tagSci-Fi & FantasyRealms of Pleasure (Lilandra)

Realms of Pleasure (Lilandra)


I'm really not sure how I got to be the way I am today: an overly busty, completely female sex toy who craves cum and penetration. I used to be an average guy...I think. Wait a second, rewind that. I know how I got to be this way, but I don't remember why. Here's what I do remember:

I awoke groggily from what felt like hours and hours of over-sleeping. I was strapped to a large metal chair resembling a throne. It seemed to be of one solid piece, and I couldn't tell you what kind of metal it was, because it stayed warm and was actually soothing. I was naked from head to toe.

Looking around me it seemed there was nothing around except for me in the chair. I couldn't even make out the outlines of walls or floors, since everything was a brilliant white.

I heard a 'whoosh' noise to my left and looked over to find a gorgeous, busty woman strutting toward me in a full latex, dominatrix-type outfit. I must have been drugged with something, because I felt strangely calm about my situation and didn't feel like struggling against my bonds.

"Hello, sweetheart. My name is Lilandra and I'd like to welcome you to your wildest dreams." she purred as she circled my chair. She leaned in very close to my ear and said "We are going to place you into some of your deepest fantasies in order to study the human threshold for pleasure. We have selected you for your particular...how shall I put it...eccentricities of thought."

Now I was beginning to feel a slight tinge of worry. What was she talking about, and what exactly were my deepest fantasies?

"Just relax and let our machines take you for a little ride. We're going to begin with you just as you are, and as your pleasure level increases, the next phase of the process will begin."

I tried to mutter out "What process?" but was cut very short when I felt something slick at my asshole. I gasped as the creamy feeling spread outward in what felt like a circle around my hole. Before I could register what the feeling was, a blunt, smooth object touched the puckered star. My eyes grew wide as the object was pressed slowly but surely upward into my body. The further up it went, the further my ass was stretching.

Now, I should tell you that I've always had a bit of a fascination with anal, though only a few people ever knew before. So, the feeling of an anal plug being pushed into my ass wasn't exactly foreign to me, and I knew how to relax and enjoy the stretching sensation.

It was a fairly large plug, but then again everything feels pretty big back there, so I couldn't tell you just how big it was. In any case, once it was fully inserted, it began to lightly vibrate.

The bonds around my wrists and ankles suddenly popped free with a 'click!' and I was free to stand up. Doing so, I once again surveyed the room. I almost even forgot the plug was there since I was actually quite used to it already. That was strange, because it normally took me a few minutes to get used to the full sensation.

Again I heard the whoosh as two stunning women entered from the opposite side of the room, wearing sheer teddies and matching lace panties. Both were brunettes, curvy in all the right places, with glamour to spare. I didn't even know what to do as they walked sultrily toward me, standing naked in the white room. There was no way to hide my erection at that point, so I didn't bother trying.

As the first reached me, she immediately grabbed the sides of my head and planted her thick, full lips on my own. Her kiss was elegant but strong. My eyes were closed then as the second woman pressed herself against my back, grinding her hips into me. My cock was throbbing, but it wouldn't be long before it got the attention.

Almost immediately the first girl dropped from my lips to my dick and began sucking furiously on it. Working in unison, the second slipped around to my side and quickly took up kissing me. I was already so horny with the vibrating plug in my ass that I couldn't hold out for very long at all like this. I shot my load into the woman's mouth, who greedily swallowed every drop. Suddenly I felt extremely light-headed, and my vision began to fade out.

Again I awoke strapped to the same chair. The plug had been removed, but my ass was now craving some attention. Lilandra's voice came over a speaker that I could not see:

"Now we will proceed to the next phase of your transformation."

Transformation? What the hell was that supposed to mean? One of the lovely ladies from before came strolling in with a small tray in her hand. I wanted to ask her something, to say anything, but the words just wouldn't come out. She leaned over so I could get a clear look at her tits right in front of me and held out a glass of liquid to my lips.

I didn't want to drink it, but my will to resist was absolutely gone. Once I had downed the sweet, fruity tasting drink, the woman stripped off her lingerie and immediately began giving me a lap dance. There was no music, but her hips were mesmerizing as she ground against my rigid cock. It stood about 6" high, and I was quite happy with my size. I watched as her ass cheeks enveloped my tool and gyrated.

