tagLesbian SexReaders' First Lesbian Experiences

Readers' First Lesbian Experiences


Thanks to my dear female readers I was able to collect some real first lesbian experiences of my readers. A big thanks to Jade, Marie, Karin and Sabine and many kisses to you for being so kind. The following pages are the true first times of four women. I hope that some of my female readers will be so kind and helpful to tell me about their first times, so that I can write a second part. I also try to collect my female readers wildest real life lesbian or bi experience and my female readers favourite or wildest erotic fantasy (lesbian or bi). So of course I hope to receive a lot of feedback for my project from you out there. Many thanks in advance. If you want to read about my own real first lesbian experience you can read about it at literotica already at my page "My first lesbian experience"! So have fun and kisses to all of you and especially the nice and helpful ones!!!!



I was eighteen the first time I made love to a woman...or, I should say, to a girl, my best childhood friend, Mona, who was one year older. I was spending the night at her house and, of course, we slept in her double bed. We each had crushes on two different boys at our junior highschool. Both very good-looking Hispanic boys. So we decided to role-play. Actually, oddly enough, the whole thing was Mona's idea. Little did she know that I was fairly knowledgeable about the ways of making love...although not with a woman, though I'd fantasized about it.

We waited until well after midnight to make sure that her parents would be asleep and wouldn't be able to hear us. Mona stealthily locked her door, just in case, then, quietly, we began. First, as for our role-play, Mona played herself and I played Benny, the boy she had a crush on. So...I began to seduce her. Telling her how beautiful she was and how much I wanted to kiss her. Of course, she played the giggly, shy, blushing and coy schoolgirl. Irritated, I pulled her to me and began kissing her more than anything, just to shut her up. I was going to pretend as though I were raping her.

At first, my friend pulled away, a bit shocked. But I asked her, how else are we going to do this? How can I pretend to be Benny if I wouldn't DO what Benny might (and we both knew he would) do? So she agreed. Besides, she said, I really do like you. I think you're really sexy. That was her first inclination that she, too, might be at least bi-sexual. Continuing, I pulled her back towards me...and began kissing her...as Benny. But the more I kissed her, the more I realized that I really LIKED kissing her...as me, Kat. I looked deeply into her eyes, ran my fingers along the sides of her face, around her lips...then moved closer and began nibbling her lower lip. She began to moan, opening her mouth. I moved still closer, taking her lower lip into my mouth and sucking ... licking... and then she began to respond. She began bucking her hips, and when I brought my leg up between her legs, she went wild. "Oh, god, yes, fuck me!" she whispered. I grabbed her face and began kissing her harder, my tongue darting in and out of her mouth, then sucking her tongue. Then I pulled at her pyjama top, frantically trying to unbutton it.

"Wait! What are you doing," she asked.

"Don't you want Benny to do more than kiss you? I thought you wanted him to fuck you, too? I just want to kiss your tits." She stared at me for a moment and then said, "What the hell. If we're going to do it, let's do it right!" And she took her top and her bottoms off, throwing them on the floor. I followed suit. Then we were both naked. I stared at her body. She stared at mine. I'd never seen a girls body up close like this before. Neither had she. Physical Education at school didn't count. And certainly not like this. Mona was Hispanic, so her body was naturally a medium brown...all of it. Her beautiful tits were about a 36B...not big, but not small either. Her pubic hair was shaved (even back then we shaved!) so her pretty pinkish brown pussy lips pouted out at me. God I wanted her so badly!

I pulled her back down on the bed and crawled on top of her, sliding down her body so that my mouth was even with her dark-brown nipples. I took a nipple in my mouth and began sucking... she flailed, eyes closed, hands grasping the pillow, moaning -- MY name! -- "Oh, yes, please, Kat, suck my tits, suck me!"

Suddenly, we'd BOTH forgotten about the boys we were supposed to be fantasizing about. The only one I wanted was Mona.

I sucked and I licked and I teased, until she could stand it no longer, then I slid down her body even more to her pussy... I spread her legs and lowered my head towards the waiting lower lips.

At first she jerked, hesitating when my tongue touched her fully erect clit (which was huge, btw! almost like a small cock). She sat up and looked at me, seemingly horrified that she was allowing herself to be eaten by-- a woman (girl) -- but I attacked her pussy with such ferocity and vigour, and she was in such ecstasy that she could no longer protest. So she lay back down, closing her eyes.

I licked her clit, then spread her pussy lips with my fingers, and sucked and licked the folds of her pussy, pushing a finger deep inside her cunt.

"Oh, yes!" she moaned softly. I pulled my finger out, then rammed it in deeper, in and out, in and out...until she came in my hand and I licked her clean.

