caught a glimpses of Rayne or one of the other guys. It looked like they were having fun. Then he lost track of them for a bit.

The alcohol he'd consumed was buzzing in his head nicely. The music thumped in his veins. The beautiful girl in front of him was all smiles for him as they danced in the press of bodies. Arms slid around him from behind, large hands settling on the sway of his hips. Xav turned his head and it was no one he knew, but that did not stop the guy from pressing his lips to his and pulling him back against his groin.

Xavier moved with him for half a beat and then pulled away, or tried to. The guy was not really keen on letting go, but when Xavier turned his head away from the next attempted kiss and pushed at him he finally got the message and released him, looking more then a little put out.

Xavier melted into the crowd and soon found himself with another little group, a few of whom, to his delight, spoke English. Not that you could really have a conversation above the music, but it was nice to hear a few shouted words he understood. He scanned the writhing bodies occasionally for his companions but he did not see anyone he recognised. Xavier shrugged, unconcerned, and figured he catch up with them sooner or later.

At some point, and he was never quite sure how, a few of the guys he'd been dancing with got him up on a table. And since he was feeling hot anyway he turned a slow circle, undulating his body as he unbuttoned his shirt and let it slide from his shoulders amid a riot of whistles and shouts. At once, some cock in a suit made him get down. By then Xavier was so hammered he couldn't have cared less.

He wove his way unsteadily to the restroom with the shirt still hanging from his wrists. Of course, while he was only intent on innocently emptying his bladder, it looked like a blatant invitation to a few of the guys that had had their eye on him.

The bathroom was as crowded as expected, with a typical amount of illicit activity going on. Xavier avoided the stall area instinctively and fumbled open his fly at the first available urinal. The guy behind him did not even try to be casual about leaning up close and looking over his shoulder. Xavier just shook his head and finished pissing. When the guy tried to stop him from zipping back up though Xav pushed his hands away.

"Not interested," he slurred as he pulled away.

The guy just smiled, undaunted. He was kind of good looking actually. Short-cropped dark hair and light brown eyes, very decent build with square broad shoulders. He had a tan that could rival Aldo's but he was not quite as handsome as their Italian host slightly younger, his features a bit coarser. He did not seem to mind Xavier's rebuff though, as he flashed a cellophane of coke at him in an open invitation.

If it had been a bit earlier in the evening Xavier probably would have turned him down flat but he'd been steadily drinking since they arrived and by now he was a bit less inhibited about taking candy from strangers. They moved over by the sinks and his Italian friend cut out two fat lines for him, which he snorted efficiently. The extra fine crystals burned for half a second and then numbed his sinus cavities before the bitter taste even settled on the back of his tongue. Within moments it hit the base of his cranium like a sledgehammer.

"Whoa!" Xavier breathed.

The guy smiled at him, extra white teeth gleaming as he nodded.

"Is good, yes?" The first bit of English he'd spoken.

"Yeah!" Fuck yeah, very good. Damn near pure.

The Italian moved up closer to Xav, putting his hand up on the wall behind his head and leaning in to kiss him. Xavier let him do that, but when an over-familiar hand slid down between his legs he turned his head away and grabbed at his wrist.

"I'm not gonna fuck you for a couple lines buddy," he said derisively.

His companion seemed undeterred by Xavier's reluctance to party. In fact, after a few lines of fairly excellent coke he wasn't put off by much. The door in and out of the men's' room was swinging pretty constantly as guys came in and out to use the bank of urinals or the stalls. Some just needed to pee, others were here to chat, or maybe get a little more intimate. That certainly seemed to be what Xav's new friend had in mind.

The door opened again and the sounds of the club filtered through, lingering for a little longer than normal as if someone was lingering in the doorway. Then the pulse of the music and the chatter of the dancefloor crowd muted again. Someone moved up to one of the urinals close to where Xav and his new friend were entangled and as the handsome Italian tried for a little more intimacy than Xavier was happy with, the newcomer turned and put a hand on his upper arm firmly.

"He said he's not interested," Chavez warned the guy, looking him in the eye with a quiet malevolence that carried more weight than his slender frame. "Now back off!"

The guy turned hostile eyes on Chavez and brushed his hand off his arm angrily. "Not your business."

Xavier, trashed as he was, sensed the imminent possibility of violence, and decided to disabuse the little shit of who business belonged where. He slid an arm behind Chavez's back as he slunk away from the wall and curled around him.

"Hi sweetheart." He planted a kiss just behind the handsome Mexican lad's ear.

The Italian looked from Chavez to Xavier, now doubly unhappy that the pretty boy he'd been wooing had slipped away from him. He leered at Chavez then his gaze flickered back to Xav, who seemed rather cozy with the newcomer, and a dim bulb seemed to light.

"Your Boyfriend?"

Xavier grinned at him over Chavez's shoulder. "Yes. Now get lost."

Looking immensely frustrated and put out, the guy turned and stalked away. Xav chuckled warmly, his arm looped loosely around Chavez's waist as the comely Mexican youth turned his head to frown at him.

"I could'a handled him, but thanks."

Chavez still looked serious though. His dark eyes glittered with an angry energy as he said; "Not coked out of your tiny mind, you couldn't. I thought you said you were clean, back in Frisco."

He hadn't pulled away from Xavier but he still looked angry.

Xavier shrugged one slim shoulder. "It was just a one time deal. We've been here, how long? Doing nothing but lazing around the pool. If I had a problem you would'a noticed by now, don't you think?" He kissed his cheek again, almost consolingly. "C'mon. Lets go back out and have some fun."

Chavez turned his head slightly as Xav's soft lips grazed his cheek so that the comment was practically whispered into his mouth. He still looked very serious but there was a warmth in his dark eyes too, that said he wasn't desperately pissed off.

His hand gently stroked down Xavier's side as they stood impossibly close in the men's room. A half step moved him near enough that their bodies had contact from hip to thigh. Even so he seemed to hesitate about taking things further. Xav didn't seem to mind the close contact though. A slight sway of his body brought their lips together in a soft kiss.

This hadn't been exactly what Xav meant when he'd invited Chavez to go have some fun, but he flowed along with it, his arms sliding up his back as the kiss deepened. The Hispanic youth seemed surprised initially, but not entirely reluctant to take things further. His arms moved around Xavier possessively and he pressed his lips more hungrily against the pretty dancer's soft, warm mouth. He was not sure if it was the coke making him so bold but Xav didn't seem at all unwilling to party with him tonight. Chavez smiled appreciatively and began to kiss his neck and the sensitive lobe of his left ear.

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