tagMatureReawakening at 65

Reawakening at 65


The dawn chorus stirred me, and as I lifted my head to look at the clock, my whole body ached. It all came rushing back, the memory of yesterday afternoon, and evening. I began to move my limbs, gently turning onto my side. There were parts of me that were tender to touch, and other parts that were just plain aching.

If my body was unusually tired, my mind was unusually confused. Since I'd met Jack he'd opened up a whole new world to me. But yesterday had been a mixture of fear, and pleasure. Lying in bed I was frightened I'd been naive, and used, but there was a part of me that was alive, and wanting more.

Let me explain, because it had all started just a week or so ago.

I'm Lucy, a woman of sixty five, and even though I say so myself. I'm in pretty good shape. I'm five feet nine, slimmish build, with a respectable 36d bra size. I'm blonde, blue eyed, and still love 'girly' things like long finger nails, and stockings, and suspenders. A regular gym goer, I still get admiring glances from men of all ages. Fewer these days, but I do get them.

Having been single for about five years, since my husband found a 'younger model,' I had stayed away from men. However, Shirley, my closest friend had kept on at me to give 'online dating' a go. She had had several men friends over the past year, and told many amusing, lurid tales of her sex life.

Unbeknown to her I did research various sites online, and signed up to a couple. For several days I received so many offers of sex, and so many photos of 'men's parts,' that I deleted both profiles. And then I found a site where men had to pay quite a sum of money to join, and by natural selection I got some reasonable replies. Jack was one of them.

Single, divorced, six feet three, sixty three years old, grey haired, blue eyed, and seemingly human, and he only lived a few miles away. We exchanged messages for a whole evening, and then emails for another day, until we finally swapped mobile numbers, and arranged to meet for coffee.

This was a big deal for me, I'd been extremely nervous, but I couldn't have wished for a more pleasant man who immediately put me at my ease. The conversation flowed, and two hours passed in a flash, he really was an attractive man. I felt myself warm inside when he asked me out to lunch the next day. He politely kissed me on the cheek, and said how much he would be looking forward to seeing me again. That evening we constantly exchanged texts, becoming quite flirty with each other, and I started to admit to myself that there was something inside me that needed the attention of a man.

The next morning I bathed, shaved, and pampered myself, and dressed in my sexiest lingerie. Seeing my reflection in the wardrobe mirror I drew breath, and suddenly asked myself, was I prepared to let him see this? Was I preparing to have sex for the first time in six or seven years? I knew deep down that I was, and I was excited.

I met him in the little bistro in town where I'd been once before with a friend. We had a table in an alcove, and he was as charming as he had been the day before. I'd taken a taxi so I had a large glass of wine with my pasta. He just had a small beer, and had a risotto. Again the conversation flowed, but he constantly looked into my eyes, and I'm afraid with the effect of the wine I was putty in his hands.

At the end of the meal, after a short discussion, he gallantly paid the bill, and we made our way to his car. It was almost 4pm by the time we arrived at my house. I asked him in for coffee, and as we stood in the kitchen we kissed for the first time. It was one of those moments. Just a soft touching of lips for a few seconds at first, then our eyes meeting, before our lips parted, and hungrily explored each other's mouths.

My arms reached up around his neck, and I felt his body against mine. His hands pressed me into him, and the kiss went on, and on. Finally we pulled apart, and slightly breathlessly, I led him into the lounge. No words were spoken. We'd both forgotten the coffee, and I reached up around his neck once more. This time his hands slid under my blouse, and I felt his fingers run up my spine, and gently unclip my bra. As his hands cupped my breast, my nipples were instantly hard against his palm.

His strong arms held me as he laid me back onto the sofa. My skirt rode up revealing the bare flesh above my stockings, and I felt his fingers stroking my skin there. I moaned, and parted my thighs slightly, offering him access to my pussy. I hadn't been touched there by a man for so long, so when his fingers pulled my panties aside, and slid into my moistness I shuddered, and groaned.

The "Oooohhh," that I heard, I recognised as my own voice, and the room was slowly filled with sounds that I hadn't made for so long.

I was quickly realising that Jack was both an adept lover, but an assertive one too. As he knelt beside me, kissing me, his fingers circled my clit, and in just a few minutes I started to cum. Pulling my mouth away from kissing Jack I heard myself almost shouting, "Oh god, Jack!" at the onset of my orgasm. As my eyes opened I saw Jack smiling, as he slowly unbuttoned his shirt, and dropped his trousers to the floor. Within seconds he was naked, and I could see his cock visibly stiffening. I was going to be fucked, and it had been so long.

