Reality TV

byJJ Neal©

Hot with lust she shouted. "Fuck me damn it."

Seconds later he did just that. I was amazed. On my best day, once spent it took me thirty minutes to get hard again. This guy was hard as a crowbar and this time I could see her clitty rolling up and down his shaft. As she approached a crescendo she wrapped her legs around him, her ass bouncing off the couch. She groaned in pleasure, but hung with the male till he could deliver his second load.

Master pulled on my leash and told me to lie on my back. Addressing the female he said. "Give the Sissy desert."

Predictably she lowered her pussy onto my mouth, and I thought it really was a treat. The mixture oozing between us was delicious. I don't think anyone had used a tongue ball on her before. If this was to be a punishment for either of us it missed the mark.

Impatient with our apparent pleasure Master Fred barked. "Get her jacket."

He handed me a napkin and a red lipstick with unspoken instruction. My jacket turned out to be a straight jacket. I slipped it on and she laced up the back then led me to the sawhorse. I was on my tummy facing the couch as she began to secure my limbs to the legs of the sawhorse. When she finished I was as unable to move as Venus De Milo.

Master Fred held my head up and said. "For your honeymoon I'm going to give you every girls desire, but first you need some discipline. Without discipline you might become ungrateful for what I'm doing for you and I would have to punish you. There is a big difference between discipline and punishment."

He put an expandable penis gag in my mouth, pumped it up then walked behind me. I heard the swooshing sound, but the initial pain was so intense it didn't register for a couple of heartbeats then it bit me like a red-hot poker. My mind screamed, but the gag prevented any sound. Before I could breathe the second blow landed. He delivered three more before I passed out.

When I came around Master offered me cool drink through a straw. I think it was a Margarita. The pain had subsided to a tolerable level. "Had I intended to punish I would have actually hurt you, but I didn't want to mark that pretty little ass."

He unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock, touched it to my lips and said. "How do you like your husband?"

"I want him. Please."

He slowly feed me and I sucked with abandon. I ran my tongue ball up and down the underside of his shaft and he grew. Years of practice with a dildo made the next part easy. He pushed well down my throat, pulled out so I could get a breath then pushed deep again. He knew how to use me and I was in ecstasy. The taste, the warmth, the texture and the smell were everything my lifelong fantasy had predicted, but the cum was beyond belief. He let me milk him. I thought I'd die if he removed his cock from my mouth, but I didn't.

I was aware he was puttering around behind me, but I laid my head down and shut my eyes. How many times would he fuck my face?

"How many times do you want to be fucked?" Master Fred asked.

"500 Master." I quipped.

The pressure on my pussy was unexpected. A whirring sound accompanied a shaft burrowing inside me. Then it retracted and entered again. I was coupled to a fuck machine. The lights went out and the room glittered from the gas logs in the fireplace.

"The machine is set for 500 cycles. Sleep well." Master Fred said as he left the room.

Chapter Three

Something was brushing my check when I came to the next morning. It was my Master's lips. Once the fucking machine had stopped I had fallen asleep on the sawhorse. There was a dried puddle of tears by my head, a puddle of piss on the floor and my entire body hurt.

"Wake up sleepy head." Master Fred said. "Let me get you untied. You can get naked and head for the hot tub."

After he untied me I tried to stand, but couldn't support myself. I sat straddling the sawhorse while Master undid the straight jacket. He helped me get undressed and supported me while I walked to the bathroom. On the pot I unlaced my cock and started rubbing body parts. The thought of a hot tub seemed like heaven so I struggled out to the deck.

Master helped me into the tub then handed me a Dilaudid and a Bull-Shot. "The pain will be gone soon."

I couldn't help thinking someone had stolen my Master and sent me a new one, but I guess he knew I couldn't take any more abuse right now. He left and I settled back in the tub. A few minutes later Master reappeared with a breakfast tray -- Coffee, scrambled eggs, English muffins, marmalade and bacon. He was naked with that long beauty dangling between his legs. He joined me in the tub. I started out nibbling, but soon my hunger drove me to devour my food. Master sat quietly and watched.

"Would you like another cocktail?" Master asked.

"Yes, Master. Thank you."

"Jamie, when we are alone, be respectful, but you don't have to call me Master. Around other call me Master, grovel and never speak without being spoken to. If you embarrass me I'll hurt you."

