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Really Should Have Left it Online


Please Note: Last minute submission for Halloween. Thought I'd have some fun and try my hand at horror, using an idea I got while posting on the AH one day. It's a quick little story but I hope you all enjoy it. Special thanks to one of my forum buddies (you know who you are) for the inspiration. Happy Halloween!


"For gods sakes get your feet off the table Axel!"

I hid my grin behind my coffee as Axel and Landon glared at one another. Testosterone at its best. The boys had been grating at each others nerves ever since we'd gotten past the initial warm greeting.

Liberty shot me a secretive smile. There was no mistaking it now. They were here for one thing and one thing only.

This was going to be fun.

The swarthy Texan crossed his ankles and leaned back, chewing lazily on the end of the unlit cigar. "My feet ain't on the table, my boots are you prissy Scot."

It was hard not to laugh. They'd gotten along so much better on the forum. Internally I gave a little sigh. Liberty had bet me twenty bucks the chummy behavior wouldn't make it past the first cup of coffee. Seeing as the bitter brew was still too hot to do more than sip it was pretty obvious she'd won.

Paul leaned forward and folded his hands on the table. "So ladies, what do you think of Toronto?"

I took a sip of coffee, careful to hide my smirk. Little did they know that Liberty and I had been here for a week, sightseeing and getting to know one another. "It's...nice. I'm anxious to get on the road though."

Axel grinned. "Me too. And I gotta say, the head shots were good incentive but damn! I wasn't expecting you girls to be this hot!"

I set my mug down and leaned over the table, giving him a wicked smile. "Like what you see Axel?"

Now his feet left the table. He stood and pulled me to my feet, slamming his mouth against mine and grinding his hard lower body into my belly.

"Fuck yes." His breath stirred hot into my hair. "Tell me you weren't just playing when you told me what you wanted to do..."

Wrapping my arms around his neck I smiled. Then I winked at Liberty over his shoulder. Liberty winked back, feigned a smile and nodded at whatever Landon was whispering in her ear.

I brought my attention to the man who held me, eager to give him what he wanted. "Axel, what I said wasn't half of what I plan to do."

Paul cleared his throat. "Check please!"

* * *

Sitting in the backseat of my car with Liberty I ground my teeth, my nerves on edge as Landon swerved out of the path of an oncoming eighteen wheeler, cutting in front of the ugly Civic he'd muttered was 'going too damn slow'.

My car was a '69 'Stang special edition Boss I'd worked on myself, my first purchase after my brand spankin' new erotica novel had made me a killing in royalties. I hadn't wanted to let Landon drive, but the alternative, leaving Liberty alone with one of the brothers in the back, just didn't sit well.

It was obvious Liberty had worked out my reasoning and was grateful. Dropping her arm over my shoulder she pulled me close, kissing the edge of my lip in a way that made it seem like more than it really was. "Drive if you want Brianna. I'll have Paul sit in the back."

I gave a subtle shake of my head. "No way. You're my friend. I'd rather risk the car than you."

Thankfully she let it go. Her covert smile as she met my eyes and leaned back made me wonder though. "Don't really think there'd be any risk with Paul."

* * *

At out first stop, just a mile past the American border, at a small out of the way gas station, Axel bolted from his truck--which he'd been trailing us with--and pulled me out. Kissing me fiercely he let out a hungry groan.

"When we gonna start?"

A poignant hunger growled in response, deep in my gut. I looked over at Liberty as she gracefully stepped out of the car.

She looked worried. "We can stop for a bit if you need to."

I looked at Landon as he stepped up beside her. He grinned and dropped his arm over her shoulders. "Not a problem. I'm sure we can find something to occupy our time. Right Paul?"

Paul frowned. His eyes were on Axel who was sucking on my neck, making it very hard to think. "Axel you don't want to wait until we find somewhere more...appropriate?"

Axel let out a husky laugh and slid his hand under my shirt. "Brianna seems to find here and now appropriate." He bared his teeth. "Jealous pretty boy?"

Pretty boy. That was one way to describe Paul. Though all three of the men were tall and well built he was definitely the best groomed. Didn't draw me in as much as Axel's ruffled dark hair and roguish, perpetual five o'clock shadow, or Landon's sharp edges and long, bound, dark red hair; but even in his no nonsense, close cropped and clean shaven way, Paul was handsome.

And diplomatic. To Axel's question Paul shook his head and lifted his hands in a defensive motion. "No. Just looking out for the ladies."

I snorted. "Then look out for Liberty. I ain't no lady."

Axel drew me over to his truck. Too hungry to care how fast it was going I lost myself in his kiss, my moans a beg for more as he turned me against the truck and jerked my jeans down midthigh.

His dick slammed into me with ease. I was ready, so wet, and I craved the roughness like a druggie craves a high. He was my fix, so much more than he knew.

With unrestrained force, pinning me against the hood he came. I felt how he filled me, sipped at the burning energy, but took care not to drink too deep. Not yet. There'd be time for that later.

