tagLoving WivesReal Lifestyle Story Ch. 05

Real Lifestyle Story Ch. 05


Keep adding me to your favorites list and vote and I will keep telling you real stories about our Lifestyle. This is a fictional story based on fact. Names and locations have been changed to protect my identity and my wife's identity. I have changed enough of the story so as not to incriminate our friends either. Everyone in my stories is over 21. The story may be embellished or altered only to protect the actual individuals and create "fiction". I have always found that real life is way hotter/sexier than made up stuff. Note: you should never enter the Lifestyle without a strong communication based relationship. The Lifestyle rarely cures marital woes.

Before I continue I wanted to talk about the Loving Wives section (Married extra-marital fun: swinging, sharing & more.) All these types of stories may or may not have "Loving" wives in them. I personally like when the husband and wife love each other. The cheating, BTB and revenge stories tend to have betrayal and often some kind of physical or emotional revenge. But there isn't a separate category for those so they tend to fall into this category. Also, cuckold stories fall here even if they do not have a loving relationship and are humiliation stories. Some cuckold stories actually have loving wives in them. The reconciliation stories often have loving wives in them. And the straight up husband/wife have a romantic time or series of encounters with each other obviously belong here. The swinging/lifestyle/open relationships can have loving wives in them but many fall into cuckold, cheating, etc. quickly. I don't believe cheating (being dishonest or deceitful) should be a part of swinging/lifestyle/open relationships and aren't very loving and tend to be hurtful.

My wife and I decided to try the lifestyle after 20 years of marriage (seven years ago). Our communication is strong and our love for each other very strong. We have tons of romantic encounters between just the two of us. We average some kind of sexual play between us around five times a week. We didn't always have this much sexual activity between us. With raising children, sick children, jobs that contained lots of travel, etc., our sex life was sometimes very rare. That's life. Being a partner with your spouse through thick and thin and working on the relationship is loving. My wife Theresa is the woman I wish to be with the most and I have no desire to leave her. So for every encounter like the one you are about to read, there are a few special one-on-one encounters between us. There are also many "not super special" yet loving encounters we experience as well.

I could write about the time the gate needed to be fixed and I fixed it without being told, and the wife was happy. Later that evening she showed her appreciation with a terrific blowjob followed by some heavy kissing during missionary sex. Or the time I was feeling stressed out at work and she rubbed my back until the stress was gone and I feel asleep. That is a loving wife story, but that isn't a great story to read, with very little exploration of boundaries, and very little "excitement" for the erotica reader. However, in the future I may post some of the more exciting encounters we have had just between the two of us.


This story takes place after Theresa's birthday on the boat. About 3 months after.

Halloween was creeping up on us. Theresa and I had decided to go to a private party with a dear friend of ours' home. Theresa and I went to several parties at their house in the past. Denise and John would occasionally hold Lifestyle parties at their home. They had a small home, but like many Arizona houses they had a pool and hot tub.

Theresa and I got to know them well and liked them a lot. Both were friendly. Denise was a hot blond number around thirty years old. She had a spunky girl-next-door look. Her natural tits were full and firm. Denise and John didn't have any children so Denise's body was rockin'. Denise and I took a liking to each other right away, but frankly Denise liked a lot of people.

John is a quiet tall guy. Slender, short hair, and a deep voice; and he has a seven maybe eight inch cock. Both of them love to play, so they are very busy at their parties. Their parties were fairly intimate with maybe thirty couples max on big Lifestyle event times (Valentine's Day, New Year's Eve, and Halloween).

Theresa and I had up to this point never played with anyone but each other at their parties. Theresa was never quite comfortable and she likes to get to know people prior to engaging in carnal activities. I don't mind, the eye candy at the parties is terrific. Bigger Lifestyle private parties have a wide variety of ages, body types, and of course personalities.

Most folks are nice, but there are arrogant assholes, cliques, and some folks that you don't really want to play with. I try to open-minded, but I really am not into women who are too much older than I am. Theresa doesn't really like men under 35 years old. She might make an exception, but generally she likes men over 45.

