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Reach Out For The Sunrise Ch. 06


CHAPTER SIX -- FIND A CURE © Sadie Rose Bermingham & Bellora Quinn

Finally here is chapter six! I know, I know, it's taken ages... we've been working hard. Hope you enjoy it. The dark arc is well under way. The usual terms and conditions apply; there's boy on boy, some shameless bloodletting and gratuitous BDSM. If you're going to be offended then go read something in the romance category.

If you value your reproductive parts don't borrow, alter, reproduce or reinvent our words. When we find you there will be blood!

Have a nice day!


Rayne rolled into the hotel from the yawning maw of a city cab at 4.30am. The polite desk clerk did not even blink at his spunk-stained, dishevelled state and only chewed on his lip a little as the slender Englishman practically fell through the sliding doors into the elevator car and was swallowed up by them. Somehow he found his room, more by internal radar than any kind of recall. The key card was too much of a challenge though and at last he lost patience and kicked the door open with a little snarl, throwing it shut again behind him and hardly caring that the lock was fucked four ways and sideways.

A cold shower brought him back to his senses faster than he wanted and he ran a hot bath, letting his body soak until some of those senses stopped screaming. Immersed completely in water hot enough to scald a brace of cats, he closed his eyes and tried hard not to think. It was like an ordinary human trying to stop breathing though; the moment his gaze was shuttered by quivering lashes, the nightmares began their steady march across the insides of his eyelids.

Huge blue eyes looking up into his own, filled with brave, angry tears.

He pushed the memory away but just as quickly Brian loomed up there, belt in his hand, standing over Rayne at the foot of the bed telling him with a sneer just what he was good for. Twisting free he found himself kneeling in front of a succession of faceless strangers, made to suck them, one after another, and then forced to the ground kicking and fighting uselessly against their hands and their bodies... John Moon's harsh, cawing laughter crackled in his head as he was humiliated for hard cash yet again, the pain and rage melting as the kindly needle slid into his flesh... Then suddenly he was watching a silent cortege, dark mourners against a grey, windswept sky... A plain, blond policewoman looking at him with bland-faced pity as she said over and over; "Your mum is dead, Rayne. Do you understand what I'm saying?" ...ashes strewn on the restless waves, his father trying to weep soundlessly as Rayne stood beside him, too numb with drugs and shock to even grieve.

Simon's pale, gaunt features filled his vision next, the fear and desperation in his best friend's cornflower blue eyes, listening to him begging... "Don't leave me... Please, Ray, I'm scared... I'm so scared!" Holding onto his hand as if it was an anchor, some way of keeping him in this world.

That opened the floodgates and he could hear little Danny screaming as feral vampires tore him to shreds... A blond boy whose name he could not remember, sobbing helplessly beside him as he lay on his back in the sand, torn and bloodied, the sun baking him slowly, longing for death... Jabez wounded almost beyond aid, imploring him without words for his love, for his help even as he reeled away sick to his gut at the sight... The darkness rose up and drowned him and he saw Kevan then, stretching out a gory hand to him, his eyes wide with shock, lips moving without sound as the blood ran down from them.

He came up out of the water like Poseidon, rivulets streaming down from his hair and his eyes, hands covering his face, trying to staunch the painful sobs that shook him from head to toe.

Somehow he managed to drag himself out of the water and flopped onto the tiled floor like a beached fish, gasping and weeping at the hurt that welled up in him. Tonight's rough handling had felt good but it left him with a sour taste in his throat and the iron tang of self-loathing in his belly. And it could not drive out the memories, it just wasn't enough to appease the beast that kept kicking him until he crawled forward to face the past.

Beautiful eyes, the colour of the summer sky in a perfect, golden face; lips so soft touching his own, reaching for him, longing for him. He ached to pull that sunkissed, sinful warmth into his arms, to hold him and let him drive out the darkness even if it was just for one glorious moment.

In despair he stumbled back to the bedroom and dropped down on the huge, comfortable bed like a bag of bones, burying his face in the crumpled duvet. It was deliciously crisp and fresh but he only wanted it to smell of the sweet vanilla warmth of his lover's skin and the almond blossom of his golden curls. He rummaged in the bag he had brought, still lying unpacked on the floor by the broad divan and pulled out the shirt he had been wearing on the day he fled Aldo's house in Vico, pressing it to his nose and curling around it on the bed.

