Reality TV

byJJ Neal©

I didn't recognize the number, but I certainly recognized the voice and understood the message, 5:30, Jackson, Bride.

My Master isn't given to long conversations with me, or any explanations. My role is to make it happen.

I met Master Fred in a sissy chat room and he swept me off my high-heels.

By way of background my sissy name is Jamie Jo. I'm 44-years old, 5' 9" in my stocking feet and weigh 135 pounds. I've been transvesting since I was young and in the past four years I've spent some serious time and serious money becoming the best girl I can be.

My wife of twenty years will have nothing to do with Jamie and has had a bloody fit with every one of my body modifications. She is in total denial and if it were not for a fortunate pre-nuptial and my real estate holdings she would probably leave me. Our life together is not unpleasant and most of Barbara's friends think I'm an effeminate, heterosexual male. We are invited to all the best parties and travel routinely. We have no children and she wants for nothing money can buy. As for her distain for Jamie, I have a plan.

Barb was thrilled when I suggested we take an extended trip to Arizona and stay at a health spa. She is tall and slender, but at the time I was twenty-five pounds heavier and she was pleasantly surprised that I wanted to do something about it. My hidden agenda included flattening my tummy, starting a hormone regiment, electrolysis and a healthy diet.

I had always used cunnilingus as foreplay, but during this trip I began bringing her to multiple orgasms then going to sleep without fucking her. A couple of times I begged her to let me eat her in public and she acquiesced and came like wildcat. I'm sure she realized the change, I'm not sure she cared.

When we returned home I was slender, toned and hairless as a new baby save for the hair on my head and a tuft above my clitty stick. I hadn't cut my hair in nearly eight weeks and I had ever been to a salon, but I had the name of a gal's so I called her.

She offered to come to me, but I wanted to be with the other women so I made an appointment for my first trip to the beauty parlor. I was there all day. I had a massage and a facial. My pedicure ended with French tips. My manicure culminated in a very pale pink. I had my hair colored strawberry blond and cut in a cute bob that could be combed into a male or unisex style. In a final frivolity I had my eyebrows plucked into a high arch.

Barbara didn't like my bob and began screaming. Before that night, I didn't know that one could make a complete sentence out of four letter words. Like an errant daughter I sat on the floor before her as she slapped me and picked at my hair. She said she would never go out with me again and was unmoved by my suggestion my hair could be combed back in a more masculine look.

I began begging her to let me make it up to her. Evan as she abused me I grabbed her around her hips and kissed her pubis through her skirt. I continued to plead and completely disgusted with me or herself or both she lifted her skirt and pulled off her panties. I rolled onto my back and invited her to sit on my face. Her skirt covered my face in a dark warm cocoon and I began to work on her pussy. A well-manicured thumb slipped between her velvety cunt lips. I sucked and tongued her clitty. Pent up anger overwhelmed her and she shrieked through her orgasm. Neighbors would have thought I was killing her if they had been close enough to hear.

She slumped forward and I was to realize later ripped her blouse open and began clawing at her nipples. I eased my thumb out of her and began to lick her with the flat of my tongue. The slurping noise alone would have put a bitch in heat. Barb wanted more. She was grinding her pussy into my mouth so hard I was afraid I'd hurt her, but still she humped. I went back to work on her engorged clitty. At just the right point I pushed a single finger into her ass and bingo over the top she went. She shook and gyrated and yelled at the top of her lungs. As I started to lick her she pushed up on her knees, pulled up her dress and grabbed her cunt as if it were about to explode.

She ran to our bedroom, slammed the door and didn't return for dinner. There was something fascinating about the fact that my new bob, which she didn't like, was wet with her body fluids. I slept on the couch, but early the next morning I slipped into bed and between her legs. She awoke to my kissing a nibbling. She moaned and stretched and ached making herself more available. Having had a time to plan, I helped with her pleasure by pushing a fat rubber dildo into her as I loved on her clitty. She moaned to a deep climax, pulled me up her glistening body, kissed my wet mouth and whispered I could wear my hair any way I wanted.

Thanks to my mother and braces I had beautiful teeth. A local plastic surgeon said he could feminize my face and take ten years off my look. I was in the hospital two days later and fully recovered in six weeks.

