tagIncest/TabooReason vs Instinct

Reason vs Instinct


Jordan Monnis was a 19 bordering on 20 year old boy. He stood 6' 1" and was of slim but muscular build. His semi-short, black hair was eternally unruly with a fringe that never sat flat. His light blue eyes were open and friendly, and his smile shy but cute. Though knowledgeable in certain areas there was a certain air of innocence about him.

Until four months ago, he had been living with his father on the opposite side of the country. When his parents had divorced he had been only five years old and his sister three. His mother had taken his sister with her but he had wanted his daddy. It had not been till he was twelve he had started to realise what a prick his father really was. Forgotten birthdays, continuously drunk, verbally abusive, preferring to spend time at the local brothel than home looking after his son, and the worse case, leaving him with a broken arm for a week before a teacher noticed upon his return to school after the summer holidays.

At the time he had not been able to do anything about it, his father wouldn't let him contact his mother and he had know one to talk to. Then, shortly after turning 16 had decided enough was enough, and he wanted to live with his mother and sister. But he had put off the move so as to attend the top college in the country, which just happened to be nearer to his dad, though he went into student accommodation. It's not sure if his father even noticed Jordan's absence. After finishing college, Jordan moved in with his mother Laura and sister Treena.

That, as said, had been four months ago.


It was 6am. The house was quiet. No-one else was up yet. The handle of the middle door on the upstairs landing slowly twisted down. The door popped open enough to let a small figure slip through before being closed behind it. The figure tip-toed along to the stairs that led to the attic, before silently creeping up them. At the top it opened the attic door, slipped in then closed it.

On the low-standing bed, only his head showing above the covers lay Jordan, gently breathing, deep in sleep. The figure knelt beside the bed and leaned over him. It smiled at how cute he looked. A tentative hand reached out and stroked a few wayward hairs off his forehead, but they simply sprang back. The figure moved, sliding round to the bottom of the bed. Gently it lifted the covers and slid beneath them.

Jordan's breathing began to increase slightly. He squirmed. His eyes fluttered and he let out a low moan. His dream about an evil maths tutor began to change. Now the teacher was a sexy vixen, her mouth beginning to explore his nether regions. He felt her work his member in between her lips, gently at first, then faster and faster. He began to sweat and his moans turned to gasps. His hips stopped squirming and began to pump. His fingers found their way into her long silky hair as he guided her head down onto him. He heard her gag on his 8 inch dick.

Jordan was beginning to wake as he neared his climax. The orgasm hit him just as he was in the state between awake and asleep and the sudden release made him cry out, almost sitting upright, his eyes screwed shut as he was catapulted into full consciousness. He fell back, a contented smile on his face.

"Mmm," he mumbled aloud, "That's the way to wake up."

It was then that his eyes shot open, a look of surprise on his young face. He knew he was awake, but he swore he could feel hair beneath his fingers and her hot breath still upon his erect penis. Slowly, he looked down. His covers where tented over someone or something nestled between his spread legs. He quickly withdrew his hands and flipped the covers off the bed.


His little, recently turned 18 years old sister was kneeling between his now bear legs, one small hand wrapped around his stiff cock, the other resting on his stomach. She smiled that oh-so-cute smile of hers, ruined only slightly by the cum dripping down her chin.

"Morning BIG brother," she said in her soft, beautiful voice.

She leant forward and let herself fall on top of him, her silk leggings caressing his now released dick as she smothered his lips with hers. Jordan almost forgot himself as the scent of her skin and taste of her lips hit him, but he took hold of her shoulders and flipped her on her back. He backed to the end of the bed as she sat up, her legs tucked beneath her.

"What's the matter?" She asked, a hurt look in her eyes.

'Ooo her voice,' he thought, 'And that look ... no, no! Keep control!'

"Treena, what are you playing at?"

She moved to all fours, looking at him as if he was being stupid.

"Didn't you enjoy it? Did I do something wrong?"

"Of course I enjoyed it! The evidence is dripping off your chin all over my bed! But Treena, we've been through this, were brother and sister, we can't do things like this it's just wrong."

