tagErotic CouplingsReal Fun in the Water Ch. 03

Real Fun in the Water Ch. 03


In the resort we sat at the bar and enjoyed a couple of drinks. Being in a resort for adults only had many people leave their inhibitions at the door. The resorts version of Sexual Feud was very direct and very enlightening, and made my wife a little uncomfortable. People talking about sexual positions, preferences, and methods to reach orgasm in public was not something she ever expected to see.

As we were preparing to go to the dining room for dinner we needed to make our bladders gladder. As we approached the women's room I stopped her and informed her of the next piece of erotic fun. I gave her a remote controlled egg and told her to put it in her wet tight pussy. She gave me a look of no way and before she could say a word I stopped her. I asked her if there had been anything she did not enjoy since we arrived here, and of course she said no. I told her to try the egg and she would enjoy it. If she did not want to at least try it, we could stop our love making for the night. She came out of the bathroom with a look of OK, this is nothing. Then I turned on the remote that I did not show her. She jumped, and said I was evil. She did not know what the egg did and that I had the remote. I turned it off as we entered the dining area waiting to be seated. I asked for a table for 2 and the seated us near 2 other couples which made me smile.

As we were seated and they put the napkin across her lap I turned it on, she jumped and told the waiter he startled her when he placed the napkin on her lap. As the waiter walked away she quietly told me what a jerk I was. I changed the pattern which was another surprise for her. Every time someone walked by I changed the vibration pattern finding one that was bringing her to the top. The intermittent pattern had her ready to go so I turned it off. Looking at her I told her not yet and she stood up to go to the bathroom. I told her if she takes it out and we stop our fun for the night. She said she needed to pee thanks to the vibration and wipe some of her wetness. When she came back I could see by her red face she was fighting the pleasures, and I was determined to put her over the edge.

I waited a few minutes and put the vibration on low again. I took off my sandal and placed my foot on her crouch wiggling my foot slightly. I changed back to the intermittent pattern moving my foot some more and watched her face become red holding back her orgasm. The long table cloth hid my foot and the menu on the table became her cover. Looking as if she was reading the menu I felt her legs stiffen as she had an orgasm. It lasted about 30 seconds and subsided as the waiter brought her beer to the table. She immediately took a big drink and excused herself to the ladies room again. When she stood up I could see the wet spot in her crotch through her pants. I reminded her that the egg had to stay in, but I would give her a break through dinner.

For dessert they have a buffet with everything from cheesecake to ice cream to pies. As she was making her sundae I started the vibration egg and watched her jump. I smiled at her as I received the "you are an asshole glare". When she came back to the table she reminded me that I would give her a break through dinner. I told her I did, it was now time for multiple desserts. With the 7 different vibration patterns from the egg, and given the fact that I was changing the pattern frequently, she was charged and ready to explode when we were headed back to our room. As we got into our car to drive to our room, I lifted her blouse and bra squeezed her nipple and she exploded in an orgasm.

When we arrived back at the room I had her stop inside the door and remove all her cloths. The AC made her nipples erect really fast and she bitched she was getting cold. I told her she could walk to the pool area that is enclosed in glass and warm, but she could not let the egg fall out. As she stepped into the pool I turned the egg on and told her to sit on the submerged step. Now she was able to moan and I could see she was building to another orgasm. As she was nearing her orgasm I turned the egg off which pissed her off. I told her it was new toy time and she gave me a puzzled look on her face. I had her kneel on the submerged step which brought her ass out of the water, and I had her close her eyes. I lubed my finger and inserted it into her ass. As she was bent over I flicker her clit stroked her ass with my finger and quicken the vibration of the egg. As soon as I felt the ass relax it was time to insert something new, a slim waterproof vibrator. She was scared but I showed her it was no wider than the finger I had in her ass. I inserted it slowly and when I had it most the way in I turned on the vibration part and positioned myself behind her.

I guided her back into the pool so she was bent over hanging on the side of the pool. I changed the pattern of the egg, increased the speed of the vibrator in her ass, reached one hand to her tit and started squeezing it and rolling her nipple in my fingers. I put the control for the egg on the side of the pool so I could reach under and caress her clit. When I started this I knew it would not be long as she began thrusting her hip and grunting. As she neared her orgasm she was getting louder and vocal with her commands. She was telling me how too flick her clit and squeeze her nipple hard. When she was ready to orgasm I squeezed her nipple hard and flicked her clit faster but with lighter pressure and she explode in an orgasm. When she was able to catch her breath she described how as her orgasm started the vibration of the egg and the vibrator in her ass rubbed internally leading to intense tingling in her pussy. I pulled the toys out and let her catch her breath.

As we sat on the submerged stair, I rolled her over so my cock was touching her chin as she rested her head on my waist.

She said she wanted to play with my cock and suck it a little, I told her she had to wait a few minutes. When she did not follow orders I held her head down and slipped my cock underwater which I knew she hates water up her nose. She came up sputtering and bitching and told her she needed to be prepped for us to fuck underwater. She said she was ready now and she was ready to start. I said OK and stared our next new love session.

I put the weight belt back on her and pulled out a bikini bottom of hers. I had her lube up the vibrator that was in her ass and insert it in her ass but did not let her turn it on. I then had her insert the rabbit into her pussy, pull her bikini bottom almost all of the way up and get back into the pool. I attached a nipple clip to each nipple and turned them on, turned on the rabbit and vibrator and pulled up her bikini bottom. I told her she would have to prep my cock to fuck her pussy underwater and if she needed to come she could. I would hold her down and she would tap my arm when she needed air while sucking my cock. She started out doing really god but she soon started moaning underwater blowing bubbles around my cock which really got me hard. She started out holding her breath for about 30 seconds each breath, but those were down to about 20 with her moaning. After about 8 breaths she exploded in orgasm with her mouth around my cock blowing out all her air. I lifted her up so she could get her breath back and I positioned myself behind her.

