tagErotic CouplingsReal Fun in the Water Ch. 02

Real Fun in the Water Ch. 02


Before getting back in the pool I caressed her pussy to measure how juicy and wet she was. Of course caressing her with my tongue was the perfect measuring stick. When we entered the pool she sighed and I asked what caused that? She said the water touching her pussy gave it a tingle based on what she experienced 30 minutes ago. As we sat on the submerged stair I started caressing her and lightly rubbing her nipples, her breathing changed when I slipped my hand underwater and touched her labia being careful to not touch her vagina or clit. I took the blindfold out of her mask and put her weight belt back on. I told her we were going underwater for a new surprise and she was going to watch everything.

I reached in to the bag and pulled out a 8"long 4"wide, pulsating vibrator. She said that it would not fit in her and she had concerns about the length. Seeing that she had two children both by C-section, I assured her she could take it and I would go slow. I started slowly inserting the vibrator giving her time to relax and adjust. When I began to fuck her with it I stopped. I had her put her mask on and I put mine on, I said down and under we went. She would tap my head when she needed air because I was going to orally work her clit. With the vibrator being held in her pussy by my chin, I started to work her clit with my tongue, causing her to emit low groans and squirm underwater. During her first breath she asked if I could squeeze her nipples. I told her it was her job and she had this Oh My God look on her face. I assured her she would not be struck by lightning nor would she have her fingers cut off after confession. I told her she can figure out the tempo and pressure that would enhance her orgasm. I told her I had other things to do with my hands.

Back under I continued my oral dancing across her clit, and I reached down and turned the vibrator on low. She thrust her hips as the vibration started enjoying this added stimulation. I put her hands on her breast and she pulled them away. Bringing her to the surface I told her we could stop or she could participate and find out how much she could enjoy pleasing herself. She called me a bastard and I dunked her without warning, fingering her clit and moving the vibrator. This got her going again, but when I brought her to the surface, I pulled out the toy and started for the ladder. She asked me to stay, and that she would do what I asked and play with her breast. I decided she needed practice so I had her follow my instructions of lightly touching and flicking her breast and nipples, and then squeeze her nipples when I said so. Amazing, first squeeze of the nipples she groaned and admitted she was ready. I reinserted the toy, turned it on low and we submerged.

I placed her hands on her nipples and she started to caress them lightly, that queued me to encompass her clit and suck on it engorging it with blood as I hummed. I reached the vibrator and increased the speed as my chin movement wiggled the vibrator deep in her pussy. We surfaced for air and she said she was very close to orgasm. I told her when she felt me start humming on her clit, pinch her nipples hard the way she likes me to do it when she is cuming. Under we went and I started licking and blow some bubbles across her clit. I increased the speed of the vibrator again and immediately knew she was ready and it was time. I licked and flicked for a few more seconds, blew some more air on her clit, then aggressively covered her clit with my mouth sucking on it deeply and started to hum. I could she her squeezing her nipples hard triggering her orgasm within seconds. She was bucking against my face and she had lost all her air, but I kept going for another 5 seconds. Bringing her to the surface she was grunting hard to catch her breath, I lighten my oral assault on her clit and she was asking me to stop, but I couldn't.

I let her take 4 or 5 good breaths then pulled her under, aggressive sucking and licking her clit. I changed the pattern of the vibrator again and starting rubbing my finger around her backdoor. When I gently inserted my finger and sucked on her clit again, I thought she broke my nose. Bucking, thrashing, screaming underwater all hit at once. I brought her to the surface, she was begging me to stop which I did. I brought her to the step to relax and catch her breath. She said she was mad I put a finger in her ass. I replied that was funny which really pissed her off. So I asked, was it painful? She said no. She said it was not supposed to feel good in an area that is sinful to play with. I reminded her that when I inserted my finger in her ass, she went off like a rocket ship. She admitted it did and sat there staring at me. After she drank another wine cooler she said it was my turn.

I asked her if she wanted to get out and go to the bed, she said no. This was a surprise because she is a make love in the bedroom kind of woman. So I asked her what did she have in mind. She said her pussy was exhausted but she wanted to try to please me orally going all the way orally. This was a surprise because yes she would orally arouse me, but cuming in her mouth was not something that left good memories. One time when she was orally exciting me, she hit all the bells and whistles and I popped off in her mouth. Gagging, retching, running to the bathroom was not exactly the reaction I had hoped for. She said she needed to do this because of all the pleasure she had just experienced it was only fair to me.

I sat on the submerged seat and she faced me kissing and swapping tongue to get things going. She kissed down my neck to my chest then rolled a nipple on her lips. Even though her mouth was underwater, I told her to lick, then suck and nibble on my nipples which had my cock hard in seconds. When she was ready to take my cock in her mouth underwater, she took in 2 long slow breaths and submerged. Moving cautiously she became comfortable and then took my cock in her mouth. My hip movement clearly indicated to her that she was working my cock well. When she surfaced she asked how that felt, I told her another 15 seconds she was going to taste how it felt. She smiled seductively in a way I had never seen and she went under again. She took as much cock in her mouth as she could, reached up to squeeze my nipples and started humming with my cock in her mouth while going up and down on my shaft. I wrapped my legs around her back, slide under the water and let my load go in her mouth. A little gagging, some leakage, but by far a memorable cum swallowing blowjob. When she broke the surface she took a big swig of her wine cooler, and then sat in my lap in the pool. She wanted to get out of the pool, rest a little, and then check out the activity at the resort. Before we got out she admitted she needs to lose her inhibitions because she had never experienced sexual pleasures like that. I promised her after dinner we would come back, I would give her some more orgasms before I fucked her doggy style underwater. Expecting a look or answer of no way, she said she couldn't wait to feel me come in her tight pussy underwater.

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