I like attending the parties cause I get to see a lot of naked women, and a lot of sex. Denise and John had a rule of not allowing any locked doors. With open doors it was easy to watch folks and join in next to couples that we thought were attractive or that we talked to and have gotten to know.

The other thing about being friends with the hosts, is you start to meet and get to know the regulars at their parties. This was very attractive to Theresa. She really likes getting to know folks, and she enjoys the conversations and laughing. Almost all Lifestyle parties we have attending include copious amounts of laughter.

As I mentioned, watching hot women engaged in sex is a huge turn on. Typically, Theresa and I will make some rounds and see who is playing where. If we see a couple that attracts or interests either of us, we might join in next to them on the bed, couch, or whatever. This allows me to watch someone I think is hot, have sex; while fucking Theresa wildly. Occasionally, with permission, I might grope someone else, or they might grope Theresa or me.

People are generally respectful at these types of gatherings. It is somewhat self-policed. If a couple are not nice or some dude is pushy or aggressive, their reputation gets around, and they don't get invited to future parties.

So we are regulars and Denise and John's parties, even though we had not played with anyone else seriously besides each other, they welcomed us to their parties. We all enjoyed each other's company a lot, and had become friends. We also liked some of the other regulars as well.

And Theresa and I enjoyed the parties. I loved cumming in my wife's mouth, while touching the breast of a hot redhead I like, or watching one of the regular stud's make a heavy-set blond wife scream out with multiple orgasms.

Theresa is always a center of attention at these parties. Guys want to see her tits, ass and pussy, which she flashes on occasion. One guy said Theresa looks a lot like Elaine from Seinfeld. She does resemble her, although I think Theresa is better looking and has smoother skin. He always calls her Elaine instead of Theresa.

Anyway, this story isn't about any old party. This story is about Halloween. Lifestyle folks love Halloween. Since women love dressing super sexy at Lifestyle parties, Halloween fits in perfectly.

So we were picking out costumes at the local Spirit Superstore, when Theresa got a text.

"Karen just texted. They asked us what we are doing for Halloween."

I really wanted to go to the party. One of the wives named Stephanie had been flirting with me a lot. And she was different than Theresa. Slender and tall with small tits and amazing nipples. I have stroked myself thinking of Stephanie's nipples many times.

"Let them know we have plans."

Theresa texted and after about fifteen seconds she received a response. "They want to join us in our plans."

Oh great. I thought to myself. "Go ahead and tell them what we are doing. They might back out." I didn't mind seeing Karen and Josh. They are close friends. But I really wanted to go to the party. Look at all the costumes, and watch naughty girlfriends and wives get indecorous.

"Nope they wanna come with us." Theresa held out her phone so I could read the text for myself. "They have never been to a Lifestyle party, and they want us to help break them in."

So I imagined how the party would go. Theresa infatuated with Josh, giving him a ton of attention. Karen and I trying not to be uncomfortable in an unusual setting. Karen is outgoing, but in situations that make her uncomfortable, she gets conservative in a hurry. I imagined having to watch Theresa blow and fuck Josh, while I was just making Karen feel ok.

It didn't sound appealing to me at all. But Karen and Josh are our friends, so I reluctantly agreed. "Go ahead and text them the details. We can meet at the house and drive over together if they want."

After Theresa exchanged a few texts over fifteen minutes or so. "They said they would meet us there. That way they can leave early if they don't like it." Well at least that was a relief. I didn't have to leave early if Karen and Josh decided they didn't like it.

Theresa and I started looking for costumes again. This time Theresa seemed way more excited. Her boyfriend was going to see her costume. Theresa was trying on the most risqué costumes the store had. She would come out of the dressing room and show them all to me.

I looked around and saw children and families walking around the store. Theresa would walk out with a costume showing a lot of leg or the tops of her tits. It embarrassed me slightly and excited me a lot. The workers would look at her. Her long smooth legs exposed. The tops of her tits would bounce with each step. Her nipples were pressing against the fabric, begging to be released. I actually saw one of the young men working the dressing room drop his mouth open. He looked like he was trying to catch flies in his mouth. He regained composure and said the standard "That looks good on you."

