Rear Ended


I hurried downstairs and set to work whipping up my grandmother's famous beef stew, along with some green beans, wild rice, side salad and some wheat rolls. I set the table with my finest tablecloth, napkins, china and silverware; I even dug out candles and candlesticks. I plugged in the Christmas tree, lit a fire in the fireplace and set the CD player on random with all my Christmas favorites. I pulled two of my finest crystal wine glasses down and began polishing them. As I surveyed the room, reality suddenly smacked me upside the head with a two by four; I had just set the scene for a very romantic dinner for two. Setting the wine glass down, I bent over the counter and plopped my head down on it.

"Mandy, what the hell are you doing?" I mumbled to myself.

I had never in my life been attracted to a member of my own sex. Sure I had admired other women's beauty - almost every woman does that. It's part of the female nature. But admiring another woman's beauty and being attracted to it are two different things. Have I suddenly become a lesbian? No, of course not! Something like that doesn't just happen; not to a woman like me. But there was obviously something happening inside me now in regard to Nicole. Something that was reaching deep inside and touching a part of me that I didn't know existed. Could I actually be attracted to her? Attracted to her sexually? Well, why not? She's a beautiful, seductive and sensual young woman. Sexuality literally oozes from every pore of her body. What man wouldn't want her? Oh, that's right: I'M NOT A MAN!

"Amanda?" Nicole's sweet and soft voice echoed through the room, instantly snapping me out of my internal debate.

My head sprang up off the counter like a catapult; I snatched up the wine glass again and resumed polishing it as Nicole came across the living room to the kitchen, dressed in a faded pair of blue jeans and a Dallas Cowboys jersey. Her feet were bare and her gorgeous honey blond hair draped full and flowing over her shoulders.

"Something smells delicious." She stated matter-of-factly.

"That would be my grandmother's beef stew. It was my family's traditional Christmas Eve dinner when I was a kid." I replied. "Now, let see what we can do about that eye, honey. Have a seat."

Nicole seated herself on one of the bar stools that lined the counter and I brought over the first aid kit. I examined her eye and had to admit that it looked better now that she had obviously cleaned it in the shower. As I touched her face, I secretly reveled in the velvety softness of her skin. Leaning in a little closer, the scent of fresh soap and shampoo on her skin and in her hair flooded my nostrils and that quiver deep in my belly surfaced again. I squashed it down.

"You know, I think the best thing for it right now would just be to put some ice on it to try and bring the swelling down. You did a good job of cleaning it already." I told her. "Here, I'll get you an ice pack."

When you have young children, you should always have a few ice packs ready at all times. I pulled one out of the freezer and wrapped it up in a kitchen towel. As I turned back toward Nicole, she had sauntered into the living room and was standing at the hearth looking at the pictures of my girls on the mantle.

"Are these your daughters, Amanda?" She asked.

"You are correct, Madame." I said as I brought the ice pack over to her. "The darlings of my heart - this is Stacy; my big girl. And that beautiful little thing is Lucy; my baby." I pointed to each with a proud smile and an aching heart.

"They're beautiful. Just like their Momma. How old are they?" She asked with a sweet smile.

"Stacy is six and Lucy is four." I told her.

"You make beautiful babies." She told me.

"Thank you." I said as the ache in my heart suddenly felt like a vice grip.

"You okay?" Nicole asked with concern in her voice and gently laid a hand on my arm. Was that a spark? And there is that crazy quiver in my tummy again!

"Yes, I'm fine." I said as I handed her the ice pack. "Here! Now you hold that on your eye for as long as you can stand it. Dinner should be ready in about twenty minutes. There's some bottled water in the fridge or you're welcome to pop open the bottle of wine that I set out if you like. Now if you'll excuse me, it's my turn to shower and change. I shouldn't be too long."

"Take your time, birthday girl." Nicole said. "Be good to yourself. You deserve it."

"If the phone rings, just let the machine get it." I said as I headed up the stairs.

"Amanda?" Nicole called after me.


"Thank you. For everything."

"It's my pleasure, honey. Please make yourself at home. I won't be long."

