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Real and Remembered


Eyes glanced up from the poolside as the pair passed by the palm trees leading away from the hotel. Those in the pool shielded their eyes from the sun, already far into the west, it's rays beating down on the clear water, as the two figures strutted toward vacant sunbeds. Though seemingly oblivious, their gait invited stares. Long elegant legs, graceful strides, sun-kissed bodies on display. Reaching vacant beds they began to disrobe, the dark-haired girl bending to lay her towel revealing black bikini briefs beneath her t-shirt as she did so. Splashes and quiet chatter were all that disturbed the tranquil scene as the blonde pulled her t-shirt over her head, adjusted her sunglasses and stood staring out at the distant ocean. She stood tall in her white bikini, calm yet alert as behind her the darker girl tore off her own top, lay down, her breasts resting heavily in her bikini. All around them men lay hardening in the heat.

The women were watched as they gently rubbed lotion into one another's bodies, the graceful blonde attending to her buxom friend at first. At last they lay down, motionless for the most part save the occasional languid jerk or twist. In the minds of those men around them each gesture was replayed endlessly. Every quick slight adjustment of bikini top or bottom was extended until, inside each man's mind, the girls were naked. Each brief movement of their bodies became more pronounced, and acted out under the weight of that man's body. Unknown to the ladies themselves they were already engaged in an act in their audiences imagination they very much hoped to engage in for real.

Having remained still for some time they answered their admirers unspoken wish, suddenly rising, exchanging glances and entering the pool tentatively. Men watched their bodies slowly lower into the water, hardly disturbing it's smooth serenity. Their flat stomaches and heaving breasts disappeared under the waterline and almost immediately their privacy was pleasantly disturbed by a beachball tossed slyly in their direction. It was returned along with the beginnings of a conversation, and the game that ensued was jealously observed by males all around. Kayla and Jodie exchanged glances as did their male companions and before long two couples had drifted together. Jodie admired Andrew's broad shoulders as he drank in her slender figure and teasing blue eyes. Joseph, meanwhile, stood close behind Kayla, her slightly curled dark locks brushing his face, her latin face smiling up at him giggling in mock disapproval as his attention wandered to her generous cleavage. She dived down, turned underwater and swam quickly between his legs, making sure to brush up against his inner thighs as she did so. When she emerged to the surface behind him he had already turned around, his tanned face dominated by a gorgeous smile, white teeth shining out from amidst a short black goatee.

The last few hours of sunshine were spent idling in the pool, the act of seduction stretched out like their bodies atop the water. Despite temptation they returned to their room unaccompanied, leaving the men with vague promises, wild thoughts and rock hard cocks vibrating underwater.

"I've waited long enough, I want to know all about your day." Kayla had spoken, letting her body drop onto the bed as Jodie removed her soaked bikini and wrapped herself in a towel.

"I went on that little boat trip you know," began the blonde laying herself next to Kayla. "I was the only one there by myself so quite naturally the 'Captain' took it upon himself to chat with me."

"What was he like?" asked Kayla, softly brushing her friend's hair.

Jodie stared off into the distance. "Native Hawaiian. Big, hairy, rather fat but muscled too. His neck was as thick as his arms and his thighs were like trees."

"What did you do?" Kayla whispered.

"I let him stand close to me, I paid attention to his every word. I smiled when he hoped I would smile. I leaned into him when the boat rocked. After a while I disappeared down below the deck into a tiny little cabin. I was wearing that little denim skirt and the tight white vest top over my bikini. Anyway, he followed me in, closed the door behind him."

Kayla edged closer to her friend, her hand wrapping around Jodie's waist. Her lips brushed the blonde's cheek as Jodie continued.

"I was standing with my back to him, leaning against a little table. The boat was rolling up and down so that he had to steady himself as he moved down the short set of stairs."

Kayla began to breathe heavily, her hand ran down over the blonde's soft white thighs, simultaneously nudging her onto her side. Kayla patted Jodie's bottom affectionately, nuzzled against her shoulder.

"I smiled at him over my shoulder. I slowly opened my skirt, lowered it down, asked him if he might be kind enough to put some sun lotion on me before I went for a swim."

"What did he do?" asked Kayla, her voice husky.

"He grinned. He came toward me as I lifted up my top. His hands went straight to my waist as my skirt hit the floor. I felt his cock through his cut off jeans push against my bikini shorts, felt it bury itself between my cheeks. The sun lotion was in front of me on the table. He leaned forward with both hands, inevitably pushing me down toward the table. I felt his thick rough lips on my shoulder, heard a groan in my ear."

Jodie turned to her friend. "That groan made me so wet. He was like an animal on top of me."

Kayla moved forward, pushed her tongue into her friend's mouth. With one hand she pulled the towel away, exposing Jodie's glorious puffy lips. Her hand covered it, felt the heat of Jodie's pussy breathing onto her palm. Her head pulled back.

"What next?" She asked, gently stroking the blonde's cunt.

"He grabbed the bottle with one hand," said Jodie btween moans, "and grabbed my pussy with the other. He stroked me just like you're doing right now. I heard the zipper on his shorts open, his rough hands grasping me. I felt his cock slapping against my thigh."

"What was it like?"

"Huge. It was just like him, thick and tree-like. He turned me around with force and kissed me almost violently. He kept stroking my pussy through my bikini, telling me what a tight little slut I felt like."

"You are a tight little slut Jodie." Kayla pushed her finger between the blonde's lips. Jodie's head threw back, her mouth fell open, a tiny whimper left her lips. A slap to her ass brought her back to awareness and so she continued.

"He ripped down my bikini, pulled out my tits. I felt his big bear-like hands on my ass as he placed me on the table. The coldness on my bottom spread quickly to my back as he tipped me over like a wheelbarrow. Before I knew it my ankles were up on his shoulders, and his cock was powering into me."

Kayla rose up, pushed Jodie onto her back and slithered down her body. Her head rested on the blonde's thighs as her tongue pushed between her friend's fingers and into her cunt. Jodie spread her legs, rubbed at her clitoris furiously, felt Kayla's tongue inside her, all the time remembering how the Hawaiian had fucked her. She groped her own breasts imagining they were his fingers again, feeling thrusts into her pussy both real and remembered until finally coming with force.

Kayla rolled onto her back, allowing Jodie to nessle her head between the fulsome breasts.

"Mmm, and how was your day?" Asked Jodie sleepily.

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