Jack helped me out of my blouse, and my skirt, leaving me laying back on the sofa in just a suspender belt and stockings. As he lowered himself between my thighs, I opened my legs to take him inside me. As he entered, I whispered a long, "Yessss." I was so wet, and it just seemed incredible that it had been so long since I had been with a man.

Jack made love to me slowly, and with finesse. He took me to the edge several times before holding back, and I was pleading with him, and thrusting my body towards him trying to make him push me over that brink. Eventually he did, but only when he was ready to flood my pussy with his semen.

As he withdrew and lay beside me, I felt flushed all over. I felt open, vulnerable, but Jack somehow realised that, and offered words of comfort.

"That was wonderful Lucy, thank you, because I know it has been a long time."

He let me go to the bathroom with my clothes while he dressed, and it seemed like we were guilty teenagers as we began to talk once again. I thought that he would rush off now, as he had satisfied himself, but he didn't, and he even went back to the kitchen to make that coffee we'd missed out on.

Over coffee we chatted as though nothing had happened, and eventually he said that he would have to leave. I was thrilled when he asked to see me again, and I agreed to go to his house the following day for lunch.

Perhaps I was smitten. Jack's lovemaking was superb, and I wanted more, he had opened Pandora's box.

And yesterday arrived, and I was to find out how Jack had another side to his personality.

Again I dressed to impress, silk lingerie, dress with a low neckline, heels, and my Chanel No 5. My taxi delivered me to Jack's front door at 12.30pm, and I fell into his arms as soon as the door opened. Both of us were ready to rip each other's clothes off, but we resisted, and sat down to a light lunch knowing we were going to bed quite soon.

"I want you again Lucy, but we have all the time we need, anticipation is an aphrodisiac."

The Prosecco went straight to my head, but the ham salad went some of the way to alleviating the alcohol content. We didn't really get as far as the dessert before Jack said,

"Let's go upstairs."

I followed him into his bedroom. The bed had brass ends to it, and there were mirrored doors to the wardrobes down one side of the room. On the wall was a giant flatscreen tv. The bed itself had black silk sheets. It was certainly not a feminine room, if anything it was slightly kinky, but I only had eyes for Jack.

He started to peel off his shirt, as I let my dress drop to the floor. Soon Jack was standing in his boxers, his cock pressing against the fabric. I stepped forward, and sank to my knees, pulling his boxers down, and taking his cock in my mouth. I heard a groan as I took it deep into my mouth, and then as I ran my tongue around the head I slipped my hand under his testicles and dragged my nails forwards over the ridges of his sac. The groan changed to a sigh, I felt Jack grab my hair forcing my head onto his cock until I gagged. It was a slight shock to feel the forcefulness, but in a strange way arousing. The contrast to Jack's lovemaking of the previous day was noticeable. Suddenly I was lifted to my feet and my bra removed. Facing the mirror, I could see Jack standing behind me, reaching round, and cupping my breasts. Kissing my neck he slid one hand downwards to my pussy, running a finger over my clit.

"Oh god Lucy, you're such temptation."

Jack then seemed to want me in a hurry. I was swept onto the bed, my panties being stripped from me, and I was made to kneel, gripping the bedhead. My pussy was wet in anticipation, and pushing my ass outwards I opened to receive his cock. As he entered me he grabbed my hair and pulled my head backwards, again the violent way he started to fuck me, excited me.

"Fuck me hard Jack, don't hold back."

Perhaps I should have not said that. Jack landed a hard slap across my right buttock.

"Oowww, fuck, that hurt."

A second slap smacked against my left buttock.

"Jesus! Fucking hell, Jack," but the thrust of his cock was complimenting the brief pain of the slaps. I'd never experienced rough sex before, and it was arousing. I felt my orgasm building. Jack was pulling my head backwards, and when he started to cum it pushed me to the point of no return. My pussy squeezed every drop of spunk from him, and his jerking cock slowly subsided, and slipped from me.

As we lay side by side I whispered, "That was something new, Jack."

"I'm sorry, I got a bit carried away, I haven't frightened you have I? Or hurt you?"