"Yes, Sir."

"We'll be alone for the remained of the weekend and I want us to enjoy our honeymoon." He sealed the bargain with a kiss as he got up to get our drinks.

Drugs and love had my head spinning. After our third drunk Master helped me out of the tub, wrapped me in a huge towel and carried me to his bedroom. He held me a kissed me then said. "I want you to have a pleasant nap. When you awake we'll take the boat out." He kissed me again and left.

Mid-afternoon I awoke ready to go. I went to the bathroom, fixed my makeup including ruby red lips and slipped into my baby-doll nighty. Master was in the den reading when I paddled in. He looked at me and said. "Fuck the boat."

He picked me up and carried me back to the bedroom. His kisses weren't rough, but persistent and probing. He was a powerful male and I his delicate mate. I kissed his pects and nibbled his nipples on my way down his exquisite body. My shields were still in place and Master was fascinated with them. If there was a cock race I won. Master's heavy balls and hairy sack smelled almost as good as they tasted. I delicately slipped one ball at a time in my mouth. Meanwhile, Master kissed the row of rings along my scrotum. We lay in 69 position each the object of the others pleasure. My ejaculate was minimal, Master gushed my mouth full. We scrambled into one another's arms and shared a long deep kiss. I fell asleep once again my head on his chest.

When I stirred again Master was on top of me and between my legs kissing my neck. I grabbed his neck, pulled us together and said. "I love you."

He pushed me away as if he were burnt, looked at me then smiled. "You really are a girl aren't you?"

I batted my eyelashes and said. "Yes, Sir."

He pushed my legs back and slowly thrust himself inside me. My eyes fluttered shut as I considered the fact that I was no longer a virgin. Full of my husband and humping to please I smiled and said again. "I love you." He was hot inside me and the rhythm was frantic. "Fuck me, Sir. Fuck me please."

Sated, my Master rolled over on his back. I ran to the bathroom, got a warm wet washcloth and cleaned his genitals. As I kissed his cock and balls I realized something was running down my leg. Making sure I got Masters attention I ran a finger up my leg and collected a dollop of cream. I popped it in my mouth and said. "Waste not -- want not."

Master pulled me into his arms and said. "I'm going to have a hard time with you, no pun intended. If you can dress like a classy woman, I'll buy you a forty-dollar steak." I didn't say I word instead I ran to the back bedroom to get ready.

I had my enema rig and the first priority was to clean my pussy. On my tummy on the floor I took the first two quarts. I found an ironing board and iron. After it was set up I sat on the toilet. I took another two quarts and held it while I ironed my skirt and jacket. After another trip to the potty I took one last two-quart douche then ran a bubble bath with scented oil. Clean inside, with a super tampon in me I settled into the tub to soak and do my hair.

I removed the nipple shields, but reinserted the studs. I had a beige, front closure, under wire bra and a matching thong. I laced my cock in place with a beige ribbon and put on my underwear, beige pantyhose and a beige lace trimmed slip. My shoes were beige satin with square toes and rectangular 4" heels.

I wore a silk robe while I fixed my hair and did my makeup. I wore a white shell that buttoned snuggly around my neck and a beige raw silk suit with an A-line skirt.

One last look in the mirror reveled a knockout. Above my bangs I wore a small diamond tiara. I had one-carat diamond studs in each of my lower ear holes. My jacket was carefully tailored, single breasted and long sleeved. I wore a diamond tennis bracelet and an opal dinner ring on my right hand. I wore diamond wedding bands and a Cartier watch on my left hand. If Master wanted class he would get class. I put a mink wrap around my shoulders and glided out to see him.

Master was on the porch smoking a cigar and he looked damn fine. He wore a navy suit with a muted strip a white shirt and a blood red tie. As I walked up he said. "Wow."

"Thank you, Sir." I said demurely.

He had my leash in his hand, but laid it down and said. "I don't think we'll need this tonight." He then presented me a beautiful corsage and helped me put it on. There was a limo in the driveway and we were off. The restaurant was elegant and we had a secluded table. Master ordered for us and I never took my eyes off him. The meal was a work of art and it took us two-hours to consume it.

Back home we undressed and cuddled in front of the fire with large snifters of Brandy. Master said. "This has been the most enjoyable day I've spent in a long time."

"Thank you, Sir."

