Reach Out For The Sunrise Ch. 10


At first he thought the blond boy was Xavier but when he had studied that curious face for a while he knew that it wasn't. Even so, whenever he glanced at the boy he thought it again. Something was very wrong though, he should have been able to remember what it was but the things in his head kept moving away whenever he mentally reached for them. It was frustrating, and a little bit scary too.

There were other things in his head that he didn't want to see. When the tall man suggested that the boy who was not Xavier should take him into the shower room, Rayne caught fleeting glimpses of some of those things. At once he put his hands up over his eyes, not wanting to look; not wanting to remember. It had been another bathroom and another time but he did not want to see it here. He just wanted Xavier, who had come for him when it was darkest and whose voice he had followed out of the nightmares. It did not make any sense to him. Xavier should be here. Why wasn't he here? He would have made the nightmares go away.

And then the blond boy was kneeling beside him and talking to him ever so gently. He touched Rayne and washed him and got him to stand up and stop hiding his face. He kept on promising that nothing in the bathroom would hurt him. When his hands moved lower, Rayne worried for a moment that he was just another one that would tell him that everything would be all right, then do terrible things to him like in that other bathroom. He screwed himself up tight inside and stared up at the blond boy who was not Xavier as his hands stroked down and down and down... then stopped.

"You wanna do the rest yourself?" the blond asked him in a quiet voice.

Rayne licked his lips. He shivered in spite of the heat of the water cascading down on him. The boy who was not Xavier smelled so good. He would be really tasty, Rayne just knew it. He would not have Rayne's memories, like Xavier did, but he was prepared to bet that the boy still tasted good. Maybe if he let the blond boy touch him and do the things he wanted to do, he would be allowed to bite him in return. That seemed like a good deal, to Rayne.

Boldly now, he reached out and took the blond boy's hand, putting it between his legs. He saw a sudden, confused smile curve the boy's warm, pink mouth.

"Maybe you're not as shy as you look," the blond laughed nervously. "Okay, here we go then."

He began to stroke his hand gently over the soft, pliant flesh between Rayne's thighs and in response, Rayne reached for him and touched him in a way that told the blond that he was certainly not an innocent in these matters. His cool, clever fingers curled around the blond's long, heavy, cut cock and he tugged down gently on it, over and over, milking it steadily until it began to twitch and stiffen in his hand as he had known it must. In return the blond boy began to stroke him in the same way, gently rubbing his penis and balls in one hand whilst the other rested lightly in the small of his back, moving in small, slow circles there.

Rayne reached up with his right hand and curled his fingers around the blond who was not Xavier's neck, pulling that lush, wet mouth down to his own. It felt very, very good to kiss his soft, warm mouth that way and the blond boy did not seem to think it was all that bad either. He certainly did not stop what he was doing to Rayne's stiffening penis as his tongue danced between Rayne's parted lips and his mouth pressed down harder. Now the blond's fingers slipped speculatively down into the smooth crevice between Rayne's bare buttocks and began to work in slow circles there, wandering searchingly around the sensitive bunch of nerves that ringed his rear entrance.

There was a little ring of chrome piercing his tongue that contrasted with the silver stud in Rayne's mouth. They clicked together softly now as the blond boy kissed his mouth harder and deeper. There was another ring in the head of his erect penis too. Rayne's thumb stroked slowly over it, teasing tendrils of salty scented semen from the slit that it dove into and following the curve down under the head of the blond's rigid cock. It ended in a little silver ball that pressed against the ridges of hyper sensitive flesh where the bulbous glans joined his thick, hot shaft. The blond boy shuddered and thrust into his hand when Rayne caressed him there.

"Oh my! You sure know what to do with that," he panted when their lips briefly parted and Rayne looked up into his darkening blue eyes.

The vampire pulled him back into the wordless kiss, as his small, cold hand gently fisted the blond boy's erect penis until it was drooling a constant flow of pre-cum. The boy who was not Xavier pressed hard against his puckered ring and eased two fingers slowly into Rayne as he jerked the little vampire rapidly with the other hand. Rayne almost climbed up his nude body as they writhed together under the flood of water from the shower rose. He released the blond's long, hard member and pulled himself up against the boy eagerly. At the same time, the blond who was not Xavier drew his fingers out of Rayne and curled both hands under his slender thighs, lifting him up and pushing him back against the wall to kiss him more urgently on the mouth. Rayne's lean thighs encircled his thrusting hips and his tongue mated with the blond's ringed probe in his mouth. The other, harder, thicker probe found the wet pucker between his firm, white cheeks and slowly the blond youth lowered his restless mate down onto it, letting it pop wetly into Rayne's tight channel.

