tagLoving WivesReal Lifestyle Story Ch. 01

Real Lifestyle Story Ch. 01


This is a fictional story based on fact. Names and locations have been changed to protect my identity and my wife's identity. If you recognize the events told here, do not let me know. I have changed enough of the story so as not to incriminate our friends either. Everyone in my stories is over 21. The story may be embellished or altered only to protect the actual individuals and create "fiction". I have always found that real life is way hotter/sexier than made up stuff. Note: you should never enter the Lifestyle without a strong communication based relationship. The Lifestyle rarely cures marital woes.


"What are you thinking?" Theresa said. My eyes closed as her question followed an engaging and very hot kiss on the lips. Opening my eyes, I looked into the brown eyes of my wife of 26 years. Her long brown curly hair framed her symmetrical face, movie star lips, and dynamite smile. Men have always been attracted to her welcoming smile for as long as I have known her.

We were sitting on a couch in a strange house. She was wearing her hair down. Her white button down shirt was completely unbuttoned. The tight jean skirt was too short not to expose her black g-string. My right hand was gently massaging her left breast, her nipple erect. Even though she was 48 years old and mother of three, her 34DD breasts were still firm to the touch. Men loved to stare at them and ask to touch them if the situation was right.

I loved my wife and her warm moist kisses always had the effect of getting me hard. Tonight was no different. My unzipped jeans were open, and Theresa's hand was lightly stroking my hardness. I looked around. One older black man was standing at the fireplace directly across from the couch were sitting on. He was staring at us, occasionally sipping a drink from a red solo cup. Slightly behind me over my right shoulder sat a younger black man in a chair matching the couch we were sitting at. He was leaned forward, eyes wide open, taking in my wife's face and exposed breast that I was holding. Over Theresa's left shoulder was an older couple maybe in their mid-fifties. They were both white but tanned. The man was heavier-set and grey but balding. His wife wasn't wearing a shirt; her large surgically enhanced breasts were being groped by her husband who was standing behind her. We had just met them and they were very nice. We had made some small-talk and they seemed very comfortable talking with us.

"What are you thinking?" my wife repeated.

"Oh I don't know, I was thinking about how this all happened. How we ended up here." I answered. My brain time travelled back five years.


My wife and I have always been loyal to each other. She was a virgin before I met her in college. Her bible belt upbringing and strong willed parents had influenced her and I was the only one she had ever "been with". I had only one other lover that I had sexual intercourse with and she was my high school sweetheart.

Well after many marriage trials and tribulations, three children and all their drama, Theresa and I were on pretty solid ground. During one of our hard times, Theresa and I thought about calling it quits, but she decided then that if our marriage was going to work she had to make it work. To her credit she saved the marriage by making some very big changes. One of those changes was reading romance novels. She was an avid reader and there were certain books that drove her into a frenzy, much to my benefit. She started accepting that sex was ok and could be a lot of fun.

I made some concessions on my side as well. I always tried to boost her confidence, and never did a day go by that I did not tell her that I loved her and appreciated her.

So building on a renewed commitment to each other and open/honest communication, we had finally built a very strong and loving marriage. Which actually brought a question up that if we were prudish or not open communication-wise, would probably never had come up. "Honey, have you ever wondered what it would be like having sex with another man?" I asked.

Her eyes widened "No! Only you."

"Really?" I replied. "Cause you are so attractive I do notice that guys are turned on when they are around you."

Theresa seemed shocked. But her face gave her away. She knew what I was talking about. "What about you? You know my best friend has the hots for you" she replied.

"Yeah I know." I said thinking about the way her friend always was flirting with me and giving me "eyes".

"Well I just want to make sure you aren't on your deathbed and you regret not hooking up with someone that you really wanted to." I said staring into her brown eyes letting her know I was serious.

"Maybe we should talk with Kristine." I suggested. Kristine was Theresa's best friend, meeting her through a book club. Kristine is the friend that flirts with me and I of course flirt back. She and her husband lived in a neighborhood that contained many Lifestyle couples with families, which looked like any other American neighborhood if your didn't know about all the fooling around.

My wife and I talked about it several times. We said if we were going to get into the Lifestyle that we needed ground rules. First, there would be no sneaking/cheating. We needed to tell each other if we planned to fool around. Second, either partner could "veto" a suggested person to play with. No reason needed to be given, and the other partner would abide by that veto. Third, we would only go as far as we felt comfortable. Theresa had only ever had sex with me. It was important to her and she was willing to do other things, but wasn't willing to engage in sex. She was ok with me doing it, but it wasn't for her. Fourth, it could not hurt our relationship and should not be used in place of something we should be providing each other. If jealously arose, or we felt neglected or hurt, that action would stop. Lastly, if anyone got tired of it or no longer desired it, we would just give it up.

So the invitation to come to Kristine's hot tub was extended. It would be just Kristine, Theresa, Kristine's husband Jonathon, and me. Theresa and I were excited, but nervous as hell. Theresa was blond, with very big breasts and was slightly heavy, but very athletic. She coached girls track and could run all day long. I could not understand how she could keep any weight on at all, but maybe it was just genetic cursing. Her husband was bald, fit, and had deep blue eyes. Theresa wasn't really attracted to him, but was willing to "test the waters" double entendre intended.

We went shopping for a swimsuit. We settled on a colorful bikini with a halter top that tied around the neck. We later discovered this kind of top can be exhausting when holding up some 34DD tits. I just wore some board shorts.

The night arrived and we headed over to their house. Their house was nice two-story home around 3000 square feet, beautiful pool and hot tub in the opposite corner of the backyard away from the pool. Kristine was in a one piece. She greeted us at the door and handed us a couple of drinks.

