tagLesbian SexReal Friend, Real Love Ch. 03

Real Friend, Real Love Ch. 03


It was around six in the morning when Stacie finally dragged herself through the door waking me up as she fell flat on my bed. I could smell the beer wafting off of her and wrinkled my nose at it. I pulled the covers up over my body before turning to look at her. She smiled at me and waved a hello and I could tell she was still drunk. She started telling me about the night but with the alcohol running through her system and my simple lack of proficiency in Sign Language I really only understood a few words.

I'm guessing she either finished telling me what she wanted to say or she just gave up because the next thing I knew she was pressing her lips to mine. I was shocked by this. Not only was she straight but the taste and smell of the beer was making me feel sick so I pulled away. She gave me a drunken smile before laying her head down on my pillow and passed out. I was in no mood to move her to her own bed not was I about to leave the warmth of my own bed so I simply turned around and went back to sleep before I started crying again. I was already feeling the sadness beginning to wash over me again.

I awoke only a hour later when I felt the bed shift and Stacie's arm came around my body and her body scooted in closer to mine. I felt a tingle run up my spine and I smiled at the feeling of having someone's arms wrapped around me. Too bad Stacie was straight, I always thought she was rather cute. Stacie pressed her body against my bare skin and I felt an all new shudder run up my spine. I felt soft flesh against my back, Stacie was nude at least from the waist up. I took a minute to enjoy the feel of her breasts against my back and the feel of her hands.

I could not stop myself from imagining the feel of her lips against mine without the beer taste and smell. I felt my nipples get hard as I fantasized about her lips and tongue kissing and licking them. My breathing was becoming increasingly fast and ragged and I began rubbing my legs together trying to keep my pussy from getting to wet. I was about ready to just turn over in the bed and pin her to it and make her finger fuck me until I was good and satisfied.

I finally snapped out of my sexual fantasy when I felt her hand slowly start to move down my stomach towards my pussy and felt her lips on my shoulder. I pulled away from her wail I had the strength to do so and climbed off the bed and grabbed my robe throwing it around my body before turning back to look at her. She sat up wobbling slightly and let the covers fall off of her body showing off her breasts. She smiled drunkenly at me again before getting out of the bed and she was in fact completely nude. I could see the moisture on her bald pussy and I was getting more and more turned on by the second. I just knew that this was some kind of drunken fantasy that she was wanting to live out with me. And I was not about to give in.

Her hands were much steadier than the were before and she told me very clearly that she wanted to have sex. I told her that I could not do that with her. The look on her face was one of Shock, Anger and sadness rolled into one.

"Don't you think I am pretty?" She asked as her hands started to tremble again only I don't think its because of the beer.

"Stacie you know I think you are pretty. Hell you are gorgeous." I told her as best I could.

"Then why wont you have sex with me?"

"There are two reasons. One you are straight. And two you are drunk."

She looked at me for a minute before she slowly crossed the room to where I was standing and leaned in to kiss me. I pulled away again and told her that I was not going to do this with her. She was my friend and I did not want anything to come between that. She backed off a step or two before shaking her head.

"Fuck you." She said before going to her own bed and covered herself completely with her sheets and pillow.

I was too shocked to move. She had never gotten mad at me before. But I knew I was right. I knew that if we did have sex there would have been repercussions. The room was deathly silent which surprised me, I was expecting to hear her crying. But she must have passed out again. I knew for sure now that I was right for turning her down. I stripped my robe off again and quickly got dressed and left the room. I needed to think, I needed some time to clear my head, shit I needed to masturbate.

Over the next several weeks Stacie and I grew apart. She stopped inviting me to go out to the clubs, she stopped asking if I wanted to go shopping or even to lunch. I was just waiting for the semester to end so I could request a new roommate just to ease the tension. Just a week before the end of the semester my birthday rolled around. Several of my friends gave me cards and small gifts. Sara's mom sent my a large bouquet of flowers. They were roses. Nineteen red roses and one white as a symbol of my twentieth birthday. Stacie said happy birthday to me and gave me a halfway hug as she was heading for her first class. I was glad she even remembered that it was my birthday. She had been rather cold to me for weeks.

I left the room heading for my first class feeling a little better than I had been feeling since Sara had left me. I walked rather briskly to class and as soon as I walked through the door I heard someone yell "Get her". I looked around just as half the class let lose with water balloons aimed right at me. I had no hope of evading them. I just covered my face as they splattered all over me. Once the last one hit the second wave came from the opposite side of the room as the other half assaulted me with silly string and glitter. I was mad but happy at the same time. I did not know I was liked that much. Finally the class began singing the birthday song and just as they were finished all I saw was white. I closed my eyes for several seconds before turning around and saw Stacie standing there with an empty five pound bag of flower still held over my head. Pay back was going to be a bitch.

I walked passed her and headed back towards the dorm to get a shower. I kept my eyes open for more water balloon snipers as I walked. I could hear Stacie chuckling behind me all the way back to the dorm. She grabbed my robe and hung it in the shower room and took my clothes to be washed as I washed all the crud out of my hair and off my body. I made it a fast shower and headed back down the hall with my robe tied loosely around me. There was a note tapped to the door handle that simply said "Close your eyes before you enter...Or else.".

"Now what." Thought as I opened the door slowly.

