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It was a crisp fall morning. The trees had already begun to change their colors and the hills below where she was setting were ablaze in yellow, red and orange. Fall was her favorite time of the year. The air seemed cleaner. She bent down to pick a fallen leaf off the ground, the bright yellow color seemed to reflect the sunlight as she held it. The touch of the leaf still pliable, feeling slightly rubbery as she touched it with her fingers.

She heard a voice behind her and jumped a bit, she hadn't heard footsteps.

"Hello," said a soft, smooth male voice, "Did you bring something to read while you were enjoying nature today?"

She smiled. "Oh I have a few things in the car. Perhaps you like to listen to a story?" she said as she laughed aloud.

"I certainly would," he said as he lay the blanket he had been carrying on the ground,

"Well, let's see I have some Stephen King, Robin Cook...or maybe you would like to hear something that hasn't been published yet?" she questioned.

"I believe we should give new authors a break" he grinned, "let's hear the unpublished work."

"I'd be delighted to read it to you," she answered, "but you know the rules."

"I think you made them pretty clear the other day, when we were chatting on the Internet"

She walked to her car and returned with a few typewritten pages. He was already laying back on the blanket, resting against the tree trunk that had provided her part of the color show just minutes before. She sat cuddling up against him and began to read.

The story was new, one he hadn't heard before and it wasn't long until his cock reacted the way it did every time he read the erotic stories she weaved. He unzipped his pants, moving around a bit to give himself access to kissing her neck and stoking his own shaft. She watch his hand stoking his cock as she continued to read to him. The story was hot and as it came to a climax, he knew he would do the same soon. He held back, touching himself lightly.

"Baby, I'm going to cum now" he whispered his voice raspy with excitement and lust.

She stopped reading, and took his cock in her mouth. He groaned his pleasure, wanting to last just a few seconds more feeling her touch, her tongue and throat. It was impossible. His hot cum exploded into her mouth. She milked him with her mouth and hands, unbelievable sensations of pleasure seemed to fill his whole body.

She licked his cock until his member was clean, and not surprising hard as a rock again. He gently pushed her back until she was laying down. His hands explored her body through her clothing. She was wearing a long skirt, soft, smooth silk top, stockings and flat black shoes.

He removed the shoes first, massaging each foot in his hand, the nylon of her stockings seemed to caress his skin. Then he lay beside her, unbuttoning the blouse, sliding it over her shoulders to reveal a blue lace bra. The cups so sheer he could see her nipples standing out against the thin material. He took a nopple in his mouth and rolled his tongue over it, sucking through the lace of the bra.

She moaned and raised her body to meet his mouth. Her eyes partly open, and he could see raw lust. She heard a noise behind them, and moved as if to set up and cover herself.

"No way baby," he breathed into her ear, holding her against the blanket. "I've waited long enough to have you, maybe someone will get a good show, but I intend on having you now."

She laughed and lay back giving him the opportunity to continue to have what he desired. His hands ran down her sides and lifted the skirt until he could view the tops of her stockings, the curly red pubic hair covering her swollen mound. No panties were there to hide his view as she opened her legs to him, and he could see her clit pink and swollen.

"I want to taste you," he said, his tongue already exploring her mouth, shoulders, thighs.

"I want you to suck me until I cum in your mouth," she answered. His hands between her legs he fingered her, sliding one or two fingers, in and out of her pussy, stroking her clit, exploring the most sensual parts of her body.

"Kiss me there darlin, let me feel your tongue inside of me" she urged. Rolling her hips up and opening her legs a bit further.

He needed no more invitation than that to put his head between her legs and drink the honey flowing from her body. She was hot and wet as he drove his tongue inside of her. Lapping up her juices until he felt her body stiffen and the contractions of her orgasm begin. He sucked, licked and fingered her as wave after wave of pleasure swept over her. He gave a little more than a minute to catch her breath, and rolled her over on her belly. She rested on her elbows and knees and could feel his cock harden against her ass, as he trailed kisses from her shoulders down her spine. His cock standing out, straining to enter her pussy, he knelt behind her.

"Darlin' fuck me, I can't wait any longer" he heard her whisper as she lifted herself up to him.

He held his stiff cock in his hand as he guided into her, running the tip of his cock along her pussy lips, using it to stimulate her clit and running it back down her pussy lips again. She strained against him, wanting more. He thrust and entered her all the way.

"Mmmm" he sighed, "sometimes I guess you do get what you wish for." They began to move with each other finding the same pattern and rhythm to pleasure each other. She could feel his balls hitting her hips as he pushed inside of her again and again.

Her back arched as she cried out, it seemed as if pussy grabbed his cock with each contraction of her orgasm. He rammed hard into her, meeting her in that nether world where the everything stops moving and only the two of them existed. His body fluids mixed with hers as they reached a climax together.

They collapsed onto the blanket, her body wrapped around his, as he held her close to him. They would both remember their first time.

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