We went out back and climbed into the hot tub. It was a large contrast to the chilly air. In the desert where we live it does get cold in the fall evenings. We talked, laughed about the kids, jobs, etc. Then the subject came about stripping down a little. They told a story about how a few of the neighbors got crazy in the hot tub just last week.

My hands started fondling Theresa under the water. With Kristine and Jonathon sitting right there. The bubbles were too hard to see through. But the full moon bathed the surface with relatively bright light. I gently kissed my wife's neck. She moaned. This was brand new ground. She never let me grope her in public before. I continued to kiss and gently squeezed her bikini covered tits. They were firm and warm, and her nipple started to harden. Kristine and Jonathon's eyes became fixed on my wife. Jonathon excused himself to refill drinks. Theresa stood up. Her skin glowed under the moonlight. Jonathon closed the sliding glass door with a thud.

Theresa stood there. She was the most beautiful sight I ever laid my eyes on. I stood up behind her. Kristine stared. I kissed my wife's neck again. She laid her head back allowing me full access to her neck from behind her. When she moaned again, I reached up and untied her top from behind her neck. Her top dropped exposing her breasts to the bright moonlight. I looked into Kristine's eyes. She gave me the "Wow I would've never believed you got away with that look."

Theresa's breasts stood at attention and basked in the moonlight. I was looking down at the now hard nipples as my hands ran across them and gently squeezed her perfect orbs. Kristine's eyes widened and she immediately let her top down. She had been drinking a lot and her drunken eyes soaked in the view of my wife's breasts and my hands upon them.

Then Jonathon returned. We didn't even hear him. He stood and stared at the sight. Theresa just kept her eyes closed. It was the most exciting thing in the world for me. The sight of my wife's magnificent naked and exposed breasts being ogled by her topless best friend and her husband. I didn't really even look at Kristine's fully exposed tits. I was taken in by my wife's beauty. And the thrill of my conservative wife taking such a big step into a whole other world, gave me a raging erection.

Theresa sat down. Jonathon excused himself as he had to go make a business phone call. He smiled at Theresa as he left. A smile like a 10 year old that just got away with stealing a fresh baked cookie that his mother said would spoil dinner. Kristine who was pretty drunk just looked at us both.

She stood up to get out of the hot tub. Her breasts swaying in the moonlight. They were large with long nipples that ached to be sucked. As she took a step out, she fell down the steps and into the grass. We all burst out laughing. I helped her up and walked her towards the house. She pulled me to the side of the house instead where it was dark. She pulled my swimsuit down, grabbed my cock and began to suck it on her knees. She was just too drunk to stand. My wife watched as her best friend sucked and sucked on my cock. Her naked breasts swaying as her head bobbed.

The excitement of seeing my wife's exposed tits in public for the first time and the fact that she was watching her friend suck my cock, got to be too much and I blew my load deep into her drunk mouth. Cum leaked out the edge and spilled onto her breasts. I looked at Theresa, and she just smiled. Not any smile, but a deviant, naughty smile and made my cock shudder one last time.

I helped Kristine to her feet. Her husband came out and helped her to her feet. I don't know if he noticed my cum that had dripped all over her breast. But he didn't seem to acknowledge it. Theresa and I got fully dressed, thanked them both and went home.

I told my wife that she was the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen, and exposing her in from of others was so exciting. We made mad passionate love. We weren't sure how far this adventure into the Lifestyle world would go, but we were ready for the next step.


Back to the present

Theresa's hand continued to stroke my hard cock. I noticed the older black man licked his lips as he watched. "You are amazing, thanks for marrying me." I whispered to my wife. She pulled her shirt off and pushed me to my feet. I stood in front of the couch as she sat on the edge. The young black man and the white couple could see perfectly as Theresa placed my cock into her mouth. I could hear the older black man move around and saw him come stand behind the couch in the kitchen area. Other people walked in an out and watched my wife suck on me as they passed by.

Theresa stroked my balls, she licked my shaft up and down and then gobbled it up. I began to move my hips fucking her incredibly talented mouth. The older black man quietly mouthed "She is awesome, you are one lucky guy". I turned my head and saw the couple embraced in a kiss. The man fingering his lovely bride. The young black man was stroking his cock watching Theresa's face as I fucked it hard. The older black man quietly asked me if he could touch my wife. I nodded as Theresa took me deeper and deeper into her mouth. Expertly working her tongue. He placed his hands around my wife and squeezed her tits, pinching her nipples gently. Her tits were rocking as my cock pounded my wife's face.

The young black man stood up and came closer begging me with his eyes if he could move closer still. I said "go ahead cum on her." The older black guy moved away, not wanting any part of that. The young man unleashed a rope of cum onto her shoulder and on the side of her face. A second stream hit her cheek and dropped straight down onto her tit.

It was too much for me. I pumped my cum into my lovely wife's mouth. She squeezed my balls helping me to drain my nuts dry into her mouth. She looked up at me and swallowed. Then she wiped the cum off her cheek with the back of her hand. "I better go clean up." she said as she stood up, smiled, winked at me, and walked all covered in cum to the restroom behind the kitchen. Many other onlookers just starred and smiled as she walked by.

The older black man said "Congratulations, you have a fine, fine wife"

The young man pulled up his pants said "Thanks" and then just left the room. The older couple stopped what they were doing. They grabbed a piece of paper, wrote their names on it. They also wrote their phone number and email address on the paper. They told us to call them to party anytime. The woman came up to me and kissed me on the lips and did not mind when my hand moved up and felt her breast.


That's all of the story for now let me know if you want to read any more of Theresa and my journey into the Lifestyle. Again, the stories are real...

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