I trotted up the stairs, trying to appear nonchalant and as soon as I rounded the corner, dashed down the upstairs hallway, through my bedroom and into my master bathroom. Collecting myself against the closed bathroom door, I then stripped off my clothes and as my panties dropped to the floor at my feet, I discovered a rather large stain of wetness in the fabric; that's when reality smacked me over the head with that damn two by four again. Whether my mind wanted to accept it or not, my body was obviously very aroused by and attracted to young Nicole and had no qualms about expressing it at all. For one fleeting moment, I tried to ignore both my body and my mind, and listen to what my heart had to say on the subject of Nicole and what she was doing to me. After all the aching, breaking, fluttering, freezing, pounding and skipping like crazy she'd been doing since Nicole had come crashing into my life, surely she had an opinion. Perhaps all her wild behavior was her way of telling me to follow her. But where exactly was she leading? Well, if Nicole were a man, the answer would be simple. But Nicole is most definitely not a man. And neither am I; hence my conflict! Thanks for your help, bitch! Now shut up!

Turning to start the shower, I caught a glimpse of my 40 year old nudity, all 5'10" of it, in the full length mirror. Without even thinking about it, I let my hands slide almost seductively down my body as a way of studying myself. There were my long, lean and alluringly sculpted legs. My nicely rounded, fertile hips and then my stomach; well, definitely no six pack abbs here, but a very sexy flat and soft tummy none the less, connected to a surprisingly trim and small waist. My arms - long, well toned and willowy, topped with sleek, lissome hands, long and sexy fingers with fire red nail polish. My breasts - a very pert, round and supple pair of 36 C-cups with ripe pink and plump nipples and areolas.

Now to my face: Above average beauty with only a couple of wrinkles, high cheek bones, near perfect nose, pouting lips, two captivating dark blue eyes and a sparkling, pearly white smile. I pulled out my ponytail and let my hands glide through my soft and flowing shoulder blade length hair; a glossy shade of dark walnut brown; and gray? What gray? And would you just look at your neck girlfriend; so long, so sleek and so incredibly alluring sitting on top of that pair of sexily toned shoulders.

"Wow, I'm starting to turn me on!" I heard myself mumble.

As I turned to the side to study my profile, all the while still letting my hands caress all around my body, I soon found myself reveling in the surprising smoothness and softness of my alabaster skin. I turned again and viewed down my backside over my shoulder; perfectly proportionate and symmetrical with an extremely sexy curvature in my spine leading down to a round, taut and fertile ass that any man would love to dig his fingers into.

I may not win, but I could definitely give Nicole a run for her money.

I turned and faced myself directly in the mirror and let my hands descend down to the tiny patch of trimmed brown hair above my sex. I suddenly felt my body begin to tingle. I let my fingers continue their journey south and was soon teasing my moist labia and quivering slit with the tip of my freshly manicured and painted fingernail. My eyes shut, my breathing accelerated and my pulse popped wildly in my ears as I slipped a finger deep inside myself. I could feel the months of repression and tension since my divorce pouring into a tsunami-like orgasm building up inside me. With visions of Nicole's gorgeous and powerful young naked body dancing around in my head, I was soon impaling myself on my hand. My heart was ramming against my ribs and I had to shove the fingers of my free hand into my mouth to muffle the sensual moans now pouring out of me. As the climax tore through me, my body spasmed as I felt the hot elixir of my orgasm douses my fingers and the palm of my hand.

I took a very cold shower!

By the time I got back downstairs after slipping on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt, Nicole had already popped the bottle of wine, poured two glasses, lit the candles on the table, tossed and served the salads and was now dishing up our dinner as I came into the kitchen.

"Hey!" She said cheerfully. "Feel better?"

"Much. Thanks." I replied. "Honey, you don't have to do that."

"I know. But I want to. Now sit down. Dinner is served, birthday girl." She said.

With a smile, I happily complied and took a seat at the table. Nicole set a plate of steaming hot beef stew in front of me, along with some green beans and wild rice; I inhaled deeply of its enticing aroma. Yep! Just like Grandma's. Nicole soon returned with the basket of rolls and a plate for steaming stew and veggies of her own, then sat down beside me. I raised my glass of wine.

"I think a toast is in order, don't you?" I said.

Nicole lifted her glass and held it directly in front of mine with her beautiful smile lighting up her gorgeous face.

"To minor fender benders on slick roads." I offered.

"And to us. On our birthday. Happy Birthday." Nicole added with a chuckle.

"Happy Birthday." I finished.