The fragrance was faint, haunting, like a handful of notes only distantly felt, a gossamer thread of memory. It was the briefest hint of him, a microscopic element of Xavier, distilled and diluted until it was barely there but he clung to it and let it quiet his frantic thoughts until finally sweet unconsciousness took him down in a merciful embrace.


Not long after that immensely satisfying shopping expedition into the city Aldo informed his guests, over breakfast, that he was planning on inviting some people over for a bit of a gathering. Clay and Chavez seemed especially interested in this announcement and discussions started almost immediately, a positive buzz of excitement taking over the occupants of the sprawling Italian villa at the thought of a party.

Only Xavier was indifferent, but he managed a smile for his new friends. He had not slept well the night before and he'd dreamed again. He seemed to be having more and more of these dreams and they left him feeling increasingly exhausted and disturbed. Despite the anticipation everyone else seemed to be sharing, Xavier would just as soon have made himself scarce, but it wasn't like he had anywhere else to go.

So, he put on a cheerful front and feigned interest as long as he could. They had all been so nice to him and he didn't want to be a wet blanket but it was hard to get in the party mood when his thoughts were so far away. He really wasn't the type to give in to long bouts of brooding depression and he didn't want to seem like an ungrateful child either, but he just wasn't in the mood for anything much. After a polite enough amount of time he said he was feeling tired and escaped to his bedroom, crawling back into bed to curl up and wish he was somewhere else; to wish he could stop thinking about Rayne Wylde.

It was utterly ridiculous. He should not have let Rayne get so far under his skin. He was usually smarter than that, but PJ had been right when he said he thought Xavier had fallen a lot deeper and harder than he had intended. Xavier had told himself all this time, over and over, that it was temporary; not to get too comfortable; don't expect too much, hell, don't expect anything at all! All the while his head was staying smart though, his heart was betraying him like a total motherfucker.

He'd never met anyone he felt such a connection to and he had a feeling that even without the blood bond they would still have shared that connection. It might have taken a bit longer to form but Xavier truly believed he would still feel the same way he did about Rayne, even if he'd met him when he was still human. Despite the tough outer shell Xav had instinctively felt the vulnerability inside Rayne, the fearful lonely place that he kept protected and hidden at all costs. That fragile core called to the place inside him that was just the same and, on some level, he thought that when they were together that place didn't hurt quite as much.

Sighing with frustration Xavier tossed and turned on the bed, trying to find comfort when he knew there was none to be had. He'd acted like a stupid kid, asked for too much, pushed too hard, and Rayne had done exactly what Xavier knew he would. He cut him loose and took off as fast as he could. Rayne had trusted Xavier to know how it was between them, trusted him not go beyond certain boundaries, to not act like a dumb, needy kid, and Xavier had done just that.

Why in the world would Rayne want to tie a stone around his neck? He had been absolutely right to throw it back in his face about how well he was doing taking care of himself. Rayne had his own problems. Why would someone like Rayne want a total fuck up like him hanging around cluttering up his life?

Xavier squeezed his eyes shut and forced himself to turn his thoughts off. Rayne wasn't going to come back. Thinking about him wasn't going to change that. Flogging himself over the mistake he'd made wasn't going to change it either. He needed to cut this self-pitying shit out and get over it. With another unhappy sigh he curled into a tighter ball and after a long while he fell asleep.

Meanwhile, the guys were doing their own thing, as per usual when time and money were no object and there was only pleasure to concentrate on. Aldo was busy party planning and the Italian's parties were invariably glittering affairs, with faces from the movie industry and right across the spectrum of the sports and entertainment world. Clay was giving him a hand with the logistics and PJ was just chilling, taking advantage of the balmy Mediterranean climate whilst he tossed in suggestions for the guest list and the atmospherics.

Chavez was naturally helping to organise the catering side but busy as he was he had noticed how Xav slipped away to be on his own, and it bothered him. Everyone else seemed content to give their young friend his space and let him do his own thing but Chavez wasn't so sure that was the best strategy for helping the younger man get over his obvious heartbreak. He knew Xav loved to party and he just hadn't been the same since that almighty bust up with Wylde.

