tagNonConsent/ReluctanceReady or Not (Here I Come) Ch. 2

Ready or Not (Here I Come) Ch. 2


I took Lily home.

I was taking her home to fuck and use as my slut, just like we'd agreed.

Our perversions came at each other from opposing sides....her wanton whore inside that stayed aching and hungry for cock & cum versus the beast in me who screams for a tight young body to put his dick into.....a torrid teenager who I can empty my balls into.

She was still nervous and coy even though her belly was full of cum and her mouth tasted of my penis. Sticky fingers and sticky thighs and a vagina leaking sweet girl-cum. A soggy dirty labia, gluey with bitch-syrup. She could feel her skirt, damp against the back of her thighs, her pussy juice having oozed from her, down to her anus and onto the material.

I had my arm around her as I led her into my apartment. She was so quiet...nerves, excitement, fear and lust overloading her sense of place. I loved the idea I was corrupting her, using her, taking advantage of her. It made me want to do her immediately...just do her...drag her into the bedroom by her hair and throw her on the bed. Scramble onto her, see her fright as I reach down between my legs and stick it in her hot little twat.

The thought blinded me for a second and I found myself standing in the living room, her curvy figure silhouetted by the lights of the town down in the valley. She looked so innocent, holding herself....self-conscious and pretty.

I asked her whether she wanted a drink and left to get wine. When I returned Lily was sitting on the edge of a sofa...knees together, toes together, elbows resting on her thighs....like a little girl. I sat beside her and handed her a glass of wine. She sipped and turned to me and slumped back under the wing of my arm. The hem of her skirt rode her supple, baby-soft thighs that melted together. She wore a white blouse with a white tank underneath....the only other thing she was wearing were two hard nipples pushing and poking at the sheer material of her blouse. Beautiful full titties for one not yet a woman.

"Drink," I said.

I watched her sip, then gulp. I reloaded her glass and put mine down and pulled her to me. Her red wine splashed her white blouse and I took it from her, but not before she took another hearty gulp.

She smiled at me, and I sensed she had gotten a nice kick from the alcohol.

Her lips tasted of grapes, her tongue too, duelling with mine....I sucked it, the tip, lashing my tongue across her lips before sinking it into her mouth and crushing our slippery lips together. There was as much licking as kissing, tasting her lips right down in their corners, then feeling her paint mine all over with her wetness. Her hand reached around the back of my head as I stroked her throat, running my thumb all along it, then all the way back up, giving her neck a gentle squeeze. I sensed my power, my superior strength, and my will tempted to wilt...the little devil in my head telling me to take her, do her, make her scream.....make her cry....cum inside her as her tears run from the corners of her eyes.

Our tongues were dancing and her body started trembling and her kisses became wanton and greedy....almost as greedy and wanton as mine.....all soaking wetness and yummy noises.

My cock pulsated and I tore my mouth from her and stared at her panting expression. Her breasts were heaving and I told her to unbutton her blouse. Her eyes, big and brown, glancing to me and to each button in turn. Sweetheart, undoing herself for me....that's a good girl. She drew the blouse over her shoulders....soft, supple shoulders....I wanted to suck/kiss/lick every single tiny inch of her skin....and I told her exactly that.

"The straps," I said.

Lily's thumbs hooked them back and I held my breath as she peeled the tank top down her body...a curtain pulling back as her tits are presented to me. Her eyes looked to me for approval and her smile read my very thoughts. Like a beautiful present from her to me. A pair of breasts for my pleasure....and what breasts....not so huge, yet ample enough to thread my cock between....a perfect canvas for my ejaculating cock I circled her nipples with my tongue, puckering to suck it's hardening peak. Round and round my tongue span, every revolution ending in my lips coming together to pull and suck...and alternately, my teeth grazing them, causing a faint, restrained moan from my slut.

"I can feel that in my cunt," I heard her say.

Shy girl spoke. Surprise struck me, halting my attention to her....my smile caused her to laugh and she could tell immediately how arousing her slut-talk was....to both of us. I was back on her mouth, kissing her roughly, my palm skating along the back of her thigh, where I felt her greasy cum up oh so near her sopping snatch....dripping for it....lubricated and ready to receive the penetration of a man's hot stiff meat.

I told her to take her clothes off. Take them off.

Lily peeled herself and threw the tank and blouse to the carpet. She leant forward and I watched her reach around to the back of her skirt and unzip it. She rolled onto her back, into a big cushion, and drew her legs up and over onto the seat. As I took her feet in my lap she lifted her skirt....fingers lifting the hem along her soft delicious thighs...and the succulent "Y" where they meet her pussy. Shaved and puffy and smooth, her slit peeking, crown by the hood of her clit. I bowed into her lap and kissed her clean hairless mound and smelled her cunt...a musty devil-scent...the absolute aphrodisiac that sent shockwaves through my cock and caused pre-cum to leak from its head. The smell of horny pussy, all sopping and slick and ready for prick....a filthy hot humid bitch in heat.