With that, we touched glasses, sipped our wine and launched into our meal. We ate for the most part in silence and from where I sat, played a great many rounds of eye tag. The swelling of Nicole's eye was going down considerably and I think much of it had to do with her overall mood and facial expressions. She seemed very peaceful and comfortable now; almost like she felt she belonged. She was very happy. And for the first time all day, I was happy too. It had turned out to be a Happy Birthday after all; for both of us.

Once we finished dinner, Nicole wouldn't even hear of me lifting a finger to help her clear the table, do the dishes and store the leftovers. So I sat on one of the bar stools and sipped a second glass of wine and chatted with her as she worked. Oh, the energy of youth. Once the after dinner chores were complete, I opened the bottle of amaretto that I had purchased just prior to the accident and poured us each a snifter. With the Christmas music still playing from the stereo, Nicole and I sat on the sofa in the living room, sipped our amaretto, gazed at the Christmas tree and talked into the night. I couldn't remember the last time I actually had a "girlfriend" over; nor had any real adult company at the house at all. Between the girls and my work, I just never seemed to have the time for much else. I found it incredibly easy to talk to Nicole; for somebody so young, she was extremely well read and very intelligent. After all that she had been through in her short life, I guess it was only logical that she was wiser than her mere twenty years.

As I poured a second round of amaretto, I felt the comforting warmth of the booze beginning to course through my blood stream. At least, I think it was the booze. By the time I poured our third round, I had virtually convinced myself that Nicole had slowly been inching herself closer to me on the sofa as our conversation progressed. Or was it me inching myself closer to her? Who knows? And why should I care? Nicole and I continued to visit as if we were old friends and before either of us realized how much time had gone by, the grandfather clock in the foyer chimed the hour of midnight.

"Well, another birthday in the books." I said. "I'm now officially into my 41st year."

"And I'm into my 21st. You know, by this time next year, I'll actually be of legal age to drink." Nicole added with a playful grin as she lifted her glass to her luscious lips and swallowed the last of her third amaretto.

"Oh, rub it in, why don't you?" I jabbed as I drained the remainder of my glass.

Setting my glass down on the coffee table, I sensed Nicole stretching and yawning. With her profile captured in the soft glow of the fire and with the Christmas tree sparkling behind her, she truly looked like a Christmas angel. She was absolutely stunning to me. I flopped back into the deep and soft cushions of my sofa, rolled my head toward Nicole and just took her in.

"You tired, honey?" I heard myself mumble.

"A little bit. It's been a rather long day." She replied softly.

"That it has." I agreed sharply.

Nicole cuddled herself up into the cushion of the sofa, rolled her head in my direction and seemed to be taking me in every bit as much as I her.

"How about you? You tired?" She asked.

"I am." I told her.

"Then I guess it's time for bed." She said.

With a soft smile, I held out my hand and without hesitation, Nicole slid her delicate hand into mine.

"Nicole, I know this may sound a little deep considering how long we've known each other and how we met, but I am so glad that you're here tonight. I'm not sure I would have made it through otherwise." I said.

"I'm really glad I'm here too. You've turned a lousy Christmas Eve into a very special one. And you've made my birthday a truly happy one after all. I don't know how I can ever thank you. No one has ever been this kind to me in my life." She said.

"It's been my pleasure, honey. Now come on; it's getting late." I told her and we stood up.

After extinguishing the fire in the fireplace and unplugging the tree, Nicole met me by the stairs and much to my surprise, and ultimately to my delight, slid her hand into mine once more and I led her upstairs. Passing both the girl's rooms, I led her to the guest room which was directly across the hall from mine.

"I put your bag in here after I showered. It's not exactly a suite at the Hyatt, but it should be very comfortable for you. The bed's a sleep number." I told her.

"Cool." Nicole replied.

"You have something to sleep in?" I asked.

"What I sleep in every night." She replied. "My birthday suit! Seems rather fitting that I should wear it on my birthday, don't you think?"

"Well, technically it's not your birthday anymore." I told her.

"Close enough though." She said, and the next thing I knew, Nicole had slid her arms around me and her beautiful body was suddenly pressed firmly against me in a warm embrace. "Oh, I've had such a good time tonight. Thank you so much."

