tagTransgender & CrossdressersRebecca and Ethan Ch. 05

Rebecca and Ethan Ch. 05


Note and Warning: This chapter of the Rebecca and Ethan love story contains a scene of violence and attempted sexual assault. I have attempted to be true to the transgender experience in telling this story, while taking certain liberties associated with this being an erotica site. For this reason, I feel compelled to warn of the violence ahead. If this might upset the reader, skip this chapter.

It was a Monday afternoon. Rebecca sat at her work desk daydreaming.

Her weekend with Ethan had been the greatest three days of her life. All she could think about was Ethan's beautiful face and eyes. And that he loved her. She kept playing the words over in her mind, picturing Ethan holding her, looking at her with his piercing blue eyes, and telling her how much he loved her.

Rebecca's daydream was interrupted by one of her co-workers.

"Hey, Becca, it looks like you have an admirer," Charlotte said. Charlotte put a bouquet of long-stemmed yellow roses on Rebecca's desk. "Who are they from, Bec?" Charlotte asked.

Rebecca knew who they were from. Rebecca opened the card, which read, "To the most beautiful and amazing girl in the world. I love you. Ethan." Rebecca recognized Ethan's handwriting. Her heart fluttered thinking about him. No one had ever sent her flowers before. It was thrilling.

"So, Bec, who's the guy?" Charlotte pressed. Charlotte had always been sweet to Rebecca, but she also had a nosy streak. Rebecca was not sure she was ready to tell Charlotte or anybody else about Ethan. Rebecca had been burned in the past when she thought a man had really liked her. As a result, it made her wary and nervous to discuss her personal life at work.

Rebecca paused as she considered what to say, and Charlotte continued, "God, Bec, you should have seen the guy who delivered the flowers at the front desk. He was gorgeous. I'd pay for him to take me home."

Before Rebecca could respond, her heart stopped. Ethan himself was standing outside her cubicle giving her a goofy smile. Rebecca jumped out of her chair, and almost pushed Charlotte out of the way. She threw herself into Ethan's arms. Ethan wrapped her into a tight embrace and kissed her lightly on the lips. "Good to see you too, baby," Ethan said and laughed.

"Thank you for the flowers. They're beautiful," Rebecca whispered to him. She added, "I love you."

"I love you too, Bec," Ethan responded and gave her a wide smile.

"Are you going to introduce me to your friend?" Ethan asked, laughing again. Rebecca laughed too, realizing that Charlotte had seen the whole thing and the cat was out of the bag. If Charlotte knew about Ethan, the rest of the office would know soon enough.

Rebecca turned to Charlotte and said, "This is my friend Ethan." Charlotte's mouth was half-hanging open, as she admired Ethan. Ethan wore a jacket and a pair of his perfectly-tailored pants, as well as his glasses. He was always beautiful, Rebecca thought, but never more so than right now. Rebecca couldn't help but feel proud to introduce him.

Charlotte didn't say anything at first, so Ethan stepped in and said, "Hi, I'm Rebecca's boyfriend." Ethan's use of the word "boyfriend" melted Rebecca's heart.

Charlotte managed to say, "Hi, I'm Charlotte." Knowing she wasn't really welcome any longer, Charlotte said, "Ok, gotta run, talk to you later Becca." Charlotte winked at her.

Turning back to Ethan, Rebecca asked, "Did you not have class today?" Ethan was a history professor at a nearby university.

"I've got a class in an hour or so, but thought I'd drop by to see your first," Ethan said, "I missed you."

Rebecca leaned into Ethan again and kissed him lightly.

"Let's go get a soda from the breakroom before you have to go," Rebecca said. She grabbed her purse. She had no intention of taking Ethan to the breakroom, not immediately at least. She laced her fingers into Ethan's hand and led him down the hall. Looking around to make sure no one was watching, Rebecca opened the door of an empty office and pulled Ethan inside.

Rebecca locked the door to the office and threw herself into Ethan's arms. She wrapped her legs tightly around Ethan's waist and kissed him hard, driving her tongue into his warm mouth.

Ethan turned his body and pushed Rebecca into a wall, kissing her hard, her legs still wrapped around him. Rebecca was wearing a short brown skirt that fell just above her knees. And nude thigh-high, lace-top stockings with a pair of tall brown boots.

"Fuck me, Ethan," Rebecca managed to beg between kisses. Letting go of his neck for a second with one arm, Rebecca reached into her purse still hanging from her shoulder. She pulled out a small bottle of lube. Rebecca threw her purse to the ground.

Rebecca yanked at Ethan's belt with her free hand. She managed to undo it as she kept kissing Ethan hungrily. Ethan's hands were occupied holding Rebecca by her ass and thighs. Rebecca struggled to push Ethan's pants and boxers down as he held and kissed her. She finally managed to get them to his waist.

Ethan's hard cock was free and waiting for her. Rebecca clumsily squeezed the lube onto his dick, and tossed the bottle away. She stroked the lube all over Ethan's perfect seven inches of hardness. Ethan moaned from the stroking of Rebecca's soft, sexy hand with the red-painted nails.

Rebecca used her free hand to pull her blue panties to the side, revealing her hole to Ethan. "Now, Ethan, please," Rebecca begged.

Rebecca's back was still pressed against the wall. Ethan was incredibly strong, but still, he needed to use the wall to hold some of Rebecca's weight in this position.

Ethan pushed his hard cock into Rebecca, filling her. His cum-filled balls hit her ass. Rebecca had to stifle a scream as the combination of pleasure and pain took her.

