I took her nipples between my thumb and first finger and rolled them. Then I pinched them lightly.

After playing with her nipples for a time, I finally bent down and put my mouth over one. I sucked on it and I ran my tongue over it. My penis was so hard I felt ready to burst. I moved my head from breast to breast and continued sucking on the nipples. I imagined that her tits were full of milk and I was hungry. I was so concentrated on my pleasure that I didn't notice at first that Reba's body had stiffened and that she was experiencing an intense orgasm.

Happy that I had brought the orgasm on, but guilty that I hadn't notice immediately, I took Reba in my arm, pulled her close to me and held her as her body jolted one or two more times and then she shuddered and moved even further into my arms. We sat quietly like that as Reba breathed deeper and deeper and my penis began its return to as normal as it could be under those circumstance.

Finally Reba moved slightly away from me, rearranged her clothes and said, "Ted, let's go home."

I started the truck, returned the speaker to its outside post and began to drive away.

Reba looked at me and said, "Someday I'm going to have to see that movie."

I laughed and headed back to the hotel. On the drive back, Reba snuggled even closer to me and it felt spectacular. Less then 10 minutes later we were back in the hotel room and we were both totally naked. I had undressed her and she had undressed me. She noted that my penis had returned to its full and upright position.

"Ted," Reba said, "you helped me out at the drive-in, now it's your turn."

She pushed me gently onto the bed, lay down next to me and took my penis deep into her mouth. The sensation was electric, but I wanted even more, so I tugged on her leg and told her that I wanted her to straddle my face. She complied immediately, without letting my prick out of her mouth, and suddenly I was looking up into Reba McEntire's pussy. As I had expected, her pussy hair was red, but it was fuller than I had anticipated. But that was OK with me and I raised up and pushed my face into her deep bush.

She smelled like a pine forest and I just held myself in that position, relishing the sexual nature of it. I opened my mouth and took her pussy hair into my mouth. I bit it and tugged on it and then licked it until her red hair was laying flat against her pubic mound. I heard Reba groaning and then I heard myself groaning as she bobbed her mouth up and down my rigid shaft.

I moved my head down until my mouth was just below her plump pussy lips, then I reached up began licking up and down her cunt. Reba squirmed a bit, but didn't slow down her jack-off action with her mouth. I moved my hands so I could reach her cunt, and with my thumbs I spread her pussy lips apart. As a redhead, Reba's body was pale, and her opened cunt was no different. Inside, her flesh was pink and it was pulsing as I licked up and down.

Then Reba put her hand on my penis and started jacking it hard, keeping the head still in her mouth. In my aroused state, it took just a few seconds later for me to feel the cum start its travel up my prick and then I began shooting several heavy loads in Reba's mouth. She closed her lips tightly around my spurting prick and I could feel her swallowing everything I had given her.

We moved around so we could hold each other again, and when I kissed Reba, I thought I could taste my own cum on her lips. It was an exciting feeling and I thought I could feel some faint stirrings in my penis, even though I had just cum heavily.

Apparently Reba had felt it, too, for, as I held her tightly, she said, "I hoped you were someone who recovered quickly, because we've got a long way to go still."

In response, I began deep kissing Reba again and then dropping my head to her breasts and sucking and nipping at her long, pink nipples. She, in turn, began fondling my penis and balls.

Our mutual efforts succeeded, because just a few minutes later I was again totally erect and Reba was breathing heavily.

"Ted," she said after taking both hands and moving my head away from her breasts, "I want to make love to you in at least four positions--missionary, cowgirl, doggy-style and standing up. Are your ready for that?"

I had never fucked standing up before, but I was ready for Reba in any position, so I said "Reba, you're in charge. Just tell me what to do."

And she did.

Since Reba is the Queen of Western female singers, I wasn't surprised when she said she wanted to start in cowgirl.

Taking that as almost a direct order, I lay back on the bed and waited. Reba swung her leg over me and ended up sitting on me. Then she moved backwards and up until her pussy was directly over my erect penis. She moved her hand onto my penis, rearranged herself slightly, then sank down on me. I watched as I saw the head of my prick move past her large cunt lips and then disappear into her warm, tight tunnel.

Sparks began shooting through my body as I looked up at a beautiful sight: Reba's naked body sitting on top of me, with my penis fully inside her vagina and her red pussy hair mixing with my black pubic hair. She was a magnificent creature and completely in charge. Her beautiful legs flexed as she began up and down motions that had my seven-inch penis hitting her cervix on each downstroke.

Reba's eyes were closed, but I could tell she, too, was enjoying the sensations of intercourse. But then, after a few minutes, she cautioned me. "Ted, I like this a lot, but don't you forget that I want other positions, too. So don't even think about another orgasm yet."