"Oh, my god, that was fantastic!" she said. "No guy has ever made me cum like that before!" "Geez, Mona, just how MANY guys have you fucked, anyway?" I asked.

"Oh, only a few," she replied, blushing. "But forget about me. I want YOU! Come here!"

She pushed me over on the bed and climbed on top of me as I had her, kissing me lightly on the mouth, then deeper, until her tongue forced apart my lips. I was so hot now; I began bucking my hips against her pussy, wishing like hell ONE of us had a cock. "Oh, yes, Kat, I want you so much," she said, in between kisses and grabbing handfuls of each of my tits. Then she pulled away looking down hungrily at them. "Damn, you have such BIG fucking tits!" she exclaimed. For some reason, even though my mother had a fairly small chest, I'd inherited Someone's genes and had a hell of a rack for a teenager: I was a 38C.

She took each of my tits in her mouth in turn and began sucking and licking while kneading the other. I was already cumming, anticipating her tongue in my cunt. She must have thought the same thing: she moved down my body, licking my belly, then when she reached my cunt she stopped and looked up at me. "I've never done this before, Kat. I don't know if I can," she said.

"I'd never done it before, either," I said. "But you have a really sweet pussy. Just try. If you can't, I'll understand."

She stared at my pussy for a minute, then lowered her head gingerly to my clit and began licking. "Mmmmm," she said. "You taste good, too. Good thing we both took a shower before we came to bed, eh?" she laughed. Then she ran her tongue down my slit, slowly, then faster and more sure of herself, probing and sucking and licking until I was ready to fuck a horse. Had there been one available (a horse that is), I've no doubt that I would have fucked it! I bucked and rolled my hips and pleaded with her to fuck me. So she pushed a finger up inside me, then two, then three, plunging it in until I, too, came in her hand. She bent down and licked up the juices, looking for all the world like the cat that'd just eaten the canary. Or was it the canary that'd just eaten the Kat?

Many thanks to Jade for sharing her first time with us. Kisses to you, your Pussylove


I was round at my school-friend's house. For some reason I can't remember, I was leaning against a wall in a corridor, and she was hurrying past me, back and forth. At one point she just darted forward and kissed me very quickly "mwah!" like that. Then the next time she passed, she did it again. On the third occasion I grabbed hold of her, made her stay, and we kissed for longer. We ended in her bedroom. I remember we folded our clothes very carefully, so that if one of us heard her mother come in, I could grab mine and run quickly to the toilet. On the bed it was all very exiting. We were completely naked, cuddling our young bodies together, our hands exploring each other. We kissed a lot, we fumbled our breasts and we even dared to touch each others wet pussies. We did not really masturbate each other, but just a bit of fumbling and we did not dare to lick each other at our first time together. When we eventually did hear someone coming in, I ran but took my friend's pile of clothes - and she was much smaller than I am. It took her about 30 seconds of frantic hissing and tapping at the door to make me realise my mistake, and we only just made the swap in time!

Many thanks and therefore kisses to Marie for sharing her first time! Your Pussylove.


To explain my first experience, I suppose I was interested in girl on girl fun since I was about 18, when I had a serious crush on an older schoolteacher. It wasn't until I was 19 that anything happened. It was all because of being at the 21st Birthday party of a friend, whose parents had this huge big house, which was just as well given the large number of people attending. I had been having a conversation with a lady (Sheena) one of my friend's workmates, a woman in her early 40's but nice, with lovely figure, who was presenting Julie (my pal) with special gift from work. Anyways, I had noticed that after we had spoken, Sheena, had been eyeing me up, maybe because I was wearing my special dress. A thin shoulder strapped wine coloured dress, figure hugging a bit really if I´m honest, with lovely silver chain type belt buckle on waist and fairly shortish, showing off a good bit of leg as they say.

Anyhow having had a fair few drinks, I was needing to visit the ladies room, but it was busy and had a queue. So desperately I sought out Julie for her help. After realising I was serious, she told me where to find a toilet in another part of the house; thank heavens.

After using the same I was sorting myself in mirror as one does, when I felt the door opening and Sheena walking in. She apologised profusely, but after a giggle or two, we got ourselves sorted out. Only thing was, the toilet was smallish and we had to share the mirror, with heads nodding trying to get best use of it. I think she must have been a little irritated with me, because I felt her hands on my waist and her breath in my ear as she murmured with a smile, "for heavens sake lass...stay still, I need mirror too" I just blushed and smiled, but she kept her hands on my waist. My heart was fluttering a bit, wondering if anything would happen. When she finally came out with it and told me how lovely my dress was and I in it. I was breathing a bit heavier and I´m sure she could see my chest heaving, because that was the point she decided (told me later too), to risk it. Her hand reached up, brushed my hair off the side of my neck and she kissed me, her hands on my waist, curling round and pulling me back against her.

