tagLesbian SexReal Friend, Real Love Ch. 04

Real Friend, Real Love Ch. 04


Stacie and I continued to have a steady relationship for through the following year before I left college due to money problems. We were both sad to separate but in all the time we were together there were never any feelings other than friends between us. Yes the sex was great and we were great friends but we were never going to be anything more than that and we both knew it. So I moved back home with my mom and dad right across the street from Sara's mother. We hung out often and she was the one who bought me my first drink on my twenty-first birthday. I enjoyed the time we spent together because it made me feel closer to Sara even though we never talked about her.

Three months after I moved back home I was sitting in a bar after a long day at work having a few beers and checking out a few of the girls in the bar. I don't thing any of them would have given me the time of day if I asked so I settled for just looking. I had not had sex with anyone since the day before I moved back home. Stacie had made sure to make me cum so many times I almost needed a wheelchair to get to my flight I was so tired. As I was sitting in the bar the DJ started his shift and started blasting music.

I was feeling a little buzzed but not nearly enough to keep me from the dance floor. Like I always did I started breaking out all the dance moves I knew and some I made up on the spot. I was having a blast when I caught a rather hot looking blond looking at me seductively. I decided it was time for a beer and a break and walked off the dance floor to the bar and ordered my beer. As I was hoping the girl came walking up to me and sat in the stool next to me.

"Those are some fancy moves." She said looking my right in the eyes with her clear blue eyes. "If a girl can do that on a dance floor it makes me wonder what other moves she has in her arsenal."

"Plenty." I said making her chuckle.

"I'm Kelly."


We sat and chatted for about an hour drinking beers until the whole room was spinning. I hated getting drunk. I always felt like shit in the morning, but the way things were looking I may be feeling like shit in the morning with someone next to me. Kelly was giggling like a schoolgirl and kept putting her hand on my arm or on my thigh. Finally she leaned in and nibbled softly on my ear.

"How about you show me some of your moves." She whispered and nibbled on my ear again. "But I want you to show them to me in my room."

That was all I needed to hear. We stood up stumbled our way to the door. She told me it was a short walk to her house so we could leave my car. That was good I was in no shape to drive anyway. She led me along the side of the bar pointing to the apartment complex half a block away. My pussy was getting wet with the anticipation of the sex that was about to take place. Suddenly she stoppend and turned around and grabbed me by the hand and pulled me to her and pressed her lips to mine. She grabbed my ass with both of her hands and held me tightly against her as her tongue slid passed my lips and into my mouth. We kissed for almost a minute before she broke away and took a quick step back.

I heard movement behind me but it was already too late. A glass bottle came down hard on the back of my head sending me to the ground. I could hear two men and another women laughing then I was being kicked hard in the ribs. I looked up to Kelley for help and she was just looking down at me.

"You fucking dyke." She said. "Did you really think you were going to fuck me?"

She drew back her foot and kicked me right in the face. Instantly I was tasting blood I did not know if it was from the kick to the face or from the multiple kicks to the ribs. I stood no chance against the four of them and every time I tried to stand Kelly would kick me in the face again sending me back to the ground. They continued to kick and punch me as well as smash three more bottles over my face and head before one of the guys stomped on my arm. I felt the bones snap before whit hot pain shot up my arm. My only thought was that I was going to die in an ally way. The last thing I remember was seeing Kelly's foot coming right at my face again.

I don't know how long I was out but when I came too there were flashing lights all around. I tried to look around but I could not move. I was on my back and there was a man leaning over me with his hands near my head. I thought he was going to strangle me.

"Don't move ma'am I am a Paramedic we are going to take you to the hospital."

I tried to talk but found that it hurt too much so I gave up. I was looking up at the night sky when I was rolled onto my side for the medics and police to get a backboard under me. As I was rolled I saw someone else laying on the ground. It was some guy and it looked to my like he had been shot. I later learned that it was one of my attacker who was shot by an officer who happened to spot the attack. I also later learned that the reason he had been shot was because he had a knife in his hand and looked like he was going to stab me. As they rolled me back down I say the night sky again before everything turned to black.

I came too three days later in the intensive care unit of the hospital. It was the middle of the night and I was hurting all over. For some reason I moved my tongue to my lips I guess to see if I had a spit lip but instead I found that I was missing four teeth, two from the top and two from the bottom. Kelly's work I guessed. I tried to sit up but the pain that shot through my body made me give up real fast. I groaned loudly as I came back down on the pillow. Even before the pain stopped there was a nurse standing over me with a rather concerned look on her face. She yelled out for a Doctor and he came running over to my bed as well.