I lifted her legs up as she held the ladder, slide off her bikini bottoms and removed the rabbit but left the vibrator in her ass. I entered her pussy that was as slick as ever even in the pool and gently pulled her away from the pool ladder. She was building fast as I could feel her pussy twitching around my cock. I told her we would fuck doggy style under water to take a big slow breath in. When she inhaled we went under and I was fucking her hot pussy. She was already moaning under water, I could feel the vibrator in her ass, and hear the nipple clips buzzing. When she blew out most of her air, we came to the surface and she told me she was ready. We took in big breaths and went under. I reached around and made circles on her clit with my finger and that was it, she was screaming under water.

I was not ready to come yet and wanted to stay under until I filled her hot pussy with love juice. She began to struggle needing air so we came up for air. I kept pumping her tight twat has she took in some breaths and I told her I was close. She said she her pussy was tingling a lot as we went back under. She was moaning a little as I was fucking harder. I leaned forward over her ass and began squeezing her nipples in my fingers. I was ready to fill her hot pussy and as I did I squeezed her nipples harder sending me into an eruption like I was a teenager again. As soon as my love juice hit the inside of twitching twat, she erupted into orgasm clamping her pussy around my cock. We both lost all of our air and headed to the surface.

She was breathing hard and asked me to take to vibrator out of her ass but not my cock. It had been a long time since I had blown my load and my cock did not go soft right away, so I kept pumping her pussy. I also took off the nipple clips giving her just my cock. She then did something she had never done, started talking dirty. Dave, fuck my pussy, keep that fat fuck stick in my cunt, fuck me Dave fuck me. This caught me off guard and was something she had never done with me. I was maintaining my erection and she was talking more. I started talking back, Trina my little fuck slut you like fucking like two animals don't you. She responded yes, yes, fucking like this is so hot. As she floated on her back holding the ladder, each thrust splashed water on her tits exciting her more. I could not believe it she was moaning and asking me to fuck her harder. I pulled her away from the ladder and told her I wanted to fuck her underwater. She said her pussy would love that as long as I fucked her deep and hard. We submerged and were in the missionary position. It was awesome as she talked underwater fuck me Dave. I told Trina underwater she was fucking awesome which she understood. We came up for air and went back under. She could sense I was ready and pulled away. She could see I had a puzzled look on my face, but quickly slid between my legs and put my cock in her mouth. I immediately came as she hummed on my cock and blew bubbles. There was not a lot of come but she swallowed every drop.

When we came up we sat on the submerged stair catch our breath as I held her. I took off the weight belt she had on and we sat there staring at the ceiling. I asked her at what point did she realize the change in her sexuality would become a pleasure and she could cut loose and act like an uninhibited sexual animal. She said earlier that day when I ran to the store to get some snacks and beer, she heard the couple next door. She was talking dirty and screamed as her orgasm hit, so she figured what the hell. We had been in the pool since a little after seven, it was a little after nine now, so we dried off and lay in bed watching TV, until after the 11 o'clock news. Trina said listen and we could hear that couple having sex again. As she was building she asked her husband to fuck her ass. She was loud and you knew when that cock went in her ass, she told the world. Trina looked at me and starting playing with my cock. She said Dave the vibrator was nice in my ass but I would like to end this with you making love to my ass. I assured her that the first time that I would put my cock in her ass it would be a love making session she would never forget. This was a first for us and I did not want to ruin future episodes of anal pleasure. I went to the pool room and grabbed the lube, the vibrator I had used in her ass, and a towel from the bathroom. As I came back into the bedroom she was rubbing her clit getting her engine going. She asked me to eat her pussy while I began prepping her ass.

I lubed my finger, started eating her pussy, and then slide my finger in her ass. After the twitching stopped I began slowly pumping her ass with my finger as I was eating her pussy. She then began directing me and asked for the vibrator in her ass. I slowly inserted that but did not turn it on as I was licking her clit. As I was licking her soaked pussy she asked me to pump her ass with the vibrator, and she was going to suck my cock as I worked her pussy and ass in a 69. She was moaning and stopped sucking my cock. I asked her what was wrong she said she was ready to have my cock in her ass. I stood up, brought her to the edge of the bed, put her feet on my shoulders, put lube on my cock and slowly entered her ass. Once it was in I waited for the twitching to stop and began to pump her tight ass. In about a minute she said it did not feel good she wanted to try another position. I got on the bed and we tried doggy style.

Within a minute I started pumping her ass then stopped. She said that felt much better keep going. She began to get into the rhythm and relaxed. She then started talking again, Dave, your cock is filling my ass and it feels so good. I am so happy that I gave the virginity of my ass to you. I want to feel you cock juice fill my ass. I could feel my cocking approaching climax and told her I was. I asked her if she was close she said no. She said Dave you have given me so much pleasure today, I want to hear, see, and feel your pleasure in my ass. A few more pumps and I filled her ass with come. As I soften she rolled over and I lay on top of her. We kissed deeply and she moaned a little as we explored each other mouths with our tongues. We took a quick shower and climbed back into bed. As we cuddled she exhaled moaning at the same time. I asked her if she was OK and she said oh yeah. She said we have 2 more days left to broaden her sexual horizons let's start again tomorrow morning, I said how. She replied a dip in the pool, she blows me underwater, swallows my load, and I eat her underwater until she comes as an appetizer before breakfast. All I could say was yum.

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