I licked the center of her Y, right on her peeking clit. I heard her muffled squeal and pulled my mouth away....and as I did this I took her by the calves, dropping her left leg off the edge of the sofa and her right upward, hooking it over the back of the cushion.

I looked down at my spread Lily. Eighteen is beautiful, eighteen is fresh and clean and I want to make her dirty and guilty....guilty of being a slut....which I'd teach her would be nothing to be guilty about.

Her nakedness as I'm fully clothed. I told her it felt like she was my fucktoy...for me to play with...and she's taken the wrapping off.

"One you can open up and play with whenever you want." she said.

Her expression was automatic, something she couldn't help, like the slut inside was awake and commanding her mouth rather than the shy young thing who's usually in control.

Shy girl had the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. The final fading puppy-fat of her little girl remained, encroaching on her thick puffy outer labia, split by a dark slit and a clit trying to get out. I took her hands and drew them both between her legs. I sensed her fear return and her nerves and I told her to spread open her pussy for me. She nodded, licked her lips, and I watched her splay her pussy with her forefingers, showing me her pink. Salmon coloured petals, shiny like a mirror. I ran my finger tip over each in turn and looked at her watching my hand....looking at me as I touched her swollen clit. Small, sensitive and budding and burning....her head tilted back as her eyes closed and she melted back into the cushion. I stroked her flower and teased her greedy fuckhole, circling like a cunt-vulture. Fucking gorgeous little twat...the breasts of a woman....an ass born to take cock....and an angel-face hiding a whore. My own sweet living fuck-doll.

The grip on her pussy lips drained away and as her labia closed I ran my finger through her pink and straight into her sopping box. He legs contracted slighty, back arching, belly rising, tits heaving, head kicking back. Her arms rose and she threw them over her head.

I pushed my finger in, the walls of her young pussy tightening around me, like a mantis grabbing its prey. Her twat was so hungry, so fucking sticky. I felt my fingertips ride the wall of her slick vagina, all spongy, yet strong as a vice. I pushed to my knuckle, provoking an aching moan from my bitch, and another as I began rolling her clit under my thumb. I wanted to get her blood up.....brew her randiness....get her begging for cock.

Her nipples were hard, her tits flush and silken, belly falling and rising, legs limp and wide. Giving her snatch a good service. I gave her asshole a tickle and she almost jumped, then jumped for real as I started pushing my forefinger in her pussy alongside my middle finger. Two thick man fingers mining her little fuckhole.

I saw her bite her lip as I dug deep, then gasp and moan beautifully as I managed to work two fingers into her. My fingers pumped her, my thumb terrorising her throbbing clit. She got tighter the deeper I finger-fucked her and I declared to her that my cock was going to have trouble getting this deep....

"Oh, sweetie, your cunt is so fucking tight," I blurted, grinding right down onto my knuckles.

I saw her whince and made her whince again....and again....and whince for me, girl. My cock was dripping as I hooked my fingers right up deep inside her. Her expression strained violently, my rough fingers invading her...and again, because her face looks so pretty in delighted anguish.....such a beautiful tortured expression....show me your slut....I want my bitch.

"Fuck me," she sighed.

I could hardly hear her.

"Oh, god, fuck me," she groaned, "fuck my pussy, baby....."

She smiled, but there was no embarrassment about her slut taking control, just her begging eyes staring into mine and her moving lips chanting for me to fuck her.

"In my pussy..." she cried, biting her lip.

I shook my head and I sensed a flash of anger at my denial, but her sparking eyes faded and closed as my fingers finally drew down so deep her cunt started choking on my intrusion.

I told her that her pussy was so tight....the tightest. I told her to clench and her vagina bit my fingers....this made my soaking cock throb and just before she was about to cum, just at the second I was sure she was over the edge, I pulled my fingers free. I watched her orgasm, watched those hips grind and that cherry burn and my tender young bitch cum. Her hands returned to her lap and her eyes opened as she stroked her throbbing cunt.

Her lips were apart, dry and taking air, slowly growing into a smile. Her legs fell off the top of the sofa and she crawled toward me, her eyes staring into mine as her nakedness straddled my lap. I ran my cum-soaked fingers around her big, softening nipples and she watched as I sucked each back to hardness. I felt her hand through my hair and her other hand take my wrists and draw my sticky fingers to her mouth.

Lily looked down at me and as she sucked my fingers in turn and then both together, I felt her light touch run along the arcing bulge in my pants. Exuding confidence all of a sudden.....sure of herself....with the face of an angel and the eyes of a hungry slut. My bitch had risen from my shy girl.....I felt like she might just rape me where I sat.

She reached over and chugged at her wine and then descended on my mouth with hot boozy kisses. My hands ran over her perfectly round ass.......and as I split her cheeks and rubbed her tight anus she sucked on my tongue....kissed me...felt my finger dip in her cunt for some cream for her asshole. As I rubbed it over her hole she looked down at me, face curtained by long dark hair.

"You fucking slut," I said.

Lily squeezed my cock as I said it and she told me she needed it. She needed it inside her pussy so bad.

Her expression was desperate, her nipples hard in expectation.

It would have been cruel to deny her any longer.

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