Real Selfish Lover Pat


"Gasp all you want, but I'll move when you've given me an orgasm" she said to me.

I tried to nod, which I could barely do and looked up at her.

"Yes Mistress Pat" I managed to say and she looked down at me.

"Ah yes, Mistress indeed. Well, help me cum then" she stated and moved into the final stage of her build up to orgasm.

The pace increased and Pat was now moving faster, back and forth on my lower face and lifting her asscheeks up when her pussy was over my mouth then pressing her cheeks down hard onto my mouth which of course meant my nose slipped into her pussy. Then she would slide back down my face again. As she did this faster, her legs held me harder too and I could feel myself more aroused as she simply used me to cum. When I thought I couldn't take any more she moved even faster and now she was getting closer to that plateau of pleasure. Her pace increased and she was now grinding down hard and fucking my face as fast as her crotch could move. She looked amazing poised above me, groaning as her orgasm came closer and finally her thighs clutched my head like a vice as she screamed out.

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming on your face!" she yelled out as her orgasm hit hard.

I did what I could and it wasn't for a full 5 minutes that she went from fast to medium to slow and finally stopped moving altogether. My face was red and glistening as she rolled onto her back and let me kiss down her body as she lay back recovering from orgasm

"Talk dirty to me" she said suddenly and smiled as I began to compliment her, telling her what a privilege it was to have my face fucked by her.

"You know, my marriage meant all the things a woman should gradually enjoy and look forward to never happened. I mean, I love sex and I love oral more than anything but in my twenties, I compromised far too much. Well, no more. I'm going to enjoy all the things I could never enjoy sexually before. I'm putting my desires first for a change and I know exactly what I want. I want to be made to feel like the sexiest woman in the world, I want an orgasm whenever I feel like one, I don't want to have to run around doing what a guy wants, I've had enough of that. It's time a guy realised he should be making an effort for me. I'm just warning you, because this isn't a phase, this is what sex will be like with me" she declared proudly.

"Whatever you say Mistress" I wisely concurred and she sighed in amusement at my subservience to her declaration.

"I remember being 17 and kneeling down to give my first blow job. Well, that is just a silly memory now. From now on, I'll be the one standing and enjoying my man doing all the kneeling. Hey, that reminds me. I have to get some skirts which flare out a bit, you know, if we end up out somewhere and I get too frisky to wait until we are indoors" she continued, obviously enjoying the idea of what I would be doing to her and what she fully intended to enjoy.

After a very long session of being licked out, Pat was shaking to another orgasm and made no objection when I eagerly mounted her and slipped my rock hard cock into her wet folds.

Over the next few weeks, Pat enjoyed the odd bout of socialising, letting me buy her drinks basically and having the feeling of being wined and dined by her younger lover. For my part, it meant regular oral sex for her with intercourse thrown in for good measure. We would still stop off in her jeep about twice a week and she stayed over at my place almost every weekend now, or I stayed with her. She likened our sexual liaisons to having a great meal then being handed the dessert menu. Often, I would bring her to orgasm then lick her gently and gradually build her up to a second orgasm, before she would let me fuck her. This was her way of saying she wanted dessert first.

She had already commented a couple of times that she thought I was very handsome and it turned her on no end to fuck my face hard, knowing I would let her, yet other girls had no idea what a total pussy hound I was.

Then a few weeks later, Pat was moving to another part of the business and was hosting drinks in the usual haunt in town for close colleagues and friends. As the evening wore on, people made their goodbyes until Pat was still there with just a few friends and me. The bar was quiet as it was a Thursday and having the Friday off meant Pat had picked a week night to have drinks. Of course, most people were working the next day hence the bar slowly quietening down. At one point I was speaking to her as she about to use the women's toilet when without warning she grabbed my hand and ventured in. It was empty and she proceeded straight to the end stall, of which there were only 3. I was slightly worried about being thrown out by a bouncer at this point, but Pat was drunk and past caring. She used the loo quickly then stood up, ushering me to sit on the toilet lid. When she realised this wouldn't have me at waist height, she had me kneel instead and held back her knickers with a gleam of arousal in her eye.

"Hurry up" she urged and did I ever.

Part of me had to admit this was exciting but another part of me thought about being caught and reasoned speed was of the essence. However, alcohol has a funny way of delaying orgasm and Pat was only halfway there when the main door opened and we heard voices. A few girls were together and none of the voices sounded familiar but I could hear a discussion about make up and then some of the cubicle doors near us being slammed shut. One girl seemed to still be at the mirror as her voice was further away and they kept up a conversation. The girl must have approached the cubicle we were in because she tried the door and that's when I realised Pat hadn't bothered to lock it. To her credit, Pat didn't panic too much but the girl let out a silent gasp. Pat shrugged her shoulders in apology and dropping her skirt, simply walked out of the cubicle and headed for the exit. I hurriedly scrambled to my feet to follow when the girl gasped again; it was someone I was at school with and she was probably only 2 years older than me. She didn't look embarrassed, just really surprised as it was evident I had been performing oral sex on an older woman. I went bright red as I mumbled a whispered apology and followed Pat to the door. Once there, I pretended to be on my mobile so that it may have just looked as if I'd stumbled into the wrong door whilst talking but no one seemed to notice. I assumed Pat would want to leave immediately but instead she asked me to get a round of drinks in for her, Hazel and Tracey, who were still out with her. I did so and walking back to the table, I saw my old school colleague with her friends. She perhaps hadn't told them what she had witnessed as none of them gaped at me, but she smiled a knowing smile and stopped to talk.

"Long time no see" she quipped sarcastically.

"Um, hi Lynsey. So you still live in town then?" I asked.

"Yeah. You bought a flat near the park last I heard, didn't you?" she asked me.

"Yeah. Good investment. Well, I'd best be going" I stammered.

"Sure. Hey, my friend Jenny, she's the one over there wearing the red skirt and white blouse. Well, she really likes you. Don't worry I won't say anything about what you were up to she's a great girl. She usually goes running in the park every Monday" she added, smiling as she walked off.

I was intrigued and slightly turned on. Jennifer wasn't a classic beauty, rather a girl with a fairly sexy body and long dark hair, 2 or 3 years older than me. I wondered if she meant something innocent and then reasoned I should forget whatever it was as Pat would be furious if I even looked at anyone else.


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