When she started to reach for him, a mournful expression spoiling her prefect features, he quickly stood and turned away from her, crossing to the slanted window set into the steepled roof. He couldn't stand to see her upset but what made her happy he knew was wrong, in every sense. Her voice, though barely a whisper, carried to him and struck deep.

"You started this. When you took me, the month after you moved in."

He clenched his teeth and hung his head. She was right of course, he had started this but the worse part was that he didn't remember the act itself ...


It was three months earlier.

That night their mother had been out at a party with her girlfriends. You know the type; no men, a lot of sex toys and everyone in slutty outfits or lingerie. She wasn't a slut, just into sharing sex toys and stories. Anyhow, her two children had been left alone at home.

They had agreed to watch a film together but Treena insisted she needed a shower first so while Jordan had set up the blue ray player she had gone off up stairs to shower. Half an hour later, she had reappeared with damp hair and wearing only one of his college sweatshirts and pj shorts. He remembered thinking to himself:

'Wow, if only she weren't my sister.'

Of course, he had berated himself for such thoughts. Still he couldn't help looking.

They had sat side by side on the small sofa while the film began. Thirty minutes in she had moved shoulder to shoulder with him as the action intensified. Twenty minutes later and she had been curled against him, both their eyes damp with tears at the sad part. Even then his dick had begun to stir despite himself. Another thirty minutes and she was asleep, curled up with her head in his lap. Not wanting to disturb her for several reasons, he had finished watching the film.

When it had ended he had turned everything off and then considered what to do with Treena. Looking down at her he had noticed, not for the first time, just how supple and shapely her legs were and how angelic her expression was in sleep. His member had stirred and his right hand had unconsciously begun to stroke her reachable thigh, while his other hand brushed the hair out of her eyes. She had squirmed at this and had ground the side of her face into his crotch.

He exhaled as his cock expanded rapidly and he had repeated the touch. As he had hoped she did it again. Suddenly, he realised he had been repeating the act for a few minutes and his sister was turning him on more, fully clothed, than anyone else he had been with had done naked. That was when he decided it was time he put her to her bed before he did something he might regret.

Scooping her up in his arms didn't help, though. As he crossed the room and got to the stairs he realised where his bare arms where; one was under her sweatshirt against her bare back and the other curled round her ass and thighs, increasing the stirrings. His vision had begun to swim.

"No! Stay in control, you cannot give in, this is your sister!" He mumbled over and over to himself as he ascended the stairs and reached her room.

He had laid her on the bed, however, in the process the jumper had rode up, revealing her pert breasts. He was still bent over her, one hand on her hip the other under her back, his eyes transfixed on those lovely B cup wonders. Suddenly, his vision had clouded and in his head he saw a little black and white movie of a boat named the S.S. Reason being blown to smithereens by a torpedo labelled Instinct. Suddenly he was not himself.

His hand on her hip was suddenly playing with her clit through her thin shorts and the other hand was massaging a breast, squeezing and massaging it. He continued to ministrate like this for a few minutes until she had begun to squirm and moan. Then he lifted her into a sitting position and slid the jumper off her entirely, flinging it in a random direction, he didn't care where. His shirt and jeans followed it quickly and he had then straddled her. Both hands had then been breast massaging and he had attacked her neck with soft but passionate kisses.

Treena began to wriggle beneath him and then her eyes flew open. She looked him square in the eyes and he stared right back, a wolfish grin on his face, his usually bright eyes now dark and full of lust. He had expected her to cry out and shove him away but instead she wrapped her hands behind his neck and drew him close.

"Is this real?" She had whispered.

"Yeh, and there's nothing you can do about it," his voice and manner were different, but she paid it little heed.

"I don't want to, I want more," she said aloud, kissing him quickly, "I've been wanting this since you first arrived. You're just so fit!"

"Alright then," Jordan grinned, a full smile quite apart from his usually hesitant one.

They had kissed passionately and forcefully while pulling each other's underwear off, and suddenly he had sat back to admire the female beneath him. At 5' 6" she wasn't too small; her long slim body was a perfect hour glass figure and she had legs to die for. A just noticeable, natural tan and 32 B Breasts completed the picture, and her brown eyes matched her auburn hair, waist length up top, neatly shaved below. All this he took in at a glance before they were entwined in each others arms once more.

