tagLesbian SexReal Friend, Real Love Ch. 02

Real Friend, Real Love Ch. 02


To make things easier on all of us most of the conversations between Stacie and I will be like a normal conversation. Just remember she is deaf so when she talks it sounds kind of muffled and she talks mostly with her hands. I have picked up some sign language over the years I have known her but still its very limited.

To be honest I did not want to go wherever Stacie had in mind but the look she was giving told me I had no choice. I reluctantly reached up and took her hand and she led me to my small closet and started rummaging through it. Before long she had located my most reveling outfit. It was a black strapless number that showed off my small but firm breasts and came down to just above my knees. I took it from her and tossed on my bed as I stripped out of my clothes and began putting it on only to have her stop me.

"Take off your top." She told me.

"Why I asked not even trying to remember the proper movements to sign my question to her so I simply asked making sure she could see my lips move.

"One, because I said so. And two, you have nice breast and girls will be flocking to you if you don't have a bra on.

I just shook my head and did as she instructed. I saw her turn slightly red when I took off my top and she turned around to give me some privacy. Once I was "Dressed" for lack of a better word I tapped her on the shoulder and held my arms out as if asking "What do you think?" She gave me a thumbs up and quickly changed into her sexiest outfit. I did really like that one on her. It was a solid white dress that clung tightly to every curve of her body. Whenever she was out men all over would come try and get her attention. Once they learned she is deaf most of them walked off. But no matter what she always left the clubs with some guy and go back to their place for several hours.

Once she was dressed she grabbed a handful of condoms out of her dresser and tossed them into her purse and off we went to one of the local clubs. It was like almost every club I had ever been to before. The music was up way too loud and it was just about standing room only. Stacie led me to the dance floor and damn near pushed me out onto it. I did not feel like dancing at all but I knew that if I was dancing I would be concentrating on my moves and now how much things hurt. So with a little encouragement from Stacie who was already rubbing up on a guy who looked way to young to be in there I began dancing.

I never failed to get people to move away from me as I spun and dipped to the music in perfect rhythm. Even songs I had never heard before I was able to fudge my way through it. Very soon I was sweating lightly which caused my "Dress" to cling to my body earning me whistles from the men and women who were watching me. After about five songs I needed a drink and a break so I headed off the dance floor to the soda bar and got me a coke and sat down at one of the few empty seats.

"I have never seen a girl move like that before." I heard someone yell over the music.

I looked over my shoulder and saw a young black girl with her hair pulled back in a tight tail looking at me. She was sweating also and I remember seeing her on the floor dancing almost as well as I was. I had also caught her looking me up and down and licking her lips several times. She told me her name was Jasmine as she reached to shake my hand. I took her hand in mine and was rewarded with one of the softest hands I had ever held. She sat down at the seat next to me and took my drink right out of my hand and took a few sips before setting it down on the table.

We went about making small talk for about half an hour before Stacie came walking over to me with two young men following behind her. They both were looking her up and down then started looking at me and Jasmine and I knew what was on their minds. They wanted all three of us. Good fucking luck, no pun intended. Stacie told me she was taking off and to have a good time and that she would not be back to the room tonight. I called her a slut like always and she just laughed and walked away with both men following like lost dogs. Jasmine shook her head and said something about men being pigs and looked over at me and smiled.

"Lets get the fuck out of here." She yelled to me. "I need some air."

I'll be damned if I know why I followed her out of the club and I'd really be damned if I could tell you how we wound up standing in the doorway of my dorm room. But there we were I was trying to unlock the door but was having little success as Jasmine was running her hands all over my stomach and chest both above and under the cloth of my dress. My breath caught in my throat every time she would run her fingers over my bear nipples. Her lips kept brushing against the nape of my neck and ears as I continued to try and unlock the door. I could feel my pussy tingling and I realized how badly I needed a release. Finally I got the key into the lock and we damn near fell into the room. Jasmine was on me before the door was even closed and she was pealing my dress off of my shoulders as she locked her lips to mine and slipped her tongue into my mouth.

She wasted no time in getting me nude then quickly stripped her dress off as well. She was very slim with small breasts. Her dark skin shown with a slight layer of sweat even though it was a rather cool night. Her nipples were standing up on her breasts and were simply begging to be played with. I wanted to just throw her on my bed and go to work on her nipples but she had the same idea and she pushed me backwards and I fell back on the bed with a suppressed grunt as she landed right on top of me. She straddled my hips and I could feel her shaved pussy begin to grind against my legs as she began kissing her way down my neck as she caressed my breasts with both hands.

Moans were escaping from my mouth as she began licking and nibbling on my nipples. Her hands began moving their way down my body toward my sopping wet pussy. I was so eager for her touch that my hips were bucking on their own. Almost painfully slow her fingers moved down my body and finally grazed my swollen pussy lips. Now I really wish I could tell you that we had the best sex I had ever had bit that was not the case. Right after her fingers found my pussy my breath caught in my throat. However it was not because of her touch. The memory of my first night with Sara came into my mind and no matter how hard I tried I could not keep from breaking into tears and began crying. Jasmine was off of me real fast and was looking at me like I had just smacked her. I could not even stop crying long enough to explain to her what was happening to me. Almost faster than she has stripped her clothes off she was dressed and heading for the door saying something about whit girls being crazy.

And just like that I was alone in my room crying my eyes out. Just like before only this time nude I curled up into a tight little ball and cried my eyes out. The only words that came out of my mouth were "Why?" I kept repeating that single word over and aver again until finally sleep overtook me and I fell into a dreamless sleep.

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