"No you haven't, you didn't, in fact, I found it strangely arousing."

Jack kissed me, and quietly said, "Come with me, just put my dressing gown on, and follow, I've got the perfect way to relax."

I followed, rather tentatively, a naked Jack, downstairs and through the lounge. I laughed out loud as we went out onto the patio, and Jack pressed the button to start the bubbles in the hot tub.

"You like?" Asked Jack.

""Very much, perfect," I replied, as I quickly looked around the garden to see if we were able to be seen. It didn't seem as though there were any neighbours who could see, as I slipped off the dressing gown and climbed, rather indelicately, into the hot tub.

Jack had a bottle of Prosecco in an ice bucket, and popped the cork, and poured us two glasses.

"Here's to the next time," Jack smiled as we clinked glasses.

I smiled back, and took a sip.

Jack took my glass, and having placed it out of reach, he kissed me softly. Both sets of bubbles were having an effect. Side by side we kissed, and kissed again. As I leaned in towards him my elbow brushed against Jack's cock, which seemed to be stiffening again. Jack was already stroking my nipples under the surface, so I found his cock with my fingers, and sure enough, as I grasped it, I felt a reaction.

My tongue was flicking deep into Jack's mouth, and the kissing was intense. I started to massage his cock up and down, and it became fully erect, and as I pulled my mouth away from Jack's, I watched his eyes close, and his head rested back on the side of the hot tub.

"Relax," I said, "My turn." And I started to use my fingers to full effect. Slowly I slid both hands round, and up and down the shaft. Stroking the head brought a gasp, and I was thrilled when I could visibly see Jack's breathing quicken.

"God, you're going to make me cum," he said almost between gritted teeth.

"That's the general idea," I laughed triumphantly.

And within a minute I felt him clasp my leg as his cock jerked in my hand.

As I gently rubbed the final orgasm from him, I kissed him once again, and his whole body relaxed. Smiling he put his arms around me, and we just enjoyed the bubbles, and more of the Prosecco.

We stayed in the hot tub for the rest of the afternoon, chatting and laughing. I became more attracted to him, and was looking forward to making love again. Eventually I said that I'd go indoors and have a shower, and get dressed, and I left Jack to finish off the Prosecco.

I had my shower in Jack's en suite, drying myself, as I ventured back into the bedroom, and wondered if he had such a thing as a hair dryer, men usually don't. I opened a drawer in the chest of drawers, not really expecting to find one. My eyes widened as the first thing I saw was a black leather hood with eye slits, and a zippered mouth. I froze momentarily, but then opened the drawer wider, only to find some leather wrist and ankle restraints, and various chains, and clamps, and bars. Finally, in a cardboard box, was a heavy duty vibrator which looked huge.

My blood ran cold, as I thought I'd discovered Jack's predilection for kink, wondering if I was in danger from a sadist, or the like. And then a strange thrill ran up my spine, as I examined the wrist cuffs, and imagined myself at his mercy on the black silk sheets, rumpled on the bed beside me.

"So you'd like to be at my mercy young lady, would you?" Jack's sudden deep voice made me drop the wrist cuffs.

"I w..wasn't...prying...I was looking for a hair dryer...I'm sorry...I didn't mean to..." my voice drifted away as Jack walked towards me.

As he pulled the towel from around my body, and let it fall to the floor, he said quietly, "You haven't got to be home early have you, I think we could have fun this evening."

I really didn't know if that was a threat, or meant to be some sort of invitation. As Jack placed his hands on either side of my face, cupping my head, he drew me close, and kissed me. He was naked, and still wet from the hot tub, I was naked too, but I felt vulnerable.

"I'm not going to hurt you...," there was a delay, "...much. You can stop me at anytime. Would you like to be my submissive partner this evening?"

My brain was a mush, adrenaline hit me in a rush. I was scared, but I was relishing the thought of danger. Was I mad? This was flying in the face of all good sense.

"Yes Jack, you can own me tonight."

As soon as I had uttered those words there was no going back. In silence, Jack reached into the drawer, and lifted out a studded collar with a chain lead, that he buckled around my neck.

I heard myself say, "Oh dear."

Jack told me to kneel on the floor in front of him, while he went behind me, and secured two wrist cuffs, and clipped them together so that my hands were held together behind me. He returned to face me, and I could see he was showing signs of arousal.

"A little test young lady. Suck me, and make sure it's good."