I did close my eyes for my own protection and was relieved when nothing hit me. I did since someone else in the room and whoever it was was standing right next to me. A pair of hands lightly touched the side of my head and then a soft pair of lips brushed against mine.

"Open your eyes." Stacie said.

I did as I was told and opened my eyes and saw something that took my breath away. The room was dimly lit by half a dozen candles and smelled like Lilies. Stacie was standing in front of me almost nude. Tied across her breasts was a thick ribbon that lopped around in the center of her breasts and went down to her pussy and back up between her ass like a thong and a giant red bow was placed right over her pussy. My mouth was hanging open as I looked her up and down.

"Happy birthday" She said with a smile. "Would you like to open your present now?"

"I thought you were not into women." I said much against my desires.

"Amber, I am gay just like you." She said. "I never did anything with those men I left the clubs with. I just acted straight so you would not be tempted to mess with me when you were with Sara."

That made sense to me. She raised her arms and gave a questioning look that asked if I was going to open my present or not. I did not need any convincing. I stepped up to her and pressed my lips to hers and instantly her tongue was in my mouth. Without the beer on her lips and breath her kiss was so very sweet. I ran my hands up and down her body over the ribbons for several minutes before stepping back just far enough to be able to pull on the tail end of the ribbon that was at her breasts. The whole thing came unraveled and fell to the floor leaving her completely nude.

We resumed the kiss as my hands reached up and grabbed her breasts and began gently rubbing them paying close attention to her nipples making her moan into my mouth. Her own hands had found their way around my body and were digging into my ass cheeks as she tried to pull me closer and closer. We continued to kiss and grope each other for another several minutes before she pulled me closer to my bed and we fell back onto it with me coming to rest on top of her. Stacie let go of my ass and began wiggling one of her hands between our bodies to get to my pussy which by now was so wet I cold feel moisture dripping down my leg. I followed suit and let go of her left breast and wiggled my hand down to her pussy.

We found each others clits at the same time and both of our breaths caught in our throats. Stacie was the first to recover and began gently but quickly rubbing her fingers in small circles over my clit making me moan into her mouth as I started grinding my hips against her to press her fingers harder against my clit. I started rubbing my fingers over her clit as well making her moan and groan with pleasure. Her free hand found its way to my breasts and started rubbing and pinching my nipple. She was driving me crazy, I needed to cum so bad and I could feel it building deep inside me. She must have known how bad I needed to cum because all of a sudden she began pressing harder on my clit and moved her hand faster quickly driving me over the edge.

As my orgasm washed over me I slammed two fingers into Stacie's pussy dragging her over the edge with me. We were both moaning into each others mouths for nearly a minute before our orgasms subsided. I rolled off of her without taking my lips from hers and kept fighting with her tongue for domination of her mouth. We continued the tongue wrestling match for several minutes until we were both all horny again and this time Stacie took the top end and began kissing her way down my neck to my breasts. I sucked in air sharply as her lips and teeth came into contact with my hardened nipple.

I wrapped my legs around her waste and moaned louder and louder as she alternated between sucking, licking and biting my nipples. I was feeling so good and could not believe how great Stacie was.

I had never felt pleasure like that before. I was almost ready to cum again just by her playing with my nipples. Finally to keep from cumming to soon I gently pushed her off of my nipples. She looked me in the eyes and there was nothing but pure lust in her eyes. As fast as my hand could move I told her that I wanted her to fuck me. She smiled and began kissing her way down my body so slowly I actually pushed on her head to get her down to my pussy faster.

Even once she was at my pussy she was teasing me. She planted gentle kisses on my legs and all around my pussy. I was thrusting my hips upwards begging her to fuck me. She kept teasing me by kissing all around my pussy and only so often she tongue would dart out of her mouth and glance off my clit sending shocks through my body. I was even starting to get angry and wanted to yell at her to stop teasing me but she would not have heard me. I finally had enough when she sucked my clit into her mouth and let it slip back out with a slight pop.

I pushed her off of me and she fell backwards off the bed and onto the floor. I got off the bed and talked over to her as she was laying on the ground laughing and planted my pussy right over her mouth and grabbed her by the hair and told her in no uncertain terms that if she did not fuck me now I was going to rip out all of her hair before I beat her to death for teasing me.

"You made me wait." She said. "Pay back is a bitch."

I gave her hair a hard yank and pressed my pussy onto her mouth and finally she began licking my lips and clit making me groan and moan. I was jerking all around as she gave me the best oral sex I had ever had before. My hair was all over the place in a knotted mess. Stacie was digging her nails into my thighs almost hard enough to draw blood but I did not care I yanked on her hair harder and harder as I approached my second orgasm. Finally I pushed her head back against the ground as I came and splashed her face with my juices. She drank as much of it as she could before I was finally done and collapsed on top of her. I kissed her rather forcefully tasting my cum on her lips and tongue.

Once I had recovered enough to think straight I apologized for being so rough only to find out that rough sex was a turn on for her. I smiled down at her and began moving down her body with the intent on fucking her as well a she had just fucked me. But she pulled me back up by my hair gently and kissed me before telling me we needed to get heading to class.

Very reluctantly I got off of her and we cleaned ourselves up before getting dressed. Before we headed out into the hall we kissed again very sweetly and left the room leaving the candles to burn out on their own.

A/N Yes that did happen. It was rather rough sex. We never had rough sex again because its not something I am into she just had me so fucking horny I was about to explode. Next chapter is the final one for this story.

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