tagErotic CouplingsReady for Lunch?

Ready for Lunch?


Pulling into the parking lot outside your office, I'm early, or should I say eager, so I decide to wait a few minutes. Watching as others leave for lunch, I anticipate seeing you walk out the door within the crowd, but you do not. I wait another minute or so but you never exit. Exiting my car and walking to the door, I look inside. I see you walking across the floor, grabbing some papers from a printer before walking back towards your desk.

You turn to investigate as I open the door and walk inside. A look of frustration is present on your face. Looking around before dropping the stack of papers on your desk, you inhale deeply.

"They went to lunch" shaking your head in the direction of your desk.

"You want to go eat?" I calmly ask.

"Can't babe, I'm swamped!"

I walk behind you placing my hands on your shoulders, pressing my thumbs deep into your tense muscles.

"You need to eat." I tell you as I look at all the papers covering your desk.

"I know, but very little time today."

You lean your head back, enjoying my hands as they provide a small amount of relief to the knotted muscles in your neck.

Wrapping my arms around your body, I pull you tight against me.

"Anything I can help you with?"

Your hands run up my arms, as you lay your head back on my shoulder.

"No, just need to get this sorted and I'm behind. I would rather not work this weekend" you say before reaching for more papers.

"Well you go right ahead, I'll just be right here." I whisper into your ear before I kiss the back of your neck.

"Distracting me?" you ask with a hint of a laugh.


Your head leans forward, allowing my lips access to the right side of your neck.

"Yeah ok!" you say with a notable giggle.

Standing behind you, lips lightly brushing your neck, my hands move up, squeezing your breast firmly as I gently bite down on your neck. A soft moan escapes your mouth as you try desperately to concentrate on the pile of work across your desk. I slide a hand down your body, reaching between your thighs, lifting hard, as my fingers a forced between your thighs. I begin to rub you back and forth over your pants, feeling the heat grow from beneath the fabric. Lifting your shirt, my hand caresses your abdomen as it gently moves it's way under your shirt. Grasping your bra, tugging it down, I pulling your right breast from the top. Pinching down on your nipple, your knees seem to weaken and a long drawn out moan fills the room.

Your hands move back, finding my thighs before running them up and down, until you grip my jeans and pull me tight against you. I push my hand down the front of your pants, past your panties until it's back between your thighs. This time on your bare pussy. A finger slides effortlessly between your moist lips as I begin to rub your clit. You move your hips back and forth, your throbbing clit squeezed on my finger as your ass is pushed back against my growing cock.

Your hand reaches behind you, searching for my zipper, fumbling at first, then quickly opening my jeans. Reaching in, you grab my hard cock in your hand and begin to stroke me. Your grip is tight as I begin to throb inside your palm. Our want grows.

My hand pushes further inside in your pants, I reach up grab your hair pulling your head back onto my shoulder.

"I'm going to fuck you right here!" whispered into your ear.

"Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me right here, right now!"

I free my hand from your pants, but maintain my grip on your hair. With a single sweep of my arm, the day's work flies before crashes to the floor. You attempt to turn to look at me, surprised as the papers floated everywhere around your desk. My hand works your pants, grabbing them and your panties simultaneously, yanking them down over your ass.

I push you forward, forcing you over your desk. My hand runs moves between your thighs from behind, one finger slides deep inside your wetness. Your attempt to lift from the desk is immediately met a more forceful hold.

"You said to fuck you!"

I begin to finger you from behind, holding your head against your desk. Your orfasm comes quick and rather unexpectedly. I can feel pass by finger as it coats your thighs. Pulling my finger from you, you can hear my mouth savor your taste. The restraint moves to your back as you feel your pants being pulled further down your legs, exposing you more at your desk.

The unmistakable sound of a belt provides you with what is to come. My jeans fall to the floor. I take my rock hard dick by the base and begin to open your pussy lips with the tip as I slide it up and down your moist slit.

With the entrance to your tight pussy just at the tip of my cock as I slowly push inside you, opening and stretching you to accommodate me. I slide inside you an inch at a time, feeling you grip every part of it as it continues deeper inside you. I reach up, grab your shoulders tight in my grasp, holding you to the cold desk, as I start fucking you hard and strong from behind.

Long, deep, powerful strokes pound you from behind. My hands move down, spreading your ass so can watch myself slide in and out of you, each time appearing to be wetter than the last. Your moans betray your orgasm as it approaches Pushing back on me, you try to keep my pace. Sounds of our hips echo off the walls before you push backwards a final time and hard and cum, hard.

Feeling your cum running down my thighs now, my fingers dig deep into the skin of your hips, I start slamming myself inside you, harder as mine gets near. You can feel me swell inside you, pulsating, throbbing. My groans growing louder each second.

Just as I am about to release, you quickly spin, forcing me from inside you and drop to your knees. Your grasp is tight around my dick, as you start moving your hand hard and fast, up and down the entire length. You take me into your mouth as your lips encircle my dick.

That was it, that was all it took. I grab your head, holding it still as I fuck your mouth. One, then two strokes was all that was needed before I release, shooting my cum across your tongue.

I feel me leave your mouth as you stand up. I grab you and kiss you deep, not expecting the surprise you had for me still inside your mouth.

"Naughty girl" before returning to finish my kiss..

Noticing the clock on the wall, we hurry to pull our pants up before picking everything up from the floor. Just as you sit, your co-workers return from lunch as I'm exiting the front door.

"Lunch again tomorrow?"

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