I began to get a tingling sensation, which started in my stomach, and moved swiftly down to my crotch. My dick became hard as a rock and began tingling as well. Without any warning, the anal plug was re-inserted with no mercy, causing a quick jolt through my entire body. The woman kept grinding away to some unheard tune.

As I was enjoying the show and the feeling, I began to focus heavily on my own cock. I could swear it was swelling larger than before. Yes, it was definitely growing, and I could then feel the expanding sensation. It was glorious. The woman spun around and took my meat between her breasts, kneading them together with her hands.

She was licking her lips as she stared hungrily at the purple tip which was still growing slowly between her tits. Finally the growing stopped, and I must have been close to ten or eleven inches long, with plenty of girth. The thought of fucking this woman with that massive tool was enough to drive me mad.


The bonds once again were freed, and for a split second the woman looked me directly in the eye and simply said "fuck me." I had her lying on her back in no time flat, feeling her big tits and grinding my member against her clit, teasing her a little. She obviously wasn't about wasting any time, as she grabbed hold of the head of my dick and guided it to her waiting cunt. She was absolutely dripping wet down there, so lubrication was not a problem.

I figured she might need to get used to the size a bit, so I began slowly, pumping the first half of me into her at a fairly slow pace. She responded by bucking her hips and pulling me toward her. With one quick move she grabbed my hips and yanked me all the way into her. As her eyes shot wide with shock and pleasure, she let out a screaming "YES!"

"Oh harder, fuck my pussy with that thick cock. Yes!"

I pumped relentlessly into her snatch over and over again. Sliding out completely I grabbed her hips and motioned for her to flip onto her stomach. She quickly complied and stuck her ass high in the air. I could smell the sweet aroma of her pussy juices and I could see the stretched hole that only seemed to call out for more. I pounded her in every position I could imagine.

Sitting on the edge of the chair, she was bouncing up and down most of the length of my giant cock. Grabbing the back of my head she pulled me forward and demanded "Suck on my tits! Hard!" Wrapping my arms around her back, I buried my face into the nearest nipple, sucking hard and furious. I could taste some sort of milky substance, and immediately wanted more.

I was sucking for all I was worth when my orgasm finally hit. I felt like I had the pressure of a fire hose built up inside me when I exploded into her awaiting cunt. The orgasm lasted almost a full minute. She continued bouncing as my cum began dripping from around the sides of my dick. I had filled her up with my seed and it was overflowing.

Again I felt woozy and blacked out.

This time I was quite prepared for my waking in the metal throne. This time the anal plug had remained, though it wasn't vibrating. I was still riding the sexual high of earlier, but my member was still rock-hard and aching for some attention.

I was waiting for one of the girls to walk into the room when the plug was pulled quickly and sharply out of my ass. I was left with a bit of a stinging sensation, but something else replaced the void in no time. It wasn't the plug, and in fact it didn't feel very big at all. I felt a warm liquid shooting up into my bowels, and it was quite enjoyable.

As soon as the liquid was finished being released, the plug was rammed forcefully back into place. This time it felt kind of good. I think my ass was becoming a little more stretched than I was used to.

The tingling sensation this time began in my ass where the liquid was, and spread very slowly into the rest of my body. The sensation was creeping to my extremities, but was especially strong in my chest and massive dick. My face was also feeling like pins and needles, in a way I don't know how to describe.

The bonds loosed themselves, but this time I was all alone in the room. However, against the back wall, behind the chair, there was now a full-length mirror and an array of dildos ranging in size from a simple vibrator to one as big as my arm, all aligned according to size.

Puzzled I began walking toward the mirror. As I did, the mirror seemed to get further away. My vision began to blur and slide, and I lost my balance. When I stood up, my head felt fine again, and I turned to face the mirror. Something didn't seem quite right. Besides my massive erection, the rest of my reflection just seemed a bit odd to me. I couldn't put my finger on what it was.