With my arms folded almost possessively around her small frame, I reveled in secret delight at the feel and warmth of her. Her body was so perfect; so young, lean and firm; and yet so soft, sensual and inviting. Every curve and contour was so exquisitely defined and masterfully sculpted. The feel of her firm, supple and bountiful breasts squashed firmly into my stomach sent shockwaves of illicit pleasure deep into my belly. Resting my chin on top of her head, I inhaled the floral scent of her hair and let my hands slide carefully up her back and slyly buried my fingers in the silky soft locks of honey blond. I was becoming lost in the embrace. This young woman had me erotically hypnotized.

"Wow." Nicole suddenly whispered.

"What is it, honey?" I whispered back.

"Your body." She said. "It's perfect. So lean, so firm; yet so soft and sensual. And so warm. Are you sure you're 40 years old? Because this is definitely not the body a 40 year old woman is supposed to have."

"It's not, huh?" I said as we stepped away from each other yet still held each other.

"This is a 25 year old woman's body." Nicole said with a coy, and dare I say, seductive smile. "Oh, did I mention it's sexy as hell as well?"

"Oh honey. You keep talking like that and I might just have to keep you here for the rest of your life. Might even fall in love with you too." I told her.

"You promise?" She asked so innocently that I nearly shed a tear.

"Promise." I said and tapped the tip of her nose with my finger.

"Good." She said.

The next thing I knew, Nicole's lips were pressing against mine and every circuit and sensor in my body went into maximum overdrive. Yet I made no effort to stop her or break away. Whether I wanted to admit it or not, I had wanted this since the moment I'd walk in on her in the bathroom. I felt Nicole gather me up in her arms and draw me closer to her and I willingly surrendered to her. I slid my arms around her shoulders, tilted my head slightly to the side and pressed my tongue forward. Pushing it against her incredibly soft and luscious lips, they almost immediately surrendered to me and our kiss soon became an intimate encounter more beautiful than anything I had ever experienced before.

Nicole's mouth was silk and heat and promise.

Never before had I experienced such a kiss, nor tasted such a sweet mouth. As my heart slammed wildly about within my chest, I slid my hands down her back and they cupped themselves around the firmest and most perfectly shaped ass ever created. Nicole took the cue perfectly, allowing me to lift her off the floor and her legs slid sensually and tightly around my waist. I glided slowly backwards into my bedroom, drifting almost on a cloud to my bed where I gently laid her on the mattress, pressing my body down atop her. Our kiss never broke. I felt her hands bury themselves in my hair and I began to gently grate my body softly against hers. The lustful heat rising from our bodies was becoming astronomical and as I felt my flesh begin to moisten with perspiration, my clothes began to feel cumbersome. Finally we came up for air and gazed deeply at one another.

"We're on your bed." Nicole cooed softly.

"I know." I purred back.

"Guess this means I won't be sleeping on the sleep number bed tonight?" Nicole asked as she nipped at my chin and jaw.

"I don't think so, honey." I whispered.

"Do you realize that you've been calling me honey all evening long?" Nicole asked.

"Have I?" I said as I nibbled gently on her bottom lip. "Hope it hasn't been a problem for you."

"Actually it's been driving me wild. I've had to fight just to keep my hands off you." Nicole purred.

"Is that a fact? And here I was worried that the attraction might just be one sided." I hissed softly.

"Not a chance. I've wanted you since the first moment I saw you, Amanda. When you came storming up to my car ready to rip my head off." Nicole giggled seductively.

"Certainly glad now that I didn't." I whispered as I nipped her lip.

"Me too." Nicole said biting mine. "But I would really love for you to rip my clothes off. It's getting so hot in here."

"It would be my pleasure." I purred. "But only if you promise to rip off mine too; honey."

"All you had to do was say the magic word." Nicole replied and our mouths seared together in another wanton lover's kiss.

In a state of what I can only describe as salacious desperation, Nicole and I literally did rip each other's clothes off and tossed them carelessly to the floor. As I had "forgotten" to slip on a bra and panties after my shower, so apparently had Nicole. Now face to face on our knees in the center of my bed, my eyes once again feasted on Nicole's flawless nudity, accompanied this time by the tips of my fingers and the palms of my hands as they gently explored the gorgeous young flesh and the immaculate curves of her body. Nicole's eye shut, her head and body swayed ever so slightly at my touch while a chorus of soft and sensual moans trickled from her lips. I now burned with a lust and a passion that I had never known before.

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