Now Rayne sucked in a fast, hard breath and quivered in the blond's powerful embrace, looking him searchingly in the eyes as his fingers locked around the back of his mate's neck. He pulled himself towards the blond and his jaws opened wide, biting down hard on the hot, wet flesh covering the plump vein that ran down from his brain and sucking the rich ferrous taste of Trent's life blood into his mouth.

With it came a zillion fragments of emotion and thought, desire and memory; all of Trent was distilled down into the essence of his hot, delicious blood. It was like picking up the pieces of a jigsaw and recognising where they ought to go. Suddenly he frames of reference for his mate's whole life. And he could compare them to his own ghostly memories, for what they were. Now, abruptly, he knew what it was that he had lost and he wept silently, still drawing on Trent's essence, even as the tears streamed down his cheeks.


The photographer was just getting up again when Xavier got there.

"You forgot to take your phone with you." Marco said. "PJ McNamara called, I answered it because he rang more than once. I told him you'd gone out and forgot your phone."

"Oh, okay."

"Palo stopped by too," Marco said, watching Xavier's expression and the way he bristled slightly. "I told him not to come back here."

Xavier raised his brows in surprise and some relief. "How come?"

Marco shrugged. "You didn't seem too happy with him when you came back last night. And I don't want you hanging around him if you're gonna show up for work with bruises on your face the day after."

Xavier let it go at that, relieved he wouldn't have to worry about Palo any more at least. He went to bed early that night, and was glad he did when Marco got him up early the next morning. The photographer looked though the clothes Xav had brought with him and selected a pair of butter soft leather pants that hung low on Xavier's hips and fit like a second skin, along with the equally snug fitting vest that Aldo had picked out for him.

Considering Marco's apparent fondness for his soft blond curls and vehement insistence that he didn't want any make up put on him Xavier was a little surprised that he had him do his hair like he had the other day, then had him sit in a chair for a makeup artist he'd scheduled to come over. Xavier could have saved him that trouble as well and done it himself, but Marco seemed very pleased with the results.

Xavier looked in the mirror and had to admit it was a good job. The dark green shadow on his lids brought out the bright blue of his eyes, as well as the dark liner and mascara on his lashes. A more neutral colour darkened his full lips and they shimmered kissably. His face did lend itself well to androgyny. With the makeup it was hard to tell if he was a pretty boy or girl.

After he was dressed and made up they started off in the studio again. Today was pretty much a repeat of their previous sessions at first, but after a couple of hours Marco decided he wanted them to go out. He took his camera and they walked around the city together. Xavier was doing nothing he thought was of any particular interest but Marco took pictures that he intermittently cooed over. They ended the day back in the studio. Xavier sat down astride a straight-backed chair and Marco brought out some accessories he wanted him to don, a pair of leather wrist cuffs that fastened with silver rings.

Xavier looked at them and back up at Marco.

"I haven't touched you inappropriately once since you agreed to come and work for me, and I promise I won't do so now. I just want the pictures," the photographer said with a shrug.

Somewhat reluctantly Xavier buckled the cuffs onto his wrists and then Marco directed him to put his hands behind the chair and fastened the rings together. He immediately took a few pictures of Xavier's bound wrists, the way his fingers curled lightly, and his hands turned out slightly as if to test for any give. It was not the first time he was hard for Xavier, but the rush of blood and desire to his groin still caught him a little off guard and a soft moan escaped his lips.

Marco moved around Xavier, taking a few more pictures from different angles, and then he stopped again, took Xavier's boots off and snapped a few pictures of his bare feet. He brought out another set of cuffs and these he buckled on to Xavier's ankles, and then fastened to the chair with the attached straps. He took another flurry of pictures.

Xavier squirmed a little in his seat. He didn't really feel anything one way or the other about Marco, but the memory of Nicolas getting him primed yesterday without the delivery, coupled with the restraints which always got him going, he was already more then a little turned on.

Marco reached down and undid the top button of his pants, but no more than that. He took more pictures of Xavier sitting there, of the way he tipped his head back and rolled it. He had Xavier scoot his butt to the edge of the seat and lean his neck on the back of the chair and took several shots of him like that. His full body, close ups of his face and carefully selected other regions.

