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Realizing My Place


My life changed completely the year I turned 18. Up to that point I was a pretty typical suburban white boy. I was quite small. About 5'6" and 130 lbs. Most of that weight was in my ass and legs. I was rather pear shaped with narrow shoulders, skinny arms, thick legs, and a huge butt. I had shoulder length red hair and big green eyes. I was embarrassingly feminine in my appearance. I had grown my hair longer to hide my girly features but it just made me look more like a chick. My looks did not help my popularity. I was distinctly nerdy and not cool. Reading a lot and getting good grades only increased that image.

My best friend for the last year was my neighbor, Tyler King III. Tyler was a year older than me and more than a foot taller. He was also more than twice my weight. All of his 6' 9" and 280 lbs. frame was solid muscle. He had black hair that he kept in long dreadlocks and brown eyes. He and his dad had moved to our town from New York after Tyler got involved in a gang. I wasn't sure why he had decided to be my friend. We couldn't be more different. About the only things we had in common were playing video games and getting high. I don't think we would have become such good friends if we were not neighbors. That first summer he had moved here we had both gone into our back yards to smoke and started talking. I invited him in to play video games and have something to drink. We had been hanging out every day since.

Tyler was the toughest and coolest kid in our town. I worshiped him and would have done just about anything for him. Then one afternoon that changed from just about anything to absolutely anything. It all started on my 18th birthday in the locker room after gym.

We were all changing after class when a big jock named Randy began hassling me. Randy was captain of the football team and an all around douche bag. He was huge, 6' 6" and around 300 lbs. He made me feel very small. He called me names like "Sissy." and "Queer." as he paced behind me. I tried to ignore him, but it only made him escalate to snapping me with a towel. I yelped and turned around to face him. "What the fuck is your problem?!" I screamed at him.

His smile turned to a sneer and he growled "You are my problem, bitch." He pushed me and I fell back against the locker. I was so scared of him and his four cronies that gathered around us. They all crowded close, sensing my fear.

"Please leave me alone." I pleaded. They just laughed and mocked me. Then they started hitting me and kicking me, making me cry out in pain. I did my best to defend my self but it was useless. I heard a shout and the five of them were suddenly swept away. I looked up to see Tyler standing over me naked and wet. He had just been showering and ran out to leap at my attackers, sending them flying. He began to lay into them with his wet towel, snapping them so hard it left big, red welts on them.

Time seemed to slow a little as I became fixated on Tyler. I couldn't take my eyes off his rippling muscles as they glistened in the light. His ebony skin dripped water down on me every time he moved. My attention focused on his huge, uncut cock waving in the air. Just below was his big shaved scrotum hanging low just above me. I watched, mesmerized, as a fat drop of water dripped down and landed in my open mouth. I blinked and reality jumped back to normal.

A confusing jumble of emotions and thoughts flooded me. I had a raging erection that was pathetically smaller than Tyler's large manhood. I was ashamed about how excited I was and at the same time I was filled with pride that Tyler had saved me. He had taken on and defeated five guys to help me. Tyler was furious an he yelled at Randy and his pals, "Stay away from my boy or I'll fuck you up, you assholes!"

Randy held up his hands and backed off, "Ok man. Just take it easy."

"Get moving!" Tyler told them. They left shaking their heads and muttering. Everyone else just quietly went back to changing. Tyler extended his hand down to me with a concerned look on his handsome face. "You ok Shaun?" he asked. I nodded dumbly as he pulled me to my feet. I doubled over with a groan to hide my hard on. I sat on the bench and tried not to stare at Tyler's spectacular body. I didn't understand the feelings I was having. It was like I was looking at him for the first time.

"Thanks man. You saved me." I told him. "I owe you big time."

"Don't worry about it." he said with a charming smile. "What're friends for?" We laughed a little and went back to changing. We left school together, riding home in his green Lincoln like we always did. Only this time we rode in silence. My mind wandered through the events of the afternoon and my morass of thoughts and emotions. Why had I gotten hard? It didn't make sense. Was I attracted to Tyler? I looked at him and then without realizing it I glanced down at his crotch. I blushed and snapped my eyes forward when I became aware of it. I shook my head and tried to push those thoughts away but I kept coming back to the fact that my dick had swelled up when I looked at and thought about his cock.