"I love bedside service." I said very weakly.

They both chuckled a little and told me I was lucky to be alive after the beating I took. The doctor told me that some of my family and friend had been her for days on end and one of them had refused to leave but she was sleeping in the waiting room for the time being. Sara's mom I guessed. The nurse walked away as the Doctor started giving me the grocery list of injuries I had sustained. Four broken ribs, a punctured lung, cracked skull, four missing teeth, my right arm was broken in three places both my legs were broken and three vertebrate in my back were broken. But he assured me that I was not paralyzed.

"Well gee and here I was thinking I was hurt." I said through clinched teeth.

The Doctor laughed again and held up a needle and told me that he was going to give me something for the pain. I called him the candy man making him laugh again. All at once the pain seemed to vanish and the light of my room flickered on.

"Amber!" I heard a panicked but heavenly voice yell.

Sara came running up to my bed damn near knocking the Doctor over to get to me. He aimed the empty needle at her in a mock threatening manner but she completely ignored him. There were tears in her eyes as she reached to take my hand I shrieked when she grabbed it.

"Oh yeah and you have a broken finger as well." The Doctor said before walking out of the room.

"Oh baby I am so sorry." Amber said.

"Don't call me baby Sara." I said. "You left me for a guy remember?"

"I know and it was the dumbest fucking thing I have ever done. I never stopped thinking about you but I was too scared to call or write because I figured you hated me."

"How did you find out I was here?"

"My mom called me at three in the morning and told me what happened. I caught the next flight here."

She went on to tell me that she had never left my side the whole time she had been her until one of the security guards told her that is she did not go into the waiting room and get some sleep he was going to remover her from the hospital all together. I didn't even count how many times she apologized for leaving me or how many times she told me that she loved me. I was beginning to feel a little light headed from the morphine. One of the last things I remember was Sara saying she was sorry and asking me to take her back. Then I slipped into a morphine induced sleep.

My recovery took a full year before I was back to normal. I even had false teeth implanted all of which was paid for by Kelly and her friends families. They all were sentenced to ten years for attempted murder and shipped off to prisons. All throughout my recovery and rehabilitation Sara was right there holding my hand all the way. Finally we made the choice to move in together and we got a small apartment a few miles from our parents homes and settled into a life that we both were very happy with. Stacie and I kept in contact and she would come to visit once or twice a year the sex was never dull and Sara loved having three ways.

It was a few years later when Sara came home late from work with a packet in her hands. She gave me a kiss like always and sat down at the table with the packet in her hands as I served up dinner. I had not worked since the day of my attack and played the roll of house wife in a way. Sara and I were not married nor had the topic ever come up we just took it for granted. I set her plate in front of her and took a look at the packet she was reading. It was an Army enlistment packet.

"What is this baby?" I asked pulling a chair up next to her.

"I am enlisting in the Army." Sara said without looking up from the papers.

"What? Baby don't you think you should have talked to me about this?"

"Its not official. Just something I really want to do."

"I still thing you should have brought this up to me."

"Do I fucking need your permission to take a shit too?" Sara yelled as she slammed the packet shut and looked up at me.

I just took a step back and looked at her with my mouth agape. I felt a lump grow in my throat as tears filled my eyes. I turned and ran down the hall into our bedroom leaving my dinner untouched. I fell on our bed and began crying like the night she had left me all over again. A minute later Sara came into the room and kneeled by my side.

"I'm sorry Amber. I should have talked to you but I was afraid you would freak out." She said as she stroked my hair.

"Baby I don't care if you go into the Army I just wish you would have told me" I cried.

"I'm sorry I yelled at you. I'm really stressed about this."

It was a few minutes later before I was composed enough to talk about her decision. She was already talking to a recruiter. And was looking into an Artillery position. We went out and ate dinner and talked more about her decision. That was a very long night for me. We talked most of the night away and had lots of sex in between topics.

It was three weeks later when we found ourselves saying good bye once again only this time I was done at our little apartment. She could not be seen kissing another woman with the Anti gay rule the Military has. I hugged her and cried my eyes out until she pulled away saying she had to go but swore to write every chance she got. And just like that she was gone again. I made due the best I could by getting my old job back working at a grocery store and waited for Sara's letters to come.

A/N This is the end of this story. The next one is called Mending a broken heart. Its the final story in this saga. At least for now. This is all happining to me now.

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