During the recovery I continued my hormones and had a minor surgical procedure done. Along the edge of my ball sack where it joins my leg I had ten small sterling silver d-rings sewn under the skin, five to a side. That is to say the flat of the D was under the skin the round of the D protruded.

I also used this period to have my body pierced. My ears got three holes each my tongue a large ball. My breasts had not grown but they were sensitive and I was sure they were about to blossom. I had a sterling silver barbells with doorknockers put in each nipple and I bought some ornate diamond encrusted, sterling silver nipple shields. If not beautiful my breasts were impressive. From my navel dangled a small sterling silver plaque. If you could get close enough to read it, diamond chips spelled out -- Cum Slut.

I wasn't sure where Barbara was with all this, I rarely saw her, but I was reasonably sure my new tongue ball would square it with her as soon as I could use it on her.

As I approached complete recovery from all these procedures I decided to go back to the spa in Arizona by myself for a couple of weeks. My body needed some tender loving care and I wanted some time to think.

When I returned home one of my new tattoos said it all. It was on the back of my left shoulder -- a small female figure with large colorful butterfly wings and a tiny cock. The small of my back just above the bikini sported ornate Latin script that roughly translated to -- Cum Slut.

I was ready. I was more than ready. I had been out several times as a classy woman. Men were very attentive. I had converted one of our spare rooms at the house into Jamie's room. Barbara's reaction was predictable, but by now she craved the tongue ball. Besides my plan for her was under way.

As I shopped I worked on my feminine moves and my voice. One afternoon I was in the same dressing room with one of Barb's friends and she didn't recognize me. Barb was mortified, but I was sure I could pass full time as a woman.

I'd been to the chat room every day and I knew what I wanted -- Master Fred. He lived close by, was about my age and his cock was mouthwatering. Did I mention I've never had a real cock? Seems hard to believe a girl would go to as much trouble and expense as I have without sampling the goods. Let's say I'm a girl with faith.

I asked him to meet me for coffee and he agreed with some stipulations. I was to douche thoroughly and he was very specific. I've always enjoyed a good enema, but I was to learn some new tricks under Master Fred. I was to wear no panties and black thigh highs, a black leather skirt and black single banded strappy sandals.

This is a good time to explain the small rings between my legs. I can push my balls up into my body cavity; pull my cock back between my legs and lace it in place by putting a ribbon through the rings much like one would lace up a shoe. It not only keeps the cock comfortable in place the bow at the top is precious. Master Fred knew all about this little feature.

Up top I was to wear a lace bra and a sheer blouse. He wanted red nails, red lipstick and full makeup. The look was a bit sluttish, but I was giddy as a schoolgirl when I arrived. The click of my heels made my clitty ooze and you would have thought the hips had been swinging for years.

Master Fred greeted me warmly and kissed me on the mouth. He order coffee and we chatted amiable for a few minutes. As calmly as he might have pulled out a cigar, he reached in his shirt pocket, pulled out a super tampon and laid it on the table. He ordered more coffee and the young waiter was obviously fascinated with the white cylinder. Master explained I was to go to the MENS room, wait until at least one man entered, remove my bra and put the tampon in me. I was not to go in a stall and if anyone asked I was to explain I was a sissy and beg to suck the man's cock.

This was certainly not how I'd hoped to suck my first cock, but I was committed to this man no matter what. I picked up my purse and the tampon. My heels sounded like clanging symbols as I crossed the room. I was sure every eye in the shop was on my little white gift and me.

A pretty young guy with gold-rimmed glasses followed me into the bathroom. Slowly but deliberately I removed my blouse and unsnapped my front closure bra. My young friend was watching in the mirror, but said nothing. My nipple shields sparkled as I put my blouse back on and unzipped my skirt to tuck it in. In for a penny, in for a pound I decided to unwrap the tampon, wet it with my lips, pull down my skirt and insert the cylinder. By the time my young friend could get his mind around what was happening I was tucking my blouse in. As a second guy entered the room, I kissed college boy on the mouth, picked up my purse and left -- virgin mouth in tact.

When I returned Master Fred stood and I sat. It was then I discovered he had another toy -- a white leather collar and leash. He told me that I should put on the collar and attach the leash as soon as I was ready to go. My first date was certainly going to be a memorable one.

As Master Fred led me out of the coffee shop he said. "Sissy, this could have been a lot worse and will be if you want to be my slave. Humiliation will be a routine part of your life."