That was crazy. I was not gay and neither was Tyler. It did make me feel special that Tyler would defend me like that. That he cared about me that much. He was so masculine and powerful. I felt very inferior to him. Up until that point I had always thought of us as equals. Although I never really thought about it. I now realized how wrong I was, he was superior to me in every way and he was the dominant person in our relationship. It occurred to me that he had always been dominant over me. He had just always been nice and subtle about it so I had not really noticed. Now that I was reevaluating our relationship it was glaringly obvious to me and I couldn't escape the thought that I kind of liked that he was in charge. It oddly made me feel more free knowing I didn't have to make decisions. I was no leader and I trusted Tyler completely.

I was still very embarrassed about these unmanly ideas as we got to my house. It was very abnormal for me to so frankly evaluate my self and my thoughts like this. He followed me up the steps to my door. I stopped and turned to face him. "What's up?" he asked. "We're still gonna study, right?" We studied and did our homework together every night. I always made us dinner, but I just wanted some time to think. I didn't want him to feel like I didn't appreciate what he had done for me though.

"Of course." I said. "I was just wondering what you wanted to eat?" I asked to try and cover my behavior. I couldn't understand why I was so emotional lately.

He shrugged and replied "Whatever you make will be fine." I nodded and went inside. Dropping my back pack I walked into the kitchen. Tyler followed and grabbed a soda while I rummaged through the fridge and cupboard for something to make. I decided on sandwiches and whipped them up really quick. I heard the TV come on in the other room. I brought Tyler his food. With a smile he took it and said "Thank you, darlin." It was an old joke that I had always laughed off. He had kidded me about being like his girl when I cooked for him or brought him something to drink. It felt very different this time in light of everything I had been thinking and I blushed furiously. Was that how he thought of me? As his girl?

We ate in silence. All I could think about was Tyler and our relationship. Looking back on our time together I realized that I was Tyler's girl. In almost every way I was subservient to him. It had just been such a gradual thing that I had not consciously noticed it happening. Tyler controlled all aspects of my life. He helped me pick my clothes, I listened to the music he recommended and watched the movies and shows he told me to. We played the games he wanted to, ate when he wanted to, hung out when and where he wanted. I had submitted to him in every way possible except one. There was only one last thing that kept me from truly being his girl. I hadn't ever considered having sex with a man before but I was seriously considering it now. I had been very happy in my relationship with Tyler up to this point. The whole time he had been treating me like a girl and it hadn't once registered in my consciousness.

I tried to deny it. I was furious with him at first but I kept running it through my mind over and over again. As much as I didn't want to believe it I could not ignore how much it turned me on to think of being his girl. He had always been so nice to me and he was pretty much the only person in my life who was. I cared about him more than anyone else I knew. I was very confused by these new realizations.

I turned to look at him and thought of him for the first time like a girl would. He was such a stud. I couldn't imagine he would ever want me when he could have any girl he wanted. Although he definitely treated me like I was his. I was so confused and unsure of what to do or think. "Can I get you anything else?" I asked him.

"No thanks, sugar." he said glancing over at me and smiling. He looked at me a little longer then asked "Are you ok? You seem out of it."

"Me? No I'm ok. Maybe just a little shaken up from earlier." I told him.

"Those guys are asshats." he said, nodding. "Just try to forget about them. I won't let them bother you again. I promise."

"Thank you again Tyler. You really saved my ass today. I really owe you. I would do anything to repay you. Anything." I told him. I blushed again and looked down not wanting him to see how embarrassed I was. His hand lifted my chin and I found my self staring into his eyes. I hadn't even heard him get up.

"Anything huh?" he had a strange look in his eye I had never seen before as he stood over me. I felt very small and distinctly feminine sitting before him. I nodded and swallowed hard suddenly very nervous. "Well... I have an idea how you can pay me back." he said with a big smile. "But first I have something for you." He went to his bag and returned with a small box wrapped in colorful paper. "Happy birthday." he said with his familiar smile. I looked at the gift in my hand with surprise. "What? You thought I forgot?"

"Well yeah." I said as I tore off the paper. I opened up the jewelry box inside. I was even more surprised to find an expensive looking pearl choker with a gold pendent that said Tyler. The clasp was a small padlock. "What the hell, man?" I asked him "This is a girl's necklace."

"I know that." he said "Now put it on." I balked not sure what this was about. "You said you would do anything for me, right? Well I want you to put this on. So do it."

My jaw dropped in shock. "Wh- What?" I stammered. I barely believed what I was hearing

"I want you to be my girl." he continued "From now on you're going to belong to me. You already pretty much do whatever I want so it won't really be that different. You will do what I say, when I say, no matter what I say. You're my bitch. Understand?" I stared at him unable to speak until he frowned. "Say yes sir." he commanded.

"Yes Sir." I whimpered.

He smiled again "Good girl. I want you to call me Daddy."

"Whatever you want Daddy." I said a little scared and very confused.

He laughed "Finally. I have been waiting for you to turn 18 and now it's time for you to understand the reality of your situation." I looked at him with continued surprise and he laughed again. "That's right. I am your Daddy and you are my girly bitch." As he said this it was like a switch being flipped inside of me. I knew what he said was true and as crazy as it seemed it felt oddly right.

"You are my Daddy and I am your girly bitch." I repeated. I had so many conflicting emotions, but I knew the truth of what he said. I did belong to him and I had all along. I would just continue to do what I had always done: whatever he said. I slowly put on the choker and locked the little clasp, locking myself into my new role. "Thank you for my present. What would you like me to do now, Daddy?' I asked him.

He smiled with satisfaction and began to give me instructions. "Go upstairs and douche out your ass. Then shower and shave your whole body. Use your mom's stuff. Then after you're done with that put on some of her lotion. Next you're going to paint your nails and put on make up. I also want your hair up in pig tails. Finally put on some sexy lingerie and high heels before you come down here. Oh and pick out some jewelry to go with your necklace." He gave me a leering and smug grin.

My mind reeled at this. I looked up at him in shock. Was he serious? It was Friday night and my parents were gone for the weekend so I had lots of time to do this and clean it up, but could I really do it? I had never thought about dressing as a woman and wasn't sure how to proceed. I finally decided that I would do it and anything else my Daddy told me to do. I loved him and wanted him to be happy. Well if I was going to be Tyler's girl I guess I should look the part. I focused on my orders and tried not to think about what this was leading up to.

I looked up at him with a new sense of purpose. He was right. This was my proper role. To be subservient to him and obey him. I had been doing it for a year already anyway. "Hurry up, girl, I don't have all night." He commanded with a stern look. I hesitated for just a second and he slapped my ass hard. "Get going, bitch!"

I jumped and squealed like a girl. "Yes sir, Daddy." I yelped and headed up the stairs to do what he said. I heard him laughing as he turned back to the TV.

"Get me a beer first, baby." he ordered.

"Yes Daddy." I replied meekly. I obeyed him without question even though I knew my father would be upset about a missing beer. When I brought him the bottle he took it and set it on the table. He quickly grabbed me up in his arms crushing me against his chest. I looked up at him wide eyed and he kissed me hard. My whole body tensed up for a second before I just melted against him. I had never kissed anyone before and I had never expected my first time to be with a man. It felt really nice. Strange but nice. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and I just opened up and sucked on his tongue instinctively like a girl. His big hands grabbed my ass which made my dick rock hard. I could feel his huge cock swelling against me.

He let me go with another spank. "Damn! Your ass is so fucking sexy!" he exclaimed.

"Really? Thank you Daddy." I felt like I was high and also very flattered. I felt like I really did belong to him and I liked it. Knowing he was turned on by me really got me excited. I ran upstairs to get ready. When I got to my mom's room I stopped to think about what I was doing. I was about to dress up like a girl for Tyler. Could I really do it? Yes. Absolutely. I would do anything for my Daddy. So I got to work.

I started with the douche. It felt very weird at first but I actually started to really enjoy the sensation of having my ass filled with something hard. I imagined it was Tyler's cock and shivered a little in fright. He was so big I didn't know if I could take it. That was out of my control so I focused on the task at hand. Before I knew it I was standing in front of my mom's closet naked, shaved, covered in sweet smelling lotion, with my hair up in pig tails, my face made up and all my digits painted pink.

I looked at the pretty girl in the mirror and could barely see the nerdy white boy I had been my whole life. I smiled and admired the way my pink lips shined. They looked so much fuller. My eyes really popped with the dark eye liner around them. My eye lashes looked long and sexy brushed out with mascara. I looked like a little girl with a flat chest but a girl none the less. For the first time in my life I wished I had big tits. At least my ass was big and sexy like a woman's.

I snooped in my moms closet hunting through the drawers for a while before choosing a set of black stockings and matching garter belt. I decided on some pink thong panties to match my nails and lips. I was not prepared for how great it felt to pull the impossibly smooth underwear on to my smooth skin. I loved the way it felt. I found the sexiest little baby doll that matched. I slid it on savoring the sensations of the silk on my shaved body. I slipped in some silicone bra inserts and just like that I had boobs. Now for the shoes. I picked a pair of 3" inch open toed heels that were pink like my panties. It was strangely liberating finally being able to admit how much I loved pink. I then went looking for jewelry.

I found a pair of pearl earrings that matched a bracelet that my mother had. They would be perfect with the choker but my ears were not pierced. Suddenly I remembered my mom had a piercing gun in one of her drawers. I had found it years ago on one of my many searches of the house. Being an only child who got left home alone often I spent a lot of time looking through drawers and snooping in closets. I got the gun and hesitated again. I had come this far what was one more step?

I tottered awkwardly over to the mirror in the heels. It was tricky to walk in them but I quickly discovered that by putting one foot in front of the other and swaying my hips I could maintain my balance easier. It didn't take me long to get used to it. I thought it would be harder. I inspected my self in the mirror and marveled at the sexy girl staring back at me. I carefully positioned the gun against my ear and squeezed the trigger. "Ow!" that had hurt and there was a little blood. I used a tissue to wipe up the blood and did my other ear. I looked at the small gold studs in my ears and decided I liked the way I looked very much.

I quickly replaced the studs with the pearls and put on the bracelet then I headed down stairs to my Daddy. It was mind boggling how in one day I had gone from a normal teenage boy to being dressed like a slut about to lose my virginity to my best friend.

I took a deep breath and went to him. He had turned the chair around so he could see my entrance. He had his phone up and was clearly taking video. My attempt at a seductive smile turned to shocked horror as I realized what he was doing. "God damn bitch! You're so fine. I can't wait to get up in you!" he cried out.

"Tyler? What are you doing? Please don't film me." I begged him.

"Bitch, I told you to call me Daddy and I'll do what ever I damn well please. Do you understand?" he growled.

"Yes Daddy." I replied obediently. I gave in completely to his will.

"Good girl. Now turn around and show me that tight ass." I did as I was told. He ordered me to pose in a number of provocative ways for him. The more I did the more I started to like it and play along. I blew him kisses and gave him sultry looks. "Ok. That's good. Now get on your knees and crawl over here." he commanded. I obeyed and soon was at his feet looking up at him and his camera phone. "From now on your name is Shauna. Now tell me your name and what you are."

"My name is Shauna and I am your girly bitch, Daddy." I told him licking my lips and grabbing his legs.

"That's my good girl. Now take my cock out and suck it." Here it was. The moment of truth. There was no going back after this. I reached up and undid his jeans, pulling them and his boxers down. His giant cock sprang out and slapped me in the face. He laughed out loud. I took the thick piece of meat in my hands and pulled the fore skin back to expose his fat plum colored head. A big drop of pre cum had gathered at his slit. I took a second to breathe in his musky smell before taking a long, slow lick. The taste, the smell, the sensations were overwhelming. I knew right then that I was meant to do this. This was where I belonged. On my knees, dressed up like a slut, sucking on a real man's cock with my painted lips.

Upon having this epiphany, I proceeded to suck his cock like I was trying to breathe through it. I choked my self on it. He pulled me off of him by my hair and stood up. "Damn bitch! Is this the first cock you've ever sucked?" he exclaimed. I nodded and stared at the fat string of saliva attaching his cock to my lower lip. All I could think about was getting it back in my mouth. I reached out for it but I didn't need to because he grabbed my pigtails with both hands and slammed his cock back down my throat until his balls hit my chin. I gagged and couldn't breathe but I just relaxed and took it. "Well you're a natural born cocksucker!" he said "Grab your heels and take it all, girl." I did as I was told and he began to seriously fuck my mouth. It was hard to breathe at first but I soon got into the rhythm of breathing in and out as his cock slipped in and out. I relaxed my jaw and throat, stuck my tongue out and covered my teeth with my lips. I made loud slurping and gagging sounds while my Daddy continued his relentless fucking. Tyler groaned in pleasure "Suck that cock, you dirty little whore. Oh yeah Shauna. I knew you'd be a great cocksucker, baby." His words drove me wild with lust. I was so horny for my Daddy. My little prick was as hard as it had ever been.

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