Chavez was already promising himself that, if he ever got the chance, he would put a stake in Rayne Wylde and make sure it stayed there. PJ invariably forgave the singer an awful lot of shit because Wylde always made it up to him in bed, which no one else but Mikka was able to do, but Chavez wasn't nearly as forgiving. He suspected that Aldo felt the same way, though the handsome Italian would not speak of Wylde and no one else dared venture his name in Aldo's presence either.

No matter how cool the two of them had tried to play it Chavez had seen what was happening with Xav and Rayne. He had wanted to intervene from the start. In subtle (and not so subtle) ways he had even tried to, but PJ, Aldo and Clay, they'd all told him to keep his nose out of it. They'd all told him to let it play it's course, and they'd all held some romanticised hope that maybe this time, this boy would be the one to settle their friend down and make him happy.

Well it had ended up pretty much how Chavez had thought it would end, but being right was no vindication when he saw how miserable Xavier was. Deciding to use this opportunity to try some cheering up tactics, he left Aldo and Clay taking care of party preparations and wandered casually off in Xavier's wake.

He leaned in the doorway of Xav's bedroom for a long time watching the blond boy toss and turn in his sleep, occasionally huddling up and hugging the rumpled sheets like they were real and warm and human. At last he shrugged off his reservations with his shirt and shorts. The last time he'd invited himself into Xavier's bed he'd been shown the door but he could not walk away now, not when he could feel his friend's loneliness in his heart.

Chavez scrambled across the big, comfortable bed and curled around Xav, warm and naked and easily excited. His arms smoothly encompassed the sexy young American and he cuddled close. If this was as much as he got from Xav tonight he would accept that graciously.

Xavier was hot and slightly moist to touch. He smelled so good though, a mouth-watering mixture of light citric bodywash, aftershave and his natural, masculine pheromones. Chavez buried his face in those soft blond curls and kissed the back of his neck tenderly as he stroked his hands up and down Xavier's belly and chest, loving the feel of soft, hairless skin and firm muscle under his palms and fingers.

Xavier was dreaming again... but it was all distant and indistinct, like he was seeing everything through a pale mist, nothing tangible. And then a sense of sharpness cut through the mist, making the grey world bleed red. He whimpered, smelling blood and sex and leather in the air. All familiar, arousing scents. He was tied tight, the bonds biting cruelly into his skin. He couldn't see anything clearly though. Xav kept trying to shake his head, to clear his thoughts, understand what was being done to him. But it stayed stubbornly out of reach.

The dream shifted then and there were warm arms around him, stroking and holding him, the curve of a body fitted to his... Rayne's cool body, his touch making Xavier's nerves sing, those soft silky lips touching the back of his neck and sending a spike of pleasure through him straight to his cock. He moved, arching his back against the body wrapped around him, a desperate hunger making him moan with wanting.

Slowly his eyes fluttered open, the dream evaporating and he found he was in bed, but not alone.

Chavez felt Xav stiffen slightly as he woke and his hand slid down the blond's belly flat to his skin, caressing into the well of his groin and parting his fingers around the root of the younger man's hard cock. His lips took possession of Xavier's soft, hot skin, kissing hungrily up and down the curve of his slender neck and gently biting his shoulder as he rubbed himself against the naked boy.

Xavier's hips rolled slowly, almost automatically, pushing into the hand wrapped around his cock and pressing back up against the hard bulge rubbing in the cleft of his cheeks. A soft moan escaped him, the dream had left him incredibly horny and he was so hot and ready he almost didn't care who it was snuggling up behind him. As the sleep fog began to clear he realised it was Chavez and although he was a little surprised he wasn't unhappy about it. His hand slid down over the one wrapped around his cock and he felt the subtle tightening in the body behind him, as though Chavez thought Xavier would push him away. He didn't though, his fingers curled lightly over Chavez's own and drifted up and down with them over his throbbing shaft.

Turning his upper body slightly, he leaned his head back and found Chavez's lips, kissing him with a wordless, hungry heat.

Chavez too was surprised but not unpleasantly so and settled into the kiss with more than just a little enthusiasm. As Xavier twisted about in his arms he wrapped himself around the younger man, slowly rubbing his naked body against Xav; writhing up and down eagerly between his thighs and letting his lips slide to Xavier's neck and throat again, kissing him there ravenously. His hand gripped Xav's hard cock and pumped it vigorously, enjoying the little moans of pleasure this elicited from his mate's throat.