Fortunately, Reba's blow-job just a few minutes before was helping me in that regard, but I knew I couldn't last forever, so I replied, "OK, but why don't we go to another position now. How do you want to finish?"

"I want you on top of me at the end, so we can look at each other and kiss when we both climax," Reba said.

"All right," I said, "so while I've still got some strength left, let's move to standing."

Reba nodded in agreement, stopped her movement and slid my prick out of her vagina. I watched as I saw her vaginal hole remain open as I left her body, but then close as she stood up. I stood up, too, and took Reba in my arms. "You are a spectacularly beautiful women," I said as I felt her breasts and hard nipples press against my chest. My penis was still hard and now trapped against her naked stomach.

We didn't have to talk about what to do next, it just seemed to come naturally. I reached down, grasped the back of Reba's legs and lifted her up, then moved her slowly down onto my penis. It found the opening of her vagina and I slid inside her once again. Reba is about 5' 6" tall and maybe 120 pounds, but I'm 6'2" and in pretty good shape (for a writer), and it really wasn't a great problem to hold her against me and move her up and down on my prick. The feel of the smooth skin on her legs and the feel of her red bush sliding against my skin as I moved her was something I had never felt before. I wanted it to go on forever.

But now it was Reba who called for a time out. Her breath was coming in shallow gasps as she said "Ted, I'm getting very close. I think we better stop for a minute."

I halted moving her, still loving the feel of her vagina clamped tight on my penis. I let her legs down and Reba moved backward, pulling our cojoined bodies apart.

Reba fell backward on the bed and looked up at me. "I said I wanted to make love in four different positions, but I didn't say they had to be right together. I'm planning to stay the night, so I'd like to finish this stage right now. Are you up for that."

I looked down at my rigid penis and decided I was totally up for that, so I lay down on top of Reba, careful that all of my weight wasn't on her, and bent down and kissed her. Reba's mouth opened and once again our tongues were intertwined. I was ready not just to fuck Reba, but to make love to her.

I moved down on her body, then looked at Reba and said "Put me inside you."

Reba moved her right arm down and took my penis in her hand. She moved the tip up and down her pussy and then rubbed it back and forth over her clitoris, which was large and seemed to be fully extended. She moved her hand again and pushed the tip of my prick inside her vagina. I didn't hesitate, but slid fully inside her. I looked down to where I entered her body and saw our red and black pubic hair mashed together. Slowly I began the movements of intercourse, with Reba joining in and thrusting her body up to meet my downward thrusts.

As we moved together, slowly and gently, I put my hand into Reba's red bush, then slid it lower until I felt her clitoris. Knowing the clitoris is probably the organ most responsible for a woman reaching orgasm, I began flicking Reba's extended clit and then rolling it between my fingers. The sensations it created must have been intense, for Reba suddenly began harder and faster fucking motions. I immediately matched her pace, even though our now violent motions pulled my hand off her clit. I saw Reba's eyes roll back as she moaned and then screamed "I'm coming." I immediately bent down and pushed our lips together in a hard kiss.

Her body began jerking and twisting as a powerful orgasm swept through her. Her vagina clamped down on me and began pulsing and that brought me to the brink, too. As Reba's body still was experiencing electric jolts, I could feel my penis expanding inside her and then waves of cum shot out and filled Reba's vaginal tunnel.

I dropped my sweaty body down on top of Reba and we both lay still, gasping from our love-making. She reached up and put her arms around me and pulled me to her tightly. I began kissing her gently and with mouths closed. For several minutes we kissed as we began coming down from the wonderful sex, but all the time my penis was still in her vagina.

"You feel so good inside me," Reba said. "That was wonderful. I'm glad I'm going to stay the night, because I want that experience again."

I pushed myself up on my arms and looked down at her, her full breasts, her nipples still engorged, her red pussy hair matted down, her cunt lips full and her vagina still holding my penis.

"I consider myself the luckiest man alive," I said. "You are a beautiful, exciting woman and I will treasure this night forever."

I slowly slid my penis out of Reba's vagina and a small bit of cum leaked out. I reached for it, but Reba moved her hand faster and gathered up the cum on her fingers. She put her fingers in her mouth and licked off the white cum.

"I said I wanted all of you," Reba said, swallowing, "so I couldn't let that part escape. Now let's just rest quietly and recharge our batteries. Remember, we've only done three of the positions I was looking forward to."

I laughed, but nodded in agreement as I pulled back the covers and we both snuggled down inside. Reba faced away from me, so I spooned into her, molding my body against her naked form. I reached over to hold her and she took my hand and put it over her firm breast. As we lay there I smiled as I realized that our bodies already were ready for Position #4--doggy style.

We lay quietly but I already was experiencing some very preliminary tingling in my penis. It was going to be a long, wonderful night.

# # #

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