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Realistic Incest In Stories


How to write realistic incest stories

After seeing how many people are writing incest stories, it becomes obvious that it is an area that is exciting to a great many people. Yet incest is something that is forbidden, not spoken about, and if nobody tells you what it is really all about then how on earth would you go about writing it if you have no experience of your own to draw upon. Well folks, this is where somebody with experience steps in and tells you how to bring your fictional stories closer to the reality. I have such a life experience, and have spoken to many other people who have also been involved with their family members. Using my knowledge, I will reveal a hidden world to you. Some of the following essay will fascinate you, might even give you food for thought with your stories. This is all based upon anecdotal evidence, so skeptics may take or leave whatever I have to say herein, because I am well aware that I am on the whole an exception to the rule.

Rather than give you a bunch of dos and don'ts to remember and subsequently use, I believe that it is important that you understand why certain ideas don't work where others do. Without understanding why, you are doomed to repeat the same errors in your stories again and again.

Maybe we had first better look at the difference between an erotic story and a piece of written porn. Many people do not understand the difference between the two, and I can tell you that I love to read erotic fiction, but get bored easily with porn. A pornographic story is merely a graphic explanation of the act of sex; no emotions are exhibited, just sexual arousal of the characters. There is usually little explanation as to why they are having sex in the first place, and little character development. On the other hand an erotic story will at the bare minimum give the characters the opportunity to interact before jumping into bed with each other. The characters feelings are shown, and it becomes more exciting than the pornographic story in which we only read the sex. By far the most powerful sexual organ us human beings possess is our minds, and the interaction of two fictional minds is a far more interesting playing field than whatever those two characters are doing with their genitals. This can be said for any two characters, they obviously don't have to be related.

Bearing in mind these definitions, I think that you will agree with me that writing incest porn is not the best idea, as it cannot possibly do justice to the act. Does it not make more sense that there should be some kind of buildup or at least an explanation as to how they ended up together in the first place? Remember that these two people are family; barriers as strong as the incest taboo do not disappear overnight. Sometimes it can take years for the barrier to totally dissolve.

Before I describe the issues that incestuous people have to face, I would like to share with you a general model of the dissolving of the incest taboo. This model only works for incest between consenting adults; child molestation and rape are horrible and I don't want to even think about them. I base this model on everyone I've ever spoken to who had had an incestuous relationship, because a lot of the people I spoke to went through the following stages:

1. Attraction – This first stage is when the two people realize that they have the potential to develop a connection other than the family bond and friendship which is already established. At this point most people become confused by the revelation, and rapidly enter stage two; the extremely open minded ones may skip to stage three.

2. Denial – This stage occurs when the person does not want to face even the possibility of something incestuous. They may wish to avoid contact with the other family member, or they might just pretend that nothing is happening and go along as normal. Some people remain in this stage forever, and for others they proceed to stage three.

3. Curiosity – At this point the person has made peace with the fantasy aspect of things, and becomes curious. Many people remain in this stage, and for them it becomes a fantasy that they enjoy sharing with like minded people online. This goes a long way to explaining the vast numbers of incest stories here and in other places. Some other people skip straight to this step because incest is something that they are curious about but they have never been interested in a family member themselves. It is also worth noting that this is the stage where the interaction between the two people alters the most, because they are in the process of falling in love. If this stage doesn't happen, then one cannot proceed to stage four.

4. Analysis – This stage is where somebody is seriously considering entering an incestuous relationship. It is here that somebody weighs up the pros and cons of such a union, thinks seriously about how it will impact their family relationship (and it will, there is no getting out of that), and finally makes the decision to go ahead or not.

5. Decision – At this point, both people have made a conscious decision that they want to become a couple... so they do.

If you wish to make your story a 'first time' story then this model may be enough for you, but if you wish to write about an ongoing relationship, while you still may need to bear that all in mind, you will also need to know what happens after the line has been crossed. It depends on many things, mostly upon the quality time spent in stage four. Somebody who has not thought things through properly might be lucky and still feel okay about everything later; others who didn't might find themselves regretting it. If you choose to write about the characters ending the relationship, remember that things will never be the same again. They may remain friends and part on good terms, but they cannot go back to being ordinary relatives, because crossing the line is rather permanent, hence the importance of stage four.