"Jamie, you're a slave. I'll continue to discipline you and let others use you for sex. Don't expect to much from this relationship."

"Yes, Sir." I said.

"For the moment I think I have enough energy left for some doggie style."

I jumped up, wiggled my bare ass and ran to his room. That night I received a good old-fashioned fuck and slept in the arms of the man I loved.

The next morning over breakfast, Master informed me he had to go back to the city, but that I could leave when I was ready. He said I'd here from him in a couple of days and then in an apparent effort to reinforce the resolve of the night before he pulled me over his knees and gave me an open-hand spanking. He stood, dumping me in the floor and left without another word.

I returned home without any answers. I didn't even know the questions.

Chapter Four

For all I could tell Barbara had been sitting in the living room waiting for me all weekend. "How was your weekend?" She said with a grin then added. "Cum slut."

"It was interesting. How was yours?"

"Sit down sweetie. Would you like a drink?" Barbara asked.

"I'll get it. Can I freshen yours?"

"A splash of Scotch."

I made myself a large Scotch and soda then walked over and added a splash of Scotch to Barbara's glass. I sat the bottle on the end table and took a chair. My smooth bare legs crossed in her direction.

"What do you call yourself when you are sucking dicks?" Barbara asked.

It would have been fun to banter, but I was curious where this was going so I answered. "Jamie."

"Well, Jamie. I want a divorce and a cash settlement."

"Well, Barbara. You can have a divorce, but the pre-nup stands."

"The way I see things they've changed. You can't expect me to honor a marriage where you're running around in panties sucking cocks." Barbara said.

"I don't know, to me that sounds a lot like you, Darling."

"You pig. You know I haven't cheated on you." Barbara said.

"Can't say I do know that, but you can run around if you want."

"At least you aren't a hypocrite. I've met another man or should I say I've met a man. I want you to give me some money and my freedom." Barbara said.

"Honey, let me make it clear. You can fuck anyone anytime. You can have a divorce, but no money."

"I'll drag your name through the mud. I'll expose you to all our friends." Barbara said.

"If you haven't noticed, I don't give a shit, but I'll make you a deal. What's this guy's name?"

"Why do you care?" Barbara said.

"Natural curiosity. Is it a secret?"

"His name is John Carter." Barbara said.

"I'll put an extra $3,000.00 a month in your household account and John can live in the apartment over the garage. You can tell your friends whatever you wish."

"What's the catch?" Barbara asked.

"Barb, I've wanted to be a girl since I was 10. I'm really happy and I want you to be happy. I can't take hormones and satisfy my role as your husband. I'd be really glad if you had a lover. I want you to be happy."

Barb took a long sip of her drink, stood, walked over and sat in my lap. "You look really cute."

I kissed her and said. "Not as cute as you. Maybe you can work me into your bedroom every once in a while."

"Maybe." Barbara said. "For now I have to run."

"Give John my best."

Chapter Five

When I got up Wednesday morning I was hungry, but not for breakfast. Over the past few months I'd become comfortable being a transvestite, a cuckold and a cum slut, but the surprise was how much I enjoyed enemas. I peed, ran a bath and got my hinny toys out.

Hormones and electrolysis have made hair a non-problem, but I love shaving my legs so I shaved soaked and played with my nice clean pussy. When I was clean and dry, I put a tampon in me, laced my clitty stick and applied lotion.

I wanted to go to the Northwood Mall. Admittedly I'm forty plus and even if I look thirty-ish I shouldn't be running around dressed like a teenage, but I couldn't or didn't go to the mall dressed as a girl when I was a teen so I selected a hot pink bra and thong set. My tan low-rider mini skirt didn't cover my thong. My tan spaghetti strap top didn't hide my bra straps, my tat or my naval ring. I wore open-toe, hot pink thong sandals with 4" wedge heels. My hot pink shoulder purse was shaped like a heart.

I didn't sneak out of my room, but I caught Barbara all over John.

"Hey, you guys need to get a room." I said.

I startled them, but Barb wasn't embarrassed. She introduced me as her sissy husband and said. "What, would you like to see how a real man fucks a woman?"

I licked my hot pink lips, moaned and said. "I can't wait, but I have to run so tootles for the moment."