"Alright..." Marco said softly, getting Xavier's attention, and capturing another stunning shot of his face, eyes dilated slightly with desire and soft lips parted. "Alright..." he said again, clearing his throat. "You've got cynical or mischievous down to a T, and you do dead sexy wonderfully... but I want something more out of you now."

Xavier just looked back at him, he didn't know what else he could do, he tried for whatever expression the photographer had asked of him so far.

"I want to know what's inside you, Xavier... give me something real."

Xavier started blankly back at him. Marco held the camera at ready. "What do you feel right now?"

"Horny!" Xavier answered and Marco chuckled softly.

"I heard you were hot and heavy with the singer from Whipsnade for a while, Rayne Wylde? That must have been hard, when he left you."

Surprise lit across Xavier's face, Marco clicked the shutter. Then his expression changed, for just a second there was an expression so raw and wounded it was almost painful to see, Marco clicked the shutter again. Finally his expression settled on hot anger, his blue eyes blazed with it, and Marco got that shot too. He was in ecstasy. Those last three shots taken in no more then maybe ten or fifteen seconds were worth more than anything he'd shot so far. Absolutely beautiful! He just hoped Xavier would forgive him.

"Let me go," Xavier said, cold and flat.

Marco did, and he was almost surprised that Xavier didn't try to hit him when he was freed. He was sorry the boy was angry with him now, but he wouldn't have gone back and changed it, not for anything.

They were done. Marco could have insisted on more, but he didn't need any more. He paid Xavier what they'd agreed on, and was less surprised that he wanted to leave as soon as he had the cash in his hand. He didn't apologise, but he was more than generous with the extra cash he slipped in, figuring those last three shots were worth any amount of money.

Xavier packed up quickly, he didn't even bother to take a shower or change, he just got his stuff together while Marco arranged for a driver to take him back up to Aldo's.


For a moment as the vampire bit down on his neck in the shower, Trent simply froze with shock, and then he picked up the yoke, gripping Rayne to him and thrusting into him hard in response. He buried himself in the sexy little vampire and held his shaft there for a moment, panting with the adrenaline rush of mingled fear and arousal. Until this summer he had only ever fucked another man for cash, or to make a movie, which was just being 'gay for pay' in another, more artsy way. Since joining Mikka's crew, Trent had also shared the other man's bed on numerous occasions, sometimes just with Mikkal Saarinen but often in company with one of the other boys from whatever film they were shooting. Mikka liked to watch him 'top' other boys before he fucked Trent and Trent could not say with hand on heart that he disliked it either.

Even given the knowledge of what his current partner was, Trent could not feel anything other than furiously horny as he felt that tight little ass slide down onto his throbbing pole. So Rayne liked to bite him? Well he'd been with guys who were a hell of a lot kinkier than that in his time. And Dominic was right, once the initial shock of feeling another man's teeth in his neck subsided, Trent realised that he was enjoying it.

"Jesus, you're hot!" he panted as he gripped Rayne's ass cheeks tight in his hands and began to stroke between them vigorously. "That feels so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o good!"

It did not take either of them long to spill over the edge. Rayne was writhing on his thrusting rod like a fuckin' pole dancer and Trent drove it into him with animal passion as the vampire twined around him and sucked hungrily on his neck. He was going to have the mother of all hickeys tomorrow but, by Christ, it would be worth the pain. He felt Rayne's explosion moments before he jabbed himself balls deep into the vamp and answered the spray of semen that lashed his belly with a handful of lush spurts of his own, way up in Rayne's clenching colon.

The powerful jaws released his jugular and he gasped for breath, then melted as he felt Rayne's studded tongue licking his skin with short, quick strokes that teased him and sent little tremors through his body.

"Oh my god, you're astounding," he groaned, sinking slowly to his knees with Rayne still curled around him.

And that was how they stayed for the rest of the night, though they did move over to the bed once Trent's legs had stopped feeling like jelly. In the soft, warm bed they snuggled close and even though Trent wanted to make love to him again, his body was less compliant. He felt so exhausted that he could barely open his eyes.

Dominic watched over them as they slept but Rayne too was sated for the time being and just snuggled between the two men, soaking up their warmth from the proximity of their skin, finally calm enough at last for a healing sleep.



© Sadie Rose Bermingham & Bellora Quinn 2010

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