"Yes, Sir." I said.

"What the fuck does yes Sir mean? Does it mean you would drop to your knees and suck my cock right hear right now?"

"Yes, Sir." I said.

"Don't yes Sir me, do it." Master said.

Without hesitation I dropped to my knees on the sidewalk and began to unzip his pants.

"That's good enough." Master said pulling me to my feet. "You pass the test, but I don't want to land us in jail." He handed me an envelope. "Meet me at this address Friday and wear a wedding dress. You'll be gone all weekend. If you don't show up, never contact me again. If you do show up expect some pain." With that he unclipped the leash and walked away.

My mind whirled as I drove home. I tried to get to Jamie's room before she saw me, but no suck luck.

"Have you been out dressed like that?" Barbara asked in a calm normal tone.

"Yes Dear."

"You look rather good, but don't you think you could at least wear a bra?"

"I did, but my Master had me remove it." I said as nonchalantly as if I were talking about a new pair of pants.

"Your Master." She mocked. "You're one sick fuck and I'm going to find a way out of this mess."

I poured myself a slug of Scotch downed it and went to my room. I had never been so hot to trot. I pulled my skirt up, unlaced my cock and began to masturbate. Visions of a wedding dress fueled my passion and soon I was squirting into my left hand. The load went straight to my mouth and I curled up on my bed to enjoy a flavor I'd learned to like better than chocolate.

The next morning I decided that because if the short notice I'd rent a wedding dress. I found a nearby shop in the yellow pages. I decided a bra, panties and a shirtdress would make trying on clothes easy and that I need heels. Thus attired with minimal makeup I headed out.

They had three dresses close to my size and I tried them all. The first was by far the best. It was a white satin strapless A-line with white embroidery and a split front overskirt. It had an embroidered headband and a two-tier, elbow length veil. I felt like a virgin princess heart aflutter at the thought for her wedding.

I'd been in the dressing room with my sales lady most of the morning dressed only in my panties and bra. As she took the measurements to altar the dress her only comment was that I might need some padding up top. She agreed to have the garment ready the next day.

My next stop was Bridal Necessities. I started with a white satin and lace torso-lette. I added white stockings with seams and satin bows, a pair of white satin wedding gloves and white satin pumps with three-inch heels.

My last purchase was a sheer white baby doll set. It must seem obvious I didn't hear the pain part of my upcoming wedding. I was in love and expecting a night of tender passion.

I began Friday morning soaking in the tub with a mug of coffee. Twin two-quart enema bags were depositing their contents through a double bardex into my body. It is a long and sometimes painful process, but after I process two or three double bags I'm clean. I've found that pushing a washcloth inside me after I'm finished encourages my intestines to drain so I headed to the beauty parlor with one inside me.

I got a trim, pedicure, manicure and facial. The French tips were beautiful especially on my long slender feet. My new husband would be impressed. Back home I removed the washcloth and got back in the tub this time to soak in scented oil and take a final enemas.

I put my trousseau in the car and dressed for the short trip to the cabin Master Fred had reserved. I wore a short denim skirt, a short peasant style top and wedge heeled sandals. I stopped by the den to tell Barbara I'd be gone for the weekend.

She looked up from her desk then rose, walked over to where I was standing and touched my naval ring. "I want one of those." She said as she squinted in an effort to read it. "What does it say?"

"Cum slut." I said with a smile.

She dropped it like it was on fire and returned to her desk. Over her shoulder she said. "You may find that's not all it is cracked up to be."

Chapter Two

The cabin was large, warm and rustic. It was a beautiful setting for a wedding and a honeymoon. I had at least two hours so poured myself a drink and sat on the porch looking at a quiet lake. I could still quit and go home.

Inside I slipped into my torso-lette, attached my hose and slipped on my heels. I'd brought a light blue silk dressing gown. The dressing area didn't have the best lighting, but I made do. I had become adept at curling and lining my lashes and doing my eyeliner. I'll never know how real girls approach these necessities, but for me each twirl of a brush or pencil stroke is magic. I could do makeup for a living.

I laced my cock in place with a white silk ribbon then slipped into light blue t-back panties I had borrowed from Barbara. They qualified as old, borrowed and blue. I slipped a lace garter up my right leg and put a quarter in my shoe.