I enjoyed my trip to the mall and I picked up a few things, but it occurred to me it would be more fun with some other girls. Master called while I was there and told me to be at a specific hotel Friday at 2:00. He said I wouldn't need clothes or makeup, but reminded me that it was important to be clean and that the room would be available any time after 10:00.

I was there a little before noon. It was a big suite with a separate living room and a luxurious tub. When Master's crew arrived I was clean and soft. Wine had served as lunch and to lower my anxiety, but fear quickly returned.

They were going to color and restyle my hair. I didn't want any of that, but they were doing something I'd never seen or heard of. They had a black nylon strap that looked like and may have been a seat belt. It was carefully finished in a semi-circle on one end, but the other end was dozens of long strands of nylon.

My hair was now coal black and it was being pulled straight back and up as if it would end in a bun, but they were carefully weaving my hair and the nylon strands. When they finished my hair was pulled tight to the top of my head ending in a nylon strap that hung to the middle of my back. It was bizarre and erotic.

My facial makeup was very pale, almost white. My brows were black and well defined. My eyeliner and eye shadow were dark gray. My checks were a bright rose color and purposely overdone. My lips were the wettest red I'd ever seem. My ears were unadorned and in the words of Robert Palmer my look was -- Simply Irresistible.

My corset was an over the bust style in white satin. It was all-steel construction with front hooks and rear Laces. When they finished tugging, my waist was at 29" and my baby breasts bulged over its top. They fitted a red satin cummerbund around my waist. My outfit didn't include panties. Instead, when they laced up my clitty they toped it off with a 6" diameter white satin bow. My hose were black with seams up the back held up by fancy white lace garters. My shoes were black patient leather, pointed toe, spike heeled pumps with white satin bows across the toes. The whole outfit was first class erotica, but the coup de grace was a man's style black tailcoat. White gloves and a corsage completed my look.

After one last look top to bottom, they handed me a card with an address on it and started to pack their equipment. They told me to use the service entrance. I packed all my stuff wondering if they expected me to go out in public dressed as I was. The answer was obvious -- yes.

I rode the elevator to the lobby and walked proudly out the front door and across the street to where I was parked. I will admit that my heart was pounding and that I was grateful for the limited security my car offered. I hadn't been two miles when I pulled over and let the top down. What the hell I guess I'm an exhibitionist too.

The mansion and grounds were impressive; I drove around to the rear and was greeted by what seemed to me to be the butch dyke from hell. "You're late. Come with me."

I've always thought a woman really enjoys disciplining another woman. I guess that goes double for a dyke and a transvestite. She took me into the kitchen. A hook shaped devise lay on a stainless steel table. The hook was shaped like a giant fishhook without the barb and a seat belt clasp was attached to the other end. My pussy puckered at the sight.

"Bend over the table." Madame Dyke commanded.

Not too genially she shoved the appliance inside me. After some fiddling around by the bitch, I became aware off something in my pussy. It turned out a bladder was expanding inside me. When she couldn't pump any more air with her small hand pump, she detached it and told me to stand. She slid my ponytail (seatbelt) into the clasp on the hook. As she took up the slack my head was pulled back at an acute angle. I wasn't sure what would happen first -- my pussy hole would ripe, I'd lose a large clump of hair or my neck would break.

After twenty minutes of redundant instruction she said. "If you fuck up I'll beat that skinny ass till you bleed."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Get in line." Madame Dyke commanded.

The line included four other girls. We were the same height. We were built the same and our outfits were the same. Two of the girls had carried trays of champagne in tall flutes. Two of the girls carried trays of bite size hor'dourves. My tray included a small pillow and a highly polished wooden case.

We walked single file into a large ballroom and dispersed. There were fifteen or twenty couples. All the men were in tuxedos. All the women were in vinyl dresses that zipped up the front. The colors were all different and each outfit included matching shoes, collars and leashes.

I walked up to the closes couple. She was in lavender. "My I offer you or your lady oral sex, Sir."

The man turned to the woman and said. "Unzip your dress."

I dropped my pillow on the ground in front of Lavender. She wore a lavender bra and no panties. Her pussy was bald and fat.

Looking at the male I asked. "Would she like a vibrator, Sir?"


I put my tray on the ground and opened the case. It contained a gleaming gold vibrator and a row of condoms. All eyes were on us as I used my mouth to put a condom on the vibrator. The garish angle of my head made it appeared I was trying to swallow the phallic symbol whole.

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