Now that Ethan was firmly inside her, Rebecca released her panties and put her free arm back around Ethan's neck. Rocking her hips, Rebecca moved herself on and off Ethan's hard cock, careful to keep a couple of inches of him inside her. She kissed Ethan more frantically. Rebecca opened her eyes and saw Ethan looking at her lustfully as he fucked her.

Ethan took control and began pounding his cock into Rebecca, pushing it deep, hitting her prostate repeatedly. She squeezed her stockinged legs tighter around his waist, not wanting to lose an inch of his beautiful cock.

Ethan moaned, "God, Bec, you are so fucking sexy," and with one last push he released inside her, filling her with his cum, throbbing in her tight wet hole.

Rebecca almost came from the feeling of Ethan's warm cum filling her, but she never got over the top. For now, it was enough to know she had made her man cum.

Rebecca kissed Ethan again. She slid her legs down from his waist so he wouldn't have to hold her. Rebecca fell to her knees and began kissing Ethan's wet cock, slipperly with his cum and the lube. She reached for a tissue in her purse and cleaned him, then cleaned herself. Smiling at Ethan, she pulled his boxers up and buckled his belt.

"Fuck, Becca, that was incredible," was all Ethan could manage for the moment. He was still post-orgasmic. When he steadied, and they had both pulled themselves together, Rebecca unlocked the office door and carefully looked outside. Seeing no one, she pulled Ethan out and led him to the breakroom.

Rebecca grabbed Ethan a bottle of water and they sat down together.

"That was nice, Ethan, maybe we could do it again later?" Rebecca teased. "You could stay at my place, if you want?" Rebecca continued hopefully.

Ethan said, "That's something I came here to talk to you about, Bec. After class tonight, I am supposed to meet a couple of friends for a beer. I was hoping you might want to come so I could show off my hot girlfriend."

Rebecca's heart fluttered again at his use of girlfriend.

Rebecca had to think for a moment about this offer. As much as she wanted to be with Ethan every second now, she was wary of meeting new people, particularly in public places. She had learned too many hard lessons over the years of her transition.

Ethan sensed her hesitation, and, as ususal, said the right thing, "It's ok if you don't want to Bec. It totally get it. But, if you want to come, I'll be with you the whole time."

Rebecca found herself wanting to meet Ethan's friends. Ethan made her feel safe. She did not want to hide. Rebecca wanted to be herself and to live a normal life. Rebecca decided to take the chance. "I'd love to meet you friends, Ethan," she said.

"Great, Bec. My class is over at 6:30. I'll pick you up at 7:00," Ethan said. "I love you," Ethan said again, and kissed her. "I'll show myself out; see you later," Ethan said. With that he left Rebecca to herself. She sat for a few minutes, lost in thought, and then went back to her desk to finish out the day.

At 7:00, Ethan picked Rebecca up. She had changed into jeans, a sweater and flats, not wanting to draw attention to herself at the bar. As Ethan drove them, he told Rebecca stories about the friends they were meeting, while holding her hand the entire time. Rebecca was nervous, and Ethan knew it. He was doing his best to make her feel comfortable. Rebecca knew it and loved him all the more for it.

The bar, just off the campus of Ethan's college, was crowded. Rebecca was thankful for this. Ethan led her to a booth near the middle of the bar, where his friends Steve and Frank were waiting. Ethan introduced Rebecca. Both of Ethan's friends were sweet, kind and smart. They treated Rebecca like an old friend, and Rebecca relaxed as they all laughed and drank imports.

After an hour, Rebecca had to excuse herself to use the ladies' room. Ethan sweetly offered to walk her back, but Rebecca felt comfortable.

Just outside the bathroom hallway, Rebecca heard a voice say, "Hey, why don't you come sit on my lap?" She turned and a man who looked like he weighed 300 pounds, most of it fat, was the speaker. He was sitting with a buddy, and both leered at her. Rebecca ignored them and went into the ladies' room.

When Rebecca walked out of the ladies' room, the jerk who had been leering at her was waiting outside, blocking her path to the bar.

"Hey, faggot, I was talking to you. What's your problem?" the jerk said, in a drunk and aggressive voice. Standing in front of her now, the guy was huge. Rebecca, suddenly afraid, tried to push through him, but he wouldn't budge.

"You are using the wrong bathroom, bitch. Let me show you the right one for fags." The man roughly grabbed Rebecca by the arm and pulled her into the men's bathroom. No one else was inside. Rebecca was ready to scream, but the man shocked her by pushing her to the floor.

"You'd better keep quiet, bitch, or I'm going to cut your tongue out," the man threatened. He was brandishing a knife. "We are going in this stall and you are going to suck my cock like the fag you are," he slurred.

Rebecca was terrified and unable to speak. She barely noticed as the bathroom door opened.

It was Ethan. He kicked at the man's right hand, which was holding the knife. The knife flew out of his hand. Seeing the knife dislodged, Rebecca scrambled on her knees to the back wall of the bathroom, away from the door.

The man, stunned himself now, said, "What the fuck," and turned to see Ethan. The man took a clumsy, drunken swing at Ethan, which he easily dodged. Rebecca saw Ethan's left arm and fist flashing toward the drunk. Ethan's fist connected with the man's jaw, and Rebecca heard a crunch. The man immediately crumpled to the floor.

Ethan quickly moved to Rebecca and picked her up into his arms. Saying nothing, he carried her out of the bathroom. As Rebecca looked down at the man, she saw blood pouring out of his mouth and two of his teeth lying on the floor next to him.

Ethan carried Rebecca in the opposite direction down the bathroom hall and out the back door of the bar.

Rebecca just held onto Ethan. Her heart was in her throat. She couldn't think. She just knew that Ethan had her now, and maybe, just maybe, she would be ok.

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