"Have you done this before, brother?"

"A few times," replied the voice that was his but not his, "You?"


He had been a little disappointed but he hardly cared now, all he wanted was to have her.

While he had played with her breasts, they kissed hard and she grabbed his penis, guiding it to her wet entrance. A quick thrust and Jordan was in. She arched her back and had cried out as pain mixed with pleasure. She wanted a moment to breathe but he had ploughed on, getting deeper and harder each time. Her lack of breath had kept her on the edge with each stroke until she was holding him against herself so hard he was crushing her. She had never felt anything like it; it wasn't pain or pleasure but beyond both. He had seemed to hit every spot and she had felt something else begin, something she hadn't had before but instinctively knew what it was: the build up to an orgasm.

He had felt her tense and then felt her clench him below and the juices begin to flow. But rather than slow down he sped up, powering through, bringing about a second orgasm, then a third. Treena was spent by this point lying limply on the bed, sweat drenched and in need of another shower. She whimpered softly but with a smile on her face.

He had withdrawn from her, still solid, and flipped her on her front before sliding back in. He had continued to have his way until he too climaxed but across her ass cheeks and lower back not inside.

She had moaned and turned over to smile at him. He was knelt above her, his head thrown back, breathing heavily.

"Jordan?" She had said softly.

His head had flopped forward, chin to chest, eyes closed.

"Jordan?" She said again, more forcefully.

She had sat up and reached a hand to his face.

His eyes had snapped open at her touch. They were light blue once more and his usual presence had returned.

"Treena?" he said hesitantly, as if waking from a dream.

"Who else, lover?" She had whispered seductively.

"Lover!?" His eyes had widened as he took in the scene before him.

His sister naked, him naked, the obvious evidence, the smell.

"Oh no not again! Not with you!" He had said, stumbling off the bed.

"Jordan what's wrong?" Treena had asked, moving to sit at the edge.

"Treena I'm sorry ... I ... no ... I can't ...!"

With that he had ran out of the room, leaving a very puzzled sister naked in her room ...


Jordan opened his eyes, returning to the present as he looked out of his window. He remembered how furious he had been with himself that he had shagged his own sister and ashamed once more that, like with his previous partners, he could remember nothing of it past laying her on her bed till running out of the room.

Behind him, he heard Treena stir on his bed.

"Alright, I accept it. As brother and sister, WE can't do this."

He knew from the emphasis on the WE what was coming.

"But me and HIM can."

There it was. The reference to his 'other-self' as HE or HIM. Personally Jordan regarded it as an IT. He was furious that it had gone on long enough for his sister to be able to properly discern between him, her brother and HIM her lover. For you see, over the last three months they had had sexual relations of varying degrees over two dozen times and each time Jordan had receded to be replaced by a sexually minded alter ego.

It had gotten to the point now were his sister wanted sex every morning, night and in between if she could corner him.

'I never dreamed my own sister would want me so badly,' He thought, 'It's got to the point that all she need do is ...'

"Ohhh Jooordaaan," Treena said seductively.

Before he could stop himself, he instinctively looked at her reflection in the window. Her top was gone, her breasts on full show.

'... show some part of herself,' he finished as he began to turn round.

She was leaning back on her elbows her legs spread, her pyjama bottoms gone, too. His vision began to swim.

"Dear brother, fuck me now."

In his head Jordan saw the Great Dam of Reason burst by the River of Instinct and his eyes darkened.

He moved quickly to the bed, dropping to his knees between her legs, his hands on her breasts while his tongue buried itself in her wet, sweet tasting cunt. He lapped at her hole, and flicked her clit while his hands rigorously squeezed her tits.

"Ohh! Yes, that's it, brother! Ohh, Ohh!"

He continued to attack her a minute more while she moaned and shimmied. Then he pulled back and slid a finger into her. He sloshed it around to sounds of approval before bringing out a great wad of her juice.

"Ooo, you nasty girl, you're all wet."

"Oh am I?" She replied in her most seductive voice.