As I stepped over the line of dildos and up closer to the mirror, I could definitely tell something was different. Bringing my hand to my face, I could feel that the lines of my face were softer than before, and I had no facial hair at all. Hadn't I been there a while? I didn't recall getting a shave, but then I didn't recall a lot of things.

My hands instinctively ran down the rest of my figure, only to confirm that I had no body hair anywhere. I was smooth as silk. Strangely, it seemed like my hips had flared out a bit as well. For once in my life I had a bit of an ass that plumped out just a bit. The tones in my legs had softened as well, giving them a very feminine quality.

As I inspected my changed body in the mirror, I realized that the changes were still occurring. I could actually feel my body shifting. My hair was growing longer, and tinting to a darker brown. My eyes seemed to widen a bit as my cheekbones were raised slightly.

I was turning into a girl!

Suddenly I felt a bit frantic, but that only seemed to speed up the process of my transformation. I shortened in height a bit to what I would guess at about 5'4". Ok, so maybe that was more than a 'bit' from my previous six foot mark. I looked very goofy, though, having a ten inch penis sticking straight out, and no breasts to speak of just yet.

The shifting seemed to slow to a halt as I stood puzzled at the reflection in front of me. Surely they couldn't believe this was some kind of fantasy of mine?

The vibe in my rectum sprang to life and gave me a jolt. Whatever liquid was left seemed to be churning with the motion. That little vibrator just wasn't doing it for me, though. I felt like I needed something a little more substantial.

Looking down in the mirror I spied the dildos on the ground.

Picking out an 8", veiny black dildo, I laid down on my back with my legs raised slightly. Reaching between my legs I popped the plug from its position. I couldn't believe the size of it. Perhaps they were using larger and larger ones, and I just hadn't noticed. Looking back at my dildo in hand I decided I was going to need a larger one.

The next size up was a bit of a jump, being about the size of my engorged shaft. I took a deep breath and aimed it at my hairless ass. Whatever cream was applied earlier worked wonders, because my hole immediately gave way for the monster. There was a bit of pain, but that couldn't overcome the pleasure I felt in being stretched further. I wanted to see how much of this thing I could take.

Being cautious because I'd never put anything so large up my ass, I pressed with slow but steady pressure. Watching the dildo slide slowly into my ass in the mirror was a huge turn-on. I could actually see the veins in my giant cock throbbing.

For some reason I was looking at my cock in a slightly different way. My attention moved from watching the dildo in the mirror, to my own pulsing cock. As I pressed further I found myself imagining it was my own thick shaft pushing up into me. By the time I looked back to the mirror, I had the entire dildo up to the rubber balls buried in me. I couldn't believe I had taken all of that.

I only became more turned on by the site of it in the mirror, and started thrusting the dildo in and out. Gaining speed, I really began reaming my own ass with this behemoth. I couldn't believe how much pleasure I was having with this massive thing inside of me. My attention was darting back and forth between the dildo in the mirror and my own dick, pointed straight up at my face.

I wondered what it would be like to suck a cock like that. What would it taste like to take a shot in the mouth and swallow it all?

My attention was then caught by the largest of the toys lined out.

It was a massive plug, the kind I don't think is supposed to go completely within anyone. It was merely there for stretching yourself, and that's exactly what I wanted. Still staring at my own purple head, I grabbed the large plug and in one swift motion replaced the dildo with it, thrusting in and out.

Of course the plug didn't reach as deep as the dildo, but the stretching was more than enough to make up for it. Almost immediately I could feel my orgasm building up from the base of my balls and I knew it wouldn't be long. Pumping furiously with one hand I grabbed my cock with the other and aimed it at my face. Raising my ass off the ground a bit I could point it straight at my mouth.

With one last hard push on the plug I exploded ferociously. Not only did I end up with a mouth full of hot cum, but I had to swallow at least 3 times, not including what landed on my face and chest.

I couldn't believe how great the taste was. I felt like I had been missing something spectacular all my life and I had it right in front of me the entire time.

I thought I would pass out just like every other time I had gotten off, but this time I stayed conscious. Instead, it felt like my stomach was churning the cum around. Not wanting to let go of the plug so easily, I set it on the ground and lowered myself into a squatting position over it, facing the mirror. I had taken quite a bit of the plug, and I was even quite proud of it.