Xavier returned the favour, wrapping hot fingers around the eager shaft now stabbing him in the side and stroking up and down the turgid length of him. He still felt a bit floaty, not sleeping, but not totally awake. It was a very relaxed and very horny state of being, and he remembered that Rayne loved to wake him up like this and it was always so damn good when he did...

His other hand slid into Chavez's hair, and his lips and tongue practically devoured the Mexican lad's mouth. His thighs slid apart around him, inviting Chavez between them while he rocked his hips enticingly with the rhythm of his mate's stroking hand.

Chavez rolled onto him, rocking against him more urgently, kissing his slow way down Xavier's restless body. His lips and tongue pressed and flickered seductively over Xav's collar bones then down his glistening, sweat-slick breast bone and out to the stiff little buds of his erect nipples. His fingers tugged on the firmness of Xavier's leaking cock and he bent his head to brush his hot, wet mouth over the swollen bulb of the younger man's straining sex. Chavez licked his cock head seductively all over, drawing it between his lips.

"Uhhhh...ohhh...that's so good." Xavier whispered in a husky murmur, his fingers caressing through Chavez's long dark hair. He bit his bottom lip, resisting the urge to buck hard.

Long, warm fingers swirled slowly down his lean thighs, caressing the backs of his bare legs as Chavez took him deep and let his lips slide wetly back along Xavier's twitching shaft towards the swell of his soft, full dome. He held it in his mouth, teasing with his tongue, letting the tip swirl in and out of Xavier's sensitive slit. His breath was quick and hot around the younger man's clenching balls as he nodded down, swallowing Xavier whole again.

Xavier's fingers tightened in his hair, his hips rolling with languid pleasure. For a half a second he expected to feel the smooth round surface of a tongue stud pushing into him and angrily shoved the thought aside. He was not going to start comparing every guy he fucked to Rayne. And really it wasn't fair at all, because Chavez's wet enveloping heat was sweet enough to make his eyes roll up in his head. In fact, he was good enough that if he kept going at the pace he was he'd have him coming in no time.

"Valentino...s-stop!" Xavier groaned in much the same tone Chavez had used on the balcony of the club when their positions had been reversed, and for the same reason. "Mmm, you're gonna make me cum," Xavier panted, his teeth clenched.

Teasingly, Chavez opened wide, stroking his tongue slowly up the underside of Xav's shaft. He whipped it around the head and flashed a triumphant grin before burying his face between Xavier's parted thighs and enveloping his balls and the sensitive inch of root behind them in slow, wet licks and kisses.

Xav lifted his knees higher, spreading his legs wider and tilting his hips. His fingers massaged along Chavez's scalp now encouragingly. His cock throbbed with need, but he let the pleasure ease back down from the edge while Chavez's slick tongue kept him from coming down too far.

"Mmmmhhhh... you taste good," Chavez mumbled, lapping away happily as his fingers and thumbs parted Xavier's cheeks like two halves of a sweet, fresh melon, so that he could devour the soft flesh between them. His wet, wriggling probe explored Xav's ring making him squirm with delight.

Xavier's throaty moans purred from him as Chavez's stiffened his tongue and pushed inside him. He drew one hand up to stroke gently along his aching cock while he was most thoroughly sucked, nibbled and rimmed with a passion, until he could hardly take any more.

"Uhh... Chavez...fuck me...I need you..." he pleaded.

His mate needed no encouragement, Chavez was hard and horny, his cock already leaking a slow spill of pearly cream as he climbed up Xavier's splayed body again, pinning him to the bed and keeping his legs spread with his own thighs. His hands stroked up Xav's forearms and his fingers closed tight around Xavier's slim wrists. Chavez pressed his mouth back to the blond man's parted lips, letting him taste his own sex as he rubbed that long, Latino cock up and down his slick, wet crevice.

Being pinned down to the bed flipped his switches like crazy and Xav writhed under Chavez's body urgently. Even so, a tiny little niggle in the back of his head forced him to check himself, despite the horny male part screaming at him to just shut his mouth, wrap his legs around his partner and pull him in. He didn't mind, but he didn't want Chavez to have any worries or regrets. "Valentino...condom?"

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