tagNonConsent/ReluctanceReady or Not (Here I Come) Ch. 1

Ready or Not (Here I Come) Ch. 1


She's so pretty, so innocent, so young.

My girl.

She knows who she is, but in this story I'll call her 'Lily'.

Eighteen and pure. Clean and good. Devoted and loyal. She's my dream made real....any man's dream. I notice them staring when we're out in the town. The eyes that look and wonder, trying to fathom how I could find such a sweet bride. I wonder myself sometimes, when she's holding my hand, her face all sunshine....and I can feel the envy when we share a kiss and a private word. But I have no fear that she'll stray. She belongs to me....which she reminds me of quick-time whenever I accuse her of thinking about any other cock but mine. She assures me that I own her and is willing to prove it, always....in any way, at any time. Whatever my heart desires, Lily provides.

My sexy asian sweetie, with her easy smile and infectious giggle. She's all that, yet so much more. What they don't see is what's beyond those big brown eyes, what desires are harbored there. They only see sweet innocence and the nice young thing she quite clearly is. Nobody knows our secret world. Nobody would understand our private bond. Anybody would damn my dark desires, but to understand her, they'd have to be like her, like a million other women who keep it to themselves for all their lives. No liberation for them, but for my Lily....I know how to set her free.

She told me: "The me that everyone sees is introverted, innocent....likes to pretend to know nothing about sex. The slut inside is the complete opposite....she may not be very vocal about what she wants, but takes it all, and will actually enjoy everything.....though she might say otherwise...."

Our home life is specific. My girl can do as she pleases, so long as she pleases me. Her obedience is everything. She adores the bastard inside me. He makes her pussy drip and undresses her slut. The relief she feels when I get her home is immense....to return to the bosom of my control. I can't imagine how many strokes of cock I've given her pussy. When I look at her I feel every single stroke all at once....a lust so great, I feel a need to take her and tie her down. So long as she can't do anything about it she's a happy girl....her helplessness excuses her slut....she had no choice....it just felt so bad, she couldn't help herself.....it just hurt so good, she had to take it all.

Speak to me, girl.

"Just thinking about it makes my pussy wet....makes me wanna fuck."

She was standing at the sink in the kitchen when it crossed my mind. It was the skirt. Lily hardly ever wore a skirt....only when I want her to, like the very first time.

The very first time I fucked her....

Lily had arrived in town on the evening train.

I was waiting on the platform, anticipating her, my mind full of all the dispicable things I was going to do to her....of all the filthy acts her slut was going to commit. I knew exactly what was going to happen from the very first moment. I knew how her training would begin and progress over the weekend, but I wasn't wholly sure how far I'd go, how carried away I'd become once I had her tender young pussy at my mercy.

I was imagining her riding the train, sitting in a corner, watching for other passengers as she slips a discrete finger in her cunt. Thinking about my cock, thinking about it driving into her almost-virgin fuckhole. I can hear the rattle and hum of the carriage on the tracks and the world whizzing by outside and the whole din drowning out her mantra.....her fuck my cunt cries and her slut pleading for a stiff cock to rape her over and over....and over again. I can see it in my head, I can see my bitch fingering herself, needing to cum, then remembering my instructions. My instructions to finger-fuck herself all the way to me, but not to cum....to stop just in time and let her sweet pussy throb and drip....and when it was safe, start again....start thinking of that cock inside and bring her snatch to a simmer....simmering and aching for dick as she steps out on the platform.

I want her ready to go, eager and hungry for my bastard.

Lily noticed me almost immediately, and I her. She looked just like the pretty young thing in the photos in my wallet, which she'd sent me over the net amid a plethora of emails and late nite chat. Those chats, those emails....they were her slut manual....instructions for the greedy whore she kept hidden. In all those words, she knew everything. Every detail of her submission, every secret on how to pleasure me, all the loving readiness.

Fantasy was over and the real world was about to come crashing in. The teaching was done and now the practical examination was about to begin.

My baby-doll princess was ready for a proper fucking..

She put down her bag and we nervously made our greeting. I could tell she was simmering, she was too inexperienced to be able to hide it. It had only been a couple of minutes since she'd pulled her fingers from her pussy just in time, and endured the torturous fantasy of how warm it is....how warm my cum is as it splashes her lips and face....she could almost taste my penis as the train shuddered to a stop...could almost feel my bloated cockhead on her tongue....determined to be the good girl I expected her to be.

I looked down at her, her up at me. Beautiful Asia. So sweet, expression blooming, cheeks flush and smooth, staring into the blackness at the center of her big brown eyes. It was the horniest moment I've ever endured, and every time I've looked into her eyes the same way since. Her slut was hesitant, but I could see her in those eyes. Her soaking pussy exposed to the cool air and my bursting cock and those innocent eyes surrendering to the fright, to the admission, to the point she had to have her mouth against mine.

Her arms drew round my neck and I pulled her to me. I sucked her tongue and squeezed her tight. She was trembling, engrossed as I was in a slow, grinding, tongue-fuelled kiss. Trembling in my arms, her tight little cunt chewing itself, hungry to swallow dick. I could tell it was almost unbearable for her. She'd whipped herself up into such a cock-frenzy during the journey, her face seemed a little delirious, drunk on the begging and torment deep in her vagina.

Her lips pulled away and parted, her helpless expression gazing at me. I looked into her eyes and asked her whether she was ready to be my girl. Lily nodded and we kissed tenderly, until I suggested we go to the car before I dragged her into the nearest toilet cubicle and fucked her up against the door.