My dick began to itch suddenly and uncontrollably. It was still hard for some reason, but I couldn't seem to make it stop itching. I was scratching with both hands, but it wasn't helping. I tried rubbing it instead. Whoa.

My cock was super-sensitive and I was already feeling like I was going to cum just from rubbing it a little bit. I bent my face forward and was again rewarded with an extremely messy facial. Cum was all over in my now shoulder-length, dark brown hair, and covering my face. I had managed to get a mouthful that time, but I still wanted more.

One hand was scraping what cum I could get off of my face into my mouth while the other was still stroking my shaft. I was moaning now, the first sounds I had been able to utter since I first awoke. As I watched myself in my perverse position, I noticed my cock was slowly shrinking. I started pumping faster on it because I wanted more cum! What if my dick wasn't going to stay around? Where would I get my sweet nectar?

I hadn't been paying attention to my balance on the plug below me, or how much of my body weight I had on it, but I was soon reminded quite abruptly.

My feet came out from under me as my body dropped wholly onto the humongous plug. I felt like I was watching it in slow motion, feeling the searing, stretching pain flood over me for an eternity. My mouth was locked open in a shocked surprise as I toppled backward, with my large tool still in hand.

I began to cum even harder than all the times previous, emptying load after load all over myself and the ground around me. I still couldn't manage to close my mouth after my sudden incident, though I lie writhing in ecstasy at the same time. I scooped as much cum into my mouth as I possibly could, trying not to move my hips. I didn't want to jostle the beast lodged in my ass and causing more pain.

I was absolutely exhausted, and full from my own jizz, lying on my back, arms outstretched. Reaching down, I was just in time to feel the last of my dick shrinking away into my crotch. That was some way to go out.

Watching in the mirror, propped up on elbows, I witnessed my dick shrinking so small that it resembled a clit. Then a hood of skin grew over the top. It was disturbing and amazing all at the same time.

My hands shot to my chest when I realized my nipples were extremely sensitive and growing. I began lightly rubbing the nipples as small buds of breast-flesh formed beneath them. The feeling was electric, flowing through my frame.

I managed to get my legs under me without bumping the plug on the ground, and sat on my knees, close to the mirror so I could watch these breasts, my breasts, growing. My hands never left them, cupping them gently as they filled up like small water balloons.

Once again I was becoming extremely turned on to watch my own transformation into a woman. By now my face was very pretty, my hair was to my shoulder blades, and was gaining a red tint.

My breasts swelled and swelled, growing past a B and C cup, right on up to D's where they stopped. On my now small frame, these were quite big, but I wanted more. I always loved large breasts, and these were all natural even!

With that thought they started again to grow in my hands and I began massaging and caressing their curves as they ballooned further. I went right past DD, E, and wound up somewhere in the F range. They were absolutely enormous and completely out of proportion, yet I loved them. They made me look like a slut and a sex toy.

I realized that this had actually been what I wanted all along. Sliding a hand across my flat stomach I found where my new cunt had formed just under the clit. I wanted so badly to shove one of the dildos up it. I never got the chance, because that's when I passed out.

Coming to, I wasn't restrained this time, but lying in a soft bed, still naked. The large plug was gone from my ass, but I still felt a bit over-stretched and sore. Taking inventory of myself, I found that my hair had actually turned a fiery red, I had lost another inch in height, and my ass had plumpened out a bit, just enough to jiggle when I smacked it.

A very well-hung man entered the room, his dick limp but still at least eight inches. I suddenly had cravings and instincts that I had never had before, and my pussy burned for that cock. I wanted to suck it and take it in every hole.

Before the man could even get to the bed, I had jumped out (almost fell over because of the weight on my chest), grabbed his hips, and thrust my mouth onto his shaft. I sucked like I hadn't eaten anything in days, stroking the shaft and massaging his large balls simultaneously.

As I moaned in delight, he grabbed the back of my head and began thrusting into my mouth. I was gagging a bit, and my eyes began watering, but I wanted more. I wanted to be used and abused by this man and his cock. It didn't take long for him to empty his load into my throat, and move me toward the bed where he laid down.

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