I knew I could thrill him with my mouth, but I was unprepared for what he wanted. As soon as I took him into my mouth, he stiffened, and he took the back of my head, and forced his cock to the back of my throat. I started to gag, as he briefly held me there. I pulled back gasping for air, wretching, with great slicks of saliva hanging from my mouth.

"Oh Jack I cant...," but before I could protest any further my head was forced back down again. I thought that I was going to choke, before he released me again. More juices dribbled down onto my breasts as I gasped for air.

"Mmmmm...perhaps a rest is required young lady, ok, up you get,and onto the bed."

Jack led me by the lead, and unfastening the clips on my wrists made me lay on the bed on my back. He secured both wrists, and ankles to the four corners of the brass bed. I watched him circle the bed with his cock semi rigid, and I wondered if it would be inside me soon. But then something else unexpected. Out of the drawer came a long, black, silk blindfold, which he secured around my head.

"Jack," I said, "I'm trusting you." There was ominously no reply.

Totally in blackness, I tested my restraints, and there was little movement, I was helpless. Should I quit? Should I ask to be released? All these thoughts were spinning around, and, oddly, I felt myself so wet between my thighs.

And then yet another twist.

I felt Jack kneeling on the bed beside me, and then his fingers were pulling my hair aside. It was scary when he found my ears, but to my horror, I realised that he was inserting earplugs into my ears.

"Jack, I'm not sure about this, be careful." And then I was shut off from the world. I was very, very nervous. Again I spoke, saying, "Jack, I'm scared, I can't hear anything." But I could hear nothing, not even my own voice.

I tried to relax, I took long, slow, deep breaths. I let my muscles go soft.

It was difficult to judge time so after what seemed like several minutes I felt Jack's touch. His fingers were tracing their way along my legs, over my thighs, up over my stomach, and breasts, I had to acknowledge that I was excited, and aroused.

Jack's fingers found their way to my pussy, and started to stroke the labia, and smooth some of my juices over them.

Suddenly, onto my tummy was a damp sensation, a dribble of what I quickly realised was oil. Jack began to smooth the oil down to my pussy, around it, and inside it. When he slicked his fingers over my clit, I shuddered as far as my restraints would allow. I was beginning to relax, to enjoy the sensory deprivation, and the touch of Jack's fingers. I wasn't sure if I was making any noise, but guessed I was.

And then it started.

Jack's fingers stopped stroking my clit, and I felt him leave the bed briefly soon to return. In the blackness, and silence, my pussy felt open, and vulnerable. When something hard made contact with my pussy, I struggled to process any recognition of what it might be, but immediately the vibrations began, the image of the giant size vibrator flashed into my mind.

Jack certainly knew how to use it. He moved its position, he changed its speed, he pressed hard, and soft, he stopped, and started it.

It was now that I started to struggle against my restraints, I was trying to twist my body, but I was so tightly secured that I had few options. And so I tried relaxing, but to no avail.

I felt my clit grow as hard as it has ever done. The oil lubricating it made the vibrator feel even more potent. I wasn't aware of anything I was saying, or doing, except that I seemed to go rigid as I came. Jack was playing with me now, in me he had his own submissive toy, and the way he was using the vibrator was sending shockwaves through my body.

There was no let up, no respite, no downtime after my first orgasm. The oily head of the phallic toy continued to massage my pussy, my clit. As much as I struggled to gain some moment of neutrality, I was rushing towards my second orgasm. In my darkness I was aware I was now breathing so quickly, panting, and as I came again I knew I was crying out loud.

I had only ever cum twice a couple of times ever in my life, and my whole body was alive. The oil and my natural pussy juices made the hardness of the vibrator head more bearable, and Jack varying the speed was maintaining a level of arousal that was so new to me.

Even though I could hear absolutely nothing I knew I was being loud, from previous experience the 'oh my god's,' and the 'oh fuck, fuck, fucks,' would be making Jack redouble his efforts, and it was probably only three or four minutes before I was shaking with a third orgasm.

I was shaking my head from side to side, and by some fortune one of my ear plugs dislodged, and suddenly I could hear. The sound of the vibrator was competing with the groans I was making, and it was so strange to hear a scream as I started to cum yet again.

I was tiring now, and Jack was sensing it. He hadn't realised I could hear, so I was relieved when I heard him muttering to himself, "just once more, one more time."

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