Her eyes were saying yes, please....fuck me now.

Another time, sweetie, but not for our first time.

My mouth tasted like a cunt and I knew she'd been sucking her own pussy-soaked fingers on the train. It was hard to keep my eyes on the road with her in the passenger seat. Just a girl, not long since eighteen. Deflowered, yet her pussy was still to be broken-in....a tender vice, unwilling and defiant, yet begging to be violated. Unlike most Asian girls, Lily had shape and tits and an ass and glorious tanned thighs that melted together into delicious puppy fat. I could see the baby-soft skin of her breasts and the darkness of her cleavage. I'd masturbated a hundred times to the thought of my cum running across her silken breasts.

She'd never had a man cum on her tits.

Still a virgin in so many ways.

As we stopped at a junction I told Lily to pull up her skirt so I could see her pussy. She did as she was told and treated me to my first sight of her young vagina. Skirt and no panties, at my behest....and this was the reason why....so it was right there for me at all times....so if I want I can take her by surprise whenever I please. I've since come to love her sense of panic when I'm giving her no warning. The momentary confusion just before she realises that it's a fucking she's getting....the realisation makes her slut flood out of her....and run down the insides of her supple thighs.

I told her I wanted to watch her finger herself as I drove her home. Her obedience made my cock throb. She said her snatch was slick and sopping, and started stroking her clit as her thighs peeled apart, exposing her delicate, puffy labia. I glanced at the road, then back again. Her fingers slid inside, her ass slid to the edge of the seat. Two glistening fingers fucking her sticky little hole.

I told her she was a good girl....to finger that pussy....harder....dig deep. Her head tilted back and her mouth opened and her eyes closed and all I could think of was where there might be a turn-off, a quiet country road....get her out of the car and over the trunk.....bend her over and stab her stubborn pussy with that hard cock she craved.

She could see it....I could see it, and in both our minds we saw my slick swollen shaft pumping her beaten pussy....dragging her out and screwing her against the car. But her orgasm was imminent, having stewed deep in her cunt for all that time on the train.

Lily would love that, but she'd never make it, not the way she was frigging herself. Her hips were grinding, sprinting to an orgasm. I encouraged her and told her that I was going to give her what she'd needed....something warm and stiff and alive inside her. Her free hand reached out to my lap, fingertips grazing my swollen cock underneath. Her hips bucked and I said I was insatiable thinking about how tight her sweet pussy was. As her hips bucked again and she started cumming, I told her that I hoped her pussy was so tight I'd have to make it hurt a little....to get all the way inside.....to get really deep inside her.

Lily moaned loudly at my words and frigged her pussy quickly, then slower and slower, slowing to a stroke. Her chest was heaving, back arching as her hips spasmed and her thighs started to tremble. Her fingers slid out of her and she began massaging her cherry, melting into the seat. We drove a silent mile as she sat there, legs spread, oozing in the aftermath of all that teasing on the train....all that cock inside her mind.

She looked at me as I slowed the car. I pulled into a lay-by and parked.

Her face looked so fresh and relieved. She stared at me waiting for me to say something. I leant to her and kissed her. Little slight kisses becoming fuller, her hand back in my lap and then my whispers in her ear.

"I thought I asked you not to cum."

I was so unfair. I felt her tremble and she said she was sorry. I stroked her cheek and ran my thumb a across her lips and she said she was very sorry. Her sudden nervousness made my balls ache, the hint of fear in her eyes sending lovely blunt throbs through the length of my cock. I told her that bad girl's get a slap and an ass-fucking. She looked in my eyes and kissed my palm and said that it was up to me to decide whether she was a good girl or not.

"Put me in my place," she said.

I pushed my thumb into her words and she sucked it like a little dick as I held back my bastard, held down the urge to slap her across her pretty face. I told her that she was still learning and this one time I thought it would be for the best if she just sucked my cock.

"Whatever you tell me to do," she said nervously.

I felt her hand squeeze my shaft and I told her to take it out and put it in her mouth. As she unzipped me, I told her she was my cocksucker....show me your fastest blowjob, sweetie. She went down in my lap, held the shaft and rolled her lips down as far as she could and started briskly. Her head bobbed as my cock pulsated in her warm small mouth. I was almost there right away, her sucking was so ravenous, so desperate, so needful. My cock was delicious and my cum was boiling and rising and I did not slow her down....my prick was eager and throbbing and I pleaded with her to not stop...to not stop that hungry young mouth.

I brushed her hair away from her face and watched her....my sweet angel, eighteen all over my cock and balls....just a girl blowing me, tender innocence starved of giving head. And those yummy sounds she makes as she sucked me down, drawing that prize of spunk from my balls.

Almost right away, my excitement was so great, I told Lily I was going to cum and I reached around her neck and stroked her throat. I could hear my cockhead popping from her lips. Her sucks were so deep....and her toneless moan each time my cockhead bulged in her cheek was the catalyst....the pulse that made my dick explode, filling her mouth with sudden bursts of semen. I felt her throat contract in my palm as she swallowed my cum, and with each jerk of my cock, with each mouthful, I felt it again.

Lots of cum for a hungry girl....a full tummy and cock flavored kisses.

Her lips drew back, resting on the rim of my cockhead, her little tongue mopping at the beads of spunk every time she ran her fist up and down my shaft. Her face pulled away from my lap and I saw the tip of her tongue run across her spunky lips and down into the corners where she'd spilled some.

Lily leant forward and kissed me, softly, and looked into my eyes.

"Can we go home now?" she said...

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