Theresa, never missing an opportunity take advantage of the situation, walked closer to the poor young adult. "You don't think it shows too much skin?"

"It's Halloween, it's probably ok," he responded. He nervously looked over at me. I looked away like I didn't notice him check me out to see if I was watching him stare down my wife.

Theresa was in a short French maid costume. The skirt was cute and puffed out. It was way too short for a woman in her forties. The top plunged and Theresa's tits took full advantage of her demi-cup pushup bra and spilled lovely breasts out into the open. She looked at me, knowing how hot I was, and gave me a little naughty smile and a wink.

Well, one good thing about Josh coming with us, was Theresa was excited and dressing to the nines. "I'll take it then." She looked at the Spirit employee. "Can you pick me out some sexy leggings?"

The young man stared as Theresa walked back into the dressing room. Her asscheeks bounced below the hem of the skirt, allowing the bottom edge of her round ass tease him profusely. Her pink panties were a stark contrast to the black and white costume. And even though the panties peeked out just a little, one definitely knew what they were looking at.

He gathered himself and set off on the mission my wife gave him. He completely ignored me in the process. His face was focused, concentrating, trying to burn the image of my wife's tits, asscheeks, and panties into his brain.

He returned with a selection of leggings, as Theresa walked back out wearing her shorts and t-shirt. He looked at her different than he did before she showed off her costume. He held out the three choices. Theresa picked one and thanked him with a hug. She handed me the French Maid outfit and stockings and we walked to the register.

"Josh is going to love this costume. And so are you." Theresa was right. I loved it and knew Josh would love it as well. It fit perfectly and was sultry on Theresa's body.

Theresa spent the next week, teasing Josh over texts. She would occasionally describe or send photos of her costume. Not the whole costume, just enough of it to stir Josh into a frenzy. Theresa was high on anticipation. Her pussy seemed to be constantly dripping and she would sit on the couch to "air it out", but I think she just used that as an excuse to show me how wet it was while we watched tv.

She was rabid. She screwed me twice a day leading up to the night of the party. She was constantly teasing me by exposing her nipples throughout the day. Once she laid out her soaking wet thong panties on my pillow while we prepared for bed.

The night of the party was upon us; it wasn't actually on Halloween Night, but the night before. Theresa worked her makeup to perfection. Theresa doesn't usually put on much makeup, but for tonight she spent thirty minutes on just makeup.

I watched her in the bathroom. There she stood looking in the mirror. Her curly brown hair bouncing as she moved. She was completely naked having just showered but not washing her hair as it takes too long to dry. She leaned into the vanity to get her face closer to the mirror. She exposed her ass to me.

"Oh my that is a marvelous sight." She spread her legs as the sole gesture that she heard me. Her wet pussy peaking out towards me. Theresa is lasered perfectly bare and clean. The lack of hair puts more emphasis on her tight slit. Her lips barely exposed, but I could definitely see her moisture.

Her breasts were full and round as she leaned forward. She created an amazing contour between her abdomen and her tits. I took out my phone and snapped a picture for my collection. She pretended not to notice.

Her face is her best feature. Symmetrical with a thin nose but not too small. Her chestnut eyes sparkle. They have a little bit of a curve downward which gives her puppy-dog eyes. Her eyebrows are shapely and not penciled in. Theresa's smile is big and her teeth glimmering white. When she flashes her smile, she usually gets what she wants.

She finished putting on makeup and walked over to me. Her firm breasts swayed gently as she approached. "I think you might have a good time tonight." She leaned down kissing me passionately. She then lowered her right nipple onto my mouth. I eased it into my mouth and sucked it softly. "I don't think you are the only man that will get to suck my nipples tonight." Her naughty grin sparkled.

I instantly became aware of how hard I was. Theresa brushed her hand against it. "We better get dressed or we will be late."

We told Karen and Josh we would meet them there, but they didn't want to go into the house without us. So I knew it would be rude to make them wait. So I reluctantly got up and put my costume on.