A mist of perfume and it was time for my crenolins and my gown. I hoped my lover would arrange for flowers and pictures. My necklace consisted of delicate clusters of diamond-encrusted hearts in a fine web of platinum wire. Matching earrings dangled from my lower holes and brushed my shoulders. My bob was perfect with the headband. The mirrors were really too small to capture my beauty.

I was prancing around like a teenager when I heard the car door slam and reality come crashing in to my idyllic surroundings. To my surprise it was a middle-aged couple. They introduced themselves and said they would perform the service. They set up a small altar facing the fireplace and set out plastic flowers.

"Master Fred told you I was married I assume." I said.

"Don't worry your little head missy. This is a moral commitment not a legal one." The male said. "It's binding on both parties, but only by mutual consent."

"It's binding on the sissy as long as I say." Master Fred said from out of nowhere. "Let's get it done."

Turning to me Master Fred said. "Kneel down at the altar."

I was too stunned to say anything. This wasn't going according to plan, but I gathered my skirts and knelt before the preacher or whatever he was.

Master Fred turned to the female. "Get the bridegroom ready."

She dropped to her knees, released his cock and sucked him erect. Master positioned his meat by my face and the service began. It was a farce -- I was marrying a cock. The service resembled a normal one except I was to love honor and obey a cock.

The quick service ended and the male said. "You may suck your husband."

I didn't even get a ring. I lifted my vale and put Master's cock in my mouth. My first blowjob was a miserable disappointment that lasted about two seconds.

His cock popped out of my mouth as he turned away from the altar. He was putting it in his pants when he looked at me and said. "Go to the back bedroom and take off that fancy dress. I'll call you when I want you."

I went to the bedroom and I really wanted to cry. I didn't have a single picture in my beautiful dress and now it was coming off. I removed my vale and unzipped my dress. In the quite room I equated the sound of the zipped to a tear in my heart. I sat on the bed in my glamorous underwear unable to find a positive thought.

I was startled when the woman entered the room and handed me a collar. I didn't need someone to draw me a picture. I removed my necklace and put the collar on; she attached a leash and dragged me from the room.

The den had been rearranged. Across the room from where we entered, Master sat at a large round table. It was covered in a press linen cloth. The centerpiece was a three-tier wedding cake. Crystal flutes of champagne surrounded the cake. A large overstuffed leather couch was to my left facing the fireplace. Between the couch and the fireplace was a devise I recognized to be a bondage sawhorse.

"To the bride." Master Fred said smiling at me as he lifted a flute of wine. "Would you like some cake and champagne?"

"Yes, Master. Please." I offered in a compliant tone.

He looked at the woman and said. "Cuff her."

She quickly produced handcuffs, pulled my hands behind my back and restrained me. At Master's instruction she step to the table to cut me some cake. When she turned she was holding a silver two-compartment dog bowl. One side was filled with cake the other with champagne. She knelt, placed the container at Master's feet, and then joined the male on the couch.

"I suggest you enjoy your reception. It may be a while before you eat again." Master Fred said.

Eating from a dog bowl is a lot more difficult than it looks particularly with ones hands behind her back, but I was engrossed with the task. We the explosion occurred my first thought was that I had been shot. I jerked straight up to discover that Master had hit the table with a long thin cane.

"Oh." Master Fred said. "Has our Bride finished her treats?"

"No, Sir." I said returning to my bowl.

The second and third clamps of thunder didn't pull me away from the bowl, but the combination of a cane and a sawhorse brought terror to my mind.

Above me I heard Master Fred address the couple. "Get to fucking and if you don't fill her up I'll use this cane on you."

I was running out of food, but I didn't want to finish.

"Go back and fix your makeup." Master Fred said to me as he unlocked my cuffs. "But be quick I want you to watch these rabbits."

As instructed I washed my face, powered my nose and applied fresh lip rouge. I had dripped some stuff down my chest so I cleaned my torso-lette as best I could then ran back and knelt by the couple. The male's dick was not as big as Master Fred's but he was pumping for all he was worth. I'd never seen the lips of a pussy move with and against a hard cock. It was beautiful and erotic. The pussy flushed with color and filled the air with a titillating odor. The male stiffened and I assumed dumped a load. Suffering from exquisite post-climax pain he tried to hold her still.

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