Also take into consideration the personalities of your characters, which will directly impact how they are likely to react to every situation, and how they are likely to feel. However, please don't transform your characters into cartoons who are just begging for incestuous encounters because it's 'hot'. Firstly it's lazy, and secondly it doesn't allow those characters to develop beyond being mere lustful bimbos and studs. Incest doesn't work that way, and turning the whole thing into a kink moves your whole story away from being realistic, and I assume that if you are reading this essay, you wish to write your incest stories realistically.

Now as promised, I will talk you through each of the major issues that incestuous people have to face and work through. It is important to note that these will not apply to every couple, but every point has relevance to some people:

-- Not normal – It is typical for people who are involved in incest to feel that they are in some way abnormal. This fear comes directly from the incest taboo itself, the assumption that nobody can feel anything more than platonic love for their relatives unless they are mad. This assumption goes hand in hand with the taboo, reinforcing it, and it causes the person to question their own sanity. The only way that people get through this stage is to realize that the taboo itself is a lot stronger than it ever needs to be. Only then can they realize that they are not freaks.

-- Breeding – This is a non-issue for people who have either had all of the children that they are ever going to have, are unable to have kids, or who choose not to. However, most people at some point do want kids, and this can be a potentially HUGE issue. Romantic though the idea might be, the erotic fantasy of having children via incest would NOT be good in reality, as a matter of fact it is downright risky and foolish (in my personal opinion of course). The couple has a few options available to them if they want children: breaking up and finding separate partners, not breaking up but finding separate partners to have children with, deciding not the have children after all.

-- Power difference – This can be a problem for some people, if one person potentially has some form of authority over the other. This issue is especially prevalent for parent/offspring couples, but exists to a lesser degree to any relationship that involves an age gap greater than 15 years. It is a good idea if both people are on equal footing BEFORE crossing the line. Society fails to realize that parental authority gives way to friendship as a natural process, once somebody has learned everything that they need to from their parents, and has become a friend to them, they are on equal footing to them by definition. At this point the doors of possibility are open.

-- Strain of secrecy – Believe it or not, constant secret keeping CAN take its toll, especially if you live in a family unit where you must keep the secret from other members of the household. Is it worth all the secrecy? Depends on the people and the quality of the relationship. Add this to 'is it normal' and you have quite a complicated mental situation. This is best eased by talking to other like minded people online, people who have been here before and know what it's like.

I already mentioned that deciding to sleep with a family member is crossing a very definite line, and that doing so impacts the entire relationship. This is something that you must be aware of when writing, because things can never be the same again for the characters. Family love and romantic love are two very separate things, but contrary to popular belief, but the roles of relative and lover do not necessarily have to be in direct conflict. I'm guessing that most people's fear comes from the assumption that because family love is by definition unconditional, that romantic love is incompatible because it weakens or breaks this bond. Some people even assume that the unconditional family love gets used in a coercive way in order to establish a stable romantic bond... again this is not how things work, at least not with LEGITIMATE relationships. While it is true that if the relationship fails then things can never go back to how they were before it began, it certainly doesn't mean that the family bond is destroyed. What usually happens within incestuous relationships is that there is a healthy balance there between the two roles; the couple fulfills BOTH roles as best they can. I realize that this is not a perfect system, but people are not perfect, and there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, either incestuous or otherwise.

Finally I'll give you one more hinter, your sex scenes don't need to be mind boggling, I know from both my own experience and from speaking to numerous people that incestuous couples are not really any kinkier in bed than the rest of you. Hence it is okay for the sex itself to be ordinary. Besides, don't you think that incest is naughty enough in its own right?

Having said all of this, I wish you the best of luck with writing better incest stories. If anybody wants my advice for a specific story, or wants me to elaborate on something a bit more, then you may contact me by e-mail.



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