I dressed like an English butler. I wore a suit and white gloves. It kinda made sense in a contrasting way; a French maid and an English butler. At this point I didn't care if I was dressed as Barney the Dinosaur. I was ready to go.

I helped Theresa with her costume, careful not to mess up her makeup. I took another picture of her in full costume. "My god," I thought. "You are the luckiest guy in the world being married to her." From head to toe she look delicious. That adjective really meant something. I was actually drooling and wishing I could eat her up.

I felt up under her skirt and lifted it slightly; she was wearing a black thong. This gave the appearance, when she bent over, that she was not wearing anything at all. Her high heels accented her great legs.

When Theresa looked as hot as she was, I sometimes selfishly want her just to myself. This was not an exception. "Wanna just stay home?" I asked knowing the answer. Theresa playfully slugged me in the shoulder and picked up her purse.

The other thing being married to a beautiful woman, is I like to show her off. She turns heads both men and women. Theresa is a lesbian magnet. Girls often proposition her, many are darn right blunt. Guys stare and don't care that they stare.

One time at a business function Theresa was dressed hot but classy. One of my customers stopped me and asked "She's YOUR wife?" I was a little bit offended that he was implying that she was out of my league, but frankly she is. "Man, that is amazing. You are a lucky guy."

We grabbed some alcohol and vitamin water and headed out. The drive took about twenty minutes and I stared at Theresa as much as I could while concentrating on driving safely.

When we arrived, Josh and Karen were just pulling up. They got out of the car. They were both dressed up as Chicago style gangsters. Josh was wearing a zoot suit looking costume. Karen was wearing a black and white outfit with a striped vest that was meant to be worn partially open. Her large breasts bounced being held partly out of the top of the vest.

We exchanged hugs and Theresa grabbed Josh's hand and started walking to the front door. I gave Karen my arm and we followed right behind them.

We opened the door. The party was already in full swing (pun intended). The music was playing but not too loudly that you couldn't have a conversation. Denise and John were at the door taking donations. John was pretty much naked so I had no idea what costume he was wearing, and Denise was some kind of 80s chick. The costume wasn't great, but her body was rockin'.

Denise and John hugged us warmly. We introduced them to Josh and Karen, talked for five minutes, then went to look around. The costumes were amazing. Brides, nuns, priests, gangsters, football players, referees, hot witches, hot vampires, etc. There was cleavage and barely covered ass everywhere.

Our costumes fit right in, and I saw several guys give both Theresa and Karen some long looks. Many of our Lifestyle friends were there and we greeted them all and introduced Josh and Karen to them. Everyone was friendly. Many men that we knew took advantage to grope Theresa under her skirt. It was flirtatious but not grossly sexual. She smiled at them and playfully grabbed their asses back.

Sometimes Lifestyle parties are uncomfortable. Strangers barely talking to each other. This party was definitely not like that. People greeted others like long lost friends. Conversations were both respectful and often naughty. Lots and lots of flirting filled the small house.

I looked at Josh and Karen. "Want a tour?"

They nodded yes and I waved at them to follow me. I lead them outside by the pool. We found a quiet place to sit. "I'll go mix us up some drinks." Josh and I don't drink if we are driving, not even one. So I mixed up Theresa a Fireball drink and got Karen a beer. Karen likes beer and I got her an ice cold one from their cooler.

I brought them back to the table outside and we watched the action and talked. There were couples screwing in the pool. In Arizona even in late October the pool can still be warm, but it was getting cooler and soon the pool would be too cold. There were six people in the hottub located near the pool. I could tell they were naked, couples kissing and fondling each other.

There were numerous people talking around the pool. They drank and laughed. A man and his wife walked by us. He was dressed as a cowboy and she was dressed as a cowgirl. Karen stared. "How do I get one of those?" We all chuckled. Then she leaned over to me and whispered "I'm serious Joe."

"Well, you just go up and introduce yourself."

"Really? That seems too weird."

I nodded to her and told her if she wanted to play with the cowboy she should ask his wife and introduce herself. Karen shook her head in embarrassment. Karen always gave the appearance of being wild and crazy, but actually being wild and crazy didn't come as easy to her.

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