tagNonConsent/ReluctanceReally Just Desserts Day 02

Really Just Desserts Day 02


Author's Note: These stories are pure fantasy. In reality I have been married for many years to a wonderful woman -- she just is not into B&D.


The two girls in the cells groaned as the lights came up and "Reveille" blared out of the hidden speakers. I stood in the doorway and watched as they jerked up out of their beds and moaned with the sudden movement. Having had to get up on other people's schedules for over four years, my sympathy was very limited.

Lisa saw me and immediately started bitching. I guess she had already forgotten yesterday. No problem, I was looking forward to reminding her. Not wanting to listen to the same crap I had heard for years when we were married, I noted, "You have 30 minutes to shower and get ready -- don't forget the enemas," and left.

Thirty minutes later I was back with two food trays, which I shoved into the slots in their cells. "You have thirty minutes before the fun starts", I reminded them.

Thirty minutes later I was back again. "Now ladies, since Debbie went first yesterday, it is only fair that Lisa gets equal time today." I approached Lisa's cell, had her move to the front of the cell and cuffed her hands behind her before opening her cell. I know it sounds like I was afraid of them, but (I have a third degree Karate Black Belt) I really just didn't want to risk having to hurt them (at least unintentionally).

I moved Lisa over to the same low bench I had put Debbie on yesterday, stretching her out on the bench face up as I positioned her to my satisfaction. Her tits were still just a bit red from yesterday -- "No matter, we can fix that", I thought. Next I secured her hands above her head, used the spreader bar to spread her legs widely and locked everything firmly in place. What a sight! My bitchy ex-wife spread open, not going anywhere and available for however I wanted to use her. Lisa was very nervous. Obviously she was going to get a whipping, she just did not know where and how severe. She was right -- but her timing was off; after all anticipation heightens any experience..

The first thing I thought she needed was decoration. For whatever reason, defiance or just lack of time, she had not shaved her pussy like she was supposed to. Therefore I spent the next thirty minutes pulling out each little individual hair with a set of tweezers. I really loved her yelps every time I jerked one out. I especially loved dealing with the few fine hairs around her ass hole. Once she was smooth, it was decoration time. In a trip to the local sex emporium, I had bought two sets of gold slave rings (among other toys.) I now told her how I was going to pierce her clit, her nipples and the lips of her cunt and install the gold rings. Lisa whimpered as I went to the side cabinet and got my piercing device. This was a clamp with an attached needle-sharp piercing instrument, which screwed in as slowly as might be desired. To heighten her suspense, I decided to start with her nipples and work down.

Lisa moaned as I tightened the piercing clamp on her left nipple. I had sucked on it a bit first to get it erect, then immediately clamped it. It was too bad (for her) that it was still sore and sensitive from yesterday. I began to slowly screw in the piercing needle itself.

Lisa screamed as the needle began to have its way with her swollen nipple. When it was all the way through, I removed the clamp and quickly inserted the nipple ring, with Lisa moaning the entire time, begging me to stop. I repeated the procedure with the other nipple. Next, I went back to the cabinet for a small but hot torch. Using the torch, I quickly brazed the ring closures making the ring much more difficult to remove. Unfortunately, gold is an excellent heat conductor, so as I heated the rings, Lisa shrieked as her nipples were cauterized from the inside out.

Next I moved down to her cunt. I repeated the same procedure with each of her fleshy outer cunt lips. As I pierced and cauterized each cunt lip, the shrieks grew louder and the begging and pleading was virtually non-stop. By the time I got to her clit, Lisa was hysterical, begging me to do anything, fuck her ass, fuck her face, anything except pierce her clit. I failed to see her bargaining chips - I planned to do all that anyway.

Finally, accompanied by one last loud shriek as I brazed the clit ring closed. I was finished with her piercings. I stood back to admire my work for a minute, but only that. I had a lot planned for today. I tossed three nylon lines over the overhead beam, clipping one end of each to the clit and nipple rings. I pulled the free ends of all three tight and tied them off. This had the effect of stretching her clit and nipples straight up, with a fair amount of tension on each. Last, I clipped lines to the rings in her cunt lips, attaching each to a side of the bench, spreading her cunt wide open.

At this point I had a decision to make. Fuck her now, then whip her, or whip her and then fuck her very tender cunt. I just couldn't decide, until I remembered Debbie in the other cell. She had been sobbing quietly throughout Lisa's ordeal and I quickly brought her out, cuffed her hands behind her and pushed her to her knees between Lisa's spread legs.