* * *

I cleaned up in the dingy gas station washroom the best I could. Alone for the first time in days I thought about what I was going to do. It floored me. Limbs shaky I didn't think I was going to make it out. A knock at the door pulled me from my debilitating thoughts.

"You okay?" It was Liberty. All was well. She knew everything anyway.

I opened the door and faced her. "Is Axel okay?"

Liberty pulled me against her and gave me a firm hug. "He's fine. A little dazed but Paul offered to drive his truck while he recovers." Backing a little she looked me over shrewdly. "What about you? You think you can do this?"

Biting my lip I shrugged, trying to put my thoughts into words. Seeing my need for time Liberty led the way into the gaze station. I grabbed a can of Red Bull, gulping it down even as I paid for it. Dropping the can into the garbage pail by the door I licked my lips and sighed. "I can do this...I have to. But..."

Liberty grabbed my arm and forced me to stop. She leaned close, speaking very low so the boys waiting just out of hearing wouldn't catch our strange exchange. "No buts. Don't start letting guilt trip you up now. We picked these guys for a reason. Axel is a bank robber. Landon and Paul killed their mother and her lover when they caught her cheating on their dad. They're scum."

Nodding slowly I sighed. "And I deserve this life more than they do." I made a face. "Damn it Liberty, don't you see? What gives me the right to put my life in higher value than theirs?"

Liberty shrugged, then grinned. "Food chain baby. So we're not at the top. Everyone's gotta eat."

What a ridiculous way to look at it. Still, she was right. Misgivings brushed aside I let her lead me back to the boys. Landon looked grumpy as hell, due mostly to the fact that Liberty was playing hard to get. Paul looked happy as a kid in a candy shop as he helped Axel into the passenger seat of the Ram. Axel looked blissfully drunk.

"Just give me a few minutes darlin'. I want a round two." His words were slurred and he could hardly stand. Charming, really. No really. I almost wanted to keep him.

Rightly interpreting where my thoughts were headed Liberty gave me a little shove towards my car. "Let's get going. I call shotgun."

Landon, grin of preempted anticipation frozen on his face, turned to stare at Liberty over the hood of the car. The grin fell away, replaced by an disgruntled frown. "What the hell? Did you forget the point of this trip? I thought you'd be riding in the back with me!'

Brow arched Liberty gave him a sweet smile. "I thought 'the point' of the trip was to get to know one another better and see what kinda fun we could have. Axel and Brianna hit it off...good for them. If I'm tempted I might wanna play but I'm not yet. No offence, but I don't find sulking sexy."

Shooting a razor edged glare at Liberty, Landon got in the backseat and slammed the door. Liberty smirked and winked at me before climbing in. I laughed and shook my head. I certainly didn't have to worry about my new friend. She knew what she was doing.

* * *

My vision blurred, weakness taking me. The darkness warped around me and I drew in a sharp breath, closing my eyes and opening them quickly, hoping to fight it off. It was no use. I hadn't fed deep enough, and now, without warning, I didn't have the strength to keep the car on the road.

Catching the change in me Liberty grabbed the wheel, nudged me over and slipped her foot alongside mine, easing down on the break as I released the gas. Turning the wheel she brought us to the side of the road.

Bowing my head I ground my teeth, cursing the timing of the irrepressible need. Liberty opened her door and got out of the car. Coming around to the driver's side she helped me out, letting me lean on the car, speaking low, comforting words I could barely make out.

Landon joined us, brow furrowed in confusion. "What's going on?"

Liberty looked at him, eyes passing over him in a slow, cold assessment. Backing away from me she reached out and pulled him against her. "Brianna just needs a minute. Feel like a quickie? I'm getting antsy."

Eyes wide, confusion bowled over by lust Landon nodded. Liberty smiled and kissed him, a rough, detached kiss. Either not noticing or not caring Landon grabbed hold of her ass and jerked her against him. His head dropped back and he groaned as she undid his pants.

"Come here Brianna." Liberty said.

My eyes burned. I pushed away from the car and dropped to my knees, looking up at him as I took his hard dick in my mouth. Surprised he looked down. Liberty covered his mouth with her hand to stifle his scream. I knew he'd caught the change in my eyes, the black that flooded them as I surrendered to the hunger. Growling I sucked down on him, moving my head up and down faster and faster, his rapture flooding into me with every stroke of my lips. Terror hadn't slackened him at all.

All the strength I'd left him was in his dick, keeping it hard. The rest boiled through me and I stood, smiling as Liberty crawled onto the hood of the car and dragged him onto it. I ripped off my shirt and peeled off my jeans, climbed over him, straddled him, and slicked my wet pussy down his throbbing cock. Liberty held him still as I fucked him. Fucked him until he came. Fucked him until he died.

