Real Life ENF


Amy was a 22 year old girl, a brunette with b-cup breasts, and a slim physique. She had obtained a combined degree in English Language & Literature, she considered herself an amateur writer, but had dreams of something more in the future, currently she was finding it difficult to find a well-paying job. For now, she was working in an office. Returning home from work Amy found her older sister Jenny on her computer in her room.

"What are you doing?" Amy asked her, her voice slightly raised.

Jenny spun round on the leather desk chair to look her sister in the face with a slight smirk. Jenny was also a brunette, but with a tint of blonde, her physique was also similar to her sisters, but with slightly larger breasts which she loved to tease her sister about.

"Snooping mainly." Amy opened her mouth to say something, but was quickly cut off as her sister added, "Oh, and I found your hidden files. You have a dirty mind little sister."

Amy was at a loss for words, "What are you talking about?" She asked, acting dumb.

"I began to thrust my hips faster, I then started caressing my own breasts, tweaking my nipples as they bounced freely. The tension built to breaking point, and the orgasm washed over me like a wave. I screamed, bucking my hips as Riri slid her fingers from me out of reach, but I continued to caress my breasts, and the fingers of my right hand now began to play with my pussy as I orgasmed." Jenny read from the computer screen, "Should I go on?", Amy just stood there, in silence, "My, my, and here I thought you were supposed to be the innocent one. I must say, I did enjoy reading these little stories of yours. I do agree with the comments though, they need more background, it did get me wet though. What the matter Amy, cat got your tongue?"

Jenny stood up, "I take it this is your fantasy then Amy? To be publicly humiliated, to expose yourself in public? Become one of the characters in your erotic stories. Nice name by the way, EroticMary, not using your own name to mask your true identity. I must say though, some of your lines are cliche, but then again what ENF stories aren't?" She smirked before leaving.

Amy stood shell shocked for a moment, she knew her sister was going to hold this against her from now on. Or so she thought.

Three weeks passed before Amy heard anything about these stories, when her sister burst into her room. They had the house to themselves, with both their parents gone for one whole month.

"Okay Amy, perfect time, we have the house to ourselves." Jenny sat on the edge of Amy's bed, "Now, I've been doing a little research into the this ENF thing you seem to be into.

"Jenny..." Amy began.

"Shush." Jenny said, pressing a finger to her lips, "The main character of an ENF story barely says a word, I can't seem to muster up a reason as to why, they just don't. Now, as I was saying, I've been doing some reason and the stories seem to start off small, with the character doing something as simple as stripping in front of their friend. So, I was thinking to start off small, you could strip in front of me, then we can go and have some fun. I can build your events up throughout the month, while mum and dad are gone."

"You're insane." Amy said plainly, "This isn't some sort of fantasy I have, it's just some stupid stories I uploaded for fun, I only have like..."

"-Three stories posted, I know." Jenny interjected, "With the promise of a sequel to the Becky Meets Janet story, which we're all still waiting on I might add. Hey, maybe you can take some inspiration from all of this."

"All of what? This strange proposition you've given me? It's not happening, I'm not stripping in front of you." Amy said.

"See, that's where you've misunderstood me." Jenny said with an almost sinister smile, "This isn't a proposition. It's an order. See, another cliche of ENF stories is that the person in control has some leverage, some dirt on the main character. Something to make them do the things in the stories, and that's where these come in." Jenny held up a small black sphere, "I hid these cameras in the bathroom hoping to get some embarrassing moment, sure I caught you in the shower, on the toilet, even fingering yourself- sorry, masturbating, gotta stick to the script of your ENF stories. It just wasn't enough to make you agree to this."

Amy knew what was coming next, her eyes were wide and her skin had grown pale.

"But then." Jenny said with a smirk, "I caught you with that machine, I don't even know what the fuck that thing is, but man, if that video ever found its way onto the internet, on your friend's email addresses, if it ever got around your work, found it's way onto dad's computer. I mean the angle I got it all at too, it makes it look like you made the video yourself. I made a copy for you." Jenny finished, handing her a USB stick with ENF written on it.

"What do you want me to do?" Amy asked, setting down the USB.

"Well, all of your stories start with the embarrassed nude female stripping, so let's go with that. Strip. Now." Jenny commanded.

Amy didn't say a word and instead began removing her T-Shirt, her pink bra came into view, next she removed her skinny jeans, revealing a matching pair of knickers.

"Now the main event. Off." Jenny said practically glowing with glee.

Amy unhooked the back of her bra and removed it, covering her breasts before her sister had a chance to look at them, before moving onto her knickers. Amy turned her back away from her sister.

"Amy hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties," Jenny narrated, "and pushed the to the ground."

Jenny got a great front row view of Amy's bum as she dropped the last of her clothing to the floor, pooling around her feet.

"Turn and face me." Jenny demanded.

Amy stepped out of her knickers as turned to face her sister.

"Oooooh." Amy cooed, drinking in Amy's form, "The classic ENF pose, your readers would be so proud."

Amy stood covered herself, "Okay. Now what?" She asked.

"Well now you uncover, the grand reveal of your womanly charms." Jenny said, raising her arms wide.

Amy dropped her arms to her sides, defeated, her B-cup breasts, and hairy triangle now bared for her sister to enjoy.

"Wow Amy." Jenny almost shouted excitedly, "You have the perfect body for an ENF story, pale skinned, with a nice shade of red covering your face and chest when embarrassed, such as now." Jenny's eyes roamed over Amy's body, before stopping at her lower half, "Plus, that untamed hair adds to your innocence, it also leaves room for us to shave it off later, I'd love to do it now, but that kind of thing doesn't happen until you've had a chance to flash your girl fur first."

Amy couldn't believe it, she had one whole month of this.

"On the bed Amy, the shaving will have to wait, but if want to see what lies beneath." Jenny said, stroking Amy's fur, her middle finger touching her lips ever so slightly, causing Amy to tremble slightly under her touch, "Nice to see the headlights are working though." Jenny added, grabbing Amy's right breast, "Honk, honk!" She shouted, squeezing it twice.

Amy made her way to the bed.

"On your back, flat." Jenny commanded.

Amy did so.

"You know the deal." Jenny said.

Amy raised her knees, and spread her legs as wide as they could go, slowly giving her sister an unconstructed view of her previously unseen and private area.

"Perfect." Jenny said, "You must be so horny right now, with your nipples," Jenny grabbed one between her forefinger and thumb, rolling it, "definitely erect, and your pussy right here," she stroked it with her free hand, "yep, wet." Jenny stretched Amy's nipple, and let go, "You must want to... Relieve yourself..." Jenny looked her sister in the eyes, "Well, you can, in private, later. Right now, we need to flash that hairy little pussy of yours. Put this on and let's go." She said, tossing Amy a black trench coat.

Amy took the coat and quickly put it on, thankful to hide her body from the prying eyes of her sister. Jenny led her outside to her car, Amy felt the strange sensation of a leather seat touching her upper thighs, and edges of her butt cheeks as she sat in the passenger seat.

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I do hope you continue this story. The adventures have just begun and it is off to such a wonderful start. I was hooked early and disappointed there wasn't more!

Please continue.

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