tagHow ToReaching Sex God Status

Reaching Sex God Status


Reaching " Sex God " Status from this Woman's Mature Perspective

Its' In His Kiss

There's nobody that loves a good kiss then I. It's is definitely the prelude for good things to come and the ultimate in foreplay. Stolen kisses when you least expect them are fun to. They take you off guard. So, what are the ingredients in a good kiss for me from a man.. Well, preparation is a key factor. Breath must be fresh. Lips should be moist. Without those things, a kiss could be spoiled. A good kisser is always prepared. He waits for the right moment and the right atmosphere. He moves closer and entices me. He may whisper in my ear a sweet something. He plays and teases. He looks tenderly in my eyes and slowly inches closer to my lips. He then freezes and looks tenderly and longingly in my eyes. He waits till I look back at him. He then places his lips on mine. His kiss is slow in the beginning or a series of quick kisses. He builds a tempo and a rhythm then intensifies it. He gets me warm and begins the dance. He places both hands on my face tenderly and I'm totally locked into him. He then parts my lips and wiggles his tongue into my mouth. He plays with my tongue and sucks it. I return in kind. The temperature turns from warm to hot. Both of our bodies are as close as can be. He curls my toes and sends tingles down my body. He slowly removes his tongue and hopefully bites my lip. He moves his face away but still holds me tightly in his arms. We savor the intimacy and enjoy the closeness. No words are spoken. There's no need for them.

Moving Intimacy On To The Next Level- It's My Turn To Take The Lead

So, I wake up this next morning with his kiss still lingering on my lips. I'm hoping to get a little inspiration and guidance for what will be my next move. It's my favorite time of day to do so. Yes,my mind wondered to areas that no angel would ever dare to tread. It wasn't heavenly thoughts but thoughts of a different kind this morning. Want to know what I was thinking of?

I was daydreaming of his penis. I've always been quite fascinated with this particular body part. Some would called me a dick worshiper or a penis pleaser. I'll admit it. Now, mind you, it's not the most beautiful of body parts however some men sport a very pleasing package. All dicks are not the same and come in wide variety of looks and sizes. Of course, the first difference is size and girth. Next is the look of the head. That's my favorite part. Then, there's the size and shape of the balls. Some men's balls are long and saggy. Other men's are held together in a nice, tight little package. Those are my favorite kind. I wonder what his looks like?

What has always fascinated me so was the erection of the penis. It's like a magic bean that keeps on growing. It goes from soft to the touch to hard and firm in a matter of minutes, or seconds, depending on how excited the man is. I love the feel of an erection in my hands. Although, I like a hands on experience, I also enjoy it in my mouth. I'm a licker. I've always have been. I like to lick it like an ice cream cone. I can't deep throat though. I have a terrible gag reflex that can turn a situation from sexy to disgusting in a matter of minutes. I can, however, have it in my mouth and suck it for awhile. I've never had any man come in my mouth but I think I could handle that now if he wants that. I find that as we mature we are more open to new experiences. I've learned mainly by research that you can cradle a mans balls and even suck on them if you're gentle. I've always was shy around that area because I was afraid in my wild abandonment and eagerness that I would hurt the man. Now, through lots of research and video watching, I know how to handle that area. I've also learned a few tricks as well to add to my repertoire. The most fascinating for me is the look in a man's face as you give him this pleasing treat. I like to watch the wide range of emotions that play out on his face. I like to know that what I'm doing is turning him on. That's the fun part of the experience. I also don't mind watching him pleasing himself. It's a great learning tool. Well, that experience can be for a futute time. Right now, I know what I plan on doing.

Yes, I am a woman who loves to give head and admires a man's dick. Oh, yes, I will be the aggressor here. It's my turn to give.

The Ultimate of Intimacy For Me

Any guy can take his dick and stick it inside my pussy. He can gyrate, pulsate and drive inside of me till he reaches his climax and then slip out. That's just the mechanics of a no frills fuck. That's not what I'm interested in though.

A real man though takes his time with this woman. He caresses me, looks longingly into my eyes, kisses my mouth sweetly and nibbles me in places that drive me wild. He plays my body like a classical instrument and drinks me in like a fine wine. He makes me tremble and coo. He's plays the role of pleaser and does whatever gives me the most pleasure. I am his only focus. It's not about him. It's all about me. He circles my nipples with the tip of his tongue until erect. He takes each of my breasts in his mouth and lingers there. He transcends down my body ever so slowly taking time to lick each part until her reaches my womanhood. Once he reaches that tunnel, he touches gently, explores me, tastes my sweetness, licks me and slowly makes me groan until the groan becomes a scream. He makes sure I am totally turned on and then,only then, does he enter me. He moves inside me seeking out my most private spot where pleasure and release is felt. He builds a rhythm. He starts slowly and then quickens the tempo. He looks at me lovingly and kisses where he can. He waits for the signs of my coming and then drives me at full force until I reach orgasm. He then knows then that he can release and fill me up with his sweet juices.He remains inside of me till both of our hearts beat normally again. He slowly withdraws himself and hold me in his arms until we both are replete.

If you can make love to me just like that, then, you know that you've reached "Sex God" title in my book. Believe me, I will return the favor making me a Sex Goddess to your love. What would make me your Sex Goddess?

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