Drunk on power I collapsed to my side, bracing myself against the cool windshield as I dislodged him from my body and let him slide off the car. I heard the sound of someone running to us. I couldn't make myself move, the power hadn't settled yet.

Liberty gasped as Paul wrapped his hands around my throat and lifted me from the hood of the car. "What did you do to him?"

I bared my teeth, all gone to jagged fang in my mouth. "The same thing you did to your mother and her lover...only less messy." The power began to settle and I tried to grasp hold of it, force it into him so that I could latch on to what I needed to drive him down with pleasure. His grasp slackened. "He enjoyed it Paul...right to the very last shudder. You want that...don't you?"

It was going so well, not exactly as planned but close enough. With the energy I'd stolen from Landon I could easily take both the other men without much difficulty.

Only, there was one thing I hadn't considered. I knew it now, now, as Paul shook off the beginning of a pleasure induced trance and tightened his grip around my neck. He was something beyond my power to control. He was a man not enamored with woman.

"I'm going to kill you, whatever you are. I am going to kill you, and her, and..."

Paul's word were cut off in a deafening rip of sound. A hot mess of blood, clumps of brain and shattered bits of skull splashed over me. I watched Paul drop, stared at the bloody chunk of meat, all that was left of his face.

Axel cleared his throat, shouldering the shotgun in his hand. "Sorry 'bout the mess ladies."

I stood. Liberty came to my side. We both gapped at him.

He grinned and shook his head. "Well this road trip didn't go exactly as planned."

Swiping my hand over my face to clean off the cooling blood I watched him warily as he stepped over to Landon's lifeless form and nudged it with his foot. "Why'd you shoot him?"

Axel shrugged off his jacket and held it out to me. "Don't like seeing a guy roughing up a chick."

With a muttered thanks I pulled on the jacket. Then I shook my head. "I just killed his brother."

Plucking a cigar from the front pocket of his plaid shirt Axel bit off the end, lit it and regarded me pensively. "I'm thinking you could kill me just as easily. I'm thinking you owe me now so you won't. Could be wrong...then again I'm in a pretty good position to negotiate." He patted the butt of the gun fondly. "Unless you can survive getting your head blown off."

I shuddered at the thought. "No. I can't." I licked my lips, made a face and rubbed the sleeve of his jacket over my mouth, spitting on the street to try and get rid of the coppery taste from the dried blood. "So what now?"

"Now we get rid of the bodies and finish our trip. All original perks included." He glanced over at Liberty now. Numb from shock she simply nodded. "Then we all go home." He cocked his head and looked me over. "So you wanna tell me what you are..." He paused, laughed and shook his head. "You know what, never mind. I don't wanna know. What I do wanna know is how often do you need to do..." He jerked his chin towards Landon's body. "That."

"Once a year." I cleared my throat and looked down, self-conscious suddenly. "I take a little every time I have sex, but once a year I need to take it all." I bit my lip, cheeks flush. "Internets a good way to find the right kind of guy."

Brow arched he took a deep puff on his cigar. "Uh huh. So I take it you look for bad guys. Chose me 'cause I rob banks."

I couldn't look at him as I nodded.

He stepped closer, reached out and used his thumb to flick something nasty from my cheek. Then he curved his hand under my chin. "How 'bout next year you let me pick you a few juicy ones?"

Shaking my head I looked up at him and laughed. "You serious?"

He shrugged. "Sure. So long as I get to reap some benefits and you don't kill me. I know some real ripe ones. Pedophiles, rapist, murderers. We could be vigilantes...the only ones who use sex to take out the bad guys."

Liberty giggled. "This is insane. I know it's Halloween and all, but I wasn't expecting shit to get this freaky."

Axel reached out and patted her cheek. "Could get a lot freakier, but only if you want it doll. I have a feeling you were in this just to help out your buddy here."

Liberty licked her lips and smiled. "There's that...but now I'm starting to want in on the action. Mind if I try out your cowboy Brianna?"

Naturally I didn't object. Not that I was ever possessive, don't usually keep guys long enough to get attached--they run low after a few sessions, kinda like cheap batteries--but even if I did I didn't mind sharing with her. Seemed like the unholy father was smiling down on me this year. A nice change, usually mine was a solo plight.

The road trip continued for the planned two weeks. The beer I'd brought lasted longer then I'd thought it would. Having left two of our travel mates as fuel to a very big, pretty bonfire did wonders for the rations.

Liberty isn't into chicks so Axel got a lot of play, the danger and excitement had made us all very horny. Which made him very happy. Worn out, but happy.

From that point on our road trip became a yearly event. Liberty and I met up once and awhile during the year to hang out but we only saw Axel on the road trip. As promised he provided a new guy or two. Always a criminal. It was the perfect arrangement.

What I loved the most was that one thing hadn't changed. We chatted almost every night online, on the same forum, flirting and joking as we always had. There was only one difference. Now the flirting was more than harmless teasing. Now the inside joke was plotting our next kill.

* * *

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