He pushed his juice laden finger into her mouth and she sucked it dry, moaning in enjoyment of her own taste. Jordan quickly took away his finger and replaced it with his mouth. They held each other close as Treena rolled on top of him.

She slid down onto him with a little gasp as his big cock filled her up. Jordan began to play with her breasts while she rocked up and down, moaning and tossing her head as moved faster and faster, grinding herself against him. He began to moan, too. He suddenly sat up and pulled them both up the bed till he was leaning against the head board so he could reach her neck and shoulders with rough kisses while she pumped him with all her strength.

"Oh, yes!" She cried as his hands found her ass and squeezed her juicy cheeks, "Oh, my darling brother, yes!"

Just then Jordan rolled them over so he could pump her instead. As his pace quickened so did her breathing.

"Oh Jordan, can't you see?" She moaned, breathlessly, "You might not like it but it just feels so right!"

"Who says I don't?" He said with a wicked grin as he drove in harder than before, making her bite her tongue to keep from screaming and waking their mother.

"The real you," she replied.

He stopped for a second, looking amused.

"Dear sis, there is only ONE me!"

He started hard and fast and it wasn't long before the pure pleasure drove Treena over the edge. Her sweet, curvy body bucked beneath him as she came with a muffled cry, her nails digging into his back as she whimpered in ecstasy. He slowed as she tightened, but kept the depth knowing he would soon cum too.

Treena had shut her eyes after cumming but they opened when she heard him orgasm and felt his hot juices spray her stomach and breasts. She smiled up at him, too exhausted to do much more.

"I love you," she whispered while her eyes closed once more as she drifted off to sleep.

Jordan simply grinned as he stretched out on beside her, before he too succumbed to tiredness, his eyes clearing as they closed.


Jordan slowly opened his eyes. He moaned and rubbed at his face with his right hand. Rolling his head slowly to the right he looked at his bedside clock; 7:28. He groaned. It was time to get up for university. He sat up slowly, reaching his left hand out to steady himself. He froze when it met something warm and soft, gently rising and falling. He hoped it wasn't what he knew it would be.

Jordan quickly glanced to his left and grimaced as he looked away. Treena was lying naked beside him, partially curled up, dry cum staining her perfect, tanned abdomen. He removed his hand from her belly and sat on the edge of the bed, head in hands.

'Uh, she got me again,' he thought as he now remembered what had happened, 'this cannot go on! I have to fight this, I can't keep screwing my own sister.'

Treena sighed behind him as she rolled over, still asleep. He looked at her, using all his effort to concentrate just on her face. She looked so cute and innocent that his hard glare quickly melted into a troubled smile.

"Oh Treena, what are we going to do?" He whispered, pushing damp hair off her forehead.

He got up quickly when he found his vision creeping down her body and crossed to his en suite. Well, if you can call a cupboard with a toilet and tiny sink an en suite. He washed up and sprayed before coming back to her with a damp cloth.

Being careful not to wake her, Jordan quickly cleaned her. His vision had tried to swim but for once, exhaustion had prevented the change. That made him smile at least. He then retrieved the duvet from where it had fallen and lay it across his sister and stood back. Now she was covered up, she was just his hot sister again, no longer simply an object of overpowering temptation. Satisfied, he quickly dressed before moving to the door. He took one last look at her before leaving the room.

On the stairs he paused to yawn before descending quietly. Outside his mother's room he stopped and listened carefully. Silence. Good. No sound meant she was probably still asleep and so had not heard anything. Jordan wondered just how he and Treena had managed to get away with it this long. He moved away and went downstairs.

'At least I'll be safe in the kitchen,' he thought.

Jordan's face blanched as he was struck dumb in the doorway. At the cooker, side on to him, stood his 37 year old, 5' 11", waist length black hair, 34 C, red hot mother wearing only pumps, skin tight blue leggings, a black lacy bra and a translucent apron. TEMPTATION ON LEGS! He had momentarily forgotten how she usually dressed of a morning. His mother spotted him immediately and turned to him, the clear apron hiding nothing. He was just so glad he was exhausted.

"Hey sweetheart, how do want your egg's?"

Her silky voice trickled like honey into his head and all he could do was moan dejectedly.

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