Yes I was a little shocked, but with the combination of her gentleness and me having had so much wine/drinks etc, I felt myself getting slightly aroused. I stared into the mirror watching her face smile again, as did I, and felt and saw a hand, cup my breast (dress was type I couldn't wear a bra with) and her thumb rub over the nipple. I closed my eyes and sighed a kind of "ooooh" sound, which she responded to by nuzzling into my neck again. I kept hearing her lovely soft voice whispering beautiful things about me, until I felt another hand on my bum. Just seeming to rest on a cheek, she left it there for a few moments and then I felt her massage me there. It was a feeling of almost instinct, that made me push back against her, again giving her the clue that I liked it, which was what she was hoping for, I´m sure, cos then I felt that soft warm hand and fingers sliding between my bum cheeks under the dress and a finger rubbing gently along the crotch of my panties. Reaching inside the top of my dress, she managed to get one of my tits free to the air and squeezed and massaged it and the hard nipple making me gasp in total and complete joy.

My heart was racing like mad. My face was red with flushed blood and I was moaning and gasping answers in the positive to every question she asked, like how was I enjoying it...and how much she wanted me. One of her fingers managed to burrow inside the back of my panties and I felt it enter me easily, I was absolutely sopping wet and moaning that if she didn't stop I was going to explode. I saw her grin a devilish smile in the mirror as a second finger pushed into me from behind and I remember a deep groan sound escape from me as she pushed and squeezed her fingers up me. She knew it wouldn't be long before I hit an orgasm and breathing fast in my ear, she groaned at me, "yesss come on baby....cum for me...like a good girl" and banged her fingers harder and harder until I felt the muscles contract and it hit me like an express train. I had never in my life felt like this, even masturbating myself or being with a boy fumbling around. Sheena knew just where to push and squeeze and I came hard, screaming like mad, thankfully into her other hand which she managed to clamp on my mouth before he whole world knew I was cumming....

Later I got a lift from her home and she stayed the night with me. That is another story altogether, but that was the first time I had been sexually explored and made to cum, by a woman a good 25 years older than me, and I found out from her what lesbianism was all about, she converted me for sure and I'm glad she did too.

Thanks and kisses to Karin, for sharing her first. Your Pussylove69


I was 20 years old and a Single at that time. I frequently visited some local dance pubs with Eva, my best friend. One night we again had a lot of fun, some prosecco too much. At about two or three in the morning we decided to go home and take a coffee at my flat, as we often did. That night we did not take coffee but opened another bottle of prosecco. We turned on some music and started talking about these and that. Later Eva asked me for a dance. Of course it's nothing special among us girls to dance with each other. But this time it was something special from the beginning. It was a very slow song and we started to stroke each other very gently. First our hands just caressed each others backs but soon I felt Eva's hands at my bum and my hands too, started massaging her cheeks. It was a cocktail of a thousand feelings, reaching from lust to love and tenderness. I don't know why it happened, we both were solo for some time and maybe we lusted for some tenderness. Out eyes met and then Eva very softly kissed my lips. It was not a kiss among girls, like we had shared a lot times for. This time it was something deeply erotic. I was a bit afraid first to be kissed by a woman, by my best friend, Eva, but my feelings soon overcame my bad feelings.

It was a very soft and tender kiss. Her lips were so soft. Somehow my deepest dreams came true. I had always thought of woman as something very erotic. Our kisses soon became more and more passionate. My lips opened and her tongue slid into my mouth. We deeply french kissed and everything around us got lost. Still kissing we started to undress each other. Out hands were shivering with excitement. I was aroused, as I have never been before. My pussy was soaking wet, before even being touched and my nipples were erect and hard.

Kissing and fumbling we moved to my bed and what followed was a night of exploration, of tenderness and sheer lust.

It was so amazing to feel a naked woman´s body for the first time; to feel her breasts, to touch and such her hard nipples, to touch my best friends wet pussy and masturbate her and finally for the first time in my life I even licked pussy. I loved her taste and so did Eva love mine.

It was maybe the most erotic night I have ever had. We both came more than one time that night and after it, we were cuddling together and talking about what happened. We both were happy that it happened that way and it was not our last night together. Eva still is my best and very special friend – even though I have a boyfriend from time to time.

Many thanks to Sabine; kisses from your Pussylove!

So thanks again to my readers and I hope for a lot of feedback and help for continuing that series and my other collections. Kisses in advance, your Pussylove69.

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