"Now Debbie," I began, "I am going to give you a chance to help Lisa. I am going to start a timer and fuck your ass. However many minutes it takes you to make me cum, that is the number of whip strokes Lisa will get to each nipple, her cunt and her clit. You may want to try loosening up as I go in and tightening up as I pull out to make me cum faster. In the meantime, you can eat her out while I fuck you."

Without any more preliminaries, I knelt behind Debbie, greased up my cock and, with one long stroke, shoved it home all the way into her tight little asshole. I had reached forward as I impaled her, shoving her face down into Lisa's spread cunt, so her scream was somewhat muffled. I was super hard from working on Lisa, but I had come a lot yesterday so I was pretty sure I could last at least a while. I lasted longer than I would have thought, and it was a full twelve minutes until I grabbed Debbie's hips, shoved all the way in one last time and exploded in her ass. Surprisingly, she had tried to take my ass-fucking advice, even though she gave a muffled groan each time she felt the added friction when she tightened her little ring on my out-stroke.

I stayed all the way in for a couple of minutes, then slowly pulled out, listening to her sobs as I watched my cream dribble out of her distended asshole. It is really amazing how much a hard cock can stretch that little ring. Frowning, I noticed a speck of brown on my dick.

"I guess you weren't serious enough about the enemas", I told Debbie. "We will have to demonstrate a proper enema in the morning." I grabbed her hair, turned her around and shoved her face into my crotch. "Clean up this mess -- you have earned both of you another punishment tomorrow for your sloppy enemas." Frightened, she took my softening dick in her mouth and cleaned me thoroughly, afraid of the consequences if she didn't.

As she sucked me clean, I started thinking about Lisa. While I was screwing Debbie's ass and she was supposedly going down on Lisa, I had not seen Lisa come. So I decided to play another little game. I quickly moved back to the cabinet and took out a set of monitor patches like are used in an EKG. However, these had been developed by a sex clinic to monitor orgasms. Properly attached, they indicated when someone had actually climaxed. I attached them to Lisa, and turned on the remote monitor.

"Now Debbie," I started, "while you were going down on Lisa, she didn't climax. So we are going to have another little contest. You will go down on Lisa. At the start, you each have earned 12 strokes with the whip. For every minute over six she holds out, you get two extra strokes and hers are reduced by two. For every minute under six, you get two less strokes, and she gets two more. Since she is already spread, the placement of her lashes should be obvious. Your lashes will be on the tender little asshole sticking up as you eat her." I pushed her face down onto Lisa's spread cunt and fastened lines to her collar ring to hold her in place.

"Ready, set, Go!" I called starting the stopwatch I had also taken out of the cabinet. Debbie immediately started licking Lisa. You could tell they had done this before, but unlike most times, this time Lisa was trying not to come and Debbie was trying to force her to. Maybe the position was getting her hot, but after only three minutes, Lisa started squirming around and Debbie redoubled her efforts. After another minute, Lisa screamed (she was always noisy) and came, the fact confirmed by the monitor.

"Great" I said. "That was four minutes. That means Lisa gets 16 strokes and Debbie only 8. We'll do Debbie first, since she is already in such a nice position." I got my favorite, single-strand whip from the cabinet and positioned myself behind Debbie. I swung hard, trying to make sure the lash caught her right on her little asshole. Debbie shrieked into Lisa's cunt as the whip landed. The shrieks turned to screams, and the screams to sobbing as stroke after stroke landed on one of the most tender parts of her body. After the last stroke, I unfastened her and pushed her back into her cell, where she lay (face down I noted) on the bed, sobbing.

Now it was Lisa's turn. I decided to continue with the same whip, since I could accurately target it at small areas, such as nipples and clit. I started with her nipples. She had 16 strokes coming so I decided on four to each nipple, her cunt and her clit. The whip cracked loudly on her right nipple. Her scream was louder, since, unlike Debbie, her face wasn't buried in a cunt. Her voice got more shrill as each stroke landed. By the end of the last nipple stroke, I was again rock hard and needing relief. Another game came to mind. I gave her a first stroke to her wide-spread cunt, followed quickly by one to her stretched-up clit. The shriek from the last stroke seemed to bounce off the walls. I guess after the orgasm Debbie gave her, she was extra-sensitive.

"Now Lisa," I said, speaking louder to cut through her sobs, "you have another six strokes left, three on your cunt and three more on your clit. I will let you try to win those strokes back. If you can suck me off in less than five minutes, I will stop. If I last over five minutes, you get two extra strokes for each minute. Do you want to play, or should I just get on with it.

Lisa stopped her sobbing long enough to choke out "play".

"Good," I said. "I will give you a minute to recover and then we can start." I moved over to the bar, poured myself a bourbon, added a couple of ice cubes and took a couple of sips. I set it down and then moved back to the bench, stopwatch in hand. I positioned myself over her, straddling her face and feeding my erect dick into her mouth. "Ready, begin" I said starting the watch.

This was probably the best blow job I had ever gotten from her. Although she had only limited movement, she still tried to force my cock all the way down her throat, licking, teasing the pee-hole, whatever she could think of to make me cum quicker. Unfortunately, since I had already fucked Debbie's ass once today, that was not easy. Still she tried hard. At the four minute mark, I was getting close and barely hung on to the five minute deadline before exploding in her mouth, and covering her face with cum as I pulled out.

"OK," I stated, "good effort but it took just over five minutes. I won't give you any less strokes, but at least you do not get any more." Lisa sobbed. "Tell you what," I continued, " instead of three each on your cunt and clit, I will offer you two each on your cunt and clit, and two on your ass -- just to spread them out more -- your choice."

"I guess -- spread them out" was her halting reply.

She again shrieked when the first stroke landed on her spread cunt, snapping wetly on the tender inner lips. Her shriek rose in volume as the next stroke caught her clit. By the second stroke on her cunt she was again just sobbing and the volume increased after the final stroke to her clit. I swear I could see her clit throbbing after that stroke. I unfastened her from the bench and moved her over to the low wall we had used yesterday, again securing her in place, head down and ass up.

Like I had with Debbie, I took careful aim to make sure the whip tip cracked exactly on her little asshole. I was particularly mindful that I only had two strokes to get it right. Fortunately (for me) my aim was good and both hit her right where I wanted. I went back and sipped some more of my bourbon, to give the shrieking and sobbing time to die down. When it was quieter, I moved back to her head, and presented her with my firm but not yet hard again cock. "Get me hard so I can fuck you. When I am done, we are through for the day," I promised her.

When I was fully hard and reasonably slick with her saliva, I moved back around to her bottom and knelt down, resting my hard dick directly on her now bright red and swollen star. She gasped loudly and tried to flinch away at the contact, a measure of how tender her little asshole really was after the whipping. I pushed slowly forward, wanting to savor every moment of her ass-fuck. She screamed as I began pushing and grunted loudly as the head finally popped past her sphincter and I kept pressing slowly forward, taking my time. I began to pull back out until just the head was still buried in her butt and then rammed all the way in with one fast stroke. I continued this way, alternating slow and fast strokes, for at least fifteen minutes. Lisa whimpered continuously, gasping and groaning with each insertion.

However, all good things must end, and I finally felt myself getting ready to let go. At that point, I pulled out and moved back to her mouth for more lubrication. As usual, she really did not like putting my cock in her mouth when it came straight from her ass, but she did it without protest. I guess she was either desperate for more lubrication or afraid I would go back to using the whip. After a couple of minutes, I went back to her ass. This time, as I got closer, I began to thrusting harder and faster, really slamming into her, before finally cumming one more time. I shot and shot, feeling her ass get more and more slippery as I continued thrusting deep until I finally stopped, fully embedded. I just savored the moment. Finally, I pulled out, went back around to her head and I forced her to lick me clean until I softened fully. I then freed her, removed cuffs and the spreader bar and took her back to her cell.

For a treat, I gave them a late lunch before deciding I wanted one more shot at Debbie. I pulled her out of her cell, cuffed her hands behind her, forced her to her knees and proceeded to really fuck her face. Since this was my fourth time today, it took over twenty minutes for me to cum, By that time, I am sure her throat was raw from the force of my fucking, since I was forcing her to deep-throat my eight inches on nearly every stroke. I did not cum as much, although it was still enough to make her gag. Finishing up, I uncuffed her and shoved her back in her cell, finished for the day.

I went out and brought back their dinners and slid them into the cells through the little doors at the bottom. Dimming the lights, I called "Good night ladies, sweet dreams. I will see you both again in the morning. By the way, tomorrow is 'Competition Day'."

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