tagMatureReal Indian Swapping Confessions

Real Indian Swapping Confessions


Ketan Gupta is 34. Puja Gupta is 30. No kids. Married for five years now.

They live in Bangalore while Nikhil and Sumedha Srivastava, the couple with whom they swapped, traveled all the way from Pune.

The hook up was arranged via a popular messenger. Certain pictures were exchanged through mail between the men. A webcam conference followed along with a telephonic one after which the event was finalized. From Bangalore the two couples had together gone to Mysore. They had booked two separate rooms. At midnight the men swapped the rooms and their wives. It all happened inside those two locked rooms of the hotel. By Sunday evening the couples were back to their respective places.

The draconian week that followed didn't give either Ketan or Puja a chance to talk about it. They only exchanged two sms regarding this. SMS one from Ketan: We will talk about this on Saturday. SMS two from Puja: Ok!

Now, it is Saturday. Ketan and Puja are lying beside each other on their own bed. There is a dim green light which baths the room with a surreal feeling. It is 12:30 am.

So? Ketan speaks.

So? Puja echoes back.

Feeling relaxed?

Yes. You?

Yeah, me too. How was it?

Funny, I still can't believe we actually went ahead with it.

Same here. Its all a dream now.

A silent minute.

So...Ketan speaks again. How was it?

Different. And for you?


I knew that. Sumedha is just your type. Fair, sweet looking and full figured.

Not that you aren't any of that. You too are fair, cute, beautiful.

Except I'm slightly slimmer.

Let's say you have your adipose better distributed.


How was Nikhil?




You know!

He was good Ketan.

Hmm, how long were you two awake?

Till four thirty I guess. And you two?

Around three. What were you doing that long?

Whatever you two were doing till three.

Mutual smiles.

What all positions did you do with Sumedha?

Let me think. Me on top. Doggy. Legs on shoulder. She on top. Sideways. That's all. What about Nikhil and you?

Doggy, sixty nine, legs on shoulder, he on top, me on top, reverse cowgirl, sideways, stand up, sitting up...

Stop it now. Tell me honestly. I know you are getting me high.

Seriously. We did that many. And my legs on the table.


Told you. Four thirty!

Puja smiles.

He must have had amazing stamina.

He works out.

Unlike me.

I only stated. Didn't mean it that way.

Okay. Did you guys talk?

To start with or in-between?

Like Sumedha and I talked for half an hour before we started fucking.

Nikhil and I started immediately. Talked in between.

What did you talk in between?

He has this 'talk-dirty' kind of fetish.

Oh. So he was talking dirty to my wife. Like what?

Its in Hindi.

So be it. I want to hear it.

You may not like it.

Did you like it?

As weird as it may sound, yes.

I remember once I had asked you about it but you had said no stating it disgusted you.

I remember. But with a stranger it was giving me a kick.


I don't know. Perhaps with you I was this good wife on bed. I had to live up to an image. With him I could afford to be a slut. Or whatever!

Ten why not with me?

I answered just that. We have a more defined relationship beyond our bed activities. That definition, in a way, confines my dares.

Okay. So what did he say in Hindi?

Well, its not only he but I too spoke dirty in Hindi. He said it gave him a kick.

I can understand.

Did Sumedha and you talk dirty too?

No except the normal 'fuck me baby', 'give it to' and the usual moans and groans.


What did Nikhil tell you in Hindi?

Oh, you won't stop asking. Alright! He kept saying 'Puja, tu meri kutiya hai na? (Puja, you are my bitch, isn't?) And every time I said yes. After the initial pose he had stopped calling me Puja.

Then what did he call you?

Either randi (whore) or kutiya (bitch) as per his liking.

Fuck! I don't believe you allowed him to.

Initially I felt bad. But something about it added on to the sinful night that it was.

Which tag you liked more?

I guess randi.


Made me feel so filthy, cheap and wasted. Nobody ever called me that. And here was Nikhil calling me a randi looking right at me with his dick inside me.

How was his dick?



Good. He used it better. Did Sumedha remarked anything about your dick?

She said mine was thicker than Nikhil's.

True. Did Sumedha lick your ass?

Yes. Anus too. And did you lick Nikhil's?

No. He asked me but I only kissed his ass few times.

Okay. Which pose did you enjoy the most?

Stand up. I can't tell you how erotic it was. I had my hands around his neck and he had his on my ass. We were fucking like mad. Awesome it was. Are you rubbing yourself?

Yes. Didn't you notice before?

Just confirming. Are you enjoying this conversation?


What about it?

The fact that my wife can be such a bitch with a stranger is making all my blood rush to one place.

Mutual laughter.

Which pose did you enjoy with Sumedha?

Legs on shoulder. Love the way her anus opened up every time I pumped her.

You said you licked her anus.


Does it taste different from mine?

Not really. Your looks tighter though.

Nikhil said so too.

Few silent minutes.

What if I was not there in your life and you had met Nikhil?

Didn't get you?

What I mean Puja is did for a moment you felt Nikhil should have been your husband and not me.

No! Did you feel anything like that for me while doing Sumedha.

Not really.

I felt something else though.


What if I can be his bitch more often.




No clue.

Is it like you want him more or you like what we did; swap?

Him. I have a crush on him.

What are you saying?

I am being honest tonight Ketan. Don't stop me.

Go on.

I liked him from the time I saw his picture. He is two years younger to me. I don't know about him but it gives me a kick to be a younger guys bitch.

So you had a crush on him from the beginning?

No. I only liked him. But when I was bouncing on his dick in the sit up position with our eyes locked he said I was the best fuck of his life. That he loved everything about me; from my anus to my attitude.

So what do you want to do about it?

I have exchanged my mobile number with him. In fact I was in touch with him through the week. Do you hate me for this?

I would have had Sumedha and I not exchanged numbers ourselves.

Half a minute of silence. Puja laughs out.

We both were trying to have an extramarital.

Ketan laughs as well.

So were Nikhil and Sumedha. We at least know about it.

Laughter calms.

What should we do Ketan?

You suggest.

I want to explore this.

Me too. We anyway aren't planning kids for the next two years. Let's experiment till then.

And keep these confession session going. It helps